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It's been a while since my friends did this, I know, but I feel bad for never getting to this. So....yeah. I'm gonna do it now:


1. Post these rules at the beginning of the meme.

2. I really don't care if you tag, or how many people you tag. If you get tagged, you don't need to do it.

2b. However, if you have been tagged and you want to do it, please mention who tagged you.

3. Use any kind of writing deviation for this.

You will be answering a series of questions about your OC. Answer them from the POV of said OC. Ready?

The OC I'm writing as is:



Um.....Strawberries. I hope that's not bad or anything!


Well, um, Purple. But I like all colours, really!

Type of music?

I really like all kinds of music, really, once I listen to it.

Book genre?

I don't read very much but I do find myself able to like very many books once I read them.

Kind of pie?

Apple Pie, I guess.

Subject in school?

So hard to say. But um, I'd guess I'd have to, uhhh, English?

Type of candy?

 Every Candy~

OC that doesn't belong to your creator, and why? (Who cares if they never met or interacted.)

I don't know. But I know a few who are close to me.....very close.


What's your family like?

I have a mom who can be over protective but she loves me alot and I love her, a dad who means well but may not understand me much, and two older brothers one who likes to pick on me alot and another who is like a protective gaurdian. I also have a Great Aunt who is actually a very good mentor for me in very many things.

Left or right handed?

Um, Right handed.

What's your idea of how the apocalypse will occur? (Aliens? Solar flares? Robots?)

I hope that science will actually prevent the world from ending.

In your franchise (if any), which character do you aspire to be like and why? (If OC isn't in one particular franchise, just pick any character from anywhere.)

Well, I do like to think maybe I could be like Cody or Dave. Though there's also my cousin Duncan. Yeah, my cousin Duncan. He's tough, afraid of very little, and is totally secure of himself. He is basically the exact polar opposite of me. Even though he is a person who likes to make fun of me, I also like to be like my brother Anthony, or "Tony", really. I just, well, again, same reasons as Duncan. They are both cool and I wouldn't mind learning to be like them one day.

What's your preferred time of day?

I'd say the morning time. I like looking out the window just to see the way it looks when the sun rises.

Digital or analog clocks?

I like both

How would you spend an ideal evening?

Um, well, listening to music, spending time on the internet, trying to write and/or draw, playing video games, watching television. Maybe sometimes worrying about things regarding life.

Hot cocoa, tea, coffee, or something else?


What time do you usually go to bed at night (if at all?)

It varies

The best birthday ever would be...?

I don't know, really. I really don't know.

What instrument do you think you want to try and play?

I don't know.

Pencil, pen, or ink brush?

Anything I can work with.

Notebooks or loose-leaf paper? (Folder paper)


Are you in any fandoms? Which ones?

I am in many fandoms, really. Danny Phantom, American Dragon, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Total Drama, Camp Lakebottom, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Pound Puppies, tons of things. I don't know.

What's the most boring situation you can think of?

Hmmm, I don't know. Doing nothing at all?

What do you hate about your friends sometimes? (Annoying qualities? We won't tell...)

I always like my friends, I never hate anything about them!

Do you have posters in your room? Of what?

No, I don't really have many posters in my room.

What's your least favorite holiday?

Um, Christmas? I don't know.

What about sports? Do you play any? Love them or hate them?

I like Tennis, but I'm too afraid to really join the official teams.

Whats the best gift you ever received?

I...... don't know if I can answer that, really. All of the gifts I got were great, really.

(wild card: make up a question!)

What's your favourite country (Fictional or Real)

   Well, I have to say, I like my home. The United States of America., that's all.

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  • Listening to: Television
  • Reading: The Webpage
  • Watching: Camp Lakebottom/Disney XD
  • Playing: Nothing at the Moment
  • Eating: Cake
  • Drinking: Pepsi
    Previously on Coby Nelson: Wyvern of Pennsylvania: It was time for a Holiday Dance at Deborah Read Franklin High School, and while Brandon & Ingrid were forcibly assigned by Brittany Fujimoto to set up the dance and assign other students dates, Coby had his own issues to sort out. Namely, he had a Dodo bird who was kidnapping other magical creatures in a plot to destroy the sun to stop. With the help of Ramon & Great Aunt Sandra, he did do so with little failure. Brandon and Ingrid did their tasks with little trouble aswell, aside from the overall dislike of Brittany in Ingrid's case. Coby still was not able to get himself to ask out Devin, though did have a little bit of a chat with him at the end, even if it ended in Devin going to have a dance with his brother Gavin and his date to the dance instead of Coby. The point is, Coby's adventure turned out well in the end, there were touble parts as the dodo did capture the three magical heroes, but Coby got through it in the end and pulled through. Brandon and Ingrid pulled through, though are still unaware of Coby's magical secret.  They are now ready for the next big adventure in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA:

    The Current Events:
    The weekend was about to arrive, thus meaning the students of Deborah Franklin High were exiting the school at the last bell and excitedly planning what to do o on the weekend. Brittany and her drones of fellow Cheerleaders were gigling and talking of dating with guys, many of the jocks were talking about sporting events, while three stood out. Coby, Brandon and Ingrid did indeed, have much more unique plans. For now their only plans were walking home from school of course, but the point is, they also had plans for what they were going to do during the weekend aswell:

    "So...what are you guys planning for the weekend?" Ingrid asked Brandon and Coby while they just then exited the front door of the school.  

    "Well, my family will go to the zoo on Saturday Morning" Coby replied, to which Brandon was amazed with:

    "Really?! That's so awesome! Sounds really fun!"

    "Why not?" Coby asked;

    "Because", Brandon said, but Ingrid finished for him:

    "They're Free Spirited individuals who don't have jobs at all and who live their parents who are elderly and living off income from insurance due to being retired for years."

    "Yeah...", Brandon answered, "What she said."; Coby then felt kind of bad for his best (male) friend Brandon and said to him:

    "Would you like to come with me, Brandon?"; That question made Brandon open a smile with excitement, and he replied with:

    "YES! I WOULD LOVE TO!" Brandon hugged Coby with excitement in response;

    "I do envy you guys", Ingrid commented, "Though I have to admit, where I'll go to the weekend, I'll deal with animals."

    "Huh?", Coby replied, "What do you mean?" "Coby, you know I always volunteer at the weekends at school"

    "So...that's not bad"

    "Yeah, but I'm not going to be alone" and Ingrid looked at Britanny Fujimoto, who was chatting with fellow cheerleaders at a good distance away.

    "Oh.", both Coby and Brandon said in response and in unison.

    Yeah", and then they all had a moment of silence. Later on, Coby and Brandon were now on Coby's house, Brandon of course more than ready to go with Coby and his family to the zoo. However, while Coby was thinking his whole family (his two older brothers, mother, and father plus his Great Aunt and her pet chicken Ramon) was coming with him, as it turns out, Chelsea and Albert, the Nelson parents, were just getting calls from their jobs, requiring them to leave their boys with just Sandra.

    "Hey, Great Aunt Sandra", Coby greeted his great aunt when she knocked on the door and he promptly opened it, she also had Ramon in a cage she was holding. Ramon didn't speak and instead acted like a normal everyday chicken

    "Hello there, Coby!", Sandra said, "Are you all ready to go that zoo together?", but then Chelsea came out dressed in full on Police Chief uniform;

    "Oh I'm so sorry, Auntie Sandra", Chelsea said to her aunt, "Some issues at work came up and me and Albert are gonna have to go over there right now. You're gonna have to take the boys there on your own."

    "Ah, it's okay Chelsea", Sandra said, "I know how busy you are and how important your job is.", Chelsea smiled and gave her aunt a hug.

    "Thank you for understanding", she then turned to Coby, "Now you please be good for Great Aunt, Coby!"

    "Oh trust me, I doubt he will be any trouble", and of course Sandra emphasised the 'he', reffering to Coby compared to his older brother Anthony. Chelsea then gave Coby a hug and a kiss on the cheek as Albert came down, Albert and Chelsea soon were out of the door. Coby couldn't help but let out a bit of a sad sigh when they left. He really did wish his parents had more time to spend with him. Now it was just him, his Great Aunt, Brandon, and his two older brothers. But he could hope that everything will go smoothly, what could possibly go wrong he thought? Nevertheless, that was when his two older brothers, Anthony and Derreck, came down the stairs.

    "Hey Codes" Anthony greeted;
    "So...we're ready?" Derreck then asked just as Chelsea and Albert were leaving, Sandra said to them:

    "Yes, I believe we are, now."

    "OK then; your parents know you'll be with us?"

    "Uh-huh!", Brandon said, happily nodding to Derreck in response, "They sure do!"

    "Well, we can go now; everyone to the car", and then they all began leaving onto their trip. Meanwhile at the school, which was in afterschool hours, things were going diffently for Ingrid indeed. She was now preparing her work in the public library when Brittany appeared with her cheerleaders, right at her desk aswell.

    "Yeah, keep laughing...can't wait to see you girls in a massive debt and working in a supermarket."

    "Oh please, that would never happen to me", Brittany replied, "Because I'm too popular and my family's too wealthy for that. So, only in your dreams will that ever happen."

    "Yeah...a woman can dream I guess."

    "The better off women, anyway."; Ingrid sighed, feeling this would be a long day. the zoo, things were going quite differently indeed;The group finally went inside the zoo as Brandon was getting wide-eyed at he stared at his surroundings with wonder. Coby was pretty indifferent, however.

    "Oh, boy...this has to be the coolest place ever" Brandon said in amazement;

    "Yeah", Anthony backtalked, "Never would've guessed after the 14th time you said that."

    "OK ok", Sandra laughed a little, "We must get you calm if you want to come with us", Ramon just made rooster sounds. Coby remained silent, on account of shyness when he's in public places. But in any case, Brandon started to calm down and the group started to move. It was hard for Brandon to keep his excitement down. He was like one of the little kids there.But little did they know something was slithering his way, or at the very least, looking at them while remaining in it's in-zoo habitat. The group was now looking at the big cat section of the zoo; where lions, tigers and cheetahs were. Amongst other big cats, aswell.

    "Woooah, it's almost likeout of a picture" Brandon commented, completely amazed by what he was seeing;

    "Yeah", Coby said, "It is, heheh."; Sandra, and Ramon, and Coby were now in a private spot as apparently Sandra got something to talk about to him;

    "So...what happened?" Coby asked, curiously;

    "Do you really think I would just want to go to the zoo like this out of the blue, Coby? There is another magic related issue going on."

    "What's happening?"

    "Something REAL serious, kid", Ramon stated, "REAL serious!"

    "Then what is it, it must sound bad!"

    "Oh it is, it is!"

    "Apparently a monster is loose in the zoo, and he apparently has heard of you and wants to devour you...much like other creatures."

    "What?!", Coby replied in shock, "You, you, you, you didn't tell me this from the start?!"

    "Yeah, sorry about it...with your brothers and Brandon present you have to know it in confidence."

    "Why did we even come here if you there's a monster here wanting to eat me?!"

    "Because", Sandra said, "There's also ANOTHER magical issue that deals with this place."

    ", who want's to eat me?", Coby then said, "A giant snake?"

    "How did you know", Ramon asked,

    "I...I just guessed.

    "If we're lucky, we won't have anything to worry about from that snake", Sandra then stated, "We also have a problem. It seems that this zoo is going to be getting some new creatures added to it."

    "Really? Why is that bad compared to me having a snake after me?!"

    "Because, these creatures, are mermaids."

    "OK, so first giant snakes and then mermaids."

    "First priority should be the mermaids", Sandra then said, "As long as there is no breakout in the reptile area, we should not have any snake to worry about. First, we have to free the mermaids before they are put into an exhibit and the entire world of magic is exposed to the public."

    "Well, I guess I can do that, count on me!"

    "I know we can", Sandra said, to assure Coby. Ramon was not as confident, however. Meanwhile, Tony and Derrick were taking care of Brandon. Well, Derreck was, Tony was kind of trying to mess with the poor boy, really. Derreck was keeping an eye on the two to make sure they didn't get in trouble, well, mainly he was watching Anthony, who took some level of entertainment in pranking or messing with Brandon.

    "Hey, I give you 10 bucks if you do something for me?" Tony then said to Brandon with a smirk on his face;

    "Like what" Brandon naively asked;

    "Try to feed some of my peanuts to one of the animals."

    "Oooh!", Brandon replied, "That sounds like a really fun thing to do!"; Tony give the peanut bag to Brandon, much to Derreck's dismay.

