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Elaine Wilkos' Journal:

    With the boys sadly being alive now, I of course had decided that it was time, in the next day, for the girls to be put through the journey now. Indeed, their time has come now. Sierra, Izzy, Eva, Courtney, Jo, Bridgette, Dawn and Scarlett were the remaining girls of whom I was watching squirm around as they awoke from their induced slumber. All of them were immediately looking around the room, confused about their surroundings. I smiled. I enjoyed every single moment of watching them trying to ponder where they were. I decided not to confront them about the situation this time around, just to see how they would interact. I watched and listened closely as they interacted:

    "What the?", Courtney said with a gasp as she awoke, "Wh-where are we now?!"

    "We are underneath the film lot", Dawn bluntly stated.

    "And HOW", Courtney replied, "Do you POSSIBLY know that?!"

    "Because I sense auras", and when Dawn said that, Scarlett faced her with a highly annoyed look:

    "Would you stop with all of your supernatural explanations for everything?", Scarlett responded, "There is no scientific evidence to provide for aura reading, an Afterlife, a God or any form of higher power, a human soul, or anything! You keep stating it as fact when you have no scientific evidence for any such claims! You are saying irrational things as if they are rational!"

    "No I am not", Dawn then argued, "You simply are not looking at the actual evidence. There are many things that science will never answer about the universe, and honestly, I like it that way. I can read auras, you are free to believe me and to not believe me.", in response Scarlett growled in annoyance, but then calmed herself down and stated:

    "Very well. We shall agree to disagree."

    "So we shall."

    "Well good!", Sierra then said to both of them, "Because we really should get going now. That large open hallway is like, the only way out of here!"

    "Weee!", Izzy then exclaimed, "Then let's go!"

    "HOLD ON", Courtney then said just as the group began to move towards the hallway, she managed to get all of them to stop at once, "How are we sure we can actually trust Ms. CodyFanatic over there?"

    "Well", Bridgette then stated, "Cody is with Dave now. So-"

    "Yeah", Sierra then sighed, "Besides, I have three of Cody's alien clones at my house right now, so I'm perfectly fine with Cody having someone else besides me! As long as I have them!"

    "Yeah", Courtney then said with a decently long pause, "That's somehow even creepier."

    "Can we just GO already?", Jo then spoke to interrupt all of this, "I want to give that Mastermind a piece of my mind already! AND a piece of my FIST!", she then pounded a fist into her other hand, showing what she intended to do for me. I chuckled at this display and watched as they finally left the room to trek down the hallway together. They actually tried the various doors laying around my lair, though of course absolutely none of them worked at all. I made sure of that. I didn't want them to find a shortcut, after all. Eva I could see tried many times to kick or punch a door down, but, even to my surprise, it was all to no avail at all. They weren't getting into any of those extra rooms. Eventually, they came across a clearing. A circular lobby-like room that had four major pathways to take. One was the way they came from, the west took them to my own personal indoor pool. The east took them to the lair's locker and shower room,  while north would take them into a hallway that purposefully had no lighting in it whatsoever.  This is where they would encounter Eric Lark. Eric Lark was in the Freddy suit as he approached them from the shadows. At first, they only heard his slow footsteps coming towards him.

    "Do you girls hear something?", Bridgette was the first to point that out, "I hear....footsteps."

    "I.....", Courtney added in, "I hear them too."

    "SHOW YOURSELF NOW AND STOP BEING SO SLOW!", Eva then yelled out, clearly also hearing the footsteps of Eric Lark approaching them, though Lark knew it was best to keep at his slow pace, for his own safety within that suit. "I SAID WALK FASTER!"

    "Eva", Izzy then said to calm the girl down, "That's not gonna work! Besides, it might just be one of the guys!"

    "DUNCAN!", Courtney then called out right then and there, "THIS ISN'T FUNNY, STOP SCARING US! PEOPLE HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN MURDERED THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR JOKES!", and it was then, that Eric Lark stopped approaching them, and there was silence. Silence, between all of them. Both him and the girls were all completely silent at that moment. The girls I could tell, were all anticipating what was coming next.

