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:3 lol maybe you can have oc's for your comic XD
Fri Dec 12, 2014, 5:06 PM
Good to know :)
Fri Dec 12, 2014, 4:40 PM
Darn, I would have, if I had an account then.........
Sun Dec 7, 2014, 7:14 PM
I tried to do that once, actually. You know how many people submitted OCs for my story? 0. Fucking ZERO.
Fri Dec 5, 2014, 9:47 PM
But nobody likes my story as they do with CoGreen
Fri Dec 5, 2014, 9:47 PM
I would do that
Fri Dec 5, 2014, 9:47 PM
K, have you ever thought to do a oc season with different peoples oc's? Like cogreen is doing.
Wed Dec 3, 2014, 6:53 PM
I can't spoil the plot
Wed Dec 3, 2014, 4:24 AM
Yea but cody goes along with it?
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 12:00 PM
Taylor will want to make Cody his twin is the more proper way to say it XD
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 3:51 PM


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My TDROTI Ep.10 Preview

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 1, 2014, 3:18 PM

So last episode, Chris confirmed that he didn't care when his sister died in a fire (he said she died a burning death), and doesn't care that his mother is (possibly) dead either. Oh yeah and he pretty much has had his interns kidnap every single old contestant to bring them here, kidnapping Duncan and Cody right from their very own homes, infact. Nevermind the fact that that would be illegal, his contracts are that tough apparently.

Infact, the only person able to escape them was Veronica, who became a producer of the show after Season 3. Thus, she technically has more power than Chris despite being an old contestant herself.

Speaking of Veronica, it seems that Chris has discovered that not only is next episode going to be Veronica's birthday, but also that the name "Veronica" might actually just be her stage name. He also might have discovered a boyfriend of hers too.

What's Chris going to do to attempt to top the levels of horrible human being-ness of Cassandra this time?

Guess you'll have to wait for and find out in the next episode of TDROTI.

The most likely thing, is that it's going to involve playing with a ticking time bomb.

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My TDROTI Ep.9 - It's up at last
3 deviants said God dammit, Season 4 era Scott
2 deviants said wow
2 deviants said If Chris' sister was Ember......he might want to hope she doesn't see what he said on t.v. over in Amtiy Park or in the Ghost Zone
2 deviants said This was much MUCH better without Zoey
1 deviant said Grimhilde's gonna make Chris unable to sit for YEARS when she gets ahold of him
1 deviant said Yay for the first couple of the season being formed! (JasmineXShawn)
No deviants said *insert Bartok the Magnificent reference to the possiblity of Veronica's real name being "Ludmilla"*
No deviants said [Insert name of one eliminated here], NO!
No deviants said [Insert name of one eliminated here], YES!
No deviants said Billy Joe Cobra may appear next episode? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!
    "Last time, on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!", Chris McLean, still bald and missing his middle tooth, said to begin a recap of the previous episode, "Man did we have a BLAST! Hahah! Our final eight remaining campers were put through HELL in this episode! Well, okay, a pretty easy hell but still hell in the figure of speech way either way. Anyway, they were drifted out to see where they had to battle Fang the Mutant Land-Shark and also a giant Mutant Octopus, and my wrinkly old bat of a mother met her end at the hands of a giant mutant Hornet! Haha! Sad she met the same burning fate my sister did. Not really. Both of them were totally cramping my style anyway. After that awesome sequence of events, Ella brought joy to old contestant Cody, reuniting him with his old animal friend Conker. However, this also meant that she was disqualified when Sugar pointed out to me. However, Sugar insulted my dead bitch of a mother so I had to disqualify her too. In the end, I'm happy to see both of them go to be honest. Well, all three of them. When my sis died, it meant I was the only mouth mom had to feed! When mom died, it removed the only other person aside from Cassandra who could take me down! Now that Sugar and Ella are gone and eliminated, well, I'm closer to the finale, which is always bound to get more ratings!", he then laughed as he prepared to end the recap, "So, who will win today? Who will fail today? Who may or may not DIE today?", he laughed a bit more, "FIND OUT, TONIGHT! ON, TOTAL, DRAMA, REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!", and with that, the episode faded to the intro sequence, after which, the actual episode began, after a commercial segment of course:


Announcer - "Hello and welcome to Drama101! We're very glad you enjoy our channels, after all, thanks to Total Drama we are the most watched channel in television history most of the time. Thanks to that though, Total Drama is not the ONLY show we have on the air, of course! Just to go over what shows are airing in reruns and upcoming releases, of course, spoken to you by Amity Park's renowned hero, Danny Phantom!"

Danny Phantom - *A teenage boy with green eyes, snow white hair in a classic one part over eye position, and wearing a black/white jumpsuit with a white 'D' on the chest. He had a ghostly glow on him, and also had the ability to turn to a human form, but was in his ghost form for this* "Uh, thanks. Well", Danny then clears his throat, "For new shows coming to the Network, there's Danny Phantom: The Series, which is based off my actual life. There's also going to be Sonic Boom, a show about the ACTUAL Sonic this time around. And there's also going to be Coby Nelson: Wyvern of Pennsylvania, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja and American Dragon: Jake Long. All of those shows are TOTALLY not based on any actual people I know in real life at all by the way. TOTALLY not." *smiles at camera a bit nervously* "For the movies this channel offers, we're gonna be showing the brand new Five Nights at Freddy's film with NO commercial breaks as soon as it leaves theaters! It's an adaptation of that famous internet game, and stars both new and veteran actors. But um yeah.....that's all I have for now so......yeah. Go back to, whatever it was you were doing or watching! Heheh."


Following that, the actual episode finally began. This episode started off first, with a happy little bird, pink in colour, chirping on a tree branch. That is, of course, until a big tentacle came out and shoved it right off. This tentacle, came from that treetopus first seen in episode 4. However, it's attention was soon turned to something else, more specifically, Chris standing on the roof of one of the cabins with a blonde afro wig on his head and using a very oldschool fashioned alarm to wake all of the remaining campers up and bring them out to see him and listen to him speak. As usual, this plan, worked;

    "GOOD MORNING, CAMPERS!", of course, as soon as they saw the wig he had on, they all began bursting out into laughter;

    "What is that on your head?!", Scott said as he laughed, "Did you steal something from a Rat's nest?"

    "NO", Chris replied, "This is the only wig the show's budget could afford me!"

    "Man", Mike joked, "You'd think this show would have like, ya know, a bigger budget, being TOTAL DRAMA, and all.", and then everyone started laughing even more. Chris could even look and see Veronica and Chef laughing beside the cabins too. It didn't take long for Chris to grit his teeth in pure anger, and even twitch his eye a bit, before screaming at everyone with;

    "ALRIGHT EVERYONE FREAKIN' SHUT UP ALREADY!", and once everyone quieted down, he cleared his throat and continued, "My point is, today, we have a very special treat for all of you!"

    "I'm taking over the job as host?!", Topher, who was still wearing the pink version of his main outfit from the last episode, said with a happy gasp;

    "Actual well cooked food?", Samey added in with the same tone;

    "Helicopter Bear Hunt?!", Scott also added in;

    "HELL NO, No and Nope!", Chris responded to all of them with, "It's merge day! No more team Rat, no more team Maggot!", and then Chris jumped off of the cabin and walked around the campgrounds, "From now on, it's every man, woman and whatever else you guys may or may not be, for themselves!"

    "That's IT?", Veronica then remarked in response;

    "That's it what?"

    "You just bluntly and boringly tell them it's merge day?", Veronica continued on with, "No dramatic build up? No returning competitors to add drama before you announce it? No dramatic trapping them in a room somewhere and to make it epic? No anything? Just, you telling them it's the merge? That's IT? Not even a debuting contestant? Nothing. Just a boring announcement of the merge?"

    "Jesus H. Christ, lady!", Chris angrily remarked, "WHAT THE HECK DO YOU EXPECT FROM ME?!"

    "I expect you to keep the show entertaining!", Veronica replied, folding her arms, "But then again, that WAS the OLD you, rather than, well, whatever the hell it is that you are now."

    "Ha!", Topher laughed, "You tell him, Veronica!"

    "HEY!", Chris exclaimed in response, "DON'T MAKE ME ELIMINATE YOU!", Topher then kept quiet, and then he angrily looked at Veronica before saying, "My point IS, this is the MERGE! GOD!"


Jasmine - "The merge. Alright. This is what I've been waiting for almost all season long!" *She puts one fist into her hand* "Now is the time to REALLY start focusing on THE GAME. Not Shawn, Not Sammy, Not ANYBODY else, just ME and WINNING. This is when the competition is supposed to get FIERCE. Even if most of the other people remaining do happen to be mostly former team members."


"CHEF!", Chris then looked up and yelled via walkie-talkie to Chef, who was in a helicopter high in the sky, "DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT!", then with a smile Chef pressed a lever on the helicopter that sent a giant black box-like object down on the Maggots cabin. All of the Maggot members screamed and ran away from the cabin as it was soon crushed and broken to pieces by the giant black box.

    "Hey!", Mike complained, "Why'd you do that for?!"

    "Was that", Samey then said as Mike helped her back up along with himself, "You crushed our cabin with a giant block of concrete!", and of course, Chris was just smiling away as he then explained;

    "I had a bunch left over from building a monument to myself! I call it", and then the camera went over to said mountain, a giant replica of Chris' face/head carved into one of the minor mountains of the island, "Mount Chrismore!", and then the camera panned all over this thing, but this meant showing that two mutant seagulls flew onto it, one took a poo on one of Chris' eyes, and both of the birds laughed and high-fived eachother. On the end of the spectrum, there was a pair of rights scurrying around the neck of the carved Chris head, and they laughed their butts off when they saw what the birds did. Only then did focus shift back to Chris and the contestants that were still left in the game; "So from now on, you'll all share one tiny, cruddy little cabin."

    "But like, all our stuff was in THAT cabin", Mike then pointed out, "You basically just crushed our personal things! That's like, vandalsim, ya know."

    "Actually", Chris then stated, "All personal property of contestants is property of the show and it's executive staff", Veronica then smiled and waved to them all from behind Chris,"When it is located on the show's chosen setting. Basically, while you are contestants, if you brought it here, it's the show's stuff. Therefore, ANYTHING can happen to it while it's on this show. So yeah", he then laughed, "I pretty much own you.", and then everyone glared at him in response to that, but then Topher added in;

    "It was probably Veronica's idea to add that clause into the contracts", and he said that while folding his arms and looking away from Chris in a snobbish way too, "I mean, she is far greater than Chris anyway.", Veronica giggled a bit at that ,Chris just became annoyed;

    "MOVING ON", was Chris' response, "Since I am nice and not heartless. I'll help you get it out", and then he held up a pickaxe.....only it was as small as his finger, "One McLean Brand Pickaxe, Children's size!", and he tossed the tiny pickaxe to the remaining Mutant Maggots, and while it hit Mike on the forehead Samey then caught it, before he (Chris) and Veronica began climbing on the Helicopter's ladder to get onto it. He also then called down to everyone, "Enjoy! Later, taters!", and he then laughed, but once Veronica got in the cockpit with Chef, they both flew so fast that Chris' response was, "Ouch! CHEEFF!" before focus went over to a few short moments of time later, when Topher and Scott were just standing infront of the remains of the Maggot cabin together, and they had just a small bit of conversation;

    "Heh", Topher began with, "I'm glad that wasn't OUR cabin. If it was our cabin, I would've lost all my hair and skin care products! And man, would THAT be something awful! Veronica would totally be upset with me for not taking care of myself, as her number one fan that is something I must NEVER EVER do!"

    "Yeah", Scott replied while rolling his eyes, "That definitely WOULD be a terrible thing to have happened to us."

    "But hey, at least Sugar's gone now!"

    "Yeah, that actually is pretty good, to be honest."

    "Well, anyway, I gotta go", Topher replied, "I have to study up on Veronica's entire filmography and details, I spent so much time following after Chris that I completely missed out on the REAL star of this show!", and as Topher then ran off to do that, Scott grew a scheming grin on his face;


Scott - "It's about time that the teams finally merge! Infact, my plan pretty much worked! Not only do I have that immunity idol, but my team was pretty much obliterated!" *he then laughs a bit*, "This plan is going GREAT! All I gots to do, is keep up with it! But there's so many people to get rid off, and so little time left in this show thingy! I'm thinkin' that tall girl, her tiny boyfriend, or Mike. I don't know who to choose!"


    Following that, Scott was then left alone at the scene, when Mike suddenly walked up to him, as if to start his own conversation:

    "Hey Scott", Mike opened with, "So yeah, I was just wondering, since the teams are kinda, well, disbanded now, since we're kinda like, well, different from the rest, maybe we should like, team up or something?"

    "Um, how are we different from the rest?"

    "Well, ya know,"

    "Are you trying to say something about me?!"

    "What?! N-n-n-no!", Mike then got scared, "I was just, well, you're the only red head and I'm the only tall skinny guy. That's how we're different, heheh."

    "So I'm different because I'm a ginger?"


    "You trying to say I don't have a soul or something?"

    "No!", Mike once more quickly exclaimed, "Not at all! I'd never say something like that!"

    "Oh really?"


    "Well, could'a fooled me", Scott replied, "After you called Jasmine's boobs fake."

    "That-that was an accident! I meant something completely different!"

    "Riiiiiight", of course Scott meant that sarcastically, "Well anyway, I'm not really lookin' for an alliance right now, I prefer to be something of a lone wolf, ya know. Sorry, not sorry", and Scott just walked off, leaving Mike just standing there, still looking a bit worried.