    "Tony", Derreck then said, "What are you doing with that kid?"

    "Oh, nothing, just bonding with the shrimp's best friend." Tony replied.

    "Oh really?", Derreck wasn't really convinced at all.

    "Yeah, I don't see what's the problem with bonding with him."

    "Uh-huh, well, fine."; Brandon threw the peanut to the lion's cage, when suddenly...something very unexpected turned out to happen. The lion just ignored the peanut. Tony was a bit dissappointed at that point, and instead decided to try it himself. Tony tried it and the zoo security piled up on him, which of course made Derreck chuckle a bit.

    "Oh, boy", Brandon said while looking at the scene, "I didn't think feeding the animals could cause that"

    "Why?", Tony groaned from the pile.

    "I just didn't."; Meanwhile...Coby was stealthily searching for the mermaids. Of course, to do this, required him to go into the parts of the zoo that were reserved for staff only. Ramon and Aunt Sandra went in with him, of course Coby and Sandra were in their Wyvern forms.

    "Um, aunt Sandra?" Coby asked, clearly feeling rather nervous;

    "What is it?", Sandra asked in response;

    "Don't tell me you're getting cold feet now" Ramon added in aswell;

    "'s I feel that maybe the mermaids will not like being saved by wyverns."

    "Well it's either we save them, or they risk having to wait hours for a dragon to come and do it instead", Sandra replied, "And they could be exposed to the world long before that happens."

    "That's all the motivation I need."

    "Good, you need motivation for things such as this."
 And the two kept searching for the mermaids, through the dark and unlit parts of the zoo where only staff were actually allowed inside of. Eventually, the three had to hide behind crates when they heard some voices coming from infront of of a 'TOP SECRET' door;

    "I tell you, Clark", said one guard to the other "That trip was not worth my time."

    "Tell me about it", the gaurd named Clark replied, "But hey, at least we'll be swimmin' in dough pretty soon."

    "We'd better, or else the animals here might just have to go on a rampage.", and then the two gaurds actually laughed a bit. Unsurprisingly, the two didn't see the wyverns watching them, though Coby did lose a bit of confidence as he had no idea how to get past the two gaurds at all.

    "Ramon, care for a distraction?", Sandra then asked of the rooster;

    "Thought you'd never ask. I got just the trick for these two boezoes."; And Ramon proceeded to act like a crazy and angry rooster hoping he gets chased by them, or that he gets to chase them around. The effect of doing this for a distraction quickly came through; The guards were soon enough chasing Ramon, easing the path for Coby and Sandra to slip on in and access the secret room after Sandra used her Wyvern claws to pick open the  And the two wyverns entered the room, which was even darker than the other room before it.

    "Sandra...can Wyverns see in the dark?"

    "Use your lightning to light some things up, young one", Sandra replied with, "It's not called LIGHTning for nothing, you know."

    "hehe, yeah.", and Coby did as Sandra suggested;he used some of his lightings to illuminate the area, and Sandra had a good idea, for what Coby did truly did help, actually. The area managed to be lit, and Coby smiled when it worked. In the moments that the light seems to illuminate the dark area he could see..just a bunch of boxes, crates, some empty cages, and unused zoo equipment.

    "Oh no, where are the mermaids?" Coby asked;

    "We're just going to have to search in this mess for them."
    "OK", and they began doing so.As the two wyvern try to find by the cages to look for cages; the action went back to the school, where Ingrid was dealing with her own problems. Shee was checking up the books and organize them, when he spotted that Brittany was just talking on her cell phone. She rolled her eyes and scoffed. She just kept doing her stuff, but the more she tried to be patient, the more Britanny was more a library, no less. Soon enough, Ingrid got fed up with it.

    "All right, all bets are off" Ingrid said, as she had frankly had enough of Brittany at this point. She walked right up to her and her friends to say:

    "Excuse me lady"

    "Lady? Who do you think you are, my mom?"


    "Then don't call me lady!"

    "Ugh...look, I'm on a very important discussion with my girl Jessie and this can't wait."

    "Oh really?"

    "Yeah, and FYI...this is a library, so shush."

    "I'm Rich and I'm Popular, so your Nerd Headquarters Rules do not apply to me or my friends."; On that moment, Ingrid finally got to a feeling that can only access once on a blue moon chance: anger. She knew it wouldn't be wise to just attack Brittany at that moment, and instead, she decided to scheme a plan to get back at her over time instead. In the meantime... Derreck, Tony and Brandon were now on the reptile area of the zoo, Tony now freed from the cops tackling him.

    "Aw, I can barely feel the bruises now." Tony commented.

    "That's a bad thing?", Derreck responded with;

    "It depends."

    "On what?"

    "OOOH OOOH!", Brandon then said eagerly, interupting the two brothers, "Crocodiles! Real live Crocodiles! So cool!"

q    "Not only crocodiles: also anacondas and cool animals that look like dinosaurs" Tony stated;

    "So amazing!"; and the brunette was looking at some of the snakes, but little did he knew he was being observed by one of the anacondas...but he, the snake, didn't have good intentions. Infact, this snake was considerably larger than all other snakes in the place, so larger, that he could eat an entire prehistoric crocodilian whole, and despite that, he was hidden by the plants and water in the habitat, just watching his intended future prey. But then, the actions shifted to Coby and Sandra, who were still  looking for the mermaids.

    "Any luck?" Sandra asked;

    "Not Yet."Coby just sighed and kept searching until... he found a breakthrough in the search. It was apparently a clue: a mermaid scale. "Great Aunt Sandra, I just found something!"

    "A mermaid scale", Sandra said once she examined the object, "We're not far off.", and Coby gained a smile of confidence on his face at that moment. The two wyverns decided to follow a strange trail as the scale was leading the way, eventually leading them to just what they were hoping for: The mermaids were there, but they are unconsious, and also in small kiddie pools.

    "I think we need a bigger pool" Coby commented, his Great Aunt looking at him and nodded in response. Meanwhile...Ingrid continued to have her own problems to deal with. Namely Brittany who was still a stone on her shoe, and quite an irritating one at that. She tried to prepare something to make Brittany pay, and she didn't even smile, because she was that good at hiding such emotions. Ingrid was checking on how to ruin her rival's day, while Brittany at the time was fully unaware.

    "Hello?", Brittany asked upon answering, the other voice said:

     "I have not much time, but there's something you must know."

    "Well, what is it?"

    "A toxin is leaking from the air vents of the school halls."

    "Excuse me? Do you think I'm that stupid?"

    "Well, if you don't believe...check the vents", and Brittany promptly checked the vents. It looked like smoke was coming out of the vents, which got Brittany to believe it of course.

    "Who the heck are you?"

    "Just a friend who wants you safe...if you want to survive, you have to obey everything I say."

    "Fine. Speak."

    "Just exit like nothing happens...and tell everyone to evacuate without causing any sign of panic."

    "Fine.", and Brittany decided to do just that,though once she told her friends to evacuate: things got a bit out of hand. Little did they know though, it was all a set up. Ingrid managed to take advantage that Brittany was out and started to close the doors of the library so she could finally got peace, and then sighed in

    "" Ingrid said in total and complete bliss. Meanwhile, the anaconda was starting to make a move back over at the zoo: "Ssssssweet young boy" the Anaconda said while eyeing his intended prey, even if it was from behind the glass of his zoo habitat. Brandon looked the anaconda with face right up to the glass, he couldn't see much of it due to the camouflage and the habitat's flora, but he could still see it moving in the place.

    "Ooooh", Brandon said, followed by an "Aaaaahhh."; Meanwhile, with Coby...things were going rather differently indeed: He and Sandra took the mermaids and took him to a nearby lake that was just outside of the zoo. It took time, but the mermaids finally come to their senses, gasping as they finally woke up. The mermaids emerged from the water with gasps and regaining their senses before they saw Coby and Sandra standing by the edge of the lake.

    "Wow, so the rumors are true...there is a kind wyvern out there."

    "Rumors?", Coby questioned;

    "Yeah", said another one of the mermaids, "Many say that wyverns are pretty nasty, but there's a lot who said about an heroic wyvern."

    "Really?"; Soon enough, he find it; but the snake was trailing unnoticed through the plants around the place, though ended up getting a door slammed in it's face when Brandon went into the bathroom.

    "So girls, one last thing before you go", Ramon said as he suddenly arrived on the scene and got their attention;
"We received reports of an smart human-eating anaconda roaming the zoo, do you girls know about it?"

    "Can't say that we have", one of the mermaids answered.


    "We never heard anything about a snake."

    "Weird, I heard reports of a maneanting and overly smart anaconda in the same place you've been transferred."

    "Well we didn't."

    "Okay, I guess we keep on touch when something odd happens."

    "Okay, that sounds good."; The wyverns turned back to the zoo, turning into their human forms as they rejoined with Anthony and Derreck.

    "Hey guys...sorry if took me so long" Coby said, and then he looked around, not seeing his best friend anywhere, "Where's Brandon?"

    "He headed for the bathroom", Derreck answered, "I'm positive he is mostly alright."

    "Heh", Anthony snickered, "Mostly. He's just in the bathroom. What could POSSIBLY happen to him?"; Soon enough, Brandon, who was just washing his hands after using the bathroom, could hear the hisses of a anaconda not far from where he  was.

    "Oh boy" was his response, and he hid in one of the stalls immediately. Soon enough, he could swear to hear the anaconda talking as it made it's way into the bathrooms, with no worker or other person to notice it at all for some unknown reason. Coby entered the bathroom soon enough and saw.....the anaconda creeping in on the stall where Brandon was hiding, much to Coby's surprise. The anaconda soon enough noticed the wyvern, who gasped as soon as it turned it's head towards him.

    "You", he hissed, surprising and worrying Coby;


    "Yesssss", and as the snake approached him, Coby backed away in fear from it, clearly, he was afraid of it. Completely, totally afraid of this ridiculously unusually large anaconda that was slithering before him.

    "I smell something...unusual about you."


    "Oh, nothing much...I feel like we're sssomehow connected."


    "Don't lie to me, what do you hide?"

    "Wha-what are you talking about?"

    "Coby?", Brandon then said from behind one of the stalls, "Is that you out there?"

    "Um...uh", Coby had no idea what to say at all.He just reached to one of his pockets and threw some dirt to disorientate the snake, and shockingly, it worked. Coby went to find help and call the zoo guards, though the snake followed. After it left, Brandon also left the stall he was hiding in and said;

    "Coby, wait up!", and attempted to run after him too.

    "Don't move, you brunette treat", the snake said after hearing the voice of Brandon, making the boy stop in fear. "I haven't even tasted you yet", and that made Brandon immediately gulp in fear too. Coby on the other hand...was doing something else much more different, something that required some cover for him to do, of course. he had to find a way to ask for help without telling everyone a talking anaconda was stalking his friend. He eventually realized, that:

    "Ugh", Coby commented, "I gotta find help for Brandon quick! And for myself too if that thing is chasing me! But.....then again....what if it will be too late by the time I do find help!", And soon enough, he found Derrick, but Derrick was a good distance away, and he didn't want to be too late with helping Brandon. "DERRICK!" he shouted, though his brother was very far away and could not hear him very clearly. "Ugh, what am I supposed to do...Brandon's in danger", and then Coby thought over to himself many ideas on how he could help Brandon get out and away from the danger he was in. With Brandon, things were of course, going differently.  He was trying to not make any noise, but the anaconda regained his sight soon enough and once more saw this situation clearly. But then, the anaconda got distracted, by seeing Coby's wyvern tail, and of course he headed right for it.

    "Hello...honey", the anaconda was swayed by the purple tail, and began to go right towards it. The tail was leading him while Coby was hiding to avoid any suspicion, he didn't want anything bad to happen to himself just as much as he didn't want anything bad to happen to Brandon, that and he was just beginning to have a plan to defeat the snake. Soon enough, the snake was set apart from the zoo and the people, leading it to a jail. Though the snake did indeed, catch on to this soon enough.

    "Wait a second", the anaconda said as he realized it all, "You're not a saharan beauty."

    "No", Coby said, facing it in his full Wyvern form, "No I'm not.."

    "I knew it...WYVERNS!"

    "Y-Yes.", Coby was a bit nervous about facing such a large snake, but he didn't want Brandon to get hurt either, "Wyverns."

    "You will be now my main dish."

    "What makes you say that?"


