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Okay so some person pretty much just made me give away all of my fucking points and I am quite annoyed with that person now and won't ever be doing commissions for them again, but now I am broke :(. And I was going to ask for commissions (mostly Dave/Cody stuff since that's my OTP and I want that pairing to start spreading) from people too!

So now I actually need to raise points.........can someone help me up to 1000 points by maybe ordering commissions? Since I'm already waiting for a tablet on Christmas I want maybe some simple commissions that won't take forever to draw? Please :(.
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Cody lost his shorts (No Dialogue)
Extra version without dialogue.

The Description:

Okay so this is for once a SFW pic! lol. Though to be safe I will still label it as a moderate warning.

Like, this isn't really porn at all. Trust me.  Still features nudity though. If I don't need the warning please tell me!

Anyway, Cody's lost his trunks while having some fun in the water with Dave! Or did he have it taken? I don't know. Either way it seems both Cody and Dave are looking at this in different ways.

Featuring: Cody, Dave, (Dwayne) Junior, and Adam.

Adam is an OC of mine, Logan's little brother, and thus Cody's cousin...XD
Cody lost his shorts
Okay so this is for once a SFW pic! lol. Though to be safe I will still label it as a moderate warning.

Like, this isn't really porn at all. Trust me.  Still features nudity though. If I don't need the warning please tell me!

Anyway, Cody's lost his trunks while having some fun in the water with Dave! Or did he have it taken? I don't know. Either way it seems both Cody and Dave are looking at this in different ways.

Featuring: Cody, Dave, (Dwayne) Junior, and Adam.

Adam is an OC of mine, Logan's little brother, and thus Cody's cousin...XD.
    "Last time, on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!", Chris once more said, as usual, to kick off the finale episode with a recap of it's previous episode, "It was a VERY intense Semi-Finals indeed! At first it was Scott, Jasmine and Samey going through an obstacle course that was the toxic woods of the place, with babies strapped to them! There was a friendship team-up between Samey and Jasmine, while Scott made a less-than-friendship one with Fang. Eventually though, everything blew up once Larry was encountered by every single one of them!", "Aaaah", Chris then pleasantly sighed, "I miss that little guy, but I'm so proud of him for what he did to them in this episode! So, so proud! But anyway, Larry ALMOST ate Samey, but she convinced him to let her win, and secured a place in the Finals for herself, though this also immediately meant that both Jasmine and Scott were eliminated as soon as that happened. Why? Well I'm glad you asked, because the reason is that Amy finally returned to the competition at that moment and those two had to go to make the proper room in the finale required for her return! That's right AMY's back, and in the FINALS too!", finally Chris was shown physically to the camera at that moment, standing alone on the dock, "So, out of those two, who is going to beat the other and prove who is ACTUALLY the superior twin? Is anyone going to win at all!? FIND OUT, TONIGHT, ON, TOTAL, DRAMA, REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!", and with those words, the episode faded out into the intro sequence, which, as usual, was followed by a commercial break:


    The camera shows the girl’s cabin now, the episode finally beginning. It then shows the inside of the camera where Sammy is sleeping peacefully and muttering things in her sleep:

    “Oh Mike… *giggles* not there…” Sammy moaned dreamily and happily, enjoying the dream she was having. Unfortunately someone destined to take away or dampen Sammy’s dream was there and was ready to make her move. A megaphone suddenly appeared next to the dreaming Sammy and in a matter of moments, activated.

    “GET UP SAMEY! IT’S GAME DAY!” Bellowed a certain mole-adorned twin by the name of Amy. Sammy woke up startled at first but when she noticed Amy, she leered at her twin sister. Normally she would ask why she had been woken up so abruptly and rudely by the bellowing volume of a megaphone but this was Amy.

    “Ugh… I thought I was just dreaming about last night but I guess it’s true. You must feel so prestigious being in the final two.” Sammy sarcastically replied, holding her ears as they were still ringing.

    “Well duh. I’m the better one and the better one’s always deserve better.” Amy boasted in the way that had made her several enemies throughout her stay.


Samey - “I don’t care if she was the fan favorite or CHRIS’S favorite, Amy doesn’t deserve to be in the top two!”, Sammy shouted while raising her arms in the air. “Jasmine was my closest friend and played the game better and even Scott had to put a lot of effort to get to where he got in this game. Amy just got carried by completely bias behavior on Chris’s part.” She then sighed and gave a worried look. “I hope she hasn’t changed my birth certificate while she was away.”


    “And I’m glad to be back Samey because I have a LOT to say to you.” Amy shifted from a gloating smile to a very severe glare at Sammy, clearly peeved. Sammy though was different from before. She was not going to back down to Amy so easily anymore.

    “I’m sorry. I thought I was too beneath you to even offer my opinion on anything involving us.” She taunted. Amy scoffed and pointed a finger at Sammy.

    “YOU ELIMINATED ME! You ripped me off an opportunity I WANTED! I would’ve been here ANYWAY but now I look like a cheap returnee when it was supposed to be YOU to have gone home Samey!” She bellowed.

    “You wanted? I came here to get away from you and you just followed me. You should know that by now having watched from wherever you were staying at this after you were eliminated.” Sammy replied with complete composure.

    “So? I knew this game would be a cinch for me because I am the stronger, smarter, prettier, and obviously FAIRER one. I wouldn’t have cheated YOU off the show.” Amy spoke with some wisdom considering her previous actions and overall presentation of herself. Sammy did look guilty briefly but didn’t want to surrender to Amy anymore.

    “Yeah but you lied and tried to take credit for everything I did and treated everyone badly whereas I was the nice one!” Sammy complained. Amy seemed to be inspired by this though by raising an eyebrow.

    “Oh really? So playing switcheroo behind my back and stealing my identity is nice? Please. I’m honest, you are just desperate.” Amy vindictively said.

    “W-well…” Sammy was now a bit cornered. Truly she had done something… extreme to keep herself in the game and get Amy out of the game. Not to mention it was what nearly cost her relationship with Mike as she had pretended to be Amy all this time. Amy took this to further add fuel to the fire.

    “And seriously? MIKE? The mental patient? Don’t you know how embarrassing that’ll be to my reputation to know that my sister is dating a guy who belongs in an asylum? How could you be so selfish?” The atmosphere suddenly seemed to grow silent… but extremely dangerous. Like being in a warzone. Sammy looked at Amy with a glare that would’ve given Chris a run for his money.

    “Take. That. BACK.” She spoke calmly but clearly on the verge of pure fury.

    "No way Samey.” Amy just looked smug enough to slap.

    “TAKE IT BACK or I swear you will be launched, dropped, lame-o-suined, AND boarding the Boat of losers.” Sammy got up from her bed at last to emphasize her fury.

    “I’ll take it back… IF you win. Which you won’t because I have always been the better twin. You just relied on Jasmine and your friends to get this far. I’ve done things by myself. It should be easy for me to defeat you in a one on one anything.” Amy made a daring bet.

    “Deal. I will EVISCERATE you sis and you’ll be sorry for everything you ever did to me, all the make-up you stole from me, all the times YOU hogged the bed, and everything you tried to steal from me this season.” Sammy declared with passionate fire in her eyes. Then she went over to get dressed while Amy just made a ‘pfft’ sound and replied,

    “Yeah right.”