    For a total of 10 minutes, Eric Lark didn't make a sound.

    For a total of 30 other minutes, none of the girls made a single sound either.

    For those 40 minutes, there was nothing but complete and utter silence. Nothing else. Nothing more, nothing less. That is, of course, until finally, Eric Lark prepared his move. The girls all jumped when they heard the next footstep after so long, and they didn't hear the next one until a solid 2 further minutes of silence. After 6 final minutes of silence, suddenly a gasp could be heard from Eric Lark's suit, and with some mechanical sounding noises and crunching noises aswell as the faint sound of "The Toreador March" playing, Eric Lark let out a ghastly and blood curdling scream as he then dashed at the girls. All of them dashed down the North pathway to get away from him, though one of them was too late. That one, was Scarlett. Scarlett  was too startled by the scream that she did not have time to react in time, and met her end when Eric Lark's screaming and music-playing self landed ontop of her. Once the two hit the floor, it gave away. It gave away to send them both into a deep pit of spikes, impaling them both and ending their suffering rather quickly.

    Amazing, the 'Toreador March' was still playing even as Eric Lark and Scarlett McGrady lay there, impaled in the spike pit. Even now, as I write this journal after the fact, can faintly hear that music chime in the distance from where I am sitting at, in my control room.  It just repeats itself once it's done, it seems. It gives the place an eery feeling, I will admit.

    However, back in the time of which I was describing previously, the girls were on their journey through the pathway that was to the north of that lobby-like area, all of them running through the darkness. Many of them screaming at the top of their lungs, others letting out more angry or determined cries. It's easy to figure out who was doing what, honestly.  After what to me felt like an hour of watching them run through the dark hallway, they reached the next major room that they would have to face. It was then though, that they had a bit of a break and talked to eachother once more much like they did earlier.

    "WHAT WAS THAT THING?!", Courtney then screamed, " acted like a MONSTER!"

    "And", Dawn then stated, "It has caused the end of Scarlett's life."

    "Well of course it did!", Courtney replied, "It fell right ontop of her!"

    "But", Dawn then revealed, "It was not a monster. It was one of the souls that the mastermind recruited into joining their sick game. They were merely wearing a costume suit."

    "And how do you know that?", Eva then questioned, "You barely got a good look at that thing!"

    "Simple", Dawn answered, "I saw both of their auras. When the man made his lunge at us, his aura was becoming unreadable, signifying he was actually facing his final moments on the mortal plane when he made his lunge at us."

    "So", Bridgette said as she comprehended what Dawn was saying, "You're saying he was actually dying WHILE he was trying to attack us?"

    "Yes", Dawn confirmed, "That is exactly what I am saying."

    "Well!", Izzy then exclaims, "It makes sense to me!"

    "And it does make sense to me too!", Sierra also exclaimed with a smile on her face, thus her and Sierra were basically sharing facial expressions about this whole thing now, amazingly.

    "Fine", Jo then said in a deadpan tone of voice, "I'll go with that too. For now."

    "I understand that all of you have a hard time believing in my abilities, and honestly I do not blame you", Dawn then said to all of them, "But this is not the situation that she would be arguing about this during."

    "Nobody said anything that doubted your powers", Eva bluntly said in response.

    "But anyway", Bridgette then added in, "I agree completely with what you are saying, honestly, Now is the time we should be trying to find a way out of this lair."

    "OR", Eva then also added, "Trying to get that Mastermind back for murdering all of our friends!"

    ".....or that too, yes."

    "So anyway", Sierra then also began to speak, "Since we are now beginning to finally agree on something and theres only one path that is heading any further forward, unless you wanna go back the way we came, I think we should keep on running and never look back! What do you girls think?", and of course, all of the girls agreed with her on doing that, and they all then began dashing into the hallway that was once more, in the north of their initial direction. This hallway was not long like the other one, though only the center parts of it were lit, while the rest had no proper lighting revealing them at all.