Mike - "Oh man, I hope I didn't offend Scott or Jasmine! I don't wanna be eliminated at this point!" *he sighs sadly* "I'm beginning to think my doctor had a point when he said I shouldn't sign up for this show. I forgot why I even thought it was a good idea in the first place! But, well, alright, I think I'm going to let myself be sent home, just incase my MPD risks someone elses health, just after I tell Amy the truth. Why her? I don't know....she reminds me of Sammy the most."


Scott - "Mike is such a dork."


Following that, things directly went over to Samey, who was ontop of the destroyed Maggots cabin and actually trying to hit at the giant cement block with the ridiculously small pickaxe. Of course, it didn't take long for the pickaxe to fly into the distance and knock Shawn out cold as he was trying to climb up a tree.

    "Sorry!", was all Samey said as she saw Shawn fall, but then realized she was still pretending to be Amy and said, "Oops, did I say Sorry, I meant, Not Sorry! Yeah! Haha! I laugh at your pain!", and then Mike walked up to her, still thinking she was Amy, and said;

    "Um, Hey Amy", he opened with, "Can we, um, maybe, uh, talk for a bit?"

    "Sure, Mike", Samey said, stepping down from the roof of the cabin to stand infront of Mike directly, "What do you wanna talk about?"

    "Well", Mike then scratched the back of his head a bit, "Ya see, I actually have something to tell you, but I don't quite know how to really explain it to you."

    "Oh I'm sure you can find a way", Samey then twirled her hair with one finger, "heheh."

    "Alright", Mike then took in a deep breathe, " that a berry on your cheek?"


    "A berry", Mike then pointed at her face, "That looks like a berry, and it's on your cheek."

    "Oh!", and Samey then immediately tried to cover the berry on her face, "No, I don't know what you're talking about, it's my beauty mark! It always has been! My mole that I call a beauty mark! Heheh. Definitely NOT a berry! I can assure you that!"

    "Haha, I know a berry when I see one!", and then Mike, with one finger, wiped the berry off of Samey's face and actually ate it too, and he liked it and said, "Mmm, blueberry! Haha", and then he looked at Samey and gasped, "S-S-S-Sammy?!", in response, Samey just looked down and had no idea what to say at all. "I-I-I thought you were Amy!"

    "Well", Samey then took in a deep breathe, "I'm......I'm not."

    "So.", Mike then put hands on his hips;

    "So what?", Samey then became worried;

    "So are there any MORE lies you want to come out with and tell me right now, or is that it?"

    "That's it! This is the only lie i've ever told to you so far."

    "Don't give me that, I know what's going on! You were pretending to be your sister to mess with my heart and mind even more after you broke it! You didn't want her to ruin your little plan and then you made her look bad while you were pretending to be her!"

    "N-N-NO!", Samey then exclaimed, "That's not it at all!"

    "Save it!", Mike put a hand out to stop her from continuing, "I've heard enough, honestly, I have. I don't need to hear anymore, I don't need to be messed with ANY FURTHER!", and then Mike suddenly gasped and turned into Chester, "Back in my day, there was a thing called RESPECT!", and then suddenly Chester threw a rock at Samey for no reason.

    "Ow!", was Samey's only response as Mike/Chester then walked off, and she just began to feel extremely terrible and even sighed.


Samey - *Is feeling really terrible* "I let this lie go on way too far. What have I done to Mike?!"


Mike - "And I thought I liked her!"


    Following that, things went to Jasmine as she was busy pulling things such as clothing, supplies and other similar objects out from underneath the destroyed Mutant Maggots cabin. Of course, it was not long before Shawn walked up to her, and before he said a single thing he put one hand under his chin as if to think about what he was going to do or say. After just a few seconds, he came up with an answer;

    "So", he began with, "Need any, like, ya know, help? Help is always valuable during a Zombie Apocalypse, you know!"

    "Sure", Jasmine said as he struggled to pull something like a sleeping bag from underneath the crushed cabin, "You can start by helping me pull this thing out!", and Shawn smiled and followed Jasmine's suggestions. Both of them made various "Nngh!", "Ugh" and "Nnnugh!" sounds as they pulled at the object that was beneath the now crushed cabin. Obviously, they did indeed manage to pull this object out. However, as soon as they did, Shawn flew into the air and slammed right into a tree, "SHAWN!", was Jasmine's worried response as she then rushed over to Shawn as he was seemingly knocked out cold once again. She held him softly in her arms and tried to shake him back up, "Are you alright? Shawn?!"

    "Huh?", and Shawn woke up at long last, "Wha?"

    "Oh thanke goodness!", Jasmine responded, "You are alright!"

    "What happened?! Was that a zombie?! WAS THAT A ZOMBIE?!"

    "No", Jasmine then laughed a bit, "It wasn't a zombie, it was just, well, that sleeping bag."

    "Does it have a zombie in it?!", in response Jasmine kicked at the sleeping bag a bit and then said;


    "That doesn't prove anything!", Shawn then explained, "We need to make sure it doesn't!", he then jumped into the air and did a drop-kick on the sleeping back right where the head of a person would normally be. After landing, in a split formation making Jasmine wince at his pain for him and no doubt hurting his crotch badly, with a whimpering chipmunk-like voice he said, " Zombie in here.", and then he fell over onto the ground. Jasmine just winced in pain for him.


Shawn - "Jasmine is definitely my dream girl. No doubt about that."


Jasmine - "I hope that landing didn't make Shawn sterile or anything!"


    Following that, Scott could be seen peering from behind the cabin at what the now former Maggots were doing. He saw Mike angrily storming a away from a now depressed Samey, and also saw Jasmine helping Shawn back up to his feet. He pondered his next move for a bit and soon enough, with a smirk on his face, he had his plan set for his next big scheme of the season. He went right up to the visibly sad Samey and opened with;

    "So", Scott said in a inquisitive manner, "I see you and Mike are on the rocks right now."

    "Oh", Samey turned to face Scott, who didn't even notice or care that she wasn't really Amy, "Yeah.........we kind of are."

    "Well, what happened? Why you feeling so down? I know I was on the other team and all, but trust me, it's the merge now, teams don't matter anymore!"

    "Well", Samey then rubbed her arm a bit, "I, I dunno."

    "Come on!", Scott then put a hand on her shoulder, "You can trust me. Just trust me! I promise I won't use it for anything other than the forces of good!"

    "Well", Samey then let out a deep sigh, "I guess, okay then."

    "Good, so, what's the problem?"

    "Well", Samey then said to him, "There's, well, you promise you won't tell everyone else?"

    "I promise!"

    "Well, alright, I'm actually Sammy. I gave Amy this apple that made her throat swell up because she's just so mean to me and she pretended to be me to break Mike's heart, so I got her back by pretending to be her to get her eliminated. Only, well, now Mike has found out about it and I think I like him and I don't know what to do now, I feel so guilty for messing with his heart so much! He must feel so awful now!", and after that, there was a pause of silence before, "Did you get all that?"

    "Uh", Scott himself paused a bit, "Yeah!", he nodded with a smile, "Yeah I got everything just perfectly!"

    "And, you don't hold anything against me?"

    "Not at all!", Scott replied, "Would'a done the same thing if I were you, heheh!"

    "Well", Samey then smiled, "Thanks, Scott."

    "No problem!"


Scott - "Oh this is TOO good to pass up!"


    Following that, things went right to the intercom system, which was just being activated thanks to, well, obviously, Chris McLean the host of the show speaking into it and announcing;

    "Attention all campers! All of you need to report IMMEDIATELY to the main campgrounds RIGHT NOW no matter WHERE you have run off to, because it's time your next challenge! Which means, of course, your next humiliation! Report here ASAP, got that? Or else I will send both Fang and Chef to hunt you slackers down!", and immediately after that last bit every single remaining camper dashed as fast as they could to the center of the campgrounds. It only took a small amount of time for Chris, now with a brunette bowl cut wig, to arrive.

    "Um", Jasmine then questioned, "You had the time to buy another wig?"

    "Yes!", Chris replied with a smile, showing his missing tooth, "Yes I did.", he then cleared his throat, "But anyway, that's NOT what we're here to talk about, now is it? No, it's not! What we ARE here to talk about though, of course, is your challenge of the day!", and then the contestants once more groaned, "HEY! You HAVE to do this! Got it? I made Chef and the interns work for days putting this particular challenge together and you all WILL do it, got it?", and then everyone was silent, "GOOD! Now, to help demonstrate this challenge, I've brought in someone from the old cast!", and then Chef brought in the next cameo of this season, one of the male original contestants. The boy was strapped to a dolly and was restrained along his body and even had a cover over his mouth/face. But everyone who watched the show would know who he was. He wore a spiked dog collar, a black t-shirt with a cream skull on it with a cream coloured undershirt that had long sleeves. His hair was short and black on the bottom but had a green faux-hawk on top. With two piercings on one ear, one on the other, a bud piercing on his nose, and blue jean shorts and red sneakers to finish off his appearance. "Let's all give a big warm welcome to the winner of the first season, Duncan!", Duncan just angrily growled at Chris in response, "Yeah, he's a bit angry after our Interns knocked out his parents and forcibly took him from his home while he was sleeping."

    "Aren't his mom and dad cops?", Topher then pointed out, "I mean, according to Sierra's trivia vlogs."

    "I don't care!", Chris replied, "What my interns did is not what I did, and besides, contracts!", he then holds up a contract, "I OWN ALL YOUR ASSES! Now, here's the deal", Chris then explained the challenge at long last, "Now originally I was going to have us all go to an alternate universe in this prototype inter-universal transportation unit, or I.U.T. for short", he then gestured over to what looked like a phone booth from the 1920's, that was a deep red in colour. "But the producers gave me something about it being too dangerous or experimental so we're just gonna throw this poster for a live Sonic performance and this intern in there", he then shoves the female intern and a poster for a live performance of Sonic the Hedgehog into the I.U.T., "And do a different challenge!", the intern then is shown hitting the main device of the booth and literally being teleported in a white flash seemingly out of existence. Everyone gasps. Then the poster is initially left behind, only to then be teleported with her a few seconds later, everyone gasps again. "Yeah.....we haven't figured out how to really make the booth go with what it teleports. It's also said that it's possible that being in another universe would cause things entering said universe to fade out of existence after a while, at least with the current state of the I.U.T. Supposedly. I dunno. Still. I mean, at the state it's in you can't even choose which universe you can go to."

    "Man, why'd you reject that idea?", Topher then said;

    "Because!", Chris replied, "It was Cassandra's idea for this episode! She had an entire season of challenges planned actually but I rejected them all in favor of my own."

    "Man", Topher then folded his arms and looked away from Chris, "No wonder Cassandra was a more famous host than you."


    "I mean yeah she's racist and whatnot, but still, she was still better than you most of the time before that was exposed to the world!"

    "OKAY OKAY OKAY!", Chris then angrily yelled out, "ENOUGH WITH CASSANDRA! GOD! THE BITCH IS GONE LIKE MY MOTHER! CHRIST!", he then calmed down and with a smile continued on, "The REAL challenge of the episode is all about grabbin' em and taggin' em!", then a television suddenly popped up from underground, "Hidden inside the mess hall are six keys to Chef's prized collection of ventage go-karts! Some drive like well oiled machines, others, not so much."

    "Chris!", Chef then got visibly angry, and suddenly Veronica came out of the mess hall with a bowl of well cocked spaghetti in her hands, which she was eating, "Don't let these clowns drive mah karts! They're gonna smash 'em!"

    "Yeah", Chris replied, not sorry for Chef at all, "And car crashes equal ratings!", Chef still wasn't happy at all, "Anyway, it's Demo Time, Duncan! Chef, let this perp out on a day pass!", and then Chef untied Duncan, but of course, Duncan just smiled, took off the thing covering his face, and said;

    "Later Losers! Hahahahahaha!", and ran off into the woods, leaving the new contestants, Chris, Chef, and Veronica just standing there at the campgrounds.

    "You know", Veronica commented, "Even Lindsay would have known that was going to happen."

    "Shut up", Chris bluntly said to her, "Just shut up.", he then turned to the contestants, "Your challenge begins now.", and with that, the challenge officially began. Of course, Scott immediately put a hand on Samey's shoulder and spoke to her just before everyone actually went and did it;

    "So here's the deal", he bluntly said to her, "You help me win the challenge and I won't tell anyone, like Mike, the truth about your, situation."

    "Mike already knows the truth", Samey then with a sigh, "and so does Jasmine too."

    "Well then", Scott replied, "That only leaves Topher and Shawn to find out, now don't it? And what if they actually LIKED Amy?"


Samey - *sighs* "Why couldn't I just have told Mike from the start about my feelings for him?"


"Players!", Chris then said to them all as they were gathered at the mess hall, "Commence Smashing and or!", and they all dashed right into the mess hall. Of course, Mike was focused on first, dashing right to a cabinet;

    "Okay, a key", he said to himself as he lifted one jar open, "A Key, where would Chris hide a key", he then literally lifted a salt container up to his eye and shook it, only for it's top to fall off and causing salt to dump onto his eye, making him go, "Salt! AAAAUGH!", and the focus then shifted over to the other side of the mess hall's kitchen area, where Jasmine and Shawn both were close by. Jasmine was getting ready open a cabinet, when she noticed Shawn was next to her;

    "Shawn, what are you doing?"

    "I'm tryin' to help ya out", Shawn said to her, "That's all."

    "We're not team mates anymore, Shawn", Jasmine told her, "It's the merge."

    "Well, it's not the finale yet, is it? And, we're not the final two, so, um, can't we have one of those, you know, alliance things goin' on?"

    "I don't know", Jasmine then cocked an eyebrow, "How can I trust you?"