Amy - “Seriously, Chris brought me back because this finale would’ve been some Blue’s Clues type stupidity without me. So clearly Chris is on my side and wants ME to win so I know he’ll hook me up. I can’t wait to personally wham Samey with the million dollar and seal it to our bedroom wall so she can see it and remember it for the rest of her life.” Amy sinisterly stated.


Samey - Sammy is silent for a few moments, trembling in anger before taking a deep breath, releasing… and saying, “B*tch is going down.”


    Following that, the twins were both outside of the cabin, where they met not by Chris, but by Ludmilla (a.k.a Veronica) and Chef instead. Both of the two rode in on a golf cart, and Ludmilla was dressed differently than normal. She had her hair worn down, but this time it was very fashionably curled, without any hairband, though she had earrings made of pure diamond. She also wore a long pink dress that had a shining/glitter effect to it, and completed her look with fashionable pink high heels. She also wore more fashionable lipstick and had a purse with her aswell. Chef, however, was wearing his usual outfit. To not ruin her outfit, Ludmilla did not step out of the golf cart and spoke to the twins from the vehicle:

    "Greetings, Finalists!", Ludmilla opened with, "Both of you have made it very far, and have worked very hard to get this far aswell, and since you are the fourth finalists of Total Drama, and the first ones to not be of the original season one cast, we see it fit to look back at the highlights of this entire series thus far before we move on to what", her voice then had a tone of great disgust and disdain, "Chris", and then she went back to a positive and enthusiastic tone of voice, "has in store for this finale episode!"

    "Well", Amy replied, "You made a mistake in saying Samey worked hard to get this far, but other than that okay."

    "What are you talking about?", Sammy answered, "You are the one who had to be brought back at the last second because your Chris' favourite!"

    "Girls!", Ludmilla then exclaimed to stop the twins from arguing for the next hour or so, "Please, let us simply get this recapping over with, and then you could do all of your fighting, arguing, and everything else, during the grand finale challenge! Only then, not now!", after a pause, Ludmilla then continued on with the recap she alluded to, "So when Total Drama Revenge of the Island began we started with a group of new competitors with one returning and much unappreciated face. We had Scott, Dawn, Cameron, Jasmine, Topher, Leonard, Sugar, Ella, Mike, Lightning, Cassandra, and our two finalists here, Amy and Sammy! The two sisters are twins in appearance but different in many ways. Sammy started off as a sweet if meek and quiet girl while Amy… had a mole on her cheek.", Amy then got offended and replied with:

    "Was that supposed to be an insult?"

    "Yes, yes it was.", Amy rolled her eyes in response to that, while Sammy chuckled a bit, "The game begin with a shocking revelation that the island was very much radioactive because of scumbag Chris’s terrible treatment of Camp Wawanakwa. Sammy was able to win an early friendship with the quirky but sweet Mike while Amy just bossed people around like she owned the place. After the first challenge which involved totems and an unfortunate amount of racism, Chris’s ex-wife Cassandra was first to go…", she then shook her head a bit, "I can’t really blame her at this point for divorcing Chris even though she is just as bad."

    "What do you mean Ludmilla?", Sammy then questioned;

    "It’s better you don’t know Sammy. Anyways the next episode had Amy rejecting a aura reading from Dawn and Sammy making even more friends with Jasmine and Dawn. Sammy discovered how fruits can be itchy and Amy… you know what I don’t even want to keep talking about Amy’s rudeness."

    Amy then became offended, "You better! I can sue the show and should sue the show for allowing SAMEY to steal my place like some kind of burglar!", Sammy in response just rolled her eyes in annoyance at his sister. Ludmilla then found a way to continue her own speaking:

    "Well I only have to recap for you for just a few more episodes since you’ve been eliminated already I suppose so alright. (Amy looks livid) A game of Truth or Shark ended prematurely when several contestants, including a blame game Amy, gave up. An obstacle course featuring some glasses had Amy and Sammy doing quite well actually and Amy falling into the mud where she belongs. In the end Leonard, the boy who didn’t really live, was eliminated. The next episode had Amy back to her old tricks of trying to take credit for everything Sammy was doing and for once the two sisters showed common ground by finding some mysterious creatures cute.", Amy and Sammy were both surprised by hearing that:

    "We did?"

    Amy was shaking off the similarity her and Sammy were having as she commented with; "Well I know I found them cute first.", after that was said, Ludmilla just continued on speaking as normal:

    "The challenge this time involved a noble climb to the top of Mount Looming Tragedy. Sammy tried to be supportive but a selfish Amy was too stupid to realize she may have been sabotaging her team but fortunately Mike saved Sammy.", Amy then looked at Ludmilla with a glare that was as sharp and cold as a dagger, though the hostess of course was un-phased by it.


Amy: "This woman better watch herself! I mean I could easily…" (Stammers) "well I could blame…" (Looks frustrated) "there… UGH! There’s something I could probably do to make her pay for her insults but I just don’t know what yet."


    After that confessional, things went right back to Ludmilla talking: "As Amy used a grappling hook and Sammy and Mike showed plungers have a purpose, the next part of the challenge was a duel of ice castle against ice… shack. Man I forgot how much Scott was a saboteur."

    "He’s STILL a better player than Amy!", Sammy then added in, to which was followed with by Amy:

    "Oh really? At least I didn’t make enemies of a freaking mutant SHARK!", and of course her fists were clenched as she spoke those words.Ludmilla then gained an exasperated look on her face as she looked at the two twins fighting and said:

    "Quiet down! Amy used Sammy as a snowball shield and the challenge ended with the elimination of sha-overachiever Lightning.", as she spoke that, Sammy couldn't help but continue to glare angrily at Amy, "Then there was a reward challenge involving a berserk Sierra and the mysterious but utterly creepy Pennyworth, or Pennywise, his name escapes me now. Anyway, Sammy and Mike continue to blossom their bond only for Amy to try to put a wrench into it by hugging Vito and pretending to be genuine!", Amy then tried to defend her actions:

    "I was trying to protect her from the mental patient! Can you blame me?", Sammy then slapped Amy out of pure anger, "OW! OOOOOHH! That’s cheating!", Sammy then spoke:

    "You knew perfectly well that you were trying to ruin my chances in the game and making anything close to a friend! Just like you always do!"


    "ENOUGH!", Ludmilla shouted to make the girls stop bickering for at least a few more seconds,  "That’s it! No side comments from either of you please. I’ve given you chances but you keep delaying this recap!", the twins scoffed, but conceded nonetheless,allowing Ludmilla to continue the recap further, "In the end Sierra was… saved? Sort of… and Pennyworth was sent packing… as a guest not as a contestant. A water-based challenge saw our contestants in swimsuits and blowing up buoys. Then at long last Amy got her just desserts after Sammy essentially tricked people into believing Amy was ‘Sammy’ when ‘Sammy’ was voted off. With her throat clogged by a previously mentioned itchy fruit, Amy was helpless as karma sent her off once and for all."

    "So you ADMIT Samey cheated me out", Amy then bluntly said, "My god, I should’ve been back the next freaking episode! I probably would’ve made it this far anyway without Chris needing me to bring me back", she then turned to Amy as she continued, "And Samey you better consider yourself lucky that you got to pull that off without getting the full force of my wrath… until now!"