    "Oh", Coby realized just what the snake meant then, "I see.", and then the snake began approaching him, clearly hungry, and showing Coby exactly what the serpent wanted to do. He jumped on and started to constrict Coby, preventing him to move for a moment. Coby was completely helpless as the massi ve serpent got the better of him, wrapping around his body and beginning to gradually tighten it's grip more and more. And soon enough, that pressure was starting to cloud Coby's mind and give into his instinct, his instinct and will, to survive. He started to launch lighting bolts from his mouth, and aimined one right at the snake's head.

    "Gah, that smarts", the snake went, feeling the pain, but tightening his grip, "Struggle all you want, whelp, I will just constrict you tighter and tighter the more you struggle."

    "Gaaah", and by now, Coby could feel himself being cut off from air entirely. It all seemed lost until...three other Wyverns appeared on the scene. The wyvern's soon enough started to launch their lighting breaths, all of it directed right at the large snake. The anaconda soon enough released his grip from Coby as it writhed in pain from the shock of the lightning. One of the Wyverns, clearly his Great Aunt Sandra, rushed to his side as he fell to the ground while the other two, one of them blue and one of them more a magenta-like colour, both having resemblence to Coby, fought the snake directly. They were, of course, his older brothers.

    "Guys, Sandra" Coby said relieved, knowing his family was there to ensure his safety. The two brothers went close to Coby to greet him, and also of course help him back to his feet.

    "Are you OK, bro?" Derrick, the blue Wyvern, asked Coby with concern in his voice;

    "Yeah...but what about Brandon?"

    "Don't sweat it", Tony said trying to calm down Coby, "The kid's perfectly fine."

    "Where is he?"

    "Probably still where he was last time you saw him."

    "In the bathroom."

    "Yeah, there.", And so, the wyverns, in their human forms, went back to the zoo, where Brandon came out of the bathroom, sighing of relief once the saw all of them once more.

    "Guys, thank God you're here" Brandon said while immediately rushing back over to them, "Is the Snake gone now?"

    "I guess so, animal control should have put him back to the habitat."

    "Are you sure?"

    "Yep, we were there", Derrick said, "Right?"


    "Huh, well...yeah...yes, we saw it."

    "Did you see it get taken away though?"

    "Sort just leaved"


    "It's OK, it left before it was taken back to the habitat"; Coby sighed of relief as he then said:

    "Don't scare me like that!", Anthony just laughed in response.And with that, Sandra came in

    "Well, well, well", Sandra stated to all of them, "We have some heck of a day, I think it's time to go back."

    "Yes", Coby stated in agreement, "I think so too."; And so the two managed to get in the car and the family then at that moment left the zoo, with all of them of course being ready to leave. Though the snake was not about to just give up that quickly, and actually watched them as they left, not captured, but from the bushes of the zoo not too far from where the car was.

    "This is not the last thing you've heard about me", the anaconda said as he watched them from the bushes, "I'll not be deprived by my dinner"; Meanwhile, with Coby and Brandon, things were going very diffently, they were thinking the snake had indeed been captured and they were not worried at all about it watching them from the bushes, primarily since, of course, they both were sure that it had indeed been catpured. They simply got in the car with Coby's family and began on their journey back home. During the trip back home, the two spotted the school, where apparently the cops and hazard control were checking the school, with Brittany and her friends panicking and Ingrid begrudgingly responding to questions

    "What do you think happened to Ingrid?" Brandon asked;

    "I don't have idea...and I don't know how to ask her?" Coby responded.

    "Do we even want to ask her?", Brandon answered back, to which Coby shrugged in respone of, and they soon enough continued to pass by this scene on their way to Brandon's home, or Coby's home, either one was nice for them anyway.
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Personal Journal #90210

Dates Organized - 1/1/2014 ~ 12/31/2014

Subject - The Real Plan


When June of this year rolled around, it was so perfect of a time to strike. Al of them were having a little reunion party and Chris was secretly plotting for another season of the show behind everyone's backs. As such, I initiated it all by luring Alejandro into the back room and murdering him. I took every measure I could to do it without any clear evidence pointing to my alias, and left the scene of the murder, leaving it to be discovered later. When the police arrived, I made sure to not say much during the day and let them do their thing while I plotted in the background, waiting for someone to slip up. The day went smoothly overall.  In my lair, as I was making my earliest adjustments to it, I swore I saw a humanoid figure out of the corner of my eye. I decided it was nothing, however.


On this day, I was certain I had plenty of time to spare, and after making sure nobody would disturb me for the necessary time, I did away with another of my biggest threats, the silent genius they call "B". Given his intelligence, I made sure he had as agonizing a death as possible, to ensure he got the message that in the end, I was the one who was truly better than him. Also during this time, I began conversing with three of my four major accomplices in all of this, my position made it easy for me.


To be honest, Zoey Gauthier did grow on me a little when I watched her two seasons of the show. I didn't get why so many of the fans hated her, but oh well. They got what they wanted. I was thinking of using Zoey's darker side she showed off on the earlier day to recruit her into my legion of Accomplices, but once Frollo sentenced her to death I saw how risky such an option was, and decided to give the recently-turned-villainess girl a more sympathetic death, as I know how hard it can be to get through with your first act of evil, which for me was the murder of every single member of my direct family save for myself. Still, though, committing rape, I must commend her for that. That's quite medium-skill level evil for someone of her stature.


Izzy truly is a smart mind. She was indeed correct that Noah's death was faked, using my intelligence towards all subjects of the world, I knew how to properly do it, make it look like he was tortured and mutilated when in reality I simply had him captured and brought to the control room of my lair. The reason was so that I could experiment all of my new torture devices on him without actually killing him. It ended up putting him into a coma eventually. When Izzy deduced this, I decided to play with her and actually have Noah's fake corpse taken from where it was just to add in the mystery of it all while I continued to torture Noah with my experimental weapons. I must say, he's taken it quite well so far.


Beardo would have been fine if he had just kept quiet. The actual target of this night was indeed, Cody & Dave. I saw how close the two were getting and didn't trust them, so I wanted to have them tied up by the neck with ropes and hanged (or suffocated) to their deaths. However, my accomplices were interrupted by Beardo trying to alert the others, and as such the night had to be spent killing him with fire instead. Such a shame. I didn't like this failure of my accomplices and I made sure as hell to let them know it. Without killing them, of course. They were a necessary tool in keeping my identity hidden. 


Ah. This day was one of my favourites.  I had managed to recruit a special fourth and fifth accomplice for this day, and sent them to murder Chris gruesomely while I lured Sky to the cliff. I revealed to her everything and of course, I handled her. She put up a fight, but my knowledge of the human body's pressure points got her taken care of with ease and I sent her to her death by falling off the cliff. I laughed a bit when I saw the stray dogs devouring her flesh, much like the Christian Bible's Jezebel. How ironic, in a way. Given how many people view Jezebel as a "slut" or "temptress". Later, in my lair, my computers were having problems with their connections even though there was no logical explanation for these problems. Once more, I got past them and using back-up power my computers got back into working.


This was when I first got signs that my fifth accomplice was a complete and total mistake. He failed to actually kill Brick on this day, only knock him into a coma. It only fooled the police forces for until the medical professionals got ahold of him and managed to confirm his coma. I reprimanded him for this error and then gave him some notes on who his next victims could be. I warned him that I would not give him any further chances if he messes up again. Sure on this day Brick's death was said to be certain, but I had actually known before the rest of the police force had. I was enraged to say the least.


Ugh. Once more, my fifth accomplice gets assigned a solo task and failed at it. He was assigned to tie Cody up and leave him to die underwater in the lake. However, he left too many clues and did a poor and sloppy job at it. As such, Cody ended up being saved almost like how Brick was. I was about to kill my accomplice when my other assistants advised me not to and somehow convinced me not to. As such, I decided my fifth accomplice deserved at least one final chance, though I said that if he failed a third time, he would become one of the murder victims himself.


I was bitter about my fifth accomplice's failure to murder Cody, so I ordered the others to burn down the Sports group, and frankly didn't care if it killed anyone or not I just wanted to see it burn to the ground. It did kill two people. Sam and Anne Maria, while Katie and Sadie survived. Either way, neither Katie nor Sadie were too much of a threat to my plans so I dealed with it and saw it as honestly better with them simply gone period rather than specifically dead. I was glad Sam had died, at least. Though I was a bit worried of Dakota's reaction. Luckily for me she was far from the Film Lot's location.  Later, the back-up generator of my lair was shut off, and nobody I know of could have possibly found my lair and turned it off. I had no conclusive answer for this.


Harriette Jackson's "death" then came on this day. Supposedly a gruesome scene. Little did they know, that I am an expert when it comes to science, and was actually able to create a clone of my fourth accomplice, DJ's own mother. However, I haven't perfected the art of cloning yet, so the clone came back out as an already deceased corpse. This worked to our advantage though, as we easily mutilated it and using special effects and illusions, convinced DJ of his mother's passing as did we convince the entire law enforcement and medical staff of the nearby area. This allowed Harriette to focus entirely on her work with me and the rest of my accomplices as my #4.


    I had warned Hernando Sanchez of a third failure many times, and posing as Alejandro and showing Cody in preparation for his murder for Frollo to see, in my books, counted as that third strike. As such, I wasted no time in letting Frollo and the rest of the police shoot him to death and save Cody to teach Mr. Sanchez a lesson in failing me. Since Dawn is sure there is an Afterlife, then I will perhaps one day be able to continue teaching him that lesson even there. He had infuriated me so much that day, that once I got access to his corpse I purposely mutilated even more for good measure.


After how much Hernando Sanchez infuriated me, I took the rest of my accomplice in killing all of the police officers Frollo stationed in the former Boys' Trailer. Every last one of them, and I made sure we were exceptionally sadistic with these murder victims. I spared no expense with this one. I had to vent out my stress from the previous day's failure. I also realized that both Cody towards Dave and Mike towards Trent were getting too close for comfort in my personal opinion and for my sake.


My accomplices, all four of my surviving ones, failed. All of them. I was infuriated but kept my cool infront of the others. They had failed to kill LeShawna and Harold, though I did give them credit for putting a high amount of effort into their attempt, unlike Sanchez it seems. And then LeShawna and Harold were put into solitary confinement, practically preventing me from having them properly murdered.


Andrew Tanner had to die at this time when he had uncovered the truth behind me and my accomplices. As such, I wasted in no time in paying him a visit with my troupe and ordering and instructing them the entire time while he was being properly murdered. I will once more admit, seeing his murder gave me a very big loss to my stress. It pleased me, basically. Very, very much pleased me indeed.


Marxon, LeShawna's father, was a fool. Sending two of his best men, Tiny Smith and Walter Young, to the film lot. Though he did save his daughter, since her and Harold were the intended victims for that day. The two goons he sent though distracted us from that, and my accomplices dealt with them while I tended to my usual business to save myself. I will admit, from what I heard, they put up quite the fight against my accomplices.


    Those strange suits arrived on this day. It was such a strange oddity in that Chris' props that he ordered took this long to arrive at the film lot. Oh well. Not going to change my plans one bit.


I had grown tired of Staci and her lying mouth, so I decided it was time to send my accomplices out to get rid of her. To my happiness, they did a perfect job with no failure whatsoever. I was quite proud of them all on this day, to the say the less. I was able to relax in the film lot so much more easily without her around.


I decided to taunt Frollo a bit by moving one of the suits out of it's place and using some paint to say "IT'S ME" on one of the walls of the place. It was quite entertaining to imagine what his face looked like upon seeing those things on the camera, I will admit.


On this day, I decided to fake Max's death to recruit him as my new 5th accomplice while having my accomplices take care of Owen and Kelsey outside of the film lot at this time. The other accomplices questioned why I chose Max to be the new 5th accomplice, but I of course told them not to question me and just to accept what I was doing since with my knowledge I could have them all dead within a second practically. That shut them up all up quite quickly. In the end, however, Max ended up infuriated me, and I ended up pushing him into a giant vat of acid I have in my lair to kill him anyway. So tragic. Well, okay, not really.


Once more I had some fun with Frollo by taunting him with "IT'S ME" on this day while my accomplices that remained fought with and hung Gwen in the back area of the film lot. This was to be the final murder before the biggest part of my plan, though as we entered the lair on the end of this day, Izzy, Eva and Sierra confronted us right at the entrance. They were not prepared for my knowledge however, and I instructed my main three accomplices (Mariann Gerdes, Eric Lark, Esther Wheeler) into making short work of Izzy and Sierra while Harriette dealt with Eva shockingly well with my instructions. We dragged them into the lair and I decided that I would keep them alive, but heavily sedated, in side of a special room inside of my lair that was important for my later plans. I had bigger plans for them and all of the other planned victims anyway that needed all of them to be alive.