    "Simple!", Shawn answered with, "I've never been in this game before, I don't side with Chris or Veronica at all and I was probably picked by the producers for comic relief rather than ratings or anything."

    "Hm, good point", Jasmine then smiled, "We can be in an alliance", and then they shook hands, but after Jasmine went back to opening the cabinet, Shawn did a fist bump and whispered 'yes' extremely happily. Jasmine then opened up the cabinet, only to find no key at all, "No key", but then she noticed something perculiar, it was a set of white sheets of notebook paper, "Huh?", Jasmine then picked up one of the letters and opened it up, "Dear Ludmilla, I do Tokyo, It’s all, kimi wo aishiteru, That’s right, they love me, And when home is near, You know I gotta hear, I love you, It means you love me, ‘Cause when you look into this boy’s eyes, It drives you all insane, Because you love me, You know I gotta hear, I love you. With Love, BJC."

    "Who the heck is Ludmilla?", was all Shawn questioned;

    "I don't remember, but I think that's some kind of Billy Joe Cobra song", Jasmine then said, "But, why would he-", and then suddenly Veronica came in out from nowhere and swiped the letter from Jasmine;

    "That's property of the show!", she said in a defensive tone as he tucked the letter into her bra, both Jasmine and Shawn cocked their eyebrows, "I don't know HOW it got there, must have been there since well, for a while.", there was then a pause of silence, and then Veronica just said, "Get back to your challenge!", which sent Jasmine and Shawn both away from her as she then hid the rest of the letters in her bra aswell. Focus then shifted over to Topher, who was searching underneath a table for a key;

    "There's gotta be a key in here somewhere?", he then found something, and pulled it out, but it was, "Peanuts?!", a jar of peanuts, "What is that doing under the table?", and then he reached back in there, unaware a giant mutant cockroach was pouring salt onto his arm with a smile on his face, of course it soon bit him, but Topher's only response was the classic shocked face, pulling his arm out from under the table, and going, "Ah!" before focus then shifted over to Scott  who was sitting by the kitchen sink and looking at a tea pot. Of course, he just dropped it on the floor and let it shatter to pieces anyway before looking over to Samey who was busy looking all over a nearby shelf for a key to use, "Amy", Scott then said in a taunting voice, "Go ahead and open that broom closet for me?"

    "Do it yourself!", Samey bluntly replied with;

    "Oh Shawn, Topher!", Scott then called out, making Samey sigh and say;

    "Okay, okay!", and she went over to the broom closet and opened it up, "It's just a broom closet, nothing scar-", and then a giant cockroach jumped onto her face, "AAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!", was her response, but the screams were obviously muffled due to her face being smothered. Scott just peered in with a smile on his face and said;

    "Nope! No keys in there!", and focus then shifted back over to Mike, who had one hand over his eye still from the salt issue earlier, and he was looking in a bucket, "Hey!", he happily said, "I think I found something!", only then to be grabbed by the face by some unseen black creature's hand and pulled literally into the bucket of water. Literally, his entire body. Of course, Samey did soon manage to take the cockroach off of her face, but immediately after, Scott came out with a garbage back, "Hey, Amy, I think you should also look through this garbage bag too.", in response, Samey just sighed and did as Scott asked, as disgusting as it was. It was then that Mike struggled to get out of the water bucket with that black creature still trying to pull him back in. However, he managed to get out and then kicked the bucket away from him. He then turned and saw Samey rummaging through the garbage back and cocked an eyebrow at it.


Samey - "What Scott is making me do is so WRONG! But, I probably deserve it for what I did to Mike." *sighs sadly again*.


Following that, the cockroach from under the table jumped at Shawn, only for Jasmine to notice, throw Shawn ontop of the cabinet and then kick the cockroach in the face. However, the cockroach ended up landing right on Mike at his crotch area, making him scream and try to punch it off while Jasmine and Samey looked on in concern and Scott just bursted out laughing. Shawn, however, managed to exclaim to Jasmine;

    "Hey, Jasmine! I found a key!", and he was holding up a key, of course;

    "That's Great, Shawn!", Jasmine said to her, "Let's go!", and then both of them ran outside to get into a Go-Kart. Following that, things went back to Mike, who just managed to get the giant cockroach off of him when he then slipped on a puddle of water on the floor, after his fall, a key then fell on his chest, he smiled.

    "Sweet!", he said happily, "A Key!", and then things went to Topher who was being beat up by the roach under the table;

    "Not the face! Not the face! Not the face!", and then he came back up with hair messed up and scratches all over him, but he was holding a key in his hand, "Got the key.", and then, "Owwwww.", and then things went to Scott, who was also in the kitchen and was also holding various objects in his arms/hands now. Then, Scott just dropped all of the objects he was holding and a key happened to be inside one of them;

    "Bingo!", was what he said as Samey, holding a key while rubbing her head in pain, walked up to him, "Wow!", he noticed the colour of Samey's key, "There's a gold key?!"

    "I found it in the garbage."

    "You need to give me that key."

    "Oh come on", Samey then complained, "I-"

    "Oh Shawn and Topher!"

    "Okay okay, fine, take it!", she then handed Scott the key she had rightfully found, and Scott then tossed her his key in return and said;

    "Pleasure doin' blackmail with ya! Haha!", and he then ran off. Samey just looked at her new key and sighed sadly. Focus then suddenly shifted over to Chris and Chef, who were both walking beside eachother outside of the mess hall building, Chef began speaking;

    "You let them trash my kitchen?!", Chef exclaimed, becoming even more irate, "Chris man, do you know how long that's gon' take to clean up?!"

    "Buddy!", the not caring Chris answered with, "Brother from another mother, relax, it's cool!", he then handed Chef a mop, "See? I got you a new mop!", of course, as he walked away Chef got even angrier, so angry infact that he broke the mop into two pieces. Meanwhile, Chris then stood infront of all the remaining contestants in the area where all of the Go-Karts were kept, and he of course, began explaining this part of the challenge, "Say to hello to challenge, part deu! Grand Chef Auto!"

    "Wow", Topher said with a laugh, "Really original title, be careful Rockstar games doesn't sue you."

    "They can't", Chris replied, "The Producer's supply my lawyers and they are pretty dang tough. It'd take them twenty to thirty years to win that lawsuit."

    "So in other words, you'd probably die of old age by the time that happens."

    "MOVING ON", Chris once more was annoyed with Topher, "This challenge will give you all a can of spray paint and a GPS map of the island! Your mission? Race your Go-Karts around the island and be the first to graffiti three landmarks! The rock wall of mount looming disaster, the spooky tree in the haunted forest, and the tippy-top of a giant totem pole! Oh, and the Go-Karts? You'll have to steal them!", and then it was revealed, "From Chef!", that the angry as hell Chef was standing infront of the Go-Karts, ready to defend his prized collection no matter what the cost. Even Jasmine was a bit intimidated when he angrily growled, but nonetheless she put on her game face. "The first player to completely tag all three landmarks wins immunity! And, they get to CHOOSE who will be eliminated!", and then things got real for everyone, "Hahaha! That was Cassandra's idea. The only one I felt like keeping. Have a ride! Aaaaaand, GO!", and then the second part of the challenge officially began. At first, it was just a stand-off, Chef infront of his Go-Karts, the contestants at a distance away from him. He was going to defend his prize no matter what.

    "So, what's he gonna do?", Scott then said tauntingly, "Scare us to death or somethin'? Big deal."

    "Nobody, touches mah stuff", was his cold and menacing response, "Nobody.", and then with a snap of the finger suddenly all sorts of mutant squirrels popped up from the Go-Karts, all of them angry, at least one hundred or so in humber, and all of them working with Chef. One of them even had on a red hat flipped backwards, tiny baggy hip hop pants, and a sleeveless grey tiny shirt plus a golden necklace with a 'C' on it. Obviously, that one was Conker, apparently Cody lent him to Chef. Either way, all of the contestants gasped as they revealed themselves.

    "Lazer Squirrels!", Topher said in fear, "NOT THE FACE!", and just at that second, all of the squirrels began firing their eye beams, prompting all of the contestants to scream and panic while trying to avoid the lazers, all while Chris himself relaxed on a lawn chair while resting his feet on a set of tires. Veronica then walked up to him, also watching with some level of enjoyment. However, she failed to notice that some of the letters she stuck into her bra fell out onto the ground. Chris just turned to the camera and said;

    "I love it when Chef gets mad, don't you?", and then he started the real thing he was talking about while also picking up some of the letters Veronica dropped when she walked away from him, when he rudely shooed her away with hand gestures, "Who will survive his wrath? Find out after the break!", and then he whispered, "And after I'm done reading these! Heheheh!", and then he spoke more loudly, "Right here, on Total, Drama, Revenge of the Island!", and then he rested one hand behind his back as he began reading the love letters. As he did so, the episode faded into black, for a commercial break.


Following that commercial, things went right back to the real show, where all of the contestants were panicking in their attempt to avoid the lightning fired by the many squirrels. While most of them ran in circles, Jasmine and Shawn managed to escape doing that, only to then run into a wall of tires, wood and metal pieces and be bluntly stopped. Of course, at that moment, Chef walked up to them and began laughing and folding his arms in an evil way;

    "Hehehe, game over!", he laughed, "You're comin' with me!", and then as he dealt with them, the mutant squirrels changed their method of attack. Instead, they all rushed at the competitors head on. Two of them got onto Samey's head and bit at her hair, she of course, screamed as she tried to pull them off of her;

    "AH! GET OFF OF ME!", was her scream of desperation. Mike saw this and did feel somewhat bad for her, but then he remembered what he found out about her earlier, and though reluctant, decided not to help her and instead try to get his own Go-Kart instead. Scott however, just ran passed Samey bluntly and said;

    "Thanks for covering me, Amy!", of course, he just easily ran towards his Go-Kart, while Topher had two squirrels on his arms and two on his legs and jumping about making constant 'Ow' noises the entire time.

    "Ow, Ow, Ow! Not the Face! Just not the Face! Owwwaugh!", suddenly though, out of Topher's pocket came a box of peanuts. All of the squirrels stopped when this started rolling along the ground. Eventually, it landed in Shawn's hands somehow. His response;

    "Hey!", with a smile he said, "Peanuts!", but then he, Jasmine and Chef started running in fear when literally all of the Mutant Squirrels started chasing them, even Conker. Soon enough, with those three distracted, the others were able to get their wheels. Topher was first, and with a smirk on his face he immediately hit the gas and started going, and made sure to turn to the camera and show off a shiney smile along with a wink before focus changed to Scott jumping into his Go-Kart, one that was yellow rather than grey like the others, he spoke;

    "Gold Key, Gold Car, that's the recipe for victory!", he then put the key into the car, "Heheheh!", and then his kart began starting, "Giddy up!", however, while the back wheels made noise, the car didn't move at all, confusing him, "Huh?", and then he looked down and saw that the front wheels were replaced with bricks, "Aw no fair!", but the Samey, who was in her own kart, just smiled and commented;

    "Oh I don't know about that, I think you got what you deserve!", and then she prepared to drive off, but Scott of course jumped out of his kart and went over to her to say;

    "Give me my key back!", but then Veronica arrived on the scene and said;

    "Woah, I am sorry, but not so fast! There is no take-backs on karts or their keys beyond this point! Especially, the more lemony-ones!", and then she dissappeared yet again. Scott then got up close to Samey and said;

    "Get me to the finish line.", and then Samey once more, was used. Soon enough, she was in her kart, yes, but also had to have Scott's kart tied to the back of hers. Of course, Scott soon began poking her with a stick, "Move slow poke!", and he had one hand behind the back of his head while doing so.

    "Ow!", Samey replied, "Is that stick really necessary?"

    "Not really", was Scott's only comment, and then, Mike just sped right on past them both. Meanwhile, Jasmine and Shawn were trapped in a prison cell, with a smiling and folded arms Chef smirking right at them from outside the bars. Of course, both Jasmine and Shawn were not happy about this at all;

    "You can't do this!", Jasmine complained angrily;

    "Yeah!", Shawn added in, "It's totally unfair!"

    "Tell it to your prison gaurd!", and with a smile, Chef pointed right on over to Fang, who was chained to a wooden post that probably wasn't going to hold much longer. Jasmine and Shawn just gasped at this as Chef walked away laughing maniacally. Meanwhile, things went right on over to the first landmark, the rockside of the mount of looming tragedy. Surprisingly, the first person to arrive there, of all people, was Mike. With blue spray paint, he painted a blueberry.

    "Sweet!", Mike cheered for himself, "First one at the first tag! I'm on a roll! WOOH!", and then he ran off just as Topher came up. Of course, Topher was visibly upset he wasn't the first one there, but he put that aside and pondered instead on what to tag.

    "Hmmmmmm", and with a snap of his fingers, he got it. Soon enough, a portrait of his own face was spray painted in orange paint on the rock wall.  By the time Topher was finished, it was then that Scott and Samey arrived on the scene. Scott sternly said to Samey:

    "You wait here, I'M tagging first!", and he promptly got up out of the kart and began using blue spray paint to pain the rock wall himself. He sprayed a simple 'X', and after him, Samey then got up and used pink spray paint to spray a check-mark. Of course, after she was done, Samey rushed back, but even then, Scott still honked the horn for her to hurry up.

    "I'M COMING!", was Samey's response to the relentless horn honking.  Meanwhile, Jasmine and Shawn remained behind bars, with Fang oh so desperate to get to them both.

    "Ugh, LET ME OUT OF HERE!", Jasmine bellowed out, her claustrophobia kicking in and making her deserpately pull on the bars in desperation to be free, "LET ME OUT! OPEN THESE BARS! AUGH!", Shawn of course tried to keep to a safe distance, but also tried to think of a way out.