    "You don’t scare me anymore LAMEY.", Sammy replied with an absolutely determined tone of voice, "I will prove it by winning this game!"

    "All you are going to prove is how you regret being a cheating, backstabbing hoe who dates freaks of nature! I have always been on top of everything we do together, how can you possibly expect to beat me when you know I’m the better twin?

    Sammy in response smirked as she said "… I don’t expect to beat you, I expect to CRUSH you."

    Amy first appeared intimidated by that display, but soon enough narrowed her eyes as she herself said "Oh… you are so asking for it".

    Ludmilla once more facepalmed at this continued delay of the episode before continuing with her recap, "Anyways with Sammy’s sister out of the game, Sammy was allowed to be independent, something the very dependent cheerleader was not used to. She did still treasure her friendships with Dawn and Jasmine but her relationship with Mike was rocky due to Mike being convinced Amy was still in the game. Oh yeah and Chris got BADLY injured by model Izzy in the most fashionable challenge yet...", she then smiled and laughed a bit remembering that… laughed a bit insanely at that.

    Samey then asked: "Ludmilla are you alright…?"; Ludmilla heard Sammy and immediately went back to normal;

    "Err… sorry. It’s just I forgot Chris has got his fair share of punishment for being such a SCUMBAG. Cameron was unfortunately eliminated for being considered a deadweight on his team! The next challenge saw Cassandra returning to her old position as hell incarnate… er… a host and she made our teams go through the dangerous and infamous mines!"

 "Oh yeah…", Amy suddenly said while thinking, "I wished one of those buzz saws she installed had cut off Samey’s hair! I even prayed for that to happen!", she then even stomped her foot in frustration at said event not happening.

    "Seems like the universe knows right from wrong Amy", while chuckling at that remark, Ludmilla still continued on with her recap:

    "Sammy continued to masquerade as her sister and led Mike on. Bad news after bad news happened with Dorhats, the creatures Amy and Sammy found adorable, healing Chris but being cruelly betrayed by him, leading to an infuriated Dawn to quit and take vengeance in her own way… Cassandra lost her spot as host instantly but a potentially more horrid Chris took over once again as host.  Next it was a hunt for buried treasure… starting in the middle of the ocean and leading into a mutant jungle. Mike’s MPD was starting to ruffle some feathers, including for Sammy and there was a CO-GREEN20 Helicopter and Chris’s mom Grimhilde spanking Chris…", she then started laughing hysterically at hearing about Chris' misfortune at the hands of his mother.

     "Ok do you need some medication or something lady?", Amy then commented, "because I’m about ready to call the police to arrest you and Samey."

    "You-", Sammy then thought it over, sighed, and said, "oh it’s not even worth it."

    Ludmilla then continued speaking again with" … I’m fine. I should stop doing that though, you are right. Effervescent Ella was unfortunately disqualified when her joyous nature reunited Cody with his squirrel Conker, which was against the rules. Fortunately, Sugar got payback for her season-long rudeness to Ella by being disqualified for insulting Grimhilde and there was a lovely musical number!"; Amy's comment:

    "More like a barftacular musical number."

    "Ignoring Amy who has no musical taste, a challenge of racing and tagging was up next for the merge arrived at last."

    "I should’ve been there!", Amy angrily pouted, "I mean people return at the merge, Chris could’ve brought me back then!", Sammy, being slightly understanding, spoke with:

    "Well I guess it’s nice to see you aren’t 100% pleased with returning at the last minute…."

    "Of course not! That makes me look desperate, like you Samey. I should’ve been back WAY earlier!", Ludmilla of course in response just smiled as she continued on with:

    "Mike tried to approach slippery Scott for some alliance tips and unfortunately Sammy’s mirage as Amy was exposed, upsetting Mike who took it as Sammy lying about their bond all along."

    "Serves her right!", and of course for saying that, Amy was angrily pushed to the ground by Sammy, "ACK!"

    "Scott then used Sammy for the challenge in a twisted form of leverage and when the dust settled, Scott won the challenge and used his power of deciding who goes home to split up Jasmine and Shawn by eliminating the zombie-loving dude! Next…", suddenly she shudders and appears to become very depressed, "was a day I will never forget. I lost…", and then she began crying, "I lost…"

    "…", even Amy looks somewhat concerned though she is still grumpy.

    "Ludmilla…", Sammy showed much more open concern however:

    "…", Ludmilla then winced and shook her head, "No… he would not want me to wallow in misery… he would want me to AVENGE HIM! I will SHOOT DOWN Chris like WORLD WAR THREE!"

    "Whoa…", Amy replied, "pretty personal aren’t you? I hope you aren’t favoriting Samey just because Chris brought ME back!", she then scowled as she placed her hands upon her hips.

    "Amy she lost her love!", Sammy said in defense of Ludmilla, "I know even you would be devastated if you lost your boyfriend!"

    "Good, maybe Mike can get LOST too after I win.", and of course in response Sammy became livid.


Amy - "Mental note, START DATING PRONTO! I need to find a boyfriend that will make Mike look like Larry! I mean how did Samey even get to find her love before I did? I was first to be born, first to become a cheerleader, and first to actually develop her chest! How’d I become second to her in love?"


    Ludmilla then took a deep breathe, "I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have lost my temper and scared you two… Topher was chosen to go by Chris when Scott revealed his immunity idol. Let’s move on…", she then sighed but looked happier, "The next challenge had a cook-off of the very inedible kind. Fortunately things were looking up for Mike and Sammy again and they made amends for the dilemma. Lizard mutants, claustrophobic Jasmine, and the return of former contestants all made for an exciting challenge. Scott found out about Mike’s MPD as did others but when presented the chance to be rid of a threat, he chose Sammy to be eliminated. But Mike gallantly sacrificed his place in the competition so that Sammy could stay!"

    It was at that point Amy, well, lost it. Totally lost it and angrily replied with:

    "GRRRRRR!!! That’s IT! Can it Ludmilla! I’m taking over from here! That stupid, butt-sucking, berry-babbling, loony-loving WASTE of a womb Samey stayed unfairly in this competition again because of that stupid boyfriend of hers and then there was another stupid challenge that Samey won and Scott and Jasmine were eliminated so that I could come back and DESTROY her! There, end of season recap! Let’s get on with this! I am SO ready to smash Samey to the ground and prove I deserved to stay over that cheater!", and to top it all off she pointed right at Sammy while in this rage.

    "And I am here to prove I’ve broken free of your shadow once and for all Amy!", Sammy then bravely stated right at her sister, to which Amy of course said:

    "We'll just see about THAT!"


Sammy - "Oh I can't wait to finally beat her! I will be so happy to beat her all on my own! I am so, SO tired off taking her bull!"


Amy - "This world better be ready to be reminded who is REALLY ontop between me and Samey!"