This was the day that me and my accomplices made our big move. Using sedation drugs, disabling the security cameras, and trapping all the officers in the blind spot of the film lot to kill them with cyanide, we had made off with sedating and kidnapping all of the remaining suspects that Frollo had and left Frollo as the only one left in the entire film lot. In our lair beneath the film lot, we had plotted all of this while Frollo was asleep, and now the suspects were in our lair. I decided that I wanted to play a bit of a game with them all. A, for lack of better words, jigsaw game with them. All of them were placed in rooms separated based on their gender rather than random pairing up, and I decided to test them all. To see who could get the farthest in my games and past my traps aswell as my accomplices. Of course, I would kill any of them before they could reach the end. I used the spring suits as decorations along the way, I had no other real use for them anyway. I wanted them to stay asleep during this day though, the game was not fully set up yet.


Yet another day the victims had to be kept asleep, for the game's traps were not prepared yet.


Me, Mariann, Eric, Hariette and Esther spent the entire time coming up with concepts for technology to use during our upcoming game. We also made sure Frollo was onto us, but not actually having any knowledge of where we were. It was fun seeing him angry and desperate to find me at this point.


We spent all of this day trying to invent our new technology we had come up with, using materials that were unused lair equipment.


Much like yesterday, I had to keep this day another development-of-technology-only day. Unfortunately.


Wheeler accidentally spilled soda over all of our developments, setting us back a few days. I was infuriated with him, but decided to keep him alive for reasons even I can't fathom.


Another development day for our new technology.


Finally, our technology was finished and properly put into it's planned places in the field that we were planning on using for the game.


At long last, the final preparations of our games were ready, but we spent this day adding in the final touches. We were all certain that the next day would be our time to awaken all of the remaining victims that we had. I will admit though, I could swear that I could hear strange whispers when I was alone in the lair, even before this day. I was sure there was a scientific explanation for these noises, but once I tested them, I found all of my data for their cause to be inconclusive. I decided it was best for it to not bother me, however.


From my control room within my lair, I watched as the remaining victims were all awakened. I started with focusing on the remaining boys. Namely, these were Duncan, Geoff, Cody, Mike, Trent and Cameron. All of them were inside one of the two major back rooms of my lair, and all of them were just beginning to come to as I adressed all of them with my voice disguised:

    "Greetings, Male victims of mine", I began with, "I see you are all finally beginning to awaken in your detailless grey prison. Welcome. I, am the Mastermind behind all of the murder you have been dealing with, and have brought you to my lair. Before you ask why, the answer is simple. Because I have plans for all of you. Big, big plans for all of you. I want to play a game with you. Whichever one of you can find the exit of my lair, will be free. Whichover ones don't, however, will most likely be killed by one of the many traps that I and my accomplices have placed all around the area. I suggest that instead of wasting precious time by arguing with me, you all get a move on by moving on into the next room of the building. It is truly for the best. "

    "Wha-what?!", Geoff commented as he came to and heard all of the things that I had spoken to him.

    "I don't think we have time to think about it!", Mike then correctly exclaimed to all of the others, gesturing for the door I had purposely left open, "We have to go!", and then it was him who had led all of the others into the large hallway. Amazingly, all of them agreed to follow him without much of a second thought about it at all.  He had led them into a dark, bloody, and rusted cave-like hall of my lair, filled with faulty wiring that could electrocute them at any second. They actually were bold enough to run through it all despite the danger. Infact, I heard what they were saying while they were running:

    "Okay", Dave said, trying to make sense of it all by the tone of his voice, "This is all a dream. This is all a dream. This is all, a dream. All a dream", he then began breathing heavily, "All a dream, all a dream, all a dream. It's all a dream. ALLLLLL  a dream."

    "Davey", Cody then said to him, "I don't think this is a dream...I'm sorry, I wish it was too."

    "C-C-Cody, what if this is the last time we see eachother?!"

    "I......I don't know", Cody answered him with, "I don't know what to do if it is. At all. I'm sorry that I can't answer that."

    "Just say that you love eachother already", Duncan then interrupted them with, "It's so obvious."

    "Well, yeah", Dave answered, "We're not hiding it from you anymore."

    "Shut up you-"

    "Duncan!", Geoff interrupted the punk boy, "This isn't the time for arguing, brah!", and it was then that my attention was driven to Trent and Mike, who had managed to stay at the front of the group rather than fall behind. I payed close attention to all that they were saying:

    "Well", Trent said to Mike, "I guess this is the end of the line."

    "Yeah", Mike then said with a sigh, "We're obviously just going to be killed off one by one even if we find the exit to those place."

    "Yeah", Trent then looked away from Mike a bit with a blush on his face before returning his eyes to Mike, "Ya know, just incase we do all die, which is very likely now that we're dealing with the boss murderer, I got something to say to you."

    "Really?", Mike raised an eyberow when he turned to face Trent, "What is it?"

    "I.........", Trent paused as he struggled to get the words out of his mouth, until he finally said after a minute of silence, "Love you."

    "You WHAT?!"

    "I love you, Mike", Trent said, "I'm sorry I can't suddenly kiss you or anything right now, but I'm busy running. I promise, if we live, I will, but for now", and Trent then grabbed Mike's right hand to hold, "I wanna know at all times that you're with me", and then Trent looked at the stunned and blushing as red as possible Mike with a warm and loving smile. Mike was clearly stunned by what he had heard, but soon regained his composure, and while still blushing he managed to crack a smile as he said to Trent:

    "I love you too", and then while smiling they both continued to lead the group of boys. Duncan's only comment on all of this was:

    "Great, TWO gay couples now.", and it was sometime after Duncan said that, when they were confronted with Esther Wheeler at long last. Esther was standing inside of the Spring Foxy suit that was delivered much earlier to the film lot, and he was of course standing in a narrow hallway which meant that for the boys, facing him was not a possability, but an inevitability. There were no doorways and too narrow a hall for them to just bypass him. The hallway he was standing on him was actually a bridge that went over a giant pool of water, which was at a distance where if one fell in they would never be able to climb out. As such, this was one of the easy but still challenging traps. They would have to face Wheeler in the Foxy suit on the bridge. All of them gasped once they faced him.

    "Oh come on!", Geoff then complained, "No Fair, man!"

    "Someone must be in that suit!", Cameron then finally spoke, pointing it out, "And those are one of the spring lock suits that Chris had delivered to the film lot!"

    "Yeah", Duncan remarked, "We know. We all know. Your point?"

    "My point is that he can talk or breathe much in the suit due to the way it's made, so I think that we can easily bypass him by just-", and then Esther made a fatal sacrifice to the plan: he rushed right at Cameron and stabbed him right through the right eye with the hook of the suit. It shocked the others into immediately running down the bridge to save their own lives, but that wasn't selfish, the arm of Esther Wheeler's suit's hook went in so deep through the eye socket, Cameron died quickly and almost instantly without even so much as a scream due to the speed of the kill. Unfortunately, the wiring in the suit killed Esther after he made that sudden movement, due to the mechanical parts locking back into place, but I kept my personal view away from seeing his death. I wanted to honour him by not viewing the agonizing and brutal death he was recieving. I tried to make the bridge collapse as the boys crossed it, but unfortunately they were all just fast enough to make it. After they crossed the bridge though, they took a pause break in the next room, which was a withered down underground parlor room, to catch their breaths.

    "That....was.........INSANE", Duncan commented as he panted, "THAT GUY MOVED SO FUCKING FAST!"

    "Yeah, but....oh my gosh!", Mike then gasped, "WE JUST LEFT CAMERON TO DIE!", Mike at that moment then began to panic, "WE LEFT HIM TO DIE! He's dead because of US! WE HAVE TO GO BACK!". Mike then rushed in an attempt to head right on back to the bridge, but Trent grapped him tightly in a hug and restrained him from going any further towards it:

    "No! There's nothing we can do!", Trent said to Mike as the others watched, "I'm sorry, Mike, but....Cameron's gone. You saw what that guy was aiming for. He's gone. There's nothing we can do. I wish there was, but there wasn't! Promise me you won't make it end for you and all of us because of this, we have to move on, we'll have to mourn him later, okay? I promise we'll give him the best funeral he could ever want or have!"

    " mean that?"

    "Of course I do", Trent stated, "Of course I mean it.", and that made Mike smile. Trent, without saying anything, proceeded to hold Mike in a bridal-style for the rest of the journey. Duncan, Geoff, Cody and Dave made no comments on this and just continued following him. Mike clearly took comfort in having Trent with him. Once they passed the Parlor room though, they were now in the dining room of the base. Rather fittingly, I had the next trap in-store for them here. Namely, the Chica suit. Inside the Chica suit was Harriette Jackson, DJ's mother who they most likely believed to be dead. She was hiding in a compartment in the upper parts of the wall, ready to pounce on all of the boys once they were in a good position for that action. I could see her in my camera, waiting for that moment to pounce. I smiled as I was anticipating all of this. Jackson let them speak with eachother for a good bit:

    "This place has a dining room?", Cody questioned;

    "W-why would this place need a dining room?!", Dave also added in, "Who would want to eat in a dark and filthy and scary place like this?!"

    "I don't think that matters right now, Dave", Mike answered, still being carried by Trent, "I think what matters now is getting out of this dark and scary place first!"

    "Y-Yeah", Cody said as he then held Dave's hand, "And, with you.", Dave then smiled:

    "I'll keep you safe too", Dave assured Cody, "I promise."

    "Same to you", Cody said with a smile to Dave, "Same, to you."

    "Aww man!", Geoff then complained as he tried to look into the darker parts of the ill-lit room, "Where's the next door?!"

    "How do we even know we're heading in the right direction?", Duncan then pointed out, "There's no way to even tell anymore."

    "Well", Trent then pointed out, "It's the ONLY direction we CAN go down so far."

    "True", Cody and Dave both responded in unison.  Duncan rolled his eyes, but didn't say anything in response to that, clearly he had accepted that Trent was technically correct in that observation;

    "This is SO one giant trap."

    "I know", Trent answered, now getting just a bit depressed himself, "It probably is."

    "Then why are we even trying to survive this at this point?", Duncan then questioned, "It's all god damn pointless now! That person's just gonna kill us in the end anyway!"

    "Maybe", Dave then said, "But....maybe we should at least try?"

    "Why? We're just being their fucking guinea pigs now! Just being played with! That's it! We're just toys to play with to that asshole!", and then they all had a moment of silence. Clearly, they all were seeing Duncan as being very much correct in all of this. It was then that Hariette Jackson decided to make herself be known and finally pounce on all of them from the corridor that was in the darkness of the upper wall of the room. However, it seems that all of them heard the sound of her scream as she pounced and all of them ran into the darkness themselves and surprisingly all into the next room as Harriette landed on the dining room table. She did scream and groan in pain after she landed on the table, but I was paying most of my attention on following the boys on their rush all together down yet another long hallway.

    I grimaced.

    Two of my accomplices have failed me, and the hallway they were heading down was going to lead them directly towards both the exit/entrance of the lair and my control room. I had to think fast. I could hear their footsteps rushing for me, and I immediately looked to the red button on my keyboard. It was going to spread the sedation drug in a gas form onto them, knocking them back into a unconscious sleep-like state for later. I readied my finger for it, and once they were close enough, I pressed it right before they could have seen my open-door control room. Once they were knocked out, I dragged them into the control room and properly tied them up. I then made the preparations for the girls. I wanted to finish all the survivors of this game off together rather than separate.


    With the boys sadly being alive now, I of course had decided that it was time, in the next day, for the girls to be put through the journey now. Indeed, their time has come now. Sierra, Izzy, Eva, Courtney, Jo, Bridgette, Dawn and Scarlett were the remaining girls of whom I was watching squirm around as they awoke from their induced slumber. All of them were immediately looking around the room, confused about their surroundings. I smiled. I enjoyed every single moment of watching them trying to ponder where they were. I decided not to confront them about the situation this time around, just to see how they would interact. I watched and listened closely as they interacted:

    "What the?", Courtney said with a gasp as she awoke, "Wh-where are we now?!"

    "We are underneath the film lot", Dawn bluntly stated.

    "And HOW", Courtney replied, "Do you POSSIBLY know that?!"