    I could tell that this lack of lighting helped to make the remaining females all a bit more scared of my lair, and that alone made me smile in return. I wanted them all to feel this way. Why? Because my plans required them to feel that way. My plans needed them to feel this way.  Just like the boys, I wanted them to suffer through my game for as much as they possibly could. Even without Chris, they would still be tortured. How ironic indeed.

    Perhaps that is the ultimate meaning of their existence. To get tortured.

    But regardless, they soon found the next room where my final accomplice, Mariann Gerdes, was waiting. The room was a simple living room, a very poorly lit living room, mind you. There was a sofa, two reclining chairs, a coffee table, and a computer desk with your normal and average things on it. There was also not to mention, some exercise equipment I had laying around. The twist here, is that this room lead directly into my control room, so only two paths were lit with lighting for the girls to see. One was the doorway which they came from, the other was the eastern doorway leading into my control room where I was watching them. They could only see the light coming from my open room, not me myself, however. I had my sedation gas spraying in the doorway to prevent them from causing any harm to me.

    Regardless though, Mariann Gerdes was laying on the couch at this time. Not only that, but she was also using the Mangle suit. Once the girls saw the light heading into my control room, I smiled sinisterly as I heard them speaking with my own two ears:

    "Oh thank god!", Courtney immediately let out, "The exit at last! We made it!"

    "Wait!", Bridgette then grabbed Courtney's arm to keep the girl from moving any further, "How do we know that's not just another room!"

    "Well", Courtney then said, "This is a living room! A normal looking room, thus, we're getting into the parts of the lair meant to fool any visitors into thinking that this ISN'T an evil lair! So yes, I'd say we're getting closer to the exit!"

    "But", Bridgette then pointed out, "We don't know that for sure!"

    "Well", Jo then suddenly and bluntly stated, "We won't find out until we try! LET'S GET MOVING!", and then she led the other girls right towards my entrance door, however, one of them was made curious once they saw the couch. That one girl, of course, was Courtney. I could see she saw the figure that was laying on the couch, even though this figure was indeed heavily hidden within the deep darkness. Dawn stopped when she saw Courtney approaching the couch.

    Apparently she must have seen Mariann's aura, for her last words to Courtney were:

    "NO, DON'T!", before  Mariann made her attack. She immediately lunged at her intended prey, Courtney, however I say intended because Bridgette was able to pull Courney to safety before Mariann could have bitten down onto her. Mariann then let out her own blood curdling scream. In her own last moments, Mariann managed to make the suit bite down so hard. Mariann Gerdes then fell back onto the couch as she let out her own agonizing screams that joined the other girls as they ran into my control room only to be rendered unconscious within seconds by the sedation fumes I had spraying at the doorway.

    I laughed once I saw all of their knocked out bodies, and tied all of them up so they could join their male counterparts as soon as possible. After that, I spent my next few minutes laughing, and went to my bed to rest for the rest of the night. My personal bed was in the control room aswell, of course, sitting right next to the Golden Bonnie suit, which I will admit, was my favorite of all the suits.


Mariann Gerdes' Journal:

Oh that fucking idiot. Did she really think I was stupid enough to actually get in that deathtrap suit? Of course not. I had one of the female interns do it for me instead. That stupid bitch really thinks she'll win at this point. Does she not realize that Frollo now has this place surrounded and knows who she is and what she looks like? Even if she kills everyone remaining, she will still get caught. But not only that, but she also believes I to be 100% loyal to her. The fool. Such a smart mind, little does she know, she passed her smarts onto me.

    And of course, it also does not help that she also caused the death of my sister earlier just to force me into her plot through threatening to kill me. I'll also admit, I actually see very little point in killing any of these Total Drama guys at all. Hell, none of them really even deserve to die at all. Such as Cody and Dave. What, is she some type of homophobe? The bitch. Just to prove my intelligence over her, I've actually set up clever evidence to pinpoint someone else in my place when the investigations come up, when at this point there is absolutely nothing to stop Frollo from believing her to be involved.