    "Hey, I think I got a plan to get us out of here!"

    "Really?", Jasmine said, turning to face him, "THEN USE IT!"

    "It's alright Jasmine", Shawn then calmly held her hands, "Just calm down first, my plan requires you to be calm for a few seconds.", of course, Jasmine continued to breathe heavily for a bit even after he said that, but after a bit, she calmed down, and they both looked at eachother and smiled even. It was then that Shawn thought of something, "Alright, so on Shark Week one year I learned that Sharks are attracted to the colour Yellow."

    "Okay, what does that have to do with anything?"

    "Fang's a tough shark, right?", Shawn asked, to which Jasmine nodded, "Well, then we can use him to get the bars open if we get him attracted enough to them. If we paint 'em yellow he'll be distracted by them instead of us!"

    "Well, please tell me you have yellow spray paint then!"

    "Actually.....I got purple!"

    "UGGGGGGGHHHHH!", Jasmine then groaned, "We're DOOMED!"

    "Wait, what was your colour."

    "Yellow", Shawn then got happy when she said that, but then, "But I dropped it outside the bars.", and then it was revealed the can was literally just out of reach, and both of them then sighed as focus shifted back over to Mike. Amazingly, Mike had managed to tag the second landmark already, putting a smiley face with the tongue sticking out as his second portrait before driving off. Right afterwards, Scott and Samey arrived, Scott still poking Samey with the stick to make her go faster.

    "Amy!", Scott then called out to her, "Go check if it's safe!"

    "Okay, okay!", of course in an instant the tree's eye came out and one of it's tentacles grabbed Samey in an instant, lifting her up into the air.  Scott actually watched in enjoyment as he got to watch Samey struggle with trying to break free from the thing and also get beat up by it.

    "Best blackmail ever!", was Scott's response to that. Focus then went back to Shawn and Jasmine, as they were thinking of what to do. Of course, Jasmine was getting worried due to her claustrophobia again, when Shawn suddenly thought of something. After clearing his throat, he actually had the balls and audacity to yell at Fang;

    "HEY FANG!", he yelled, grabbing the Sharks Attention, "There's something YELLOW over there!", and then Shawn pointed right at the yellow spray-paint can. Fang, actually falling for the trick, charged so hard at the spray can that he ripped the pole right from the ground. When he bit at the spray paint can only to of course end up coughing up spray paint, the pole knocked right into the bars and set Jasmine and Shawn free. Shawn cheered, "YES! IT WORKED!"

    "No time for cheering, let's get out of here!", and then Jasmine took Shawn by the hand, led him to the nearest Go-Kart, and the two were immediately on their way. Of course, Fang waved his fist at them as they drove off. However, when he saw a photo of Scott that was for no reason on a tree, he remembered who he really wanted most of all. Meanwhile, Jasmine and Shawn soon got a message on their GPS, seemingly from Chris, only he looked more like a corpse with his tongue sticking out and lips not even moving, and his dialogue seemed spliced together at random;

    "Listen UP, three land-mark wasn't tough-enough, so-I-added a FOURTH, it's a doozy, it's a mountainside right-in-da center of-the island! Now get packin' and spill-the-paint! McLean, out!", and at the campground, it was revealed Chef was turning off a tape recorder, that said "McLean, out!", and that he was also holding up a Chris McLean cadaver while standing infront of a camera.  He looked to the camera and coldly said;

    "Nobody, touches MAH stuff. NOBODY!", and then he started laughing like a maniacal villain, "Ahahahahahahahaha!", and then focus went back to the race, showing Jasmine and Shawn just getting to the first landmark, and promptly spray painting it, well, Shawn, when suddenly Jasmine realized something;

    "Oh no!", she cried, "My spray paint can is the one being attacked by Fang right now!"

    "Aw that's okay", Shawn said as he finished spray painting a 'beware of Zombies' sign onto the rock, "You can use mine.", he then handed Jasmine his can;

    "Wouldn't that be....against the rules?"

    "I don't see Chris coming in to stop us."

    "Well......alright", and then once more they both smiled at eachother and Jasmine used Shawn's can to draw Australia onto the rock before they continued on their way as fast as they could. Focus then went on to the original third landmark, the totem pole. Mike was already in the process of climbing it, when Samey and Scott arrived on the scene. Of course, Scott turned to Samey and said;

    "Amy, would you give me a boost?", Samey just sighed and put her hands out to help Scott climb onto. As soon as he did though, she fell to the ground due to his weight compared to hers'. Scott still got onto the totem pole either way though. Seeing this, Mike just said;

    "Why don't you help yourself instead of him, Amy?", Mike said, "Oh wait, you're not Amy, your Sammy. My mistake. Or is that even your real name at all, you liar?!"

    "I said I was sorry!", Samey called back, laying on the ground now. By that point, Mike was almost to the top and didn't seem to care about Samey's fate any longer;

    "Ha!", Mike laughed, "Almost to the top! In your face!"

    "No, in YOUR face!", and Scott just threw his can right in Mike's face, sending Mike falling down the totem pole with his can. Scott's can fell to the top of the totem pole, though. Mike managed to catch onto the wing of one of the bird part of the pole, but was in a dangerous situation, Scott just laughed and said, "Woopsy!"

    "Mike!", Samey panicked, not knowing what to do at all, "I'm coming to help you!"

    "No, I don't need your help!", Mike assured her, "I can actually help myself!", and then he tried to climb back up using his legs, but it only caused the wing to begin breaking, thus also breaking Mike's balance aswell. 

    "Haha!", Scott laughed as he quickly spray painted a blue 'X' on the totem before sliding down, knocking Samey who was climbing up the totem back to the ground in the process. "Oh, Amy, I'm gonna need a tow to the last landmark, if you don't mind."

    "TOW YOURSELF!", Samey then yelled at him angrily, "I'M HELPING MIKE!"

    "Fine", Scott replied, "I'll just get a lift from someone else!", Scott then purposely kicked the totem, making it begin to tilt over the edge of the cliff it was standing on. Samey gasped while Mike actually began scream. Scott used this as a distraction to just bluntly steal Mike's Go-Kart, which had the keys still inside of it, and use that one to proceed instead. Focus then shifted over to Jasmine and Scott, who were in their Go-Kart together, only theirs was constantly stopping at random points before going up again. Shawn was driving, while Jasmine was becoming bored with how long it was taking. Meanwhile, Topher was just arriving at the totem pole, where Samey was walking across to get over to where Mike was hanging on for dear life, Topher actually smiled and said;

    "Man! Why do I miss all the dramatic moments on this season?!"

    "Not now, Topher!", Samey then said, "I'm trying to help Mike!"

    "Okay then", Topher replied, then realizing something, "Hey wait, if that thing falls, then the bottom will become the top!", and then he went over and spray painted a portrait of himself modeling a pose on the bottom of the totem pole, "Done!", and then he ran off. Samey just rolled her eyes and continued trying to get to Mike, but falling a bit each time the totem pole shook. Of course, it didn't take long for Jasmine and Shawn to arrive at that moment and both gasped when they saw;

    "Sammy, Mike!", Jasmine said with a gasp;

    "Wait......Sammy?!", was Shawn's immediate response, having not known until that moment that Amy had long since been gone and Samey the one who stayed. Meanwhile, Samey was just getting to Mike, holding her hand out to help him;

    "Mike, grab hold of my hand!"

    "Why should I?", Mike replied, "You're probably gonna go Lion King on me and throw me to my death given how good you are at lying!"

    "No, I'm not!", Samey said, "I really don't want you to fall to your death, Mike! I only wanted to get rid of Amy because she lied to you to break your heart! She was the one who lied to you that first time! Not me!"

    "How do I know who's telling the truth?"

    "If I was really Amy, would I have really come to save you instead of moving to the last landmark already?", and with that, Mike just smiled and grabbed hold of Samey's hand. Samey promptly helped Mike up onto the totem pole, just in time for the two to run back to the cliff as the totem finally gave away and fell off of the mountainside. Jasmine and Shawn smiled at seeing this happen. Of course, there was no kiss, just them continuing to hold their hands for a bit before smiling and letting go and giggling a bit. Only then did Chris and Chef arrive in their own Golf cart at that moment.

    "And the winner of Grand Chef Auto is.....", Chris then noticed the totem was gone, "What happened to the Totem?!", he then noticed not all of the contestants were there, "And where is everyone?!"

    "That's right!", Jasmine then said, "There's still that last landmark! The extra one that Chris added!", and then Jasmine, Shawn, Mike and Samey got into their Go-Karts (Jasmine & Shawn sharing theirs, Mike getting into Scott's golden one while Samey taking her original) and all of them continued the race. Chris was just surprised;

    "Extra one?", and he then looked at the GPS and gasped, "MOUNT CHRISMORE?!........DUNCAN!"

    "Heheheh", Chef laughed, "That Duncan is one baaaaaaad dude."

    "HURRY!", Chris then called out, "WE HAVE TO STOP THIS WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!", and then Chris and Chef were on their way towards Mount Chrismore, where Scott was just arriving, laughing about how successful his plan was going already;

    "Man, this was just too easy!", Scott said as he prepared his spray paint, only to then be knocked out by a tree branch smacking him in the head and knocking him to the ground. Of course, this log came from Jasmine, who was more than happy to do this. However, right as they were tagging this final location, Shawn turned to Jasmine and said;

    "Ya know, we make a great team, huh?"

    "You know what?", Jasmine replied, "We really kinda do.", and after that, there was a pause of silence between the two, going on for at least a minute before suddenly, Jasmine, after finishing her tagging and Shawn finished his, took Shawn into her arms just to kiss him. Of course, Samey and Mike both arrived at that instant and both said an 'awwwwww' in unison while smiling at this. Topher just scoffed and said;

    "Not the most interesting start of a Total Drama relationship ever but it's alright.", and it was then that Chris and Chef also arrived on the scene, just as Fang out of nowhere jumped from the top of Mount Chrismore onto a screaming Scott for no particular reason. Of course, Chris' first words were;

    "MY FACE! MY BEAUTIFUL 50 FOOT CHRISMORE FACE!", he then turned to Chef, "Did ya HAVE to stop at the mutant lizard people operated drive through?", Chef just sipped on a soda and shrugged, and then everyone opened their mouths and began to speak, but Chris stopped them and spoke himself, "And nobody gets to make a vote! Reason? Because clearly, all of you fell for an OBVIOUS prank by Duncan!"

    "Sorry bra", and then Duncan came up from behind a rock, explaining it all, "That wasn't me.", and then he held up a button, pressed it, and blew up Mount Chrismore, blowing the top of the mountain's head off completely. "Now THAT, that was me!", and then he began laughing, "Ahahahahahahaha!", and even Chef laughed a bit, as did Veronica who just arrived on the scene too. Eventually Chris angrily looked at Chef though, stopping his laughter a bit, changing it to an angry growl, folding of the arms, and looking away from Chris angrily. As things cleared up, Fang walked around with Scott's legs coming out of his mouth, but Scott used his spray paint can inside of Fang's mouth, getting the Shark to quickly spit him out. Immediately after that, the episode changed to night time, when the elimination ceremony was being had;


With all of the contestants gathered for a change, and Chris as usual standing infront of them all, along with Chef in his hazmat suit with the toxic marshmallow being held at the end of a stick, tensions were indeed, quite high. Chris then, of course, began talking as usual;

    "The real FINAL landmark was the totem pole", he quickly explained to everyone, apparently having waited literally until nightfall to do so, "Immunity and Today's SOLE vote goes to the first person who completely tagged it! Scott!", and then everyone gasped, except for Scott who went;


    "Scott! Eliminate the player of your choice!", he then whispered with a smile, "Choose Topher!"

    "HEY!", was Topher's angry response. Scott ignored them both, stood up, and went;

    "Eenie Meenie Mynie Moe, Who's the biggest losee-o?", and then after pondering his choice, he finally just said, "It's Shawn!", and then Jasmine gasped in response to that, and also glared angrily at Scott. Shawn meanwhile, just sighed. "Would have picked someone else", he looked over to Samey, who also looked at him angrily, "But something that happened at the last minute just changed my mind."

    "Well, Shawn!", Chris announced, "The toxic marshmallow of loserdom, is yours!", and then Chef walked over and showed him up-close the toxic marshmallow. Of course, Shawn didn't want it at all, but was silent and just sadly looked down at the ground. Soon enough, he was sitting in the hurl of shame, while Chris stood by and continued talking, "Well Shawn, it was nice knowin' ya! All the Zombie talk, All the Jasmine stuff, all the, ya know what, you were really fun to know! But, yeah, it's time for you to go."

    "Shawn!", Jasmine then ran up to Shawn to have a few last words with him, "I'm so sorry!"

    "Hey, what do you have to be sorry for?", Shawn said back to her, "You're the one who made this thing actually happy for me.", Jasmine then smiled;

    "Oh, I'm going to miss you so much."

    "Well, I'm not going to say for you to win for both of us because on this show that always tends to fail, but hey, at least now you won't have me to distract you from winning, right?", Jasmine giggled a bit and then they went for one final kiss, but just before they could kiss, Chef hurled Shawn far into the distance, making Jasmine sigh in sadness. Chris just smiled, laughed, and turned to the camera;

    "Who will be the next loser hurled?", Chris then had a look of true sadism, "How will Veronica's upcoming birthday be celebrated? What humiliating challenges lie in store?!", and then he just had his usual smile, "And where will I build my next monument to me?! Find out next time, on TOTAL, DRAMA, REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!", and with that, the episode faded out to the credits.