    "Because I sense auras", and when Dawn said that, Scarlett faced her with a highly annoyed look:

    "Would you stop with all of your supernatural explanations for everything?", Scarlett responded, "There is no scientific evidence to provide for aura reading, an Afterlife, a God or any form of higher power, a human soul, or anything! You keep stating it as fact when you have no scientific evidence for any such claims! You are saying irrational things as if they are rational!"

    "No I am not", Dawn then argued, "You simply are not looking at the actual evidence. There are many things that science will never answer about the universe, and honestly, I like it that way. I can read auras, you are free to believe me and to not believe me.", in response Scarlett growled in annoyance, but then calmed herself down and stated:

    "Very well. We shall agree to disagree."

    "So we shall."

    "Well good!", Sierra then said to both of them, "Because we really should get going now. That large open hallway is like, the only way out of here!"

    "Weee!", Izzy then exclaimed, "Then let's go!"

    "HOLD ON", Courtney then said just as the group began to move towards the hallway, she managed to get all of them to stop at once, "How are we sure we can actually trust Ms. CodyFanatic over there?"

    "Well", Bridgette then stated, "Cody is with Dave now. So-"

    "Yeah", Sierra then sighed, "Besides, I have three of Cody's alien clones at my house right now, so I'm perfectly fine with Cody having someone else besides me! As long as I have them!"

    "Yeah", Courtney then said with a decently long pause, "That's somehow even creepier."

    "Can we just GO already?", Jo then spoke to interrupt all of this, "I want to give that Mastermind a piece of my mind already! AND a piece of my FIST!", she then pounded a fist into her other hand, showing what she intended to do for me. I chuckled at this display and watched as they finally left the room to trek down the hallway together. They actually tried the various doors laying around my lair, though of course absolutely none of them worked at all. I made sure of that. I didn't want them to find a shortcut, after all. Eva I could see tried many times to kick or punch a door down, but, even to my surprise, it was all to no avail at all. They weren't getting into any of those extra rooms. Eventually, they came across a clearing. A circular lobby-like room that had four major pathways to take. One was the way they came from, the west took them to my own personal indoor pool. The east took them to the lair's locker and shower room,  while north would take them into a hallway that purposefully had no lighting in it whatsoever.  This is where they would encounter Eric Lark. Eric Lark was in the Freddy suit as he approached them from the shadows. At first, they only heard his slow footsteps coming towards him.

    "Do you girls hear something?", Bridgette was the first to point that out, "I hear....footsteps."

    "I.....", Courtney added in, "I hear them too."

    "SHOW YOURSELF NOW AND STOP BEING SO SLOW!", Eva then yelled out, clearly also hearing the footsteps of Eric Lark approaching them, though Lark knew it was best to keep at his slow pace, for his own safety within that suit. "I SAID WALK FASTER!"

    "Eva", Izzy then said to calm the girl down, "That's not gonna work! Besides, it might just be one of the guys!"

    "DUNCAN!", Courtney then called out right then and there, "THIS ISN'T FUNNY, STOP SCARING US! PEOPLE HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN MURDERED THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR JOKES!", and it was then, that Eric Lark stopped approaching them, and there was silence. Silence, between all of them. Both him and the girls were all completely silent at that moment. The girls I could tell, were all anticipating what was coming next.

    For a total of 10 minutes, Eric Lark didn't make a sound.

    For a total of 30 other minutes, none of the girls made a single sound either.

    For those 40 minutes, there was nothing but complete and utter silence. Nothing else. Nothing more, nothing less. That is, of course, until finally, Eric Lark prepared his move. The girls all jumped when they heard the next footstep after so long, and they didn't hear the next one until a solid 2 further minutes of silence. After 6 final minutes of silence, suddenly a gasp could be heard from Eric Lark's suit, and with some mechanical sounding noises and crunching noises aswell as the faint sound of "The Toreador March" playing, Eric Lark let out a ghastly and blood curdling scream as he then dashed at the girls. All of them dashed down the North pathway to get away from him, though one of them was too late. That one, was Scarlett. Scarlett  was too startled by the scream that she did not have time to react in time, and met her end when Eric Lark's screaming and music-playing self landed ontop of her. Once the two hit the floor, it gave away. It gave away to send them both into a deep pit of spikes, impaling them both and ending their suffering rather quickly.

    Amazing, the 'Toreador March' was still playing even as Eric Lark and Scarlett McGrady lay there, impaled in the spike pit. Even now, as I write this journal after the fact, can faintly hear that music chime in the distance from where I am sitting at, in my control room.  It just repeats itself once it's done, it seems. It gives the place an eery feeling, I will admit.

    However, back in the time of which I was describing previously, the girls were on their journey through the pathway that was to the north of that lobby-like area, all of them running through the darkness. Many of them screaming at the top of their lungs, others letting out more angry or determined cries. It's easy to figure out who was doing what, honestly.  After what to me felt like an hour of watching them run through the dark hallway, they reached the next major room that they would have to face. It was then though, that they had a bit of a break and talked to eachother once more much like they did earlier.

    "WHAT WAS THAT THING?!", Courtney then screamed, " acted like a MONSTER!"

    "And", Dawn then stated, "It has caused the end of Scarlett's life."

    "Well of course it did!", Courtney replied, "It fell right ontop of her!"

    "But", Dawn then revealed, "It was not a monster. It was one of the souls that the mastermind recruited into joining their sick game. They were merely wearing a costume suit."

    "And how do you know that?", Eva then questioned, "You barely got a good look at that thing!"

    "Simple", Dawn answered, "I saw both of their auras. When the man made his lunge at us, his aura was becoming unreadable, signifying he was actually facing his final moments on the mortal plane when he made his lunge at us."

    "So", Bridgette said as she comprehended what Dawn was saying, "You're saying he was actually dying WHILE he was trying to attack us?"

    "Yes", Dawn confirmed, "That is exactly what I am saying."

    "Well!", Izzy then exclaims, "It makes sense to me!"

    "And it does make sense to me too!", Sierra also exclaimed with a smile on her face, thus her and Sierra were basically sharing facial expressions about this whole thing now, amazingly.

    "Fine", Jo then said in a deadpan tone of voice, "I'll go with that too. For now."

    "I understand that all of you have a hard time believing in my abilities, and honestly I do not blame you", Dawn then said to all of them, "But this is not the situation that she would be arguing about this during."

    "Nobody said anything that doubted your powers", Eva bluntly said in response.

    "But anyway", Bridgette then added in, "I agree completely with what you are saying, honestly, Now is the time we should be trying to find a way out of this lair."

    "OR", Eva then also added, "Trying to get that Mastermind back for murdering all of our friends!"

    ".....or that too, yes."

    "So anyway", Sierra then also began to speak, "Since we are now beginning to finally agree on something and theres only one path that is heading any further forward, unless you wanna go back the way we came, I think we should keep on running and never look back! What do you girls think?", and of course, all of the girls agreed with her on doing that, and they all then began dashing into the hallway that was once more, in the north of their initial direction. This hallway was not long like the other one, though only the center parts of it were lit, while the rest had no proper lighting revealing them at all.

    I could tell that this lack of lighting helped to make the remaining females all a bit more scared of my lair, and that alone made me smile in return. I wanted them all to feel this way. Why? Because my plans required them to feel that way. My plans needed them to feel this way.  Just like the boys, I wanted them to suffer through my game for as much as they possibly could. Even without Chris, they would still be tortured. How ironic indeed.

    Perhaps that is the ultimate meaning of their existence. To get tortured.

    But regardless, they soon found the next room where my final accomplice, Mariann Gerdes, was waiting. The room was a simple living room, a very poorly lit living room, mind you. There was a sofa, two reclining chairs, a coffee table, and a computer desk with your normal and average things on it. There was also not to mention, some exercise equipment I had laying around. The twist here, is that this room lead directly into my control room, so only two paths were lit with lighting for the girls to see. One was the doorway which they came from, the other was the eastern doorway leading into my control room where I was watching them. They could only see the light coming from my open room, not me myself, however. I had my sedation gas spraying in the doorway to prevent them from causing any harm to me.

    Regardless though, Mariann Gerdes was laying on the couch at this time. Not only that, but she was also using the Mangle suit. Once the girls saw the light heading into my control room, I smiled sinisterly as I heard them speaking with my own two ears:

    "Oh thank god!", Courtney immediately let out, "The exit at last! We made it!"

    "Wait!", Bridgette then grabbed Courtney's arm to keep the girl from moving any further, "How do we know that's not just another room!"

    "Well", Courtney then said, "This is a living room! A normal looking room, thus, we're getting into the parts of the lair meant to fool any visitors into thinking that this ISN'T an evil lair! So yes, I'd say we're getting closer to the exit!"

    "But", Bridgette then pointed out, "We don't know that for sure!"

    "Well", Jo then suddenly and bluntly stated, "We won't find out until we try! LET'S GET MOVING!", and then she led the other girls right towards my entrance door, however, one of them was made curious once they saw the couch. That one girl, of course, was Courtney. I could see she saw the figure that was laying on the couch, even though this figure was indeed heavily hidden within the deep darkness. Dawn stopped when she saw Courtney approaching the couch.

    Apparently she must have seen Mariann's aura, for her last words to Courtney were:

    "NO, DON'T!", before Mariann made her attack. Mariann immediately lunged at her prey, Courtney, the mouth of the suit's fox-like self biting deep into her head as Mariann let out her own blood curdling scream just as Courtney let out hers. In her own last moments, Mariann managed to make the suit bite down so hard, it cracked open Courtney's skull and actually took out her frontal lobe entirely. Mariann Gerdes then fell back onto the couch as she let out her own agonizing screams that joined the other girls as they ran into my control room only to be rendered unconscious within seconds by the sedation fumes I had spraying at the doorway.

    I laughed once I saw all of their knocked out bodies, and tied all of them up so they could join their male counterparts as soon as possible. After that, I spent my next few minutes laughing, and went to my bed to rest for the rest of the night. My personal bed was in the control room aswell, of course, sitting right next to the Golden Bonnie suit, which I will admit, was my favorite of all the suits.


This was the day in which I actually began writing this journal, going over all of the days of my murder spree and cataloging them so that I would not forget any of this. I also in another notebook writes notes for myself on how I could do better in future murder-related plots. This day was simply a break day, aswell as a planning day. With no more accomplices left to use to my advantage, before I let my victims awake from their sedated unconsciousness I need to plan my ways to kill each and every single last one of them that remained.

    I have to make sure this was going to end up going according to plan.


This day was mostly spent simply finishing up most of the journal entries I had failed to write on the previous day. Aside from that, nothing much was different from yesterday in terms of the status of the murder plot. No new victims were deceased just yet.


Seeing as how I had pretty much already won at this point, I decided to simply spend this day watching news reports about my wonderful murder spree and all of my victims thus far, and see Frollo desperately try to find me. I will admit, it was quite amusing. Still though, I could hear both footsteps and whispers from outside my control room while I laughed at Frollo failing to find me.

    I also noticed that the Toreador March stopped playing just before I turned off my control room computer screens. I was dumbfounded, so I am definitely putting this experience down within this journal so I can remember it later on in my life.


Finally, I decided that it was time to check on the rest of my base and make sure all of the entrances to it were properly sealed off from being immediately located by Frollo. To my luck, they were. My base could only be accessed by an elevator that heads underground, located within the Aftermath set, specifically, the Green Room. That's right, I learned the Green Room itself is actually an elevator heading down some 50 feet into the ground, into natural cave system that was at one point used as a mineral mine, only for it to be caved in at the original entrance to it.

    I made sure the Green Room was down so that none of them could properly use the buttons located beneath the couch to get to me. All they would see, was a 50 foot drop into a dark abyss.

    Within my large bunker lair, I am perfectly safe.


I decided that today I would use a third notebook to properly plan out my final murders of Cody, Dave, Noah, Mike, Trent, Duncan, Geoff, Bridgette, Dawn, Jo, Eva, Izzy and Sierra.  Unfortunately, this means I have no real entries that are relevant to this notebook whatsoever.


Similar to Yesterday, today was strictly a day spent to plan out my final murders, and thus no relevant entries that are related to the contents intended to be in this journal are available. However, I will report that when I woke from my slumber in the early morning, I felt a sensation as if something were gnawing at my feet, though my feet showed no signs of damage, and there was no living being in the lair besides me who was actually conscious at the time.

    Once more, I will document this in this journal so that I can remember it later on in my life and research it then.