After those confessionals, things went right over to the intercom system, where Chris' voice soon filled the area as he, of course, decided it was then time for him to adress the entire camp directly:

    "Attention Camp Wawanakwa!", he started, "Would the finalists please report to the Chriseseum to be brought to the final challenge of the season? Thank you!", and of course, with that, Amy, Sammy, and Ludmilla headed off to the location which Chris told them to go to. What was it? It was a Colosseum made out of the cheap wood made to make the cabins, along with some parts of the destroyed Jumbo Jet.  Being designed to be a Colosseum, it featured Chris' face for most of the decorations, and had a large balcony where he, Chef, and Ludmilla stayed in. Chris was dressed in a toga and being fanned aswell as fed grapes by the interns who still worked for him. Amy and Sammy were of course to say on the main ground of the place, which is where the challenge would be had at.  That wasn't all, though. In the seating area of the Chriseseum, were the previously eliminated contestants of the season: Cassandra, Leonard, Lightning, Cameron, Dawn, Ella, Sugar, Shawn, Topher, Mike, Jasmine and Scott.

     While most of the contestants were pretty much unscathed, Cassandra was horribly injured since the last time she was seen, and was actually in a wheelchair and in a full-body cast. All of her body that was seen, was her eyes. Despite her injuries though, she still was present for this finale episode. Amy and Sammy both winced a bit upon witnessing her injuries. Also in the eliminated people's booth was Fang, who of course made Scott scared, even though he was kept at bay by having a chain around his neck, he still clearly wanted to attack Scott. As one could expect, Chris was the one who began speaking before anyone else:

    "Greetings one, greetings all!", he opened with, "Welcome to the wonderful finale of Total Drama Revenge of the Island! Where Amy and Samey will be pitted against eachother in a fight to the DEATH!", and of course in response to that everyone gasped, "Uh, okay, I mean until one of them loses and the other wins a million bucks", and then it was followed by sighs of relief, "Anyway, point is, it's the final challenge of the season, as you can see, i'm going to be taking this very seriously! Now, before we actually begin with the challenge, let's see who the audience is supporting between our two finalists! Would you all please show who you support!"

    "Go Sammy!", Jasmine cheered, "Woo-hoo!"

    "Yeah!", Shawn added in, "I'm rooting for Sammy!"

    "As if you even need to ask me!", Mike also said, smiling and looking right at Sammy, who of course smiled and looked back at him. The three were joined in supporting Sammy by Topher, Scott, Dawn, Cameron, Leonard, and Ella. The only people who didn't cheer for Sammy were Lightning, Sugar, and Cassandra. The latter of course, being unable to speak at all.

    "If Ella's supporting Sammy, I'm supportin' Amy!", Sugar bluntly stated. All of this treatment of course, made Amy grit her teeth in rage.


Amy - "Are you KIDDING ME? All of the glorious work I do for this show and the only people who don't support SAMEY are the dumb jock, the redneck chick, and the bigot?!" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!"


"Well", Chris then spoke, "With that out of the way, I suppose it's time for me to explain the challenge, is it not?", and of course there was no response, "Very well. The challenge, is very fitting, it's......THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN!", and once more none of the others replied to this at all either, "Wow you guys don't how how to deal with enthusiasm, anyway, the challenge is simple! Well, to describe. It's easier said than done. ANYWAY, the challenge is to construct some armor for yourselves using material provided in the arena area, and then fight like gladiators in a fight to see who will win! Whoever wins the fight, wins, and whoever loses, loses!"

    "That's it?", Sammy questioned, "That's all there is to it?"

    "Yep!", Chris answered, "Pretty much! Why?"

    "I...I thought there would be more to it than that."

    "Yeah!", Amy added in, "That sounds like a boring way for me to finally take down Samey once and for all!"

    "HEY!", Chris then exclaimed at them, "I'M THE HOST OF THE SHOW AND I DECIDE WHAT THE CHALLENGES ARE, GOT IT?!"

    "Okay! Okay!", both of the twins said in response, shocked at Chris' sudden angry outburst.

    "Okay!", Chris replied, "Good! Now, the materials should be arriving in.......", and then suddenly a bunch of various random objects fell from the sky from a helicopter that just then flew past the island, "just about now! Alright, get to assembling you two!", and with that he had effectively left Amy and Samey to themselves to prepare for the final challenge of the season. However, focus remained on him as he turned back and with a laugh said, "Man this is going to be so good!", he of course spoke this while out of the range where the contestants could hear him, "They really believe it's going to be THAT easy!"

    "Well then", Ludmilla then asked, "What do you actually have planned for them?"

    "Oh you'll see!", Chris said with an evil grin, "In the meantime though, I was thinking about next season."



    "What about it?"

    "How about we actually rig some events to happen next time?"

    "......what?", both Chef and Ludmilla said that in unison.

    "I'm thinking we bring someone back and literally trick events to happen leading them to blowing up something of mine, so I can have them sent to prison, and then we have an exclusive clip where we imply they are someone's, ya know, just for laughs and just to make sure the world knows I'M the boss of the show!"

    "That's.....", Chef began.

    "Totally unethical.", Ludmilla finished.

    "So we're agreed it's a totally awesome idea?", Chris replied, "Great!"

    "So you want to actually rig events for this to happen?", Ludmilla questioned, "Like, on purpose? Throw someone else in jail for something that was basically your own fault?"

    "Of course!", Chris answered, "It's why I'm Chris McLean and you're not! After all, who do you think told Cartoon Network to make Teen Titans Go! instead of reviving the original series? You two will never be Chris McLean, who is me."


Ludmilla - "Thank GOD for that."


After that things actually went to the two finalists Amy and Sammy, focus going onto Sammy first. Sammy was, of course, confused completely as to what to make her battle against Amy, but she took whatever pieces of scrap she felt looked useful for this challenge, and intended on making them be her part of the challenge. Though of course,that still meant it was confusing for her at first. Following that, things went over to the bleachers where the eliminated contestants were, with focus going to Mike and Cameron who were sitting next to eachother, Mike of course being concerned for Sammy.  Showing this, the first words out of his mouth while he watched the two finalists were:

    "Oh, I hope Sammy can win this", Mike replied, "Amy's always been seen as more powerful than her."

    "She has the same potential as Amy does, Mike", Cameron said to him in response.

    "You really think so?"

    "Well", Cameron then explained, "They are identical twins with the same exact body type and structure, as well as height and weight, so I'd say that they both have the exact same potential as eachother, and that is even further increased by how determined they are to beat the other!"

    "You really think so?"

    "Well not only do I think so and hope so", Cameron answered, "I am pretty sure I can also say I know so too!"

    "Well, that gets my hopes up", Mike said with relief in his voice, "Thanks."

    "It's no problem Mike", Cameron replied, "Though I still can't take into account whatever they build to battle eachother."

    "Heheh, right...."

    "That could easily change the odds too!"


    "So it all really depends on which one builds the more useful tool!"

    "Yeah, but, um", Mike then tried to change the subject, "Just curious, but, how did you escape Sierra again?"

    "Escaping Sierra? It was simple!"



    "Well then, how did you do it?"

    "I told her I had to use the bathroom, she let me go, and I snuck out her window."

    "Really? That's all it took?"

    "Yeah!", Cameron assured Mike.

    "She didn't figure out you tricked her yet?"

    "Huh?", Cameron then suddenly looked like he realized something, "Oh, I, I don't know, I mean, it's not like I know when Sierra decided to check the bathroom or even if she ever did."