*Shawn is screaming, and is flying towards a resort where Leonard, Lightning, Sugar, Ella, Cameron and Amy are all shown relaxing by a pool. Amy was about to open her mouth just when Shawn fell on her while she was in the pool, causing a big splash that got everyone wet.*

My TDROTI Ep.9 - Grand Chef Auto
Off Schedule due to the fact I missed the last Wednesday/Saturday due to not having this episode done on time

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So Veronica's real name may or may not be "Ludmilla" (which would make more sense since she has Russian heritage and Ludmilla is a slavic name) and she is apparently dating someone who's initials are "BJC", and who sends her Billy Joe Cobra songs in letters to her. Hmm.....foreshadowing for the next episode maybe? Which will take place on Veronica's birthday!

So yes, apparently Danny Phantom is indeed, ALSO in this universe. So is Jake Long and Randy Cunningham too, apparently. Even Billy Joe Cobra (From "Dude, That's My Ghost!") exists. So Sonic, Danny Phantom, Jake Long, Randy Cunningham, Dude That's My Ghost AND Total Drama all exist in the same universe within this fanfiction. And Jake Long also exists in the same universe as Lilo & Stitch, The Proud Family, Kim Possible & Recess to so........... :iconmindfuckplz:

  • Challenge - Kart Race to three landmarks in-oder to tag them with spray paint.
  • Cameos - Duncan, Danny Fenton/Phantom (Commercial only), Billy Joe Cobra (Mentioned only), Scar (Referenced only), Mufassa (Referenced only)
  • Deleted Commercial - Sonic PSA where, in the ruins of the OCCFCC's Headquarters, Sonic has Fumito from Blood-C tied up in just underwear inside of a room, and brings in Ren from the Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon to give him an agonizing and torture-filled death off-screen.

Winners - Scott

Eliminated - Shawn
Team (of Eliminated) -  Mutant Maggots (Merged)

Reason - Scott technically won the challenge, and one of the rewards was getting to choose who leaves directly, as such, he chose Shawn after Jasmine hit him with a log.

Previously, on Pennsylvania Wyvern: Coby Nelson: Coby Nelson is a young white boy living in Philadelphia with his mother, father and two older brothers. His mom is the Chief of Police, his dad is a normal police officer. His older brother Anthony likes to pick on him, and his oldest brother Derreck is your classic police-like protector brother when mom is not there to do that. Coby, his mother, and brothers are special though. They all can transform into Wyverns. Though Coby is also even more different; He's Gay/Homosexual. He and his best friends Ingrid and Brandon had an average day at school, they dealt with an irritable math teacher in first period (Mr. Franklin), and an eccentric mythology teacher (Mr. Carter), and Coby got in trouble with his gym teacher (Coach O'Doogle) and got sent to the Principal's office. He was given 1 week's detention and then sent away. After school, Coby went home, and after a brief talk with Anthony, he went over to his Great Aunt Sandra's place where he learned she was the one who his mom wanted to train him, alongside Sandra's pet rooster Ramon. Sandra of course, even has a training gym set up for Coby to use. After training and returning home though, Coby did not have such a nice dream, rather, he had a nightmarish vision of a massive and clearly evil three headed Wyvern in nothing but fire. Now, in this adventure, perhaps he will find answers to his vision, or perhaps the mysteries will just pile up.

The Current Events:
    After all of the previous drama, Coby was over at his Wyvern Training Gym the following night, still shaken up by the vision he had. The giant monstrous Wyvern was just, terrifying to him. This, as such, caused him to barely get some sleep and he soon managed to lump around everywhere he could, closing his eyes repeatedly, something that Sandra wanted him to snap out of immediately;

    "Coby, wake up and focus", Sandra told to him sternly, "You have training to do! I'm not getting any younger you know."

    "I'm sorry, Great Aunt Sandra", Coby responded, "I....I didn't get any....sleep last night."

    "How come?"

    "Well, I got this vision.."

    "Of what?", Sandra questioned further, "A vision of what?"

    "I...I can't remember clearly, it was like a monster, it had three heads."

    "Three heads?"

    "Yes...that's all I can remember so far."

    "Maybe you should go to see The Oracle.", Ramon, the rooster animal guardian, then said to Coby, "She lives in West Philly not too far from here, she knew about her own birth before she was even concieved by her parents!"

    "That.....that should be impossible."

    "Nothing is impossible with magic, kid", Ramon replied, "nothing."

    "That's right", Sandra answered with, "You know, it's not actually plastic or silicon that they use in surgery. All plastic surgeons are actually the real magicians, not those ones that go up on stage and perform for a captive audience."

    "So what are scientists?"

    "Oh we don't talk about those people", Sandra patted Coby on the shoulder, "We don't EVER talk about those people.", and then after that there was a pause. Sandra had her eyes wincing as if scientists were some sinister subject to talk about, and then Coby felt a bit awkward, looked around a bit, and then just bluntly said;

    "Should we go to the Oracle now?"

    "Yeah sure why not?", and with that blunt response from Sandra, her, Coby and Ramon were on their way to West Philadelphia to meet with The Oracle. Of course, it was night time at the time of Coby's training so therefore it was still night when they left to see The Oracle. Ramon directed the two to the Oracle's apartment in West Philadelphia, it wasn't that far from the Center City where Sandra lived and worked at. It wasn't much longer after finding the building, that they got to her front door and just before they could knock on the door, The Oracle answered the door as if she knew they were going to do it anyway. The Oracle was a somewhat overweight african-american woman, with weave hair that was straight and somewhat long and in a fashionable style, but wore a black turtleneck sweater with a multi-coloured scarf over her shoulders, and then wore a beige jacket and blue jean pants aswell as your average boots.

    "You're here to see me?", The Oracle bluntly asked the three, Sandra then said;

    "Yes, we are, if you are-"

    "The Oracle? Why yes I am."

    "Well good then-"

    "We can get inside and discuss what you're here to talk to me about?"

    "Yes and that's-"

    "Getting annoying?"

    "Yeah", and Sandra just nodded her head in response as The Oracle gestured for them to come into her home, Coby still holding Ramon of course. The Oracle's home was much as you would expect, it was very dark with all the various magical objects all over the place, some globes of the earth at various stages of it's history, and even a crystal ball on a table. Not to mention many books. However, right beyond a curtain in the apartment was an average well kept living room with a plasma screen television and everything. But, The Oracle and the three visitors to her home were just sitting around the table with the crystal ball and ready to speak with the woman.

    "So", Ramon then questioned, "Do you have a name besides The Oracle, what else can I call ya doll face?"

    "My name isn't important right now", The Oracle answered with, "It will be in the future but it's not right now, anyway, I believe what is important right now is what young Coby here saw."

    "How did she-"

    "She's an oracle kid", Ramon then whispered to Coby, "She sees-"

    "Everything before it even happens", The Oracle then answered for Ramon, interrupting him before he even said it;

    "Yeah. She predicted Charles the Bold's defeat at the city of Nancy."

    "I told that fool it was a bad idea", The Oracle responded with a slight laugh and a shaking of her head, "But of course, he was a bold man.", Sandra then interrupted on her own:

    "Can you just tell us about-"

    "Coby's vision?"

    "Yes" Coby whispered, and after a brief moment of silence, The Oracle then said;

     "Approach, Coby Nelson" and Coby obeyed."Now, since I know you don't like being singled out like this, I'll make this quick, baby", she said to him, she meant baby in a kind and friendly motherly like way "Now you had a vision of a three headed dark Wyvern, right?", and Coby nodded in response to that, "That just stood there in flames, unveiled it's wings and three heads, and roared?", and once more Coby nodded his head in silence to confirm what she was saying;

    "Yes, that's what happened to my vision"
    "Well, that's a very serious vision you had there", The Oracle then replied with;

    "Is that good or bad?", Sandra then asked in response;

    "I'm gonna have to look through my books to see what you had a vision of", The Oracle then replied, "In the meantime, y'all just go to back to your business."

    "So you-"

    "Can't tell you right now? No, I can't.", and Coby was pretty disappointed that everything so far just to get here was all for none."But as soon as I find an exact match to that dark Wyvern I will give you a call, Sandra. Anyway, Coby should probably get home now, his mother is going to start getting worried about him very soon."

    "I suppose you are right", Sandra then said with a sigh, then turning to her Grandnephew and saying, "We should go home now.", and then her, Coby and Ramon then promptly went home. Of course, they didn't walk home, they took the same car they took to get there. Of course, on their way to Coby's home, they had a bit of conversation, started by Ramon;

    "What a freakin' waste.", Ramon opened with, "You sure we couldn't have just looked that three headed thing up ourselves back at the shop? Cuz now we have to wait for her freakin' research to finish when we could've been done with this hours ago."

    "Oh calm down Ramon, it's not that big of a deal", Sandra then assured the rooster, "Coby has to go home soon anyway, there's nothing we can do about it now."

    "Well I'm just sayin'", Ramon continued with, "You'd think an Oracle would know what a three headed Wyvern would be."

    "Not every magical creature has been documented by the community", Sandra then reminded Ramon of, "Some choose to be unknown even to other magical creatures."

    "Yeah and it's those guys that will end up like the Giant Squids."

    "Giant Squids are magical creatures?", Coby then questioned;

    "Yeah", Ramon answered, "Their like the attention hogs of the magical world though."


    "We're here!", Sandra then finally made it to Coby's house, "See you after school tomorrow, Coby!", and Coby promptly got out of Great Aunt Sandra's car and walked into his home as she drove off back to her own home with Ramon in the car with her. And Coby then went back into his house as his family received him again.Well, at least his mother, Chelsea, was waiting for him. Surprisingly, she was not happy to see him, mainly because she was worried/upset about him taking so long to get back;

    "Where have you been?!", Chelsea immediately said to him once he was back in the house, "Do you know how late it is? It's one in the morning, Coby! Do you know how worried i've been waiting for you to get back home!?"

    "I..I-I have a new part time job at Great Aunt Sandra's salon" Coby lie;

    "Nice try, but her salon does not stay open 24/7, it closes at ten.", Chelsea then promptly corrected him on;

    "Um...I help cleaning off after closing time."

    "You know what", Chelsea then said with a sigh, "Just go to bed, and remember you have school later!"

    "Yes mom" and Coby quickly went to his room and was getting ready for bedtime. It didn't take him very long to go to sleep after he got into his bed, but then again, he also didn't have a very long amount of hours to sleep during either. Before he even knew it, it was already morning and Coby woke with a shockdue to his alarm clock. And once he turned that clock off, he saw that was only an hour before he had to leave for school yet again. Coby promptly rushed to get ready. He took a fast shower, brushed his teeth as quickly as possible, and got dressed in his normal clothes as fast as possible and had to actually skip out on breakfast and hardly had enough time to give his mother a morning hug before he then  went to school running, all while he was fearing he'd be late. As fate had it, his fear ended up coming true and just as he rushed for it, the bus ended up leaving without him. Coby sighed, but then he got an idea, it was pretty crazy but he could give it a try: using his wyvern form to fly to school, of course he'd also be trying to not get noticed. So he went to a corner and took a deep breath

    "All right, his has to work" Coby said to himself, and with another deep breath he used his wyvern powers by saying, "Enter the Wyvern!", and then was suddenly engulfed by a giant surge of electricty. During this, he transformed. His arms grew into his wyvern wings, and his body itself suddenly became reptilian, with the main scale colour being purple. His eyes remained green but became more reptilian, and his head also became something like Pteranodon, but with teeth. The only difference between him and being a mere Pterandon, was the fact his tail was longer and much more whip like and that his legs were built more like a proper dragon's. "Well, this worked better than expected" and Coby started to flip his wings to gain air time and started to rise above the ground. Once he was high up enough, he then began flying right towards his school. All the while though, he was unaware that a feminine figuring was watching him from a rooftop with binoculars. A humanoid figure, cloaked in an all black ninja-like outfit, and one that had black eyes. Clearly a human though, or at least seemingly a human. This girl just watched him, and he was completely unaware she was even there. 

    "Interesting" she whispered at seeing the creature, but then a communicator she had around her waist started ringing, meaning she had to answer it;

    "Vanessa, it is almost time for you to return to the human side of things", a deeper but still feminine voice said to her from the communicator, "Is there anything your scouting mission has produced?"

    "Oh yes mother", Vanessa answered with, "There is something very interesting indeed."; Meanwhile, Coby landed on a apart session of the school and turn back into a human, with everyone being none the wiser. Of course, it wasn't long after that when he was also reunited with his best friends Ingrid and Brandon too, and of course, they had no idea of secret powers at all themselves.

    "Hey guys, how's it going?; Coby introduced himself to them with;

    "HI COBY!", Brandon happily exclaimed upon seeing his friend again;

    "Why didn't you take the bus this morning?", Ingrid promptly asked him;

    "Oh", Coby answered with a slightly nervous laugh, "I was late for it and I had to find my own way here, heheh."

    "Huh", Ingrid replied, "I thought your mom forbid you from ever doing something like that."

    "Well,, she let me this time.";Brandon and Ingrid look puzzled at that, but the ring of the bell cut any thought and the trio went rushing inside the school building. Of course, this in turn that they once more went to the class that was math, the one taught by the overweight and infamous Mr. Franklin. He was as usual eating one of his donuts as he gave his lesson. Brandon, Ingrid and Coby sat in the front row of the class. Popular kids in the class like Jacob Sterrecra and Brittany Fujimoto were hardly paying attention at all, while Ingrid already knew most of this information. The point is, he was munching on doughnuts as he spoke;

    "Alright class", he opened up with, "Today all of you will be learning about pi, measurements and long division aswell as about negative numbers. Now I will once more tell you, take our your notebooks, a text book, and do all of the pages of the text book associated with those things.", and it was then that one brave member of the class, a generic boy of african-american heritage, asked a question;

    "Um sir? Shouldn't you be teaching this like, with your mouth?"