Only two more days until my scheduled murder day to finish this off once and for all. Oh how I have so much anticipation for the 31st!  I will finally get the life I truly deserve on this day. A life of success, a life of victory, a life of regal splendor, a life of wealth, a life of having everything a villainous human like myself could ever want. On the 31st of June in the year 2014, Evil will finally take over the entire world, for a villain will finally win.

    Oh how much I can not wait for that day to finally come already so I can take the lives of these worthless whelps, take down Frollo, and then return to my time period and finally take my place as leader of the entire Human Race!

    For now though, I spent my day watching Frollo continue to struggle in his attempts to find me.


Oh how tomorrow is going to be so perfect. Why, I dare say it's going to be the day that I have dreamed of since I was small. Soon, I, Elaine Scarlett Wilkos will rise from being Claude Frollo's lowly assistant and become his successor as the leader of the entire Human Race in the 23rd Century.  To think that I was once Scarlett McGrady. The woman who invented a working time machine. Back then I was young and foolish when I adopted my alias of Elaine Wilkos and joined the 23rd Century Politics so I could finally move on towards my goal of supreme power in a world where it was easy for me.

    However, politics even then is rather difficult, the only position I was able to get infuriated me. I had to settle for being the Governor-General of the Western Earth Hemisphere , which means I was second-in-command to the Emperor of Earth himself, Claude Phillip Frollo. I am merely his second-in-command, I barely have any influence compared to him.

    Oh how that angered me. I went from that humiliated defeat on Total Drama, to inventing time travel, which Frollo as I learned loves to use it quite often, to being once more just a Second-In-Command. However, I knew that I could use this to my advantage. At first I thought I could just wait for the Emperor to die and then I could perhaps incite a rebellion against Earth having a monarchy.

    However, I learned that biological immortality for humans had been invented by then, so unfortunately Frollo's elderly appearance did not mean anything about him dying anytime soon. However, when I learned he had a habit of time traveling, I used that to my advantage, and soon enough resigned from my office of Governor-General of the Western Hemisphere (of Earth)so I could assassinate Frollo's top adviser. Thanks to my 18 years of Governor-General being rather prosperous for the planet's Western half, Frollo actually personally appointed me his new adviser, and ever since then I have been tagging along on many of his adventures

    Usually, I pose as second-in-command, or at times (when we pose as nobility or royalty of other time periods) his wife or even queen. Of course, I will not disclose here whether or not he actually has an Empress or a Wife of any sort in this journal since there is no place for such information here, I only want to focus on Frollo. The rest of the Earth Imperial family is of no concern to me whatsoever.

    As is the way this unified Earth government works. None of it has any place in this journal whatsoever, frankly. Though I can say that yes, Time Travel in the Empire is usually only reserved for the incredibly wealthy and the government officials.

    Of course, I had always kept my original identity a secret the entire time while I worked with Frollo. I originally thought I missed my original name, though I will admit, there is a certain ring to Elaine Wilkos that I find just, better. Better than Scarlett McGrady to me, anyway. Though I will still gladly go by both names, honestly.

    My point is, tomorrow I will control the entire planet Earth upon my return to the 23rd Century, every man, woman and child will completely under my control and my laws. Pretty soon, this woman will have it all.

    Such a shame that my worthless mother and even more useless brothers will not be around to see my rise to power. Oh well, I never cared for my family at all anyway. Not as Scarlett, and even less as Elaine Wilkos. The only thing I feel truly bad for is my 21st Century Counterpart, however, as I have not faded from existence yet, I suppose that I have created an alternate timeline of sorts by doing this. Or some other theory that I will need to do more research on.

    That will be for another day, however. Right now, I need prepare myself for the day I have dreamed of since I was but small child.

Total Drama: Horror on the Film Lot - Chapter 8
All Chapters - Total Drama Horror on the Film Lot

In this Chapter:
  1. The Mastermind goes over all of the events of June during her murder spree.
  2. The Mastermind goes over all of the July events leading up to the capture of all of the surviving suspects
  3. The boys wake up and play the "game" that the mastermind wants them to play.
  4. Cameron is killed by Esther Wheeler dressed as Foxy.
  5. Mike and Trent reveal their feelings for eachother at last and become a real couple at this point.
  6. Harriette Jackson is revealed as the 4th Accomplice and dies in a failed attempt to crush the boys while wearing a Chica suit.
  7. The Boys are sedated before they could reach the exit to the lair or the Control Room with the Mastermind inside of it.
  8. The Girls wake up the next day and are put through the same "game".
  9. Scarlett is killed when Eric Lark slams into her during his own final moments inside of a Springlock Freddy Fazbear suit.
  10. The girls reach a room to briefly break in and talk for one last moment.
  11. Courtney is killed by Mariann Gerdes, who had put on a Mangle Suit and attacked Courtney from a living room couch.
  12. The girls are sedated much like the boys were before.
  13. The Mastermind reveals what day she began journalism and also the entire time talks of weird paranormal experiences she is having.
  14. She prepares for the final day of the July Month
  15. The Mastermind is revealed to be Elaine Wilkos, who in turn is revealed to be a time traveling future counterpart of Scarlett McGrady.

Characters So Far:

(Discluding the Un-Named Cops who were revealed to have been murdered during this chapter)

  1. Alejandro   - 1st Murder Victim
  2. B   - 2nd Murder Victim
  3. Zoey   - 3rd Murder Victim
  4. Beardo   - 4th Murder Victim
  5. Chris McLean    - 5th Murder Victim
  6. Sky   - 6th Murder Victim
  7. Anne Maria   - 7th/8th Murder victim
  8. Sam   - 7th/8th Murder Victim
  9. Hernando Sanchez - Alejandro look-alike who was believed to be him in Chapter 5. Was an accomplice, is deceased due to cops shooting him.
  10. Philip Mosley - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  11. Herman King - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  12. Janet Martin - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  13. Judy Conaway - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  14. Vincent Pickett - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  15. Mario Yancey - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  16. Christy Harrell - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  17. Shirley Puckett - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  18. Larry Snook - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  19. Maria Sealey - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  20. Cynthia Simon - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  21. John Lynch - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  22. Shannon Johnson - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  23. Amber Bradford - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  24. Muareen Payne - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  25. Charles Matheson - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  26. Edward Tillotson - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  27. Aaron Sample - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  28. David Hernandez - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  29. Kenneth Perez - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  30. Micheal Thompson - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  31. Armando Bennett - 9th-30th Murder Victim
  32. Andrew Tanner   - 31st Murder Victim
  33. Tiny Smith - 32nd/33rd Murder Victim
  34. Walter Young - 33rd/34th Murder Victim
  35. Staci - 35th Murder Victim 
  36. Max - 36th Murder Victim
  37. Owen - 37th Murder Victim
  38. Kelsey - 38th Murder Victim
  39. Gwen  - 39th Murder Victim
  40. Cameron - 40th Murder Victim
  41. Esther Wheeler - One of the Accomplices, first to die due to wearing the springlock Foxy Suit and making sudden movements while wearing it.
  42. Harriette Jackson - Aka Momma DJ, she was shockingly one of the accomplices. She died due to doing sudden movements inside a springlock Chica suit.
  43. Scarlett - 41st Murder Victim (* - Also Technically the Mastermind)
  44. Eric Lark - One of the Accomplices, third of them to die due to breathing while in a springlock Freddy suit. His last move was lunging onto Scarlett.
  45. Courtney - 42nd Murder Victim
  46. Mariann Gerdes - Last of the accomplices to die. She died due to making a sudden move (killing Courtney) while in the springlock Mangle suit.
  47. "Elaine Wilkos" - Birth name is Scarlett McGrady. She is the Mastermind behind the entire murder plot and Scarlett's future self.
  48. Cody - Alive
  49. Dave - Alive
  50. Dawn - Alive
  51. Mike - Alive
  52. Trent - Alive
  53. Jo - Alive
  54. Duncan - Alive
  55. Geoff - Alive
  56. Sierra - Alive
  57. Izzy - Alive
  58. Eva - Alive
  59. Bridgette - Alive 
  60. Noah - Alive
  61. Claude Frollo - Alive
  62. Brick - Alive, but in critical condition at the hospital.
Inspirations for this story:

:icondeweyman:'s "Wawanakwa Massacre" series - Which can be Read Here

:iconmarcusqwj:'s "Total Drama: Mystery" series - The first part of which is here
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Cove Spanking
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CASE # - 90210



DATES: 6/1/14 ~ 7/31/14



This date began once more, with Elaine Wilkos awakening from my slumber in her normal urgent state when one of the murders occurs, and I knew that, at around midnight, indeed, another one had just happened. And boy, was it truly grand. This murder was not of one of the suspects, but rather of another officer of mine. This murder, well, took place within the Prehistoric Set. It was the murder, of Deputy Tanner Anderson (no relation to Cody whatsoever), and it was a true bloodbath on the same leve lof Beverly's murder.

 Andrew "Andy" Tanner was not a  friend of many fellow officers, and nobody knew much about him aside from him originally being a American citizen from the state of Oregon. He was at least in his early 40's, and also had three daughters which all lived with him in one house alongside his brother-in-law, his brother-in-law's wife, his male best friend, and his brother-in-laws two twin boys. He also had at least seven cats which lived with him aswell. He also had an extraordinary level of intelligence, though also had very little care for lower ranked officers, would constantly boss them around and would treat any criminals he handed with an extreme level of sadism. However, it seems as though the criminal attacking this film lot finally gave him his final curtian call.

The Murder - A bloodbath. First, his eyes were both gouged out, and all of his teeth were smashed with 10 pound weights. Not only that, but the weights also appeared to had been used to deal in massive damage to his torso aswell as the rest of his head. After that, we deduced that the murderer then cut through his stomach and pulled out his stomach with both of his intestines attached to it, and the murderer actually used these organs to sodomize the officer with the stomach, while feeding him his intestines, which no doubt put his feces into his mouth aswell. Following that he was seemingly stabbed a total of 200 times across his arms and things, before stabbed through the entire length of his spine, shattering said spine and no doubt rendering him parlyzed if he were still alive. Finally, after that his head was shaved bald so that he could be scalped by a large axe. He also had his breasts removed by some type of knife aswell, which made the killer able to actually rip out his entire rib cage with the hearts and lungs and use the bones of the rib cage to impale him while chopping off his feet and hands to cram his lungs and hearts into the now opened limbs. Then, the remainder of the man's skin was removed, at which point his body, no doubt dead by this point, was set on fire and left to burn to a crisp, ending the officer's job once and for all. The likely motive for this killing is that he stumbled across our four murderers and was murdered to ensure their secrecy.

The Location - The prehistoric set, which is of course the setting of the attack against LeShawna and Harold.

Me and my crew decided against informing the contestants of this killing, for the simple reason of there were enough issues with the suspects already, and with this brutal murder of one of our own loyal officers for either simply stumbling upon the mastermind murderer or for some other reason (perhaps he was a traitorous accomplice for the murderer), we decided this own required more investigation with our own kind.

That, and once LeShawna and Harold's parents were informed of what had happened, it did not take very long for LeShawna's father to arrive on the scene. Harold's mother had apparently fainted upon the words that her son had been attacked, though LeShawna's Father wasted no time in grabbing not only a shotgun, but also two rather large men to join him in marching over to the film lot.

Why, most of the day had to actually be spent keeping the man and his two, for lack of better words, henchmen, from storming into the film lot itself and risk damaging evidence within the many crime scenes.  Eventually, we struck a deal with him, we let him speak with his daughter one time, and also made sure both her and Harold were kept in their confinement at a distance far away from the film lot, specifically, at the nearest Police Station itself. No doubt this would detour the murderer from striking them as they would be far from the film lot, which is clearly his or her primary hunting grounds.

With how long it took to come to this agreement, the day was not long enough at this point to actually have any investigation further. Though I did make sure to observe all of the remaining suspects before retiring to my rest:

Western Group - The Group does much the same as they normally do. Dave and Cody sleep close to eachother, however, but for the most part the group is all asleep in a circle formation.

Girls' Trailer -
The group also remains asleep in their individual beds.

Solitary Confinement (LeShawna) -
She is sulking while sitting in a corner of her room.

Solitary Confinement (Harold) -
Harold is sitting in the middle of the room working on a rubix cube.

New Sci-Fi Group -
Scarlett and Staci are both sitting in separate corners, awake, though Scarlett is writing in her notepad while Staci is just humming to herself.

Once all the groups were checked up on and confirmed to still be alive, I retired to my rest for the day, once more to give the killer a false sense of security and to give him or her a chance to make their next move.