    Just for her stupidity and attacking people with no real motive her, I've even put together my own way of giving her what she truly deserves. Oh yes. What she truly deserves. She doesn't deserve victory, she deserves, an Eye for an Eye.

    I started with my plan by first, delivering the survivors to Frollo. Or at least, getting them to safety. As with all villains, there is a fatal weakness that Scarlett, or Elaine, has. Bathroom breaks. As soon as that bitch had to use the bathroom, I used her 'secret' pathway to her personal mansion to get the survivors to safety. I knew Frollo will eventually find out about that mansion, and will no doubt arrive. That, and I needed them out of the picture to begin my plan of giving her what she deserves. Once she got back from the bathroom, of course, she was not too pleased to see all of her victims out of the picture.

   But once I walked up to face her, she looked at me with a very surprised expression, not expecting me to be alive of course. I used this to my advantage, knowing she'd pull out a weapon to kill me, I didn't give her a chance to react and shot her right in the shoulders before taking her by that bun in her hair and slamming her into the computers of her control room. Not only did I slam her into there, but I really made sure to dig her face in that computer, not only giving her plenty electric shocks onto her face but also making various shards of glass stab into her face. I took much delight in watching the old bitch suffer. Oh how the other piglets would grunt if they lived to know how the old bitch suffered.

    After making sure her face was nice and ruined, I tossed her onto the floor, kicked her in the crotch, and then spat in her face. As I watched her spit up her own blood and even teeth, I kneeled down to her and took out my knife, and with a grin on my face I said:

    "Just so you know, your well earned torture and death, is just beginning.", before using that knife to gouge out both of that bitch's eyes. Oh how she screamed in pain when I did that. I just laughed in delight. I was going to make sure she had the most agonizing death I could give her. After gouging out the bitch's eyes and disposing of the knife I used, I then walked out of the base through the mansion path, and was on my way to safety and of course, fooling the police into believing I was innocent.

    However, little did she know, I had arranged a deal with some little known inbred hicks who didn't live too far from the mansion. The deal was that they would spare me and the survivors as I, and they with the police later on, head to safety, as long as I outright let them in to Elaine's little base. Turns out she made a mistake in trapping and killing some of their family members aswell. I told them exactly where she was, and soon enough I was on my way as three of the males of that family were heading over to greet her. I smirked to myself as I soon got into my red sports-car and drove off on my way back home. Oh how revenge is so sweet and delicious.


    Mariann Gerdes' Journal:

Haha, I did not expect what they were going to do to her bitch ass. Oh did they make her suffer like she deserves to. Oh yes. According to the newspaper I just read, once they arrived in her room, they each took turns in raping her. Both anally and orally too. The police estimate she was raped for a total of 12 hours too. Oh how I would have loved to see that happening. Finally that bitch got put into her rightful place.

    Nothing but a whore.

    At least, before they cut her up using dismantled parts from the golden bonnie suit and actually began devouring her alive. At least partially. They ate most of her arm and leg meat, apparently. Oh yes, and also her stomach, heart and lungs. They left the rest of the bitch at the crime scene. They also kept true to their word, and left the survivors alive. They were satisfied with getting their own revenge, and didn't really have the time to kill them with Frollo and the police not being too far from the scene.

    As for the survivors, well, I don't really know what became of them personally. I just know that all of them lived. Though apparently Duncan committed suicide yesterday, having been struggling with depression after Season 5 for some time. All of the rest, as in Cody, Dave, Trent, Mike, Courtney, Bridgette, Geoff, Sierra, Eva, Izzy, Jo, Noah,  and Brick, are still surviving to this day at least. Though I don't know what's become of them. I assume the couples remain together, and that all of them are probably going through some type of therapy after this. Brick is also apparently still in the hospital.

    Though I care little for that.

    All I am happy about, is getting away with this and the fact that old bitch suffered so good.

Total Drama: Horror on the Film Lot Final Chapter

This is the final ending of the story! But I will let you pick which ending you wish to end with.