    "Good question", and Franklin swallowed his doughnut before yelling at full blast, "AND THAT QUESTION GIVES YOU TWO WEEKS OF DETENTION FOR QUESTIONING MY AUTHORITY OVER YOU!"
    "Ooh boy" ,Coby thought to himself, "Mr. Franklin is not in the mood today, but then again...he's never on the mood"

"Now the only other thing I have to say to you today, young students, is that Muffy Jenkins' family is now suing me for traumatizing their ignoramus of a daughter, so you will have a subsitute for the next two days after today."; The whispers of the students came early and Franklin was settling order, "Yes yes, I know what Muffy and her family are doing is truly discrimination against a good and well respected teacher, but don't let it disturb you from GETTING BACK TO WORK!"And after a pause, Mr. Frankin continued. "Anyway, I'm supposed to go as the substitute teacher will a-" and then is heard a knock on the door on the classroom. "WHO GOES THERE?!"
     "I'm the substitute teacher, can I come in?"

    "Oh", and Franklin cleared his throat and said, "It's open", and then the substitute teacher came in. He was a simple elderly Asian man, who was blind and had the classic black glasses to show he was blind. He wore typical elderly man clothes, was far skinnier than Mr. Franklin was, and even walked with a cane. Some of the jocks in the class, like Jacob, and the cheerleaders, like Brittany, were actually happy that the substitute was a blind man. "Um.....are you sure you are the substitute?"

    "I'm completely sure, his curriculum was checked by the principal and it has proven to be quite good!"

    "But um, sir, there is one problem, I see that you, unique?"

    "Are you saying that just because I'm asian I can't teach? What? we can't drive and now we can't teach?!"

    "No, it's not that, it's that, you are......blind."

    "Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I can't teach the school children! Now you just leave to your lawsuit and tend to your own business while I do your job while you're away!"

    "Very well, sir" and Franklin took his stuff and left. And so, the teacher started to introduce himself. Of course, he was facing the chalkboard rather than the students, being blind and all;

    "Hello students, I am to be reffered to as Mr. Hou, and I am going to be your substitute teacher while Mr. Frankrin has to be out due to his lawsuit issue.

    ""...." the students said nothing, except occasional coughs;

    "It's alright, you'll get used to me, but not too much, anyway, I believe we should continue whatever lesson that Mr. Frankrin had started with you all.So, anyone remember the lesson he was talking?"
    "No sir", Jacob promptly answered with, lying, "I have no idea what he was talking about."

    "Yeah", Brittany replied, "I think he said that since we did so well yesterday, that he was giving us this day off of doing any class work."; Hou snickered and said;

    "I'm maybe blind, but I'm not stupid.", "You will continue to do whatever it is Mr. Franklin had you doing before he left. I know it is probably some type of book work. As long as I can't hear you talking to one another I will not bother you."
     "Now, any other interested to tell me the, Coby Nelson?"

    "", and of course Coby was completely shocked and embarassed. Being insecure and shy he hated being called out like that, he couldn't figure out at all what to say about the lesson, and also not to mention he was bad at math. As soon as he tried to come up with what to say, he lost it. He just couldn't speak and already felt like people were laughing at him for this, though in reality they weren't. He just worried that they were. "Well, I guess if you want things done well, do them yourself" and Hou took a paper from Mr. Franklin's desk. Coby sighed and slouched in his desk.

    Sometime later, math class ended and Brandon, Ingrid and Coby were in the halls finally able to talk with eachother yet again. Of course, the first thing Coby said was;


    "It wasn't that bad, you know.", Ingrid said to him, "Everyone gets called out in class like that eventually."

    "Yes but I just don't like it when it happens to me."

    "It's not like it's the end of the world."

    "Well, to me it's just, humiliating, I can never figure out what to say."

    "It's alright Cobes!", Brandon then patted him on the back, "Mr. Franklin will be back soon enough!"; Coby just sighed of that outcom, "Oh, we shouldn't want him back or something?"

    "Let's just get this day of school over with", was all Ingrid said in response to that, and soon enough they had managed to make it into their Mythology class, taught by Mr. Benjamin Carter. Of course, all of the three friends at at the same table together. This was also the last class of the day that they shared together.

    "Well, class; I hope you brought your homework" said Mr. Carter, and of course nobody answered, "Ah who the hell am I kidding, I already know none of you except Ingrid did your homework!", and he just took Ingrid's completed homework and continued, "So far this year she's only the one even trying in this class at all! Anyway, I have other important things to say. First, we have a student in this class today, and second, I'm giving you all a brand new out of class assignment!"; The class sighed of the news of the assignment, "Hey! Enough! Now first we met the student, I expect you all to be nice to her, but her name is Vanessa Countessa!", and then Vanessa Countessa walked in through the doors. She was an absolutely beautiful young long, long flowing dark brunette hair styled in the most fabulous style imaginable, crystal blue eyes that seemed to shine in the light and the dark, and she wore a simple dark blue shirt with a black jacket, and a short black skirt with dark blue heeled boots to top it all off. She also had very big boobs, a beauty mark under her left eye, and was tanned just perfectly. To all of the guys in the class except Coby, she made them all whistle, smile, or get excited.
"Vanessa, why don't you find a space to sit?"

    "Yes, sir.", and then she sat at a table alone. Of course, many of the boys immediately tried to join her at her table, though Coby and Brandon didn't move from their table. Either way, Carter then said;

    "Now, it's time for your assignment! All of you will immediately go outside to the school background to hunt for fairies!"; The class immediately just giggled at the assignment. Thinking it was a joke, "Hey! Stop laughing! This is a serious assignment! If any of y'all are successful in capturing a fairy, you shall bring it to me and I will make sure that I-I mean you, will receive the fame and recgonition that you rightfully deserve! Now, here are your cameras!", he then showed them cameras he had on his desk, "Here are your butterfly nets", he then gestured to them butterfly nets, "And your magnifying glasses", and he gestured to them those objects aswell. "Though I doubt amateurs like yourselves will be very successful, there is a chance for everything in this world." And so, the students groaned since they have to do a 'useless' assignment. Though Coby didn't find it so useless. "Now, all of you will go outside to the track field which doubles as the football stadium to search for for your fairies! I've heard that is where they are most common at this school!"; After that, the students were groaning and going to the location was assigned, trying to find faeries; and of course, the complains were more than expected. While the other students were busy groaning and complaining, or otherwise doing nothing, Coby, Brandon and Ingrid spent this time they had to hang out together, in an area a bit away from the other students.

    "Something tells me that Mr. Carter is not in the mood today" Brandon said to his two friends;

    "Did you finally realized it?" Ingrid questioned;

    "I guess I did!", Brandon then got really happy and cheerful, "Do I get like a cookie or something?!"

    "Anyway, we have to keep going with this", Coby then said, interrupting Brandon completely;

    "Why?", Ingrid replied, "It's a complete waist of time. Mr. Carter is just a wackjob who not only thinks all these mythical creatures are real without any actual scientific evidence, but also gets their entire mythologies completely wrong. For all we know he'd mistake a butterfly for a fairy, or think that the Fairy WeirdParents is an actual account of real events."; Coby just nodded and kept searching, but suddenly...

    He saw, through the bushes, something that none of the others had seen, it was indeed, magical creatures. But, they were being tormented by what looked to be beings with ninja costumes, only with human upper-halfs, but octopus lower-halfs. The magical creatures being tormented were fairies, being rounded up with butterfly nets and put into cages. Coby just watched in shock as this was happening, he could see the fairies were in trouble needed saving, but he also knew some things:

    The first was that, his insecure self, he hesitated to jump in to help. The second was that, he was a bit worried that him being a Wyvern would lead to him being labeled a villain as Wyverns aren't seen as lucky as dragons are. The third was thinking of waiting for the American Dragon to come in and help them out, or hope that he will. However, there was no sign the American Dragon was going to be showing up anytime soon, so he was the only hope to save these guys. But still, he was nervous. With none of his friends seeing this at all, he made his decision.

    "These guys don't look good, I have to find a way to know what they're doing and if it's bad; I'll stop them" Coby thought, trying to find a way to not call attention to himself. "Ear of the Wyvern", he then whispered, and one of his Wyvern ears came out, allowing him to listen closely from a distance what was being said from all of the creatures capturing the fairies; The bad guys, conveniently enough were pretty much giving some of the details of the plan.

    "Remember the plan", one of them said to the other, there were only three of them altogether, "Capture these fairies and return 'em to the boss, then she'll be able to get all the pixie dust she needs to help with the big plan once she grinds these fairies down."

    "Yeah yeah I heard her the first time she said it to us."

    "Hey, can't blame me for wanting to remind you dingheads."

    "Worst, she'll not be happy if we fail!"

    "Which we won't! Especially since that American Dragon lives miles away from here in New York, we don't have nothin' to worry about so keep catching those fairies!", it's notable that every single fairy they captured made a shriek of terror as they were caught.

    "But apparently you have to deal with me" Coby whispered, and then he said, "Enter the Wyvern.", and Coby turned into his wyvern form at that moment for a surprise attack. He immediately swooped onto one of the bad guys and knocked them over, surprising the others and making them drop all of the cages with fairies in them that they had.

    "AHHHHH! AHHHHH! A WYVERN!", the two screamed, and they immediately ran off, leading the other one to his doom, and also angry;

    "YOU COWARDS! COME BACK HERE AND FIGHT LIKE REAL MEN!"; And the wyvern was flying at high speed towards the bad guys and he entered into action.He took a deep breathe and, staying in the air, fired a breathe of electricity at them. It had much the same effect as lightning, except it was also a continous beam, a continuous beam of pure electricity.  "So a wyvern, huh? I was hoping for a dragon, but you'll do", and while his two allies were shocked by the lightning and with a scream jumped into a river nearby, the leader chose to say and fight, and took out a single electric spear and tried to stab Coby with it. Coby stayed in the air and dodged it repeatedly before then whacking the guy in the face with his tail, sending him onto his back. "Augh!"

    "Why don't you", Coby then nervously tried to taunt the guy, "Just um, go back where you, came from!", and while the guy was on the ground, suddenly, the ninja girl from before came onto the scene. coming from the air and doing a drop kick onto Coby's head, knocking the Wyvern boy to the ground as she did a flip off of him and landed on her feet. "Ow, what the-", and Coby got a better look to the one who attacked him, "Who the hell are you guys?"

    "I don't believe I'm a guy", the Ninja girl named Vanessa said to him in an odd tone of voice, but it was then that Coby tried to get back into a fighting position. However, this girl jumped into the air and dodged every single shot of lightning he threw at her.  Once she got up and close with him, they had a hand-to-hand fight in which Coby could only dodge as this ninja attacked so swiftly some of her speed seemed logically impossible.

    "So fast" and Coby got a sucker punch which got him to the ground; "Ow!", and it was then that the Vanessa girl landed ontop of him, putting her foot right at his neck, and held a katana sword in her hands, and was actually preparing to decapitate him;

    "Yes, and I guess this means that you, are too slow.", Vanessa then taunted, "But this simply means that you will get to be put out of your misery now."; But before Cody could get pulverized, or decapitated, he's saved entire tree being lifted from it's roots and flying at Vanessa, hitting her right in the face, and body for that matter too, and sending her flying into yet another tree. Of course, right after she cut her way out of the chair, she found her sword suddenly taken over by a strange aura of energy and flying high up into the air to cut off a branch of tree that fell towards her. She dodged with ninja like skill, but was hit with a massive array of rocks that sent her into the bushes. Needless to say, Coby was completely confused as he sat back up. He looked around all over, but he couldn't find anyone that could have saved him, only the sound of someone running back towards the trackfield from behind him, but that person was seemingly cloaked in a hooded cloak, so he couldn't see who it was;The cloaked person just made a silent sign and disappeared Coby turned back into a human. Coby raised one eyebrow, but shook his head and decided to stand up and walk over to the cages of the dropped fairies;

    "Huh", Coby commented as he noticed that apparently nobody at all heard this, "I guess this school doesn't care about lightning.", and it was then that he started freeing the fairies from the cages they were trapped inside of; Coby took the cages one by one and started to free them, well, one by one as the faeries thanked Coby.

    "Thank you, kind sir!", one of them said;

    "Yes, thank you very very much!", another added in;

    "It's not often that a Wyvern actually helps other magical creatures out!", a third one also added in;

    "Really?" Coby asked "Yeah, I heard about it"

    "Yes", that fairy continued, "It's normally a dragon's job to save people like us, but you did a good job, for a Wyvern."


    "But", the fairy furtherly continued, "You did things a little worse than what the American Dragon would have done. He'd have saved us in a much better fashion. But thanks anyway!", and then the fairies flied off, leaving Coby with a very bummed out emotion, feeling a bit insulted, and as such, a bit sad. Those high-pitched voiced fairies that were just tiny winged human-like creatures really managed to hurt his feelings. Coby went back to Ingrid and Brandon, which hopefully were none the wiser. Coby went back to Ingrid and Brandon, which hopefully were none the wiser.

    "Where did you go?", Ingrid then questioned bluntly, "I thought we were supposed to be hunting for, ahem, fairies?"

    "Um...I thought I saw one...but it was just a moth, jeje" Coby replied.

    "Oh my gosh!", Brandon said with an excited gasp, "The same thing happened to me too!"

    "Yeah", Ingrid said in her usual cynical tone, "Same here, too."

    "Well", Coby then said, taking out a camera, "No harm in taking a picture, right? See if we find anything?"