This date was quite a shocker to me and everyone, for right in the early hours of the morning there were sounds of a struggle coming from the main outside area. It was complete with grunts, sounds of beatings, metal clanging, and finally gunshots aswell as screams. Me, Elaine Wilkos, and what was left of the stationed officers in this place immediately rushed to the scene of the crime, where we saw what the struggle was. What was it? Well, of course, it was yet another murder. Though this time, the murderers seemed to have done this out of self defense. It was the murder  of Tiny Smith and Walter Young. The remaining suspects tried to see what was going on, but I made sure my officers kept them all from doing so.

Background of Victims - Young and Smith were both workers at the casino run by LeShawna's father, and both of them were of African-Canadian descent, though Young also had Chinese heritage alongside African. Smith had very little surviving family members, while Young had plenty of surviving family members and even a wife and eight children of his own.  Both were large men, with extraordinarily built bodies, infact, we assumed at first they were on steroids upon first sight, though later autopsies confirmed they were not. The two also carried AK-47s in their hands, showing they were likely sent to this flim lot by LeShawna's Father, likely to free his daughter or kill the murderer themselves. However, it appears they were both overpowered.

The Murder - In what appears to be an actual act of Self Defense, it is likely Young and Smith caught the murderers while they were on their way to commit a separate murder of one of the remaining suspects, and obviously, the two likely opened fire. Thus, it is likely that they may have killed or severely wounded at least one or two of the accomplices, or even the mastermind (though that is unlikely).  However, it is likely the ones they didn't injure got them from behind by stabbing them in the back with a knife or another sharp object, and then continued stabbing them while they were distracted by this. Given that as all of the officers were awoken by the shots, the killers did not have any time to mutilate his body. We confirmed this story by the fact we could see trails of blood coming from a good distance away from their bodies, which imply one of the accomplices was indeed injured or even killed in this battle.

Location - Just outside the entrance gates of the Film Lot.

    Following this murder, I decided it was best that the suspects not know about these victims just yet. I did not want them to begin panicking and risk jeopardizing the case. However, to avoid future incidents involving LeShawna and Harold aswell as their family members, I decided it was for the best that those two be let home to their families. Needless to say their family members were more than happy once they were returned home.

    Though, the Girls Trailer group and Staci seemed more nervous and unhappy with LeShawna leaving than the others did. Trent and Cody also seemed a bit sad about their band-mate Harold leaving aswell, though appeared to be happy for him aswell. Scarlett was overall indifferent to the entire situation, as was Dawn. I also noticed a few rats scurrying along the floor once I returned to my resting tent. I ignored them, however, as they were of no concern to me.

    I decided to rest once more for the day, simply put.


    When I awoke from my slumber this day I knew immediately what the best course of action to take was. What was it? To observe all of the remaining suspects, of course. Now that two more had been sent home, I had a feeling this would make the murderer and his or her accomplices more anxious and likely make them strike again early. I will admit, I'm a bit surprised they have so far failed to murder any suspects recently. This only furthers my feeling that they will strike again soon, however. Regardless, for right now, I am content with observing the suspects who are not sent home yet and are still alive:


Dave - He was not doing much, he was simply sitting next to Cody, the two having a chat with eachother.

Cody - As with Dave, he was simply sitting with him and chatting with him. I could not hear precisely what they were talking of, though, it appears the audio on the cameras is beginning to go out, though visuals remain intact.

Dawn - She was reading from some type of cards in the middle of the set's road area.

Mike - He was sleeping with Trent next to him. Why, Mike was even leaning his head onto Trent's shoulder while he slept.

Trent - Like I said with Mike, Mike was sleeping with his head leaning onto Trent's shoulder. Trent did not seem to mind this at all, and rested one hand behind his back while keeping the other by his side.

Duncan - Duncan seemed to be off to himself, carving into one of the cardboard prop buildings, without caring much of the others at all. I kept an eye on him longer than the others because of this, but as he didn't change after an entire hour, I moved on.

Geoff - Geoff was sleeping aswell, leaning on one of the buildings to do so. I did not pay much mind to him after watching him for 30 whole minutes.


Scarlett -She was off in her own corner, writing in her journal it seemed.

Staci - She was talking about various lies once more, Scarlett seemed to have Staci completely blocked out and was entirely ignoring her.


Gwen - She was alseep in her bunk bed.

Courtney - She was sitting up, writing in some type of journal.

Bridgette - She was sitting up in her bed and looking around aimlessly at the room, it seems.


Cameron -He was also writing in a journal, sitting in his own personal corner.

Jo - She was jogging around the set, likely to get exercise for the day.


    Following that, I retired for the day after checking with the hospital and confirming that Brick was still alive, though retaining critical condition status. I still had no sign of Izzy, Eva and Sierra either. There was no confirmation of their status as dead or alive, so I still count them as only MIA rather than deceased or still alive. Elaine Wilkos discussed to me the fact it's unlikely they are still alive if they are still on the film lot. I assured to her, of course, that they should only be counted deceased if actual proof of that status is given. No proof of their fate in either direction has been shown to anyone at the film lot yet.

    After that, I retired. I knew I was giving the murderer a window to attack, but that, was just what I planned on doing.


    On this day of the investigation, there were once more no events regarding the suspects, surprisingly. No murders were had, and all of the suspects remained in their areas. I had two officers deliver meals and portable bathrooms to their sets, deciding it was best we keep them in the sets as much as possible. The contestants seemed alright with this, though a few of them complained about this feeling like prison now. Duncan seemed to become irritated at the slightest mention of prison. Following that, I returned to my spot of watching all of the suspects via cameras, when something unique happened:

    A delivery to the film lot. A delivery, of a set of strange mascot-like suits. I immediately questioned the delivery men, and I learned a startling secret. That Chris was infact, plotting to make another Total Drama season, and that these suits were delivered to be used in one of the season's challenges. I was explained that these suits were developed by a struggling-to-survive pizzeria company that the headquarters of was not located by the people. The suits were known as "Springlock" suits,  because they were fit for both humans and animatronics to wear.

    The suits, according to the delivery man who I questioned the order to, were intended to be worn as part of a challenge, due to their deadly nature. The spring locks are cranked out of place by a, well, crank. The crank was supplied with the suits. However, the locks are sensitive to sudden movements and breathing, and if breathed on like that, they will lock back into place, brutally killing any person who is wearing them. The suits were likely intended for the Final 12 of the season, for there were 12 of them. Or possibly for interns to wear.

    Apparently, only 2 official ones were made by and for the company, though Chris payed to have 12 made by them just for Total Drama. All of them were anthropomorphic characters, and their appearance was:

1. "Freddy" - Freddy is a suit with  the appearance of a (humanoid) brown bear. He also wears a black top hat and bow tie. His ears are articulated and are thus able to move back and forth. His irises are  of a light blue color.

2. "Bonnie" - Bonnie is a lavender-colored (humanoid) rabbit suit, with maroon eyes. He has articulated ears that can bend forward, and wears a red bow tie which is partially obstructed by his chin. Onstage, he carries an orange guitar. Unlike the other characters, he has rounded teeth as opposed to the other having seemingly square teeth, and does not have eyebrows. Excluding his head, the majority of Bonnie's body appears identical to Freddy's, apart from the latter's color. This version of Bonnie, seems to have no teeth on his upper jaw.

3. "Chica" - Chica is a bright yellow (humanoid) chicken suit with a spherical shaped head, orange beak, magenta eyes, and black eyebrows. She wears a white bib that reads "LET'S EAT!!!" in yellow bubble letters, outlined in purple. The bib is flecked with tri-colored triangles in patterns of three, and what appear to be tiny stylized pizza slices. This suit also comes with acessories, namely a chocolate cupcake with pink frosting ontop that also has eyes and a candle. This cupcake also comes with a plate. Naturally, the cupcake is indeed fake and not actually edible.

4. "Foxy" - Foxy is a red humanoid fox-themed suit that has the character have an eye patch over one eye, a hook for one hand, and not to mention brown pants to fit in with the pirate theme. Though there is no shirt. Foxy has the sharpest of all the first four suit's teeth, and it gives him quite the dangerous look, too. His front torso is a much later shade of red than the rest of his body.

5. "Golden Freddy" - This suit is easy to describe. It is simply a golden coloured version of the Freddy suit, with the top hat being black. Nothing else is noticeably different about it, however.

6. "Golden Bonnie" - Similar to Golden Freddy, for the most part this is just a golden coloured version of Bonnie, however, the head is shaped more differently, more rounded and slightly more unique from Freddy's. The final difference is that this suit appears to have more of a grin on his face, which even I admit was quite eery as I looked at it, though I knew this was just a suit.

7. "Balloon Boy" - The most painful to be in, this suit was of a human character, with a round ball-like body and head, short brown hair, a red and blue hat with a propeller on it, and a shirt with two black buttons that matches the hat, aswell as darker blue pants and brown shoes. The nose of the suit is orange and triangular, and the character has two large blushes on his cheeks. The user of this suit would have to get into a very uncomfortable fetal-like position to actually use this thing. This suit came with an accessory, a simple wooden sign that read "Balloons!", and also a simple fake plastic balloon accessory aswell.

8. "The Puppet" - This was actually not a "Spring Trap" suit, and was actually just a simple cloth costume suit instead. For the most part, this was a full black suit with white lines on the arms and legs, aswell as for buttons on the torso. Then there was a mask for it that was a white face with two red blushes on the cheeks, two red lines on the top and bottom of both lips, and two purple triangle lines underneath the eyes, which had no eyelashes at all. Due to this being a simple cloth-made costume with no springs, this was actually the only safe suit to actually wear. This suit came with an accessory. A simple music box that played "My Grandfather's Clock" when wound up.

9. "Toy Freddy" - Toy Freddy was a reboot of the main Freddy character, He is a brown animatronic bear with lighter brown coloring on his belly, face and inner ears. He has black whisker spots, black eyebrows, short eyelashes, blue eyes and a black nose. As with the other toy suits, Toy Freddy has rosy red, blushed cheeks. Toy Freddy's face is a bit flatter, wider, and more block-shaped than the original Freddy Fazbear's facial design, with his mouth and teeth being much more human-like. He also seems to be the widest of the toy suits, as his body has become much bulkier compared to that of the original Freddy's. His ears are also much smaller and more rounded. He bears a black bow tie with two black buttons beneath it, a small, black, removable top hat with a red stripe, and a silver and black microphone in his right hand.

10. "Toy Bonnie" - A drastically different version of the original Bonnie character. He is colored a bright shiny blue, with his belly and the insides of his ears colored a pale, powder blue. He has green eyes, purple eyelids, long eyelashes, and rosy red, blushed cheeks. He also has a white circular tail. Toy Bonnie also sports a red bow tie, whisker spots, and buck teeth. Toy Bonnie's accessories include an electric guitar, which is red and white with a black neck.

11. "Toy Chica" - The Reboot of the Chica character, apparently. Toy Chica takes the appearance of a stereotypical feminine character. She is a yellow chicken with an orange beak, blue eyes, purple eyelids, long eyelashes, and orange feet. She has a few stray "feathers" that stick out from the top of her head. She has blushed cheeks, like the other toy suits, though hers are pink rather than red. Unlike her counterpart, Toy Chica has a noticeably curvy body, rather than simply round and ovular, as is the original Chica's. Just like the original Chica, Toy Chica has a bib. However, her bib reads "LET'S PARTY!", rather than "LET'S EAT!!!". She wears a pink garment on her lower body, aswell, and comes with the same accessories that the other Chica comes with.

12.  "Mangle" - Apparently, Mangle is not the company's actual name for this character, that is actually "Toy Foxy", though the staff of the company call the character "Mangle" due to it's role at the actual establishment, being torn apart and put back together by the youngest child who go there. Unlike the original Foxy, Mangle's nose has been reduced in size. The eyepatch and hook that contributed to the original Foxy's pirate theme have both been removed. Like Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, and Toy Freddy, Mangle bears a resemblance to a ventriloquist dummy. Mangle has rosy red cheeks, which are hard to notice from the teaser image, as well as lipstick haphazardly dotted on its elongated snout, giving it a feminine appearance. It also has long eyelashes. . A pink bow tie is also attached to its body, and it's eyes are noticeably more realistically designed than the others. Mangle also has pink nail-polish on its feet. This suit is of the character if it was not torn apart, and as such, I could see that Mangle had a body similar in shape to Toy Chica, though white with colour, and with a pink heart on her chest, and of course a fox tail like Foxy's, though once more with a white colour and with a pink tip end of it.