    "Well she has to eventually."

    "OH CAMERON!", suddenly a voice that startled Cameron came from the distance, "THERE YOU ARE! I've been looking all over for you!", and of course, that was Sierra walking right up from behind Cameron with this big grin on her face. The startled Cameron could only:

    "AH!", before soon enough Sierra grabbed him into an extremely tight, constricting hug. Mike just winced for Cameron was he looked upon this. While this happened, focus shifted over to another set of eliminated contestants: this time it was Cassandra, Dawn and Leonard who were also close to eachother. Nobody at all cared about Cassandra being injured the way she was, and so mainly the focus was on Dawn and Leonard:

    "So, Dawn", Leonard began, "How is your magic holding up?"

    "Hm?", Dawn was confused with what he meant.

    "Your magic."


    "Yeah! How is it holding up?"

    "Oh, you mean my aura reading?", she answered, "Well, I was born with it so I guess, good?"

    "That's great!", Leonard said with a grin on his face, "Perfect! I was going to ask you if you wanted to come LARPing with me sometime!"

    "Oh, I see", Dawn then suddenly tried to come up with a way out of this conversation, "Well, I'd love to, but, I have....uh....I have bunnies to take care of."


Dawn - "Just no."


Following that, things go to Sugar, Ella, Topher and Scott who were also sitting close to eachother. Of these four, Ella ended up being the first of all to speak, saying these words first:

    "Oh my this is so exciting!", she spoke in an excited tone of voice, "I can not wait to see who is going to win! I hope it's Sammy!"

    "Oh yeah?!", Sugar then said angrily, "Well I hope it's Amy!"

    "Oh, well, okay then", Ella then said, finding it now awkward, "I really do hope that hopefully everyone finds a way to be happy with whatever conclusion it all comes down to!"

    "Ugh", Sugar groaned and then spoke to herself, "Just has to keep on talkin'."


    "Oh just shut up."


Sugar -"Oh lordy Jesus how I STILL hate that good for nothin' ELLA!"


After that, things went to Jasmine and Shawn, who were sitting next to eachother and also close to Mike, Cameron and Sierra. Both of them of course were rooting for Sammy to defeat Amy in the end:

    "Sammy better win this", Jasmine stated, "No way will I be able to live with Amy being the winner of one million dollars."

    "I know!", Shawn answered, "I bet my house on it!"

    " bet your house on Sammy winning?"



    "I don't know", Shawn replied, "And you know, I'm now realizing why that was a bad idea.", Jasmine just facepalmed in response. After that, things went finally back over to the actual finalists: Amy and Sammy. The two had just finally completed the two things they made for the challenge, and they were actually quite impressive for both of them two.

    Amy was able to construct a simple helmet and a sword, and didn't bother to do much of anything else. Infact, she didn't even make it herself, she literally just found pre-made ones in the pile of trash and decided to use that as her own creation instead of doing one of her own. Which of course figures, given that she is Amy after all, not exactly a creative person.

    Sammy on the other hand, actually did make her own thing. While not the most spectacular thing, she did at least have more than what Amy did. As in, Sammy actually made full armor for herself. That is, a helmet, a chest piece, a lower piece, a shield, and also a sword, aswell as boots. Also unlike Amy, she actually did make hers using the pieces provided, whereas Amy just took pre-made ones and called it a creation. Mike was relieved at this sight:

    "Well", he said with a smile, "I'm more confident in Sammy now than I already was."

    "LIKE OH MY GAG!", Amy then angrily said, "SHE HAS MORE ARMOR THAN ME! THIS IS NOT FAIR!"

    "You appearing at the last minute wasn't fair!", Sammy replied with.


    "Well that's too-" Chef was saying, but then Chris cut him off:

    "Too much CORRECT!", Chris said in agreement with Amy, "INTERNS, give Amy the specialty we've prepared for her!", and then on his orders the interns ran to get just what he commanded them to.

    "What?!", Ludmilla exclaimed, "But, Chris, you said the challenge was to make your own thing! That is COMPLETELY hypocritical against your own challenge!"

    "Yeah will I'm the MAIN host and what I say GOES, got it!?", Chris answered with, "You two are just the CO-hosts, my second in commands, but you have no real power compared to me! So just sit down and shut it!", both Ludmilla and Chef were shocked by him saying that, and of course once he turned his back they kept their angry glares at him.

    As that went down, Amy's special gift from Chris came in: a full-blown modern day fully armored United States tank. This made everyone except Amy and Chris drop their jaws in shock, especially Sammy of all people. Sammy not only was jaw-dropped, she also of course said:

    "Now THAT is unfair! EXTREMELY unfair!"

    "A TANK!?", Ludmilla said in the balcony with Chris and Chef, "You're giving HER a tank?!"

    "Yes, yes I am!", Chris remarked with no regret at all.

    "Are you INSANE?!"

    "No, I'm not!", Chris answered, "I'm just tired of good and hard working bullies like her getting treated like bad people all of the time! It's time that SOMEONE in this world gave the bullies the respect and dignity they deserve!"

    "By giving her a TANK?!"

    "YES!", and then things went back to Amy and Sammy, with Sammy backing up to the wall in fear as Amy was inside her tank with a completely evil and psychotic grin on her face as she got in and prepared it for use. All Sammy could do at this point was drop her now-useless weapon and look on in fear at this thing that Amy had just gotten thanks Chris' bias for her.




Following that, Chris had two interns ring a gong, and the challenge officially began.  Naturally, many of the previously eliminated contestants had lost a lot of hope for Sammy since Amy had that tank, and was obviously not afraid to use it. And of course, with an evil grin on her face, she spoke to her sister while she aimed the tank's main cannon:

    "Alright, Samey", she spoke, "It's time for you to go DOWN! Locked, loaded, FIRE!", and she fired the cannon right at Sammy, who screamed at the top of her lungs and jumped out of the way, while the explosion from the blast, an actual one, came in.

    "IT HAS REAL TANK AMMO?!", Sammy commented, in pure shock.

    "Yes!", Amy said from the tank, "YES IT DOES!", and she fired again, making Sammy jump out of the way again with a scream.  After that, Sammy desperately ran all around the perimeter of the arena while being fired at, just barely missing Amy's firings each and every time, while the audience watched with both horror and shock, aswell as the threat of being unintentionally fired at too. Mike was of course the most worried of all.
    Eventually Sammy saw a rather large rock in the arena in which she hoped to hide behind, and ran right towards it while being fired at without any mercy at all by her evil twin sister, and also while Chris watched in sadistic delight from the balcony. All while Ludmilla was gone from it, leaving only Chef there to be with Chris, shaking his head at Chris' over the top sadism. Sure Chef wasn't that nice either, but he knew damn well that giving a tank to Amy was just going overboard.

    By a miracle, Sammy made it to the rock and jumped behind it, and also by a miracle, Amy was unable to blast through it, making it be good cover for Sammy. Sammy used this bought time to regain her breathe, and then of course she began to panic:

    "This is so messed up!", she started with, "How am I possibly going to beat Amy at all NOW?!", she then thought of a strategy, or at least tried to, "Think Sammy, think! There has to be some kind of a way! There has to!"