    "Sure" Ingrid and Brandon agree, and soon enough they were taking random photographs in random places, pretty much photographs at random. Little did Coby know though, that Vanessa, his new classmate, was actually watching him with a curious expression on her face, though she was a good distance away from them. Soon enough, however, all of them had to return to Mr. Carter, as in, Mr. Carter's classroom. All of the students had photos they had taken, but little to none of them acted like this was a serious assignment at all. Coby, Brandon and Ingrid walked in the back of the crowd all holding their own photos, and soon enough, were approached by Vanessa from behind.

    " you guys doing, did you have luck?" Vanessa asked, surprising all three of them;

    "Huh?", Coby replied, "Oh..."

    "Hi Vanessa!", Brandon happily exclaimed in response, "Oh yeah! We", he then turned to Coby and Ingrid, "Did we have any luck, guys?"; Ingrid shook his head, while Coby was trying to think another excuse;

    "We got some luck, but we lost it."

    "Oh really?", Vanessa replied, "Where?"

    "None of your business where."

    "I see how it is", Vanessa replied, "You don't want me to walk with you guys, do you?"

    "Yes.", Ingrid answered, but then:

    "No!", Brandon replied, "We totally don't mind you walking with us! Why would we?", Coby then whispered to him;


    "What?", Brandon whispered back, "She's sooooo pretty!"
    "Hehehe, sure...why not?"

    "Yay!", and then Brandon turned back to speak with Vanessa, "So, you really wanna walk and talk to us?"

    "Sure", Vanessa replied, "But perhaps, can I know more about Coby, maybe?"; Coby immediately felt his cold feet; he didn't know why but he was fearing the worst.

    "I don't think Coby feels like sharing personal information with someone he hardly even knows", Ingrid then defended Coby with a very spiteful tone towards Vanessa, "Why can't we talk about your personal stuff first?"

    "Okay, I can see that the majority of you guys don't want me to talk to you so fine, I'll just go", Vanessa then walked off, but not before giving Ingrid a spiteful glare right back.

    "Awwww!", Brandon whined, "Why'd you do that, Ingrid?"

    "Because", Ingrid answered with, "I don't trust her."

    "How can you not trust her?";

    "Believe me, I could feel she is not precisely a good company." And as Ingrid and Brandon were discussing; Coby was breathing of relief, he was happy he didn't have to share any persona information with a stranger like Vaness

a. Unlike Ingrid though he didn't judge her or think she was evil, he was just naturally shy like that. Regardless, this lasted pretty much the entire walk to class, and it's notable that Mr. Carter was there at the door to take in every student's photo as they walked into his class;

    "All right, class", Mr. Carter said, "I want to see your progress on unveiling the secrets of the magical world!", and he began taking all of the photos one by one and judging them, his various judgements were, "This is just a normal bush. Just a snail. Just a normal butterfly. Just a normal MOTH. Just an ant pile. Just a", he then turned to this student and said, "Why did you take a photo of dog poop?"

    "Cuz it was there?", the young boy replied;

    "Well you fail!", and Mr. Carter continued to move on and examine each and every photo, "Interesting, but not a fairy! Butterfly. Butterfly. Butterfly. Moth. Butterfly. Butterfly. Cocoon with Butterfly coming out of it. Flowers. Flowers. Moth. Butterfly. Butterfly. Butterfly. Hummingbird. Butterfly. Dragonfly. Butterfly. Wow whoever this is really needs to get that checked, and butterfly.", and then he walked right up to the desks of Ingrid, Brandon, and Coby. The three were pretty nervous to see how this is going to end, well, not Ingrid;

    "Very well", Mr. Carter said to them, "Hand them over now."; Coby gulped and gave the photos to Mr. Carter. Mr. Carter then looked at the photos as he went back to his desk, Coby nervous, while Brandon and Ingrid both didn't care very much, not as much as Coby did.,

    "Well?" Brandon asked;

    "", after a full minute, Mr. Carter then said to them, "I will have to go outside to examine it further."

    "What do you mean?" Ingrid asked. In response, Mr. Carter just silently walked outside of his classroom. Leaving his entire class puzzled; then;

    "YES! FINALLY! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!  HALLE-FREAKIN'-LUJAH! I AM SAVED! I CAN FINALLY HAVE AN ACTUAL CAREER! I CAN FINALLY HAVE AN ACTUAL HOUSE! OH BOY I AM SAVED! FINALLY! ACTUAL EVIDENCE! I CAN FINALLY SECURE MY PLACE IN HISTORY AS THE GREATEST SCIENTIST EVAH!", and then after composing himself he walked back into the room and said, "Um, Mr. Nelson, you've officially earned yourself Sixty Dollars for your picture."; That just flat out surprised everyone, especially the most popular ones.


    "No special reason, but um, it was just that good of a picture.", Mr. Carter replied, "I just hope you don't mind if I take all credit for it on the news okay bye class I'll leave you to yourselves until the bell rings BYE!", and he promptly ran out of the room as fast as he could, leaving all of his students alone in the class completely unattended.

    "....what just happened?" that's all Ingrid could ask;

    "I don't know", was Coby's answer, and seconds later, the bell to end the class rang. The action switched to the cafeteria during lunch time; while he was siting outside instead of eating as always with Ingrid and Brandon; but Coby was thinking of what the faeries said to him, and having doubts about the subject: "Um.....guys, do you think that a Wyvern could do things just as good as a dragon can?"

    "Why are you asking this question?", Ingrid then asked in response, "You should be asking what was up with Mr. Carter today."
    "No...never mind, I don't know where my mind is."

    "I do wonder what Mr. Carter did after he left!", Brandon then exclaimed, "Maybe he went out grocery shopping!", as Coby and Ingrid just gave Brandon blank expressions in response to that, Mr. Carter was doing his own dastardly deeds in his own city home. He lived in West Philadelphia, and his home had a garage attached to the side of it. Infact, he was in this garage actually, and in said garage he had numerous paintings and pictures of magical creatures, and even had sculptures of them too. He also had maps with various red circles drawn on it, globes with arrows all over them, and similar objects. He himself was sitting at a desk with a moncole over one of his eyes, examining Coby's photo, when suddenly he was approached by an Animatronic Fox and an Animatronic Duck.

    "We made it, guys", said Mr. Carter smirking, "We finally made it."

    "What do ya mean, boss?", the Fox asked, "What have we made it to?"

    "Magial Creatures, you hunk o' junk!", the Duck angrily replied, "He's finally discovered a real magical creature!"

    "Yes!", Mr. Carter exclaimed, "Precisely! Look at this!", he then showed them the photo Coby had taken, "Actual proof of the existence of magical creatures! A fairy! Caught by one of my aggravating students!"

    "I see it, boss", the Fox replied, "But how do we prove it's real?"

    "Yes", the Duck answered with, "Photos aren't usually treated as one hundred percent evidence."

    "I know that", Mr. Carter answered, "Government cover-ups and all that, but I still must show it to the news anyhow, after proving without a doubt that there was no editing what-so-ever done to this photo, as such, they will HAVE to think it's real! I will debunk every single possible way it could be faked, FORCING them to think it's real!", and Mr. Carter then started laughing like an evil maniac, while his animatronic's followed after him. Meanwhile, things went back with Coby...Coby was busy just walking alone through the halls of the school. Lunch period had ended now, and it was time for him to get off to Gym class again. However, some of the school bullies decided they wanted to mess with Coby while he didn't have his friends around.

    "Oh, boy here they come" Coby thought to himself as the bullies got close to him, he did his best to walk fast, but one of them, a generic jock type boy wearing his letterman's jacket that short brown hair and green eyes, but plenty of zits/acne on his face despite having such a well built body, grabbed his backpack and stopped him;

    "Where do you think you're goin', shrimp?"

    "To...gym class, and Coach O'Doogle is not going to be happy if I'm late."

    "Well too bad.", the bully replied, "Cuz you're gonna be a little late now. Cuz you have to get a WEDGIE!", and then he promptly gave Cody a wedgie. Coby didn't speak, he just bit his lip, blushed of the embarassment, and didn't say anything. He struggled a bit, but he was powerless to stop them. "Oh yeah, and also LOCKER JAM!", and then the bully opened up one of the lockers nearby and bluntly shoved the wedgied Coby into said locker and shut the door. The Jocks all laughed, and he said, "Man can't wait'll Jacob hears about this! Ha!", and that was pretty much it. Coby, embarrassed about this sudden incident, cried a bit, but suddenly he heard footsteps walking towards him. He closed his eyes thinking it was another bully, but surprisingly, this person actually let him out of the locker he was stuffed in. Once he fell to the floor and looked up, he saw it was noneother than Vanessa.

    "Coby...are you okay?", asked Vanessa, trying to help him.

    "Y-y-yes, I-I-I'm fine", Coby replied, trying to get to class as quickly as possible, "I have to get to close now, though. I'm sorry."

    "It's alright if you're nervous to talk to me", Vanessa replied, "Most boys like you would be."

    "I really, really need to......go to class."

    "You sure you don't want to skip class just for a girl like me?", Vanessa replied, "That's what most of the other boys offered do with me. Come on, I won't try to kill you or anything!"

    "I-I'm not like the other boys", and then Coby bluntly rushed off to Gym class, leaving Vanessa with a raised eyebrow but a smirk on her face.  However, she just walked away. Sometime later, after Gym Class, Coby was returning from home on the bus, much like he usually did. Except this time, when he got home, he discovered a newspaper right infront of the front door of the house. Curious, he picked it up and read the front page article, because it featured a picture of Mr. Carter on it. "This doesn't look good" Coby said to himself as he saw the headline: FAERIES ARE REAL? TEACHER SHOWS PROOF! As such, he immediately went to tell Ramon and his Great Aunt Sandra about this. Once he got there and showed it to them:

     "How..could that...happen?!" Ramon shouted as he read it, "Oh man this bad. THIS IS REAL BAD!", Coby the entire time just remained silent and had a very guilty expression on his face, "How could this happen!? Great! Now I'm gonna have to try and contact the American Dragon to get here and fix this, and you don't know how hard that is sometimes!"

    "I heard a lot of this American Dragon", Coby said in response to this, getting a bit fed up with people treating him like he can't do anything on his own, "Why....why can't I just fix this myself?"

    "Because, kid", Ramon said to him, "I don't think you're good enough yet to fix stuff like this on your own. Besides, your not a dragon, it's not your job to."

    "But I.....I want to."

    "....For the last time-"

    "Very well, you can go" Sandra interrupted;


    "No, I trust him."

    "But it's a dragon's job to do this kinda stuff! Plus he's still a trainee!"

    "I'm sure the American Dragon is very busy up in Manhattan right now, that is where the biggest population of magical creatures live, after all", Sandra then said, "I'm sure Coby can handle a minor problem like this. All he has to do is get rid of the teacher's proof and bam, it's done!"

    "I may be not know much about the magical world...but I'll do whatever it takes" Coby was more determined to get rid of the evidence, but for that; he needed to conjure up a plan. "Um.......any idea how I can do that?"

    "See!", Ramon replied, "That's what I'm talking about!"

    "Hey!", Coby then got a bit angry, or annoyed, at Ramon, "I'm trying here! Give me a chance!"

    "Fine", Ramon replied, "Obviously, if you want to get rid of the evidence, you're gonna have to go to where-ever he would keep that stuff at."

    "Well.....he might be keeping it in his classroom."

    "Well", Sandra replied, "Then there you go!"; And so, Cobu was ready to infiltrate school and get rid of the picture as soon as he could. Using his Wyvern form, he was easily able to traverse the dimly lit sunset skies of Philadelphia and get to his school just on time. However, because it was only a few hours after school, some people were infact still there, such as the Football Team and other athletes for afterschool practice, along with various afterschool clubs. Also, were the teachers. As such, Coby knew he would have to be as secretive as possible. Right before entering, he went into his human form and tried to walk calmly through the halls of the main building, hoping anyone who would spot him would think he was part of an afterschool club or program. Of course, he wasn't ready to anticipate who was going to walk out of the bathroom, and bump into him when he was looking away. Just as he was about to find his way towards Mr. Carter's class, he just had to run into his own crush, Devin Fairlie. Due to the athletic Devin being more athletic than Coby, Devin just moved a little, Coby fell to the ground upon bumping into him.

    "Oof!", was a sound made by both of them, though.

     "Hey, be careful; pal" Devin said as Coby was just realizing who he was talking to, and he immediately got nervous, "Are you alright?"

    "Oh......oh y-y-yeah......uh-huh", Coby just stood up and nodded, he was very nervous at this point;

    "Heh, well, okay, then, watch we're you're going next time, alright?", Coby nodded in response, "Oh, and if you're going to the bathroom, you might wanna avoid the first stall on the row."


    "You'll find out soon enough.", Devin answered with, "Anyway, I got practice to go to. See ya around.", and then Devin left. After Devin was out of the hallway, Coby just sighed of both relief because his nervousness was gone, and also guilt because he couldn't come out with his feelings towards the boy. Either way though, he had other matters to attend to, but first he noticed the zit-faced bully from earlier heading right towards him, and he immediately froze up in worry and fear a bit.

    "YO, LOSER!", and the jock had Coby held up by his shirt collar within seconds, "What you doin' after school? You part of the Glee club or somethin?"

    "N-n-no, I-"

    "Gimme your sixty bucks and I'll THINK about not giving you a swirly."


    "You do have those sixty bucks Carter gave you, right?"

    "Y-y-y-yes, but-"

    "Then gimme 'em."

    "Y-y-you know, my mom is, the police chief."

    "I don't care", the jock bluntly replied, "Nobody does! Your just a gay little loser who's gonna be getting a swirly in a few seconds, unless-"

    "I don't have the money!"