All Chapters - Total Drama Horror on the Film Lot

Characters So Far:

(Discluding the Un-Named Cops who were revealed to have been murdered during this chapter)

  1. Alejandro   - 1st Murder Victim
  2. B   - 2nd Murder Victim
  3. Zoey   - 3rd Murder Victim
  4. Beardo   - 4th Murder Victim
  5. Chris McLean    - 5th Murder Victim
  6. Sky   - 6th Murder Victim
  7. Anne Maria   - 7th/8th Murder victim
  8. Sam   - 7th/8th Murder Victim
  9. Hernando Sanchez - Alejandro look-alike who was believed to be him in Chapter 5. Was an accomplice, is deceased due to cops shooting him.
  10. Philip Mosley - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  11. Herman King - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  12. Janet Martin - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  13. Judy Conaway - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  14. Vincent Pickett - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  15. Mario Yancey - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  16. Christy Harrell - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  17. Shirley Puckett - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  18. Larry Snook - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  19. Maria Sealey - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  20. Cynthia Simon - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  21. John Lynch - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  22. Shannon Johnson - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  23. Amber Bradford - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  24. Muareen Payne - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  25. Charles Matheson - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  26. Edward Tillotson - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  27. Aaron Sample - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  28. David Hernandez - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  29. Kenneth Perez - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  30. Micheal Thompson - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  31. Armando Bennett - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  32. Andrew Tanner   - 31st Murder Victim
  33. Tiny Smith - 32nd/33rd Murder Victim
  34. Walter Young - 33rd/34th Murder Victim
  35. Staci - 35th Murder Victim 
  36. Max - 36th Murder Victim
  37. Owen - 37th Murder Victim
  38. Kelsey - 38th Murder Victim
  39. Gwen  - 39th Murder Victim
  40. Cameron - 40th Murder Victim
  41. Esther Wheeler - One of the Accomplices, first to die due to wearing the springlock Foxy Suit and making sudden movements while wearing it.
  42. Harriette Jackson - Aka Momma DJ, she was shockingly one of the accomplices. She died due to doing sudden movements inside a springlock Chica suit.
  43. Scarlett - 41st Murder Victim (* - Also Technically the Mastermind)
  44. Eric Lark - One of the Accomplices, third of them to die due to breathing while in a springlock Freddy suit. His last move was lunging onto Scarlett.
  45. Unknown Woman - Takes Mariann Gerdes place in this ending
  46. "Elaine Wilkos" - Mastermind of the story, she gets raped, cut up and cannibalized in this ending
  47. Duncan - Survivor, but commits suicide some time after everything is done.
  48. Mariann Gerdes - She turns out to be the one surviving villain in any of these endings, and was one of Elaine/Future!Scarlett's Accomplices.
  49. Cody - Alive
  50. Dave - Alive
  51. Dawn - Alive
  52. Mike - Alive
  53. Trent - Alive
  54. Jo - Alive
  55. Geoff - Alive
  56. Sierra - Alive
  57. Izzy - Alive
  58. Eva - Alive
  59. Bridgette - Alive 
  60. Noah - Alive
  61. Courtney - Alive
  62. Claude Frollo - Alive
  63. Brick - Alive, but in critical condition at the hospital.
Inspirations for this story:

:icondeweyman:'s "Wawanakwa Massacre" series - Which can be Read Here

:iconmarcusqwj:'s "Total Drama: Mystery" series - The first part of which is here
1836-1924 - The Empire of China by EternalInsanity787
1836-1924 - The Empire of China
The map for my Victoria II game with China! The only real mod I used was the timeline going to 1999 and an attempt to mod the Alaska purchase which apparently didn't work anyway so cheats at all were used.

So that big cream blob in asia is my Chinese Empire so far as of August 1924. I may do more of a "Alternate History Roleplay" description when I've reached the endgame. I don't plan on going all the way to the modded end-date unless I have to XD I plan on calling it done when I've reached all my goals. So anyway, here we go:

1. Westernization occurred very early. In the 1860's actually. China quickly rose to Great Power status as it's industry built up. Even in the 20's it is still within the top 3 for Industrial power. Behind only the USA and the British, but China is growing quickly.