    As Sammy desperately tried to come up with a plan to defeat Amy in this situation, focus went over to Ludmilla, who had long since left the scene at the arena in favor of going somewhere else on the island. That is, of course, the caves from the mine challenge. She went in alone, simply walking in silence, and she sure did walk a long distance on her own to get into the mostly caved-in mines, and then get into this large metallic door that was apparently installed sometime during the season, with the writing 'FUN ZONE' on a sticker in the door. She smiled once she saw it, and used her ID card on a scanner to gain access to open the door and walk into what looked like a giant prison located in the mines for the mutant creatures aside from Fang.  Literally all of them were seen as she passed by this mysterious place until she got to the very back end, where the largest of all the mutant creatures was held in, the largest of all the cells, where two pairs of large eyes were shown. She looked at this thing with a smile and said:

    "Listen, you and I both have a common enemy", she opened with, "And we both have very good reasons for wanting revenge.", the creature in response seemed to understand what she was saying and agreed with her, "And also, I know exactly where he is. I'll let you go and take you to him, for as long as you agree to not harm me.", the creature seemed to agree, and even smiled in response to that. She then smiled herself as she then used her ID card to release it from it's cell, and then she laughed a wicked laugh.

    Things then went back to the challenge, where Sammy was still hiding behind the rock, while Amy was trying deserpately to blast through it, and getting more and more frustrated at not doing so.


    "I DON'T THINK SO!", Sammy shouted back in response.


    "MAAAAAN!", Chris then also complained from his perch, "This is getting BORE-RING! AMY! Hurry up and crush Samey already!"

    "I'M TRYING!", Amy said from her tank, "BUT SHE WON'T STOP HIDING BEHIND THAT ROCK!"

    "Oh!", Chris answered, "Well then!", he then took out a remote, pressed a button on it, and it made the rock Sammy was using disappear into the ground, destroying her ability to use cover, "Problem solved!"

    "Thankies!", Amy answered with, before getting back into focusing on aiming her weapon. Sammy gasped, and soon enough it was back to her desperately trying to avoid getting hit by any of Amy's tank blasts. Chris just laughed at Sammy's predicament while rooting for Amy. On the ground, Sammy was panicking as now she had no cover against Amy's tank, and knew that if she didn't do something, she would surely be defeated and/or destroyed by one of Amy's blasts eventually. As such, she had to think and act quickly.  Within a matter of seconds she got lucky and came up with a plan, though she did say to herself:

    "I'm either completely crazy or completely stupid for thinking of doing this", before putting into action. What she did, was just that. She actually turned back, towards the tank, and ran towards it. This shocked everyone, even Chris, as not only did she to do that, but she also managed to dodge every single blast that Amy fired at her. That is until she managed to jump onto the tank and actually start to climb it. At that point, Amy desperately turned the tank around to attempt in swinging Sammy off of it, but Sammy managed to successfully hold onto it until she got to the very top. As she did that, Amy continued firing the tank aswell, in her attempts, but this meant she fired driectly at the walls of the arena, damaging it severely, lighting one part of it on fire, and firing at the bleachers making all of the eliminated people scream and desperately dodge said blast, which they were lucky in doing so. After that, Sammy got right up to the hatch, and managed to get it open, nearly falling off the tank in doing so, and then she finally jumped right on into the tank with Amy, she angrily said to her: "END OF THE LINE, AMY!"

    "HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?!", Amy said with a gasp.

    "Easy!", Sammy said back, "You have terrible aim!"



    "TAKE. IT. BACK!"






    "If you don't take that back I WILL MAKE YOU!"

    "FINE!", Sammy replied, "BRING IT, SISTER!", and then the fight was on. Amy lunged right at Sammy, and soon enough they were up to their old fighting again, rolling around all over the tank's insides, punching, kicking, scratching, biting, hair-pulling and all sorts of other actions at eachother, even slamming eachother into the Tank's controls, making it drive all over the place, fire all over the place, making everyone in the audience and even Chris & Chef scream in horror and dodge it's blasts as it was demolishing the arena at this point, and this is what, of course, made Chris come up with a new idea for this episode.

    "Since Amy's not taking out Samey yet", he said while taking out a remote as he and Chef ducked out of the way of the Tank's blasts, "I'm thinking of making things even MORE hectic!"

    "WHAT?!", Chef replied, "Chris have you gone coo-koo?! What is WRONG with you?!"

    "Relax, Chef!", Chris said, "This isn't gonna hurt me! I'm just gonna release all of the mutant creatures except the big one!"

    "SAY WHAT?!"

    "Haha! Let's DO THIS!", and then Chris pressed the button, and up from the ground came a platform carrying all of the mutant creatures from the previous episodes, save the Dorahts, Fang, and whatever Ludmilla released earlier. This meant, of course, the mutant gophers, mutant hornets, the queen hornet, Larry, two-headed rabbit, giant raccoon, mutant rat, mutant anglerfish, the fanged dragonfly, fanged frog, fire-breathing winged mountain goats, giant beavers, giant beetle, giant crab, giant fly, the tree squids, giant turtle, plenty of the lazer squirrels, a maggot, rattlesnake seagulls, the six-legged rat, the teleporting frog, the tentacled alligator and even the three-eyed bear all made a surprising return appearence, and of course, they almost immediately start causing chaos all across what was left of the arena. Alongside Fang, they all began to wreak havoc, frightening the eliminated contestants and making them run all over the place while all screaming at the top of their lungs.

    "Hahahaha!", Chris laughed like crazy evil madman, "Man, BEST PLAN EVER!", he then laughed extra hard at Larry, who was holding Ella in one of it's tendrils, with Ella actually deciding it was time to sing to it:

    "Oh giant plant monster, please don't eat me! Though you think I'm good to devour, I can assure you that it's not good to eat meeeeeee!", after that short song, Larry was confused as to whether or not to eat Ella. However:

    "OH JUST EAT HER ALREADY!", was then yelled at Larry from none other than Sugar.

    "Yeah!", Chris also said from his balcony, "Seriously Larry, just eat the annoying pink chick already! I hate her like, so much!"

    "SERIOUSLY!", Sugar added in, and of course, with those responses from both Chris and Sugar, mainly Chris, Larry actually took Ella and ate her whole while she was holding a note. Amazingly, even as she was now in it's stomach, she still was singing. Not even Larry roaring could stop it from doing that. Chris and Sugar both laughed like maniacal villains upon the sight of Ella getting eaten. Meanwhile, in the tank, Sammy and Amy were still fighting, this time Sammy was ontop of Amy while both of them were on the floor, Sammy soon enough looked up at a screen showing was was going on outside though, and gasped:

    "My friends!", she said aloud, watching all of them be terrorized by the mutant creatures, such as Cameron (still being held by Sierra) being chased by the flying goats. The hornets swarming after Jasmine & Shawn, Leonard failing miserably to use magic against the giant crab and the giant raccoon, Mike being completely terrorized by the giant Gophers, Scott once more being chased around by Fang who was apparently freed from his chains by the other mutants, Topher being trapped in a corner by the large beavers, and even Sugar getting into a wrestling match against the two-headed Rabbit.

    "Ha!", Amy then laughed as she twirled herself and Sammy into reverse positions, "YOU DON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS!"