    "Well then", the jock bluntly stated, "swirly time then!", but then Coby started getting from scared to angry, not wanting his head to be dunked into a toilet, he said to the bully:

    "Put me down!"

    "Ha!", the jock laughed as he entered the bathroom still holding Coby by his shirt collar, "You don't get how this works. I'm the bully, you the victim. You don't have money, you get bullied."

    "I said PUT. ME. DOWN."

    "And I said, swirly tim-", and then the bully got kicked right in the groin by a very angry Coby, "AUGH", and he immediately dropped Coby to the ground, held his hurt groin, and kneed over in pain right infront of the stall Devin warned Coby about. Coby wasn't done yet, and he got even angrier, shockingly angry infact:

    "I SAID PUT ME THE HECK DOWN YOU BIG FREAKIN' BULLY!" and then Coby started relentlessly kicking the pimple-faced boy in the groin, repeatedly. With every single kick the bully screamed more and more in pain.


    "I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE FREAKIN' CODE!", and then Coby gave the bully seven more straight hits to the groin before they both heard a voice;

    "What's going on in there?!", Coby immediately got scared and ran out of the bathroom and back on his way to find Mr. Carter's classroom. The bully, on the other hand, tried to get up, only to have the blind Mr. Hou walk in. Obviously, Mr. Hou did not see the boy was in pain or anything, being blind, so when the groaning bully desperately moved towards him and put a hand on his shoulder, Mr. Hou went into self defense mode immediately;

    "KYWAAAAAAAAAAA!", and he pushed the boy off of him and then literally jumped in the air and did a karate kick right in the boy's face. The boy fell right to the wall of the bathroom before Mr. Hou literally walked towards him on the ceiling, grabbed the boy by the chin, and threw him over to the other end of the room before doing a front flip back to the floor. After that, Mr. Hou gave the boy repeated punches all over the front of his body before finishing him with a roundhouse kick right into the first stall in the room. However, someone had removed the seat of this toilet somehow, so the boy literally fell right into the toilet bowl.

    "Uggggggghhhhhh", the bully groaned, "Why", he then coughed up three of his teeth, "Why'd you do that to me?!"

    "Never lay a hand on your teachers, young man", was all Mr. Hou said with a grin on his face before walking out of the bathroom;

    "Wa-wait!", the bully pleaded, "I need your-AUGH, man! Someone took the seat off the toilet! Great! Now my freakin' pants are all wet!", and then suddenly the toilet began to rumbling, "Huh? Wha-what's happen-", and then the water from inside the toilet the bully was trapped in began to spring up like a water house. Showering the bully with water coming from under him, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!", and those screams could be heard even from outside at football practice. While outside, Devin and his twin (but without soul patch and with less messy hair) brother Gavin looked to eachother with smiles and bumped fists together, for their prank did indeed work. However, while they were doing that and going back off to practice, Coby was having his own issue, finding his way to Mr. Carter's office. To make things easier for himself, he turned into his Wyvern form and was using it to crawl through the air vents of the school, not wanting to risk the door being locked. Once he got above the room in the vents, he saw the picture sitting on the desk.However, also sneaking into the room through the window from outside, was the ninja girl named Vanessa. Both Coby and Vanessa made their way into the room at the same time as eachother, and there was no doubt what was going to happen in a matter of seconds.

    "Oh dear, what an awkward situation", Vanessa said snarkily once they were both in the room;

    "Wha-what are you doing here?"

    "Well, I was coming in for my own top secret mission", Vanessa answered with, "But now, I guess my mission has changed.", she then got prepared to fight the Wyvern, getting into a proper fighting stance.

    "Look, I don't wanna fight you", Coby replied, "Can you please just leave?"

    "How about no?", and then the Ninja Girl just jumped right towards Coby and tried to kick him in the face. However, Coby dodged and she hit the chalkboard instead. "Oof!", was her immediately response. Coby's tail then smacked her right in the face and sent her back towards the wall when he turned to face her. Coby then tried to grab the picture and leave, but the girl came up behind him and grabbed his neck and tried to choke him with her arms. "I've got you now, you big dumb lizard!", Coby struggled to try to breathe in this fight, but eventually he managed to flip the girl over and onto the desk where she sent most of the things on said desk down to the floor. She also found her pants being ripped by the open cabinets. When she stood up, Coby was shocked to find;

    "Your legs...they're tentacles?!", and he was right. Instead of legs like her costume implied, her lower body was actually like an Octopus or Squid's, her eight tentacles were all jammed into those two legs, concealed. The Ninja Girl then had a harder time making movements like a ninja so she resorted to just trying to grab Coby with her tentacles. The Wyvern boy however just flew around the cramped room and used the desks to block them. He first tried using them to shield himself, but the tentacles just broke when she hit them. Then he got an idea, "I'm sorry for hurting you but, I have no choice!", and with that he took a desk and just as a tentacle was going to grab him by the neck, he dropped the heavy desk right onto it and;

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!", was the girl's scream as her tentacle was then bruised and sore. Coby then smiled and started throwing the desks right at her. She dodged every single one she threw at him by ducking under the desk, but in doing this she found a red button with the word 'CAGE' written on it. She smirked a bit and said, "Time to end this already.", with that push of a button, just as Coby tried to lunge at her, a metal cage fell down on him and suddenly a very loud and obnoxious alarm sounded off in the enter room. Coby tried to pull himself out of the cage, but he couldn't muster up enough strength to do it at all.

    "Oh no!", Coby panicked, "I'm trapped! I can't bend the bars!", he then struggled to break free once more, "I can't get outta here!", and then the tentacled girl approached him, suddenly pulling out a large scythe like weapon.

    "Well", she said in a cold and menacing time, "I guess that means it's time to finally end this, by ending YOU.", Coby then tried to fire his lightning breathe at her, but she immediately blocked it with the blade of the scythe and reflected it back at him, causing him to be effected by the electricity instead;

    "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", was Coby's response to said electricity. The girl just laughed;

    "This is going to be like taking candy from a baby.", however, just as she was about to kill Coby with the scythe, which he backed away to the back of the cage from, they both heard footsteps coming towards the door, running footsteps, and they heard a voice;

    "I GOT ONE, I GOT ONE!", and that was the voice of Mr. Carter, running up to open the door and see what his cage caught, with a gasp, the girl bolted out of the window without even hurting Coby any further at all. Coby himself panicked as the door opened. It wasn't very long until Mr. Carter, his two animatronic animals, and also Coby's Mother, Father and Older Brother Derreck (very similar in body build to Anthony, but has a more corporate haircut, no facial hair, and wears a cop uniform at almost all times) were all in there. Only they didn't find a Wyvern in a cage, they instead found Coby in his human form, trapped inside the cage. Needless to say, Coby's parents were very shocked at what they saw;

    "What?!", Mr. Carter said in a shocked tone, "But that cage is only designed to capture magical creatures, I swear! I have no idea that boy could've gotten in there! Unless he was meddling around my classroom, just LOOK at this place! He made a wreck of this place!"

    "You know", Mr. Nelson replied, "I'd like to know more about how our son, who had yet to come home, is in a cage, in your classroom."

    "Yes", a completely angry Chelsea said as she turned toward a then frightened Mr. Carter, backing up to his animatronic allies, "HOW. Have you been keeping him here ALL DAY?!"

    "N-n-n-no! I can explain, I can-AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!", and all Coby could do is wince as his mom began basically bringing Mr. Carter down. As Coby shielded his eyes, but peeked through them a bit, he could hear the sounds of Mr. Carter screaming in pain, being punched and kicked, and also the sound of his animatronics being torn apart by a woman's own bare hands. Sometime later, Coby was let out of the cage (obviously) and was at Great Aunt Sandra & Ramon's shop. There, as soon as he walked in, Ramon clucked out;

    "Tell me you got rid of the picture!"

    "Yes, I did", Coby then held up the picture, getting it from his pocket, "I grabbed it before I walked out. My mom was roughing Mr. Carter and two animatronics up pretty badly,  so I guess he didn't see it in plain view."

    "See", Sandra commented as she walked up and took the photo from Coby's hands, "I told you he could do it."

    "Yeah well still", Ramon replied, "He's still just a trainee."

    "Exactly", Sandra answered, patting Coby on the head a bit, "And that means he'll only get better, now doesn't it?"

    "Maybe", Ramon replied, "Maybe."

    "So, I guess this will go in the box of close call evidence.", and Sandra then went to put the photo inside of a box ontop of one of her shelves filled with various photos of actual magical creatures that almost got into the hands of the mass media. Only then though, did Coby realize something;

    "Hey, ya know what, the cops that were inside with Mr. Carter were my mom, my dad, and one of my older brothers."

    "Yeah", Ramon remarked, "And your point is?"

    "If they were there at the school I could've just let them know about it and mom could've, well, taken are of it."

    "Yeah", Sandra replied, "But would it have been as rewarding?"

    "Well, no, I guess not."

    "Well, we'll just leave it at that", Sandra replied, "We're still waiting on the Oracle's research to be done, and you've still got alot to learn still, so, I'd suggest you get some rest and be ready for much more rewarding things in your life.", Coby just smiled at how his Great Aunt was raising his spirits, and with his adventure of the day done and over with for now, he actually was somewhat looking forward to what lied in his future. At least, for now.
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Part 2 of the pilot episode of Coby's own original series. If this really does get a good enough feedback from people I may actually continue this series. I hope it's not TOO similar to Jake Long's show. I mean, yeah, if anything this is somewhat of a parody of it. Differences include setting, and not to mention the fact the ninja girl is not a love interest at all.

And i'm sure the Vanessa at the school is in NO WAY related to the Vanessa that happens to be the Ninja girl.

And among other differences. There's no Huntsclan.

I guess it's like a Jake Long fanfiction......without Jake Long XD.

And yes......that was a Scary Movie 3 reference for the opening scene. Sue me.

Ingrid is an OC I purchased from :iconellissummer: via an OC auction. I recall she asked to credit her whenever the OC was used.

My TDROTI Ep.9 - It's up at last 

3 deviants said God dammit, Season 4 era Scott
2 deviants said wow
2 deviants said If Chris' sister was Ember......he might want to hope she doesn't see what he said on t.v. over in Amtiy Park or in the Ghost Zone
2 deviants said This was much MUCH better without Zoey
1 deviant said Grimhilde's gonna make Chris unable to sit for YEARS when she gets ahold of him
1 deviant said Yay for the first couple of the season being formed! (JasmineXShawn)
No deviants said *insert Bartok the Magnificent reference to the possiblity of Veronica's real name being "Ludmilla"*
No deviants said [Insert name of one eliminated here], NO!
No deviants said [Insert name of one eliminated here], YES!
No deviants said Billy Joe Cobra may appear next episode? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!

My TDROTI Ep.10 Preview

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 1, 2014, 3:18 PM

So last episode, Chris confirmed that he didn't care when his sister died in a fire (he said she died a burning death), and doesn't care that his mother is (possibly) dead either. Oh yeah and he pretty much has had his interns kidnap every single old contestant to bring them here, kidnapping Duncan and Cody right from their very own homes, infact. Nevermind the fact that that would be illegal, his contracts are that tough apparently.

Infact, the only person able to escape them was Veronica, who became a producer of the show after Season 3. Thus, she technically has more power than Chris despite being an old contestant herself.

Speaking of Veronica, it seems that Chris has discovered that not only is next episode going to be Veronica's birthday, but also that the name "Veronica" might actually just be her stage name. He also might have discovered a boyfriend of hers too.

What's Chris going to do to attempt to top the levels of horrible human being-ness of Cassandra this time?

Guess you'll have to wait for and find out in the next episode of TDROTI.

The most likely thing, is that it's going to involve playing with a ticking time bomb.

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Anything with my OCs
If you want ANYTHING featuring my OCs. Very pricey. However, if you want one of these and are one of my friends(or if you aren't listed below but feel I am your friend/friendly with you) you can simply request one of these for free.

Only if your close to me though.
Stories (One Chapter/One-Shot)
If you want me to write a story for you. Only One-Shots I will do (which don't necessarily have to be Smut, they can be random comedy or drama stories too btw) and note that if you request anything NSFW it will have to be shown to you privately rather than posted publically.

Also be VERY patient with these. Stories take time to come up with.

Right now I am offering Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros, Total Drama, NiGHTS into Dreams and OC stories only.
Two or more characters with background
DunCo at the including Alex! by EternalInsanity787
Point Commission - Juliefan21 by EternalInsanity787
Just like what it says in the title. Two people or more, with a background.
OC Reference
Stoked OC - Ridley (Reference 01) by EternalInsanity787
Coby (2013 Rotation) by EternalInsanity787
Brandon Reference by EternalInsanity787
A simply Reference sheet. I do do rotations, but really just for my OCs when I can't find anyone else to do them xD.
Two or More Characters without Background
Trent and Coby - Hugging by EternalInsanity787
Point Commission: Hallie and Jose by EternalInsanity787
AT with FraiseParfait by EternalInsanity787
Just two or more people without a background.
OC Revamp
Carlota - OC Remade by EternalInsanity787
OC: Veronica Redone by EternalInsanity787
If you want me to draw your OC with a slightly new design and in my style. Basically just redrawing your OC in a basic standing position as a refrence.
OC Head
Is just a head of your OC.


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What Sonic Character Are You?
What Sonic Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Which Sonic Character Would Be Your Best Man?
Which Sonic Character Would Be Your Best Man?
Hosted By Anime
What Johto Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Johto Legendary Pokemon Are You?
Hosted By Anime
(Ironic how it says I love the sea, yet I can't swim IRL, but is true...haha)
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
Hosted By Anime
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