2. Just prior to westernization, Vietnam and Cambodia were conquered. There was a thought to humiliate Afghanistan, but due to terrain that plan was cancelled. Britain later obliterated Afghanistan anyway.

3. Various Communist revolutions occurred after westernization and during the Absolute Monarchy times. Even some Anarcho-Liberal ones. However, all of these revolts were subdued. There were also some Sphere of Influence wars in Indonesia and also a war which took out Yemen, annexing it to Chile...which then became a Great Power and began to ruin China's influence in Argentina and Bolivia. But China held on to Peru for a good while.

4. In the early 1920's, China later had a major revolution. A Jacobin followed by a Communist The Communist one prevented China's forces from getting to Jacobin-controlled Beijing for a good while, and by the time a large Army got there it was too late. They had occupied it enough to make China's Emperor at the time agree to turn the government in a Constitutional Monarchy like that of the UK. Now China must rebuilt her Sphere of Influence and regain her prestige, but that shouldn't be too hard (at least with Tibet). 

5. Also, slightly before that revolution, Korea revolutionized into a dictatorship, cutting ties with China. China wasted no time in conquering and annexing all of Korean lands.

Other notes about this world:

1. Chile is taking over Southern Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Oman.

2. Japan is still uncivilized.

3. The CSA has survived a good while, but the USA is beginning to ware it down over time now, as with Mexico.

4. British Alaska.

5. No Germany (yet)

6. China doesn't actually own all of Cambodia. One province belongs to Siam (for the time being anyway).

7. Prussian part of the Russian Empire.

8.Infact, China is the only fucking Civilized Asian country that is independent right now.
Anyone Play Victoria 2? Well, can you help me? I'm trying to turn China into a HM's Government, but my stupid fucking Conservative dickheads won't let me make ANY fucking reforms, militancy keeps going down and not high enough to fucking FORCE them to do so, and liberals keep going down. Please someone help me. I have westernized, become a great power and everything all I want is to turn into the government I desire! :(
TDG - Attempt at The Big Challenge by EternalInsanity787
TDG - Attempt at The Big Challenge
For :icontotaldramagames: contest thingy~

This was meant for the previous challenge, but I'm so busy and I fear I'm starting to get late so I'll just upload it for the current challenge, haha. I was supposed to draw myself/My OC in :iconjoshythebat:'s style, but we both draw TD style so...yeah.
It's been a while since my friends did this, I know, but I feel bad for never getting to this. So....yeah. I'm gonna do it now:


1. Post these rules at the beginning of the meme.

2. I really don't care if you tag, or how many people you tag. If you get tagged, you don't need to do it.

2b. However, if you have been tagged and you want to do it, please mention who tagged you.

3. Use any kind of writing deviation for this.

You will be answering a series of questions about your OC. Answer them from the POV of said OC. Ready?

The OC I'm writing as is:



Um.....Strawberries. I hope that's not bad or anything!


Well, um, Purple. But I like all colours, really!

Type of music?

I really like all kinds of music, really, once I listen to it.

Book genre?

I don't read very much but I do find myself able to like very many books once I read them.

Kind of pie?

Apple Pie, I guess.

Subject in school?

So hard to say. But um, I'd guess I'd have to, uhhh, English?

Type of candy?

 Every Candy~

OC that doesn't belong to your creator, and why? (Who cares if they never met or interacted.)

I don't know. But I know a few who are close to me.....very close.


What's your family like?

I have a mom who can be over protective but she loves me alot and I love her, a dad who means well but may not understand me much, and two older brothers one who likes to pick on me alot and another who is like a protective gaurdian. I also have a Great Aunt who is actually a very good mentor for me in very many things.

Left or right handed?

Um, Right handed.

What's your idea of how the apocalypse will occur? (Aliens? Solar flares? Robots?)

I hope that science will actually prevent the world from ending.

In your franchise (if any), which character do you aspire to be like and why? (If OC isn't in one particular franchise, just pick any character from anywhere.)