    "Ugh!", Sammy groaned, "YES, I DO!", and then she punched Amy right in the face, so hard that it gave her evil sister a black eye out of the right eye, making her scream in pain.

    "AGH! MY FACE!"

    "OH SHUT UP!", and then Sammy punched Amy in the left side of the face, knocking her to the floor before kicking her right into a wall, knocking her temporarily out of commission. Immediately after doing that, Sammy's attention right over to controlling the tank, with her saying "Gotta save them!", and then she instantly proceeded in using the tank and it's weapon system to save the others from the rampaging mutants.

    First she fired one nice shot at Larry's stomach, fatally injuring the plant by completely destroying it's lower end where all of the roots were, but making Ella fly out of it and directly into a seat in what was left of the arena.

    "NOOOOOO!", Chris screamed in horror at the sight of Larry falling down in pain, "LARRY!", Chef held Chris back from jumping out of the balcony. Meanwhile, Sammy then fired at the Queen Hornet before it could grab Cassandra and fly off with her. The massive bug was instantly blasted into pieces, and this got the swarm away from Jasmine & Shawn and into attacking (in vain) the tank in an attempt to avenge their leader. Jasmine & Shawn were more than relieved. After that, Sammy saw that the tank has a simple 'net' weapon', and used that to round up the gophers that were about to eat Mike, the two-headed bunny that was fighting with Sugar, and also by extension Sugar herself so the fight continued even inside the net, and all of the other mutant animals, and she also activated the tank's electric shield to zap away the rest of the hornets. With all of that finally stopped, Chris was left sobbing in the balcony while Chef was standing off the side and shaking his head. Ludmilla also then returned from where she was and walked up from behind Chef.

    "Woah!", Chef was just slightly spooked, "Where the hell were you at?"

    "Oh", Ludmilla said with an eery smile, "Just, setting things up."

    "But, the challenge is just ending now!"

    "Oh", Ludmilla said with a laugh, "You'll see."

    Just as that conversation happened, Dawn, Mike, Shawn, Jasmine, Topher, Cameron, Sierra, Lightning, Scott, Cassandra and Leonard were all gathering infront of the talk and beginning to applaud, and that applause increased once Sammy got up from the hatch and waved at them all while smiling, all of them believing this meant she was the official winner. Though they no idea it was not over yet. That is, of course, because Amy's hand came up from behind Sammy and dragged her back in, making all of the crowd gasp in horror. Now, Amy had one of her arms around Sammy's neck, having her now in a choke-hold, and intending, yes, to choke her own sister.

    "You didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you?!", Amy said with an evil look to her face as she attempted to suffocate her own sister, "As IF!", meanwhile, Sammy was trying to break free of Amy's grasp the whole time, running out of time, that is, until finally she kicked Amy in the shin so hard, "ACK!", that it broke the choke-hold just long enough for Sammy to grab Amy by the shirt and shove her right into the controls so hard that all of them broke. The two then both looked at eachother in pure rage, until the screen began flashing red, at which point it was in shock.

    Just then, the tank exploded into pieces, once more making everyone gasp.

    "SAMMY!", Mike called out in horror, but this horror was quick, for Amy and Sammy soon landed on the ground, both knocked out cold, with Sammy ontop of Amy. Once the smoke cleared enough to reveal this, Chris stopped Mike, Jasmine and Shawn rushing over to Sammy's aid by announcing:


    "You waited until NOW to say that?", Chef questioned.

    "Yeah", Chris said, "I kinda forgot. ANYWHO", he then began counting as he saw Amy and Sammy both begin to wake up after the explosion, "Three..............", Amy was just beginning to try and get up, but Sammy was trying to keep her down, "Two....................", and then finally the longest dramatic pause of them all as Amy and Sammy both struggled to be the winner, Sammy trying to keep Amy pinned while Amy was trying to reverse the situation until, "ONE!", and then of course gasp and a big moment of silence, until Chris finally said with a sigh, "It deeply, DEEPLY pains me to say what I'm about to say,  but.......", he then sighed again, "The inferior twin, Samey, wins.", and then there was a massive roar of applause from the crowd, even Fang clapped, and of course:

    "WHAT?!", came from Amy angrily as Sammy stood up ontop of her and said:

    "I won!? I WON?!", and then Mike ran up to her and grabbed her into a hug, and even twirled with her a bit, holding her close to him:

    "Yes!", he said with a big smile, "You did! And I'm soooooo happy!"

    "Oh Mike!", Sammy said, hugging him back, "I'm so happy too! I can't believe I won!"

    "I always knew, even when it looked like you didn't stand a chance, that you'd find a way to beat her!", Mike said happily, "I always did."

    "Oh, you're so sweet!"

    "You're even sweeter", and then, they looked at eachother with smiles on both of their faces, and then they neared their lips for another kiss, until of course Chris interrupted it and said:
    "HEY! HALF-HOUR SHOW! JUST TAKE THE DAMN MONEY!", he then tossed the case of one million dollars at Sammy, which both her and Mike caught, "GO TO THE DOCK, AND LEAVE ALREADY!"

    "UGH! THIS IS NOT RIGHT!", Amy screamed as she then stood up, "I SHOULD BE THE WINNER! ME! I'M THE SUPERIOR TWIN, NOT HER! ME! I'M THE SUPERIOR ONE! ME ME ME ME ME-", and then suddenly a loud bellowing roar came from the sky, making everyone, even Fang but except Ludmilla who just had this sinister look instead, look up at the sky in terror, and once the roar came a second time they all saw what it was coming from, and all those except Ludmilla were horrified at the sight.

    It was a truly massive beast, the largest of all the land-or-air-based mutants, even larger than the Queen Hornet, it was four times the size of Fang. What was it? It was a massive golden dragon, with six limbs: front legs, back legs, and two wings with a truly grand wingspan. It also sported two whip-like tails extending from it's rear, and two long necks which supported two heads each. The heads were, like the Dilophosauruses heads, with the notch and the double crests both. They had both a loud bellowing roar which was a louder and deeper version of their non-mutated form, and also a more devilish cackling one aswell.

    "What is THAT?!", Scott asked as he looked up in the sky at it.

    "It's.....", Dawn said, looking at it closely, "That'''s my Dorahts!"

    "But those heads are like those old dinosaurs", Topher then brought up.

    "That must be what they originally were!", Dawn then said, "The Dorahts are mutated Dilophosauruses! And Chris just mutated the poor things even more into a giant dragon!"


    "Yes you did!", Dawn said, walking towards the balcony and into the center of the arena, "You dropped them into the toxic waste when all they did was HELP YOU!"