    After I had observed all of these deliveries and learned the danger of the suits, I knew immediately it was best to keep them in my observation center rather than at the film lot, for I already knew what the murderer could and likely would potentially do with these suits. Once they are all safe in that location, I decided enough had happened for the day when I learned that nothing new was going on with the suspects at all, and retired once more to my slumber.


Much to my surprise, this day also was not eventful at all. There was no new victim from either inside or outside of the film lot, and all of the remaining suspects, save the three that are still currently MIA,  are all accounted for in their sets. It was then though that Elaine Wilkos gave me an idea, to split up the western group more, since they were so massive compared to the other groups at the current time. She also attempted to get me to place the suits somewhere other than the observation tent, claiming that it could lead to a direct attack from the murder on me, but I dismissed that idea quickly and assured her that placing the suits there was for the best.

However, I did decide that her idea of separating the western set group was also for the best, aswell. I decided that:

1. Duncan & Geoff would move back into the Prison Group with Cameron & Jo.

2. Dawn would join Gwen, Courtney & Bridgette in the Girls' Trailer.

    After once more changing the line-up of our remaining suspects, since aside from some sadness that the groups were changing no events were really happening, I once more called it a day for the time being.


Once more, today was much more not surprising at all in terms of events, though was more eventful than yesterday was. There was no still no further murders at all, though there was a break in the search for Izzy, Eva and Sierra who were all still MIA as of this day. What was the break in the case? It was that Sierra's shoes were found at the entrance gate of the film lot, and dusting the crime scene in the prehistoric set revealed three different sets of footprints and fingerprints to be a good distance from the crime scene but still in the set.

    While none of their bodies or any of their blood was found, meaning they still can not be considered deceased just yet, this was much more progress in the search for them than was done than previously.

    Aside from this discovery, though, nothing majorly eventful happened during this day at all.


This day was a big jump in terms of events from the last few days, for Elaine Wilkos alerted me to yet another murder. This murder was located just outside the door to the Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) set, where Staci Autumnblue's body was located. Indeed, Staci was the latest victim of the murderers, and I must say, her murder was quite vicious indeed:

    The Murder - Staci's end was seemingly done with complete hatred and/or animosity towards her, likely out of annoyance for all of her lying that she has been doing ever since she was practically born, it seems. The timeline me and my team put together was that first her eyes were gouged out by the murderer, and then her left hand was cut off very sloppily while her right hand was forced into a bowl of acid until only the bones of it were left. All the while, acid was being forced down her throat to horribly burn both it and her mouth, rendering her unable to scream or even talk at all, even if she was alive. Following that, her throat was slit open and the murder forcibly pulled out all of the arteries and the esophagus, including the girl's tongue, that layed inside of it. After that, they opened up her stomach, removed every single one of her teeth to place each one inside of the stomach. After that, they beat her face in with some type of blunt weapon until it hardly resembled a human face at all, and left her body to be discovered by what was left of the police presence later on.

    The Location -
The location of the murder was just outside of the New Sci-Fi group, and from what we can tell it was done during the hours in which every suspect was asleep, and when the fact of the police presence at the film lot being horribly weakened was most evident.

    Likely Suspects -
Due to the fact most, if not all, of the remaining suspects were clearly annoyed

    While the murder was being analyzed and investigated, I immediately went right over to observing all of the remaining suspects as I usually do:



Cody - Cody was sitting next to Dave on the steps, seemingly doing not much of anything but sitting and pointing at things, seemingly playing Eye-Spy with Dave. Cody seemed to be more enthused about this than Dave.

Dave -Like with Cody, Dave was simply sitting next to the other boy and seemingly playing a game of eye-spy with him, though Cody was clearly more excited about it than Dave was, though both were smiling.

Mike - Mike and Trent were both sitting not too far away from Trent, and sitting on the ground while Trent played his music on some of the stairs on one of the prop buildings. Mike seemed to be enjoying the music Trent was playing.

Trent - As I had said with Mike, Trent sat on some of the steps and played his guitar with Mike being the sole audience. Trent seemed to enjoy playing his music, like how Mike enjoyed listening to it.


Gwen - She was merely sleeping in her bed, so I did not pay much mind to her.

Courtney -Once more, she was sitting up in her bed while also writing in some journal or diary.

Dawn - She was sitting in the middle of the trailer floor while seemingly meditating.

Bridgette - She was playing hacky-sack in a corner of the trailer, minding her own business it seemed.


Scarlett - She was seemingly not concerned about the murder that happened in her group or about being the last one left in her group, but she was sitting in a corner of her set while writing in a journal or diary of her own.


Cameron -Cameron was sitting in a corner seemingly sleeping, so I payed not much mind to him.

Jo -As usual, she was doing various exercises around her group when not acting as if she were a prison gaurd. She didn't seem too suspicious so I didn't pay much mind to her.

Duncan - He seemed to keep his distance from the rest of the group, and seemed more disturbed in the prison group than he was in the other groups. It appears he has a great animosity towards even the mere mention of actual prison, now that I think about it all.

Geoff - He was resting in a corner, similar to Cameron.


Following that, I once more retired for the night, though not to rest, rather, I had look into Staci's background to see if I could come to any more leads about the identity of the murderer. However, before I did so, I followed Elaine Wilkos' advice of moving Scarlett into the Girls' Trailer aswell, as she was now the only one left in the New Sci-Fi group, which would not be safe for her what-so-ever at the moment.


As is typical of days immediately following a murder, I spent most of this particular day studying the background of the most recent victim while I let Elaine Wilkos handle all of the observing for the time being. According to Ms. Wilkos, there was nothing out of the ordinary, and much the same things were happening today was was happening yesterday. As such, I focused mostly on research. What I found regarding Staci, was actually quite interesting indeed:

Staci's Background - Staci's true family was actually of a simple middle class suburban family, with nothing special to truly denote them as much more besides a simple average surburban family. Her mother works as an accoutant, and her father works at an offshore oil rig. Almost the entire family lived in the Nova Scotia province of Canada, in, once more, a simble suburban town that apparently was not very far from the U.S. border at all. Staci's compulsive lying apparently did not help any of her fellow peers like her very much, and her family would often entertain these lies as if they were mere fantasy stories, which likely did not help her lying problem very much at all. There is not much to really learn about this family though, as once more, they are mostly an average surburban middle-class family. Besides her parents, surviving relatives include both paternal and maternal grandparents, 2 younger sisters, and 2 maternal aunts, 1 paternal aunt, 4 paternal uncles, and 5 paternal uncles. She also has a total of 18 cousins.

    Upon learning Staci's completely true backstory, and informing her family of her passing, I decided to officially retire for the day after once more learning nothing suspicious or truly interesting happened according to Elaine Wilkos during her observations. I was hoping that the following day would actually end up being at least more eventful than today had been.


To my surprise, this day was actually not much more eventful than the previous day, as the remaining suspects were still doing their usual mundane tasks that they seemingly always do around here. However, as I was looking over the cameras of where the suspects were not, I noticed some peculiar things. Some of my findings were as follows:

1.  Signs of three individual muddy footprints in the back area of the film lot. I could not make up the specifics about the prints, perhaps they were the traitor officers, or even the MIA suspects Izzy, Sierra and Eva. I could not tell.

2. The Spring Lock Foxy suit had been placed in the confessional. I had it quickly moved back into the Observation tent as soon as I noticed it, however. None of the other suits had been moved out of place.

3. A bucket of red paint had been found toppled over and spilled at the entrance of the film lot.

4. A paintbrush covered in used red paint was found near the crafts & services area, with a trail of paint drips leading to it from where the bucket was found.

5. Finally, there was something  else dealing with this paint. A phrase had been painted on the walls of the main front gate, using the red paint. The phrase was a mere two words, two very mysterious words. It was a simple phrase, just, "IT'S ME".

    After those discoveries, I spent almost the entire rest of the day trying to come to a conclusion on what "IT'S ME" meant. I thought about it being the murderer telling me it was them behind the entire situation, which I decided was most likely out of all the possible reasons. However, I knew there were other possibilities, but those were endless. That phrase was so small it could mean almost anything.

    Eventually, tiredness got the better of me, and I knew that I would have to think more about this phrase and what it could mean in the morning.


When I was awakened by Elaine Wilkos to the knowledge that we now had lost 30 officers, I was immediately stunned. However, she quickly explained to me that they were simply off try to learn what was behind 3 separate murders that happened outside of the film lot, all of them being Total Drama ex-contestants. That is right, we had 3 external Total Drama murders. Who were the victims this time? Well, it seems the murderers had gotten to Max, Owen, and finally a girl named Kelsey.  10 officers each were at the scenes of these horrific crimes.

    The Murder of Max -The murder of the contestant known as Max (Short purple hair, black eyes, a mostly grey stereotypical villain-like outfit, and is overall a short and overweight boy), was quite gruesome but also somewhat suspicious, for one, there actually was no body. At all. Instead, only pale white fingers and various internal organs were found scattered around his bedroom, which was absolutely covered in blood and ruined guts, as if the boy had been, for lack of better words, completely destroyed. There was practically nothing left of him it seems, but this also left suspicion to his death. I decided not to remove Max from the list of possible suspects, just for until we get the DNA analysis done.

    The Murder of Owen -
Like Max's murder, Owen's left surprisingly little of his body at the murder scene, for it happened in his very bathroom. What seems to have happened is that the murderer put some new experimental technology in his plumbing pipes, some fan-like technology that was so powerful it actually sucked him inside of the toilet, causing him to not only break the toilet, but also quite possibly every single bone in his body as he was sucked towards a large fan placed just at the entrance to the septic tank, and once he hit that fan, a giant gush of blood, organs, guts and other bodily fluids flung into the septic tank and even back up the pipes to cover the bathroom completely. His corpse itself was just a giant blob of torn up skin, organs and bones that were turned practically to mush inside of the septic tank, much of it laying inside the other vile things within the tank, while the rest was still hanging on the broken fan.

    The Murder of Kelsey -
A girl with brunette hair, glasses, dark eyes, pale skin, some level of freckles, blue jean pants, a cyan shirt with a pink animal on it, she was a fan of Trent, a true fanatic, infact. Her murder, left her almost unable to be identified if it were not for her parents and DNA analysis. Her murder seemed to copy an infamous murder committed by Jack the Ripper. She was lying naked on her back upon her bed, with her right arm slightly out of place, which we later learned was because was ripped out of it's socket. The whole of the surface of the girl's abdomen and thighs was removed and the abdominal cavity emptied of all of it's insides. The breasts were completely sliced off, the arms mutilated by several jagged wounds and the face hacked beyond recognition of the features. The tissues of the neck were severed all round down to the bone. The ears were completely missing, and were found in two corners of the room in which she was found in. Every single one of her stuffed animals and toys from childhood were decapitated and covered in blood. The most eery bit of it all, was that, written in the girl's very own blood, was the chilling phrase on the back of her bedroom door. A simple "IT'S ME". Which, once I went there and saw it all for myself before returning back to the Film lot, even sent a few chills down my very spine aswell, as I tried to comprehend what it meant in this situation.

    Location of Max -
The Location of Max's murder was his very own bedroom.

    Location of Owen -
The location of Owen's murder was the main bathroom in his very own home.

    Location of Kelsey -
Like with Max, Kelsey's murder was committed within the girl's very own bedroom.

    Likely Suspects -
I have almost no clear-cut suspect for these murders aside from the three traitor officers and/or whoever the fourth accomplice to the "mastermind" is. I also am still trying to learn what is meant by the phrase "IT'S ME". All three seemed to have complete and total animosity towards the victim, but that is one of my only few hints towards the murderer here.

    Following my return to the film lot and making sure none of the spring lock suits were out of place, I retired to my rest once more. I needed some rest in hopes I could perhaps come to a conclusion about the meaning of that foreboding phrase.


This morning once more began with Elaine Wilkos informing me of, yet another murder. That is correct, another murder, much to my surprise. Unlike the others though, this murder was indeed of one of the remaining suspects that we had, most likely done due to the fact that we now had only 18 and/or less officers left, Elaine Wilkos said that was about the approximate number, though she admitted she was not very in-the-know on that. The point is, the police presence here was practically fatally wounded at this point, and that fact had even I on edge. I made sure all of my weapons were with me at all times just incase I was attacked.

    However, I was more focused on the latest murder. The murder, of Gwen.