Well, I do like to think maybe I could be like Cody or Dave. Though there's also my cousin Duncan. Yeah, my cousin Duncan. He's tough, afraid of very little, and is totally secure of himself. He is basically the exact polar opposite of me. Even though he is a person who likes to make fun of me, I also like to be like my brother Anthony, or "Tony", really. I just, well, again, same reasons as Duncan. They are both cool and I wouldn't mind learning to be like them one day.

What's your preferred time of day?

I'd say the morning time. I like looking out the window just to see the way it looks when the sun rises.

Digital or analog clocks?

I like both

How would you spend an ideal evening?

Um, well, listening to music, spending time on the internet, trying to write and/or draw, playing video games, watching television. Maybe sometimes worrying about things regarding life.

Hot cocoa, tea, coffee, or something else?


What time do you usually go to bed at night (if at all?)

It varies

The best birthday ever would be...?

I don't know, really. I really don't know.

What instrument do you think you want to try and play?

I don't know.

Pencil, pen, or ink brush?

Anything I can work with.

Notebooks or loose-leaf paper? (Folder paper)


Are you in any fandoms? Which ones?

I am in many fandoms, really. Danny Phantom, American Dragon, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Total Drama, Camp Lakebottom, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Pound Puppies, tons of things. I don't know.

What's the most boring situation you can think of?

Hmmm, I don't know. Doing nothing at all?

What do you hate about your friends sometimes? (Annoying qualities? We won't tell...)

I always like my friends, I never hate anything about them!

Do you have posters in your room? Of what?

No, I don't really have many posters in my room.

What's your least favorite holiday?

Um, Christmas? I don't know.

What about sports? Do you play any? Love them or hate them?

I like Tennis, but I'm too afraid to really join the official teams.

Whats the best gift you ever received?

I...... don't know if I can answer that, really. All of the gifts I got were great, really.

(wild card: make up a question!)

What's your favourite country (Fictional or Real)

   Well, I have to say, I like my home. The United States of America., that's all.

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Television
  • Reading: The Webpage
  • Watching: Camp Lakebottom/Disney XD
  • Playing: Nothing at the Moment
  • Eating: Cake
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Anything with my OCs
If you want ANYTHING featuring my OCs. Very pricey. However, if you want one of these and are one of my friends(or if you aren't listed below but feel I am your friend/friendly with you) you can simply request one of these for free.

Only if your close to me though.
Stories (One Chapter/One-Shot)
If you want me to write a story for you. Only One-Shots I will do (which don't necessarily have to be Smut, they can be random comedy or drama stories too btw) and note that if you request anything NSFW it will have to be shown to you privately rather than posted publically.

Also be VERY patient with these. Stories take time to come up with.

Right now I am offering Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros, Total Drama, NiGHTS into Dreams and OC stories only.
Two or more characters with background
DunCo at the including Alex! by EternalInsanity787
Point Commission - Juliefan21 by EternalInsanity787
Just like what it says in the title. Two people or more, with a background.
OC Reference
Stoked OC - Ridley (Reference 01) by EternalInsanity787
Coby (2013 Rotation) by EternalInsanity787
Brandon Reference by EternalInsanity787
A simply Reference sheet. I do do rotations, but really just for my OCs when I can't find anyone else to do them xD.
Two or More Characters without Background
Trent and Coby - Hugging by EternalInsanity787
Point Commission: Hallie and Jose by EternalInsanity787
AT with FraiseParfait by EternalInsanity787
Just two or more people without a background.
OC Revamp
Carlota - OC Remade by EternalInsanity787
OC: Veronica Redone by EternalInsanity787
If you want me to draw your OC with a slightly new design and in my style. Basically just redrawing your OC in a basic standing position as a refrence.
OC Head
Is just a head of your OC.


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What Sonic Character Are You?
What Sonic Character Are You?
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Which Sonic Character Would Be Your Best Man?
Which Sonic Character Would Be Your Best Man?
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What Johto Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Johto Legendary Pokemon Are You?
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(Ironic how it says I love the sea, yet I can't swim IRL, but is true...haha)
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
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