    "Dawn!", Mike said in a whisper, "Get out of it's view!", but then suddenly the dragon swooped down and landed right infront of Dawn, making everyone else become even more shocked, even Ludmilla as she was clearly hoping for it to have attacked Chris at this point. However, instead, it and Dawn were suddenly face-to-face with eachother, looking at eachother, but instead of it attacking her, it actually smiled and let her hug both of it's heads. She of course said to it:

    "It's alright, I'm here", she said softly, "He's not going to hurt you again, not while I'm here. I'm sorry for what he's done to you so far.", it seemed then as if it was purring, enjoying her presence. This also made Ludmilla a bit angry that it wasn't attacking Chris, but of course, Chris got mad at this and jumped down onto the ground himself, saying in pure rage:

    "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, YOU MUTANT?!", he then approached them, grabbed Dawn by the hair, and angrily shoved her to the ground where she hit her head on a small rock and was knocked unconscious by it, the dragon was shocked at this happening, but Chris continued to be mad at it, "YOU, ARE A MUTANT CREATURE! THAT MEANS YOU WORK FOR ME, GOT IT?! FOR ME! NOW I ORDER YOU AS THE AWESOME DRAGON YOU ARE TO ATTACK ALL THESE ANNOYING CONTESTANTS AND GIVE THEM SOME GOOD HUMILIATION AND SCARES, GOT IT?! NOW!", the dragon did not respond to his orders however, it just looked at the unconscious Dawn in shock, before looking at Chris in pure rage. That of course, made Ludmilla smile a sinister, evil smile. "HELLO?! DID YOU HEAR ME?! DO YOUR-", and then it fired it's gravity beams right at them and used them to send him flying into the balcony where he hit the ceiling and then fell right onto the floor. Ludmilla and Chef then took that as their cue to get off and make a run for it, for the dragon immediately let out a roar and flew right towards the balcony where Chris was, and then coming down feet-first onto Chris as he completely demolished the tower with the balcony along with it. Mike and Sammy both helped carry Dawn who was just regaining consciousness at this moment as they and all of the others also made a run for it alongside Chef and Ludmilla.

    "EVERYONE TO THE BOAT BY THE DOCKS!", Chef called out, and that is of course exactly where everyone headed. However, they did all leave Sugar in the net with the two-headed rabbit while the dragon continued it's rampaging fury, completely destroying the arena aswell as causing various explosions all around with it's lightning-like gravity beams. Soon enough Mike, Sammy (with the case of money), Jasmine, Shawn, Amy, Dawn, Scott, Topher, Leonard, Ella, Chef, Ludmilla, Cameron, Sierra and Lightning were all on the boat just off of the docks, with Chef being the driver. However, just as Chef started it, Chris ran up, or really limped as fast as he could due to injured legs, and cried out:

    "WAIT FOR ME!", however Chef purposely ignored him and started anyway, but Chris still grabbed hold of the end of the boat, right near where Ludmilla was. "COME ON! HELP ME UP! HELP ME UUUUUP!", however, Ludmilla smiled with sadistic delight as she stomped down hard on Chris' hand, "ACK! Whha, what are you doing?! HELP ME UP! I'm the host! YOU CAN'T JUST-AGH!", HE THEN WHINED MORE AND MORE.

    "You should've thought about all of this before you murdered Billy.", was all Ludmilla said coldly to him before kicking him in the face and sending him into the waters by the island's shore as she and everyone else drove off away and back to civilization. Chris re-surfaced and got onto the dock so he could yell out in vain to them:

    "OH YEAH?! WELL HE DESERVED IT FOR WANTING TO STEAL MY JOB! AND WE WILL SO FINISH THIS NEXT TIME, ON-", and then suddenly the sound of police sirens could be heard as RCMP boats and helicopters were totally surrounding the island, "Total.....Drama."


    "......HA! CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!", he then tried to make a run for it, even as the cops promptly fired their guns at him, but once he escaped into the woods and out of their sight, he was gone, and of course he headed right towards the cliff, upon reaching the top he laughed, "Ha! If they thing I killed myself they won't look for me, and I'll be scott free! Ha! This is just too easy!", he then attempted to jump from the cliff, only he didn't count on one single thing: revenge. That is, the dragon's revenge. He had legs chomped on by the dragon right when he jumped, and while he went "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHUGH! MY LEG, MY LEG!", the dragon held him in it's mouth as it flew into the air and landed on the cliff. It then flipped Chris up into the air, still screaming, grabbed one side with one head and the other with the other, and then began pulling. It all faded to black/credits as it finished him for good.
My TDROTI Ep.13 - The Ultimate Showdown
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"Total Drama Heroes!" (Special Episode, Coming Soon)

  • Challenge - Build Armor, Battle Eachother, Keep loser pinned for 3 seconds.
  • Winner - Sammy
  • Loser - Amy
  • Eliminated - Amy
  • Team of Eliminated - Mutant Maggots (Merged)
  • Reason - Samey/Sammy was able to beat her in multiple battles and keep her pinned for 3 seconds at the ending.
  • Cameos - Sierra

Uncertain Fates -

  • Sugar - Left on the Island with the mutants.
  • Chris - Attacked by the largest (land/air) mutant of all. Ultimate fate unseen. Also left on the island and under arrest.


:iconcogreen20: is referenced during Ludmilla/Veronica's recap of the previous events of the season.

Thanks to :iconlolitafreak88: for helping me with the early parts of this episode! Though he only did the early parts after the intro/commercial and until they got to the arena for the challenge. Most of everything else was all mine.

Okay so some person pretty much just made me give away all of my fucking points and I am quite annoyed with that person now and won't ever be doing commissions for them again, but now I am broke :(. And I was going to ask for commissions (mostly Dave/Cody stuff since that's my OTP and I want that pairing to start spreading) from people too!

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Anything with my OCs
If you want ANYTHING featuring my OCs. Very pricey. However, if you want one of these and are one of my friends(or if you aren't listed below but feel I am your friend/friendly with you) you can simply request one of these for free.

Only if your close to me though.
Stories (One Chapter/One-Shot)
If you want me to write a story for you. Only One-Shots I will do (which don't necessarily have to be Smut, they can be random comedy or drama stories too btw) and note that if you request anything NSFW it will have to be shown to you privately rather than posted publically.

Also be VERY patient with these. Stories take time to come up with.

Right now I am offering Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros, Total Drama, NiGHTS into Dreams and OC stories only.
Two or more characters with background
DunCo at the including Alex! by EternalInsanity787
Point Commission - Juliefan21 by EternalInsanity787
Just like what it says in the title. Two people or more, with a background.
OC Reference
Stoked OC - Ridley (Reference 01) by EternalInsanity787
Coby (2013 Rotation) by EternalInsanity787
Brandon Reference by EternalInsanity787
A simply Reference sheet. I do do rotations, but really just for my OCs when I can't find anyone else to do them xD.
Two or More Characters without Background
Trent and Coby - Hugging by EternalInsanity787
Point Commission: Hallie and Jose by EternalInsanity787
AT with FraiseParfait by EternalInsanity787
Just two or more people without a background.
OC Revamp
Carlota - OC Remade by EternalInsanity787
OC: Veronica Redone by EternalInsanity787
If you want me to draw your OC with a slightly new design and in my style. Basically just redrawing your OC in a basic standing position as a refrence.
OC Head
Is just a head of your OC.


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440 / 1,000,000's the Pink Button below this. Commissions Charges:
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What Sonic Character Are You?
What Sonic Character Are You?
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Which Sonic Character Would Be Your Best Man?
Which Sonic Character Would Be Your Best Man?
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What Johto Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Johto Legendary Pokemon Are You?
Hosted By Anime
(Ironic how it says I love the sea, yet I can't swim IRL, but is true...haha)
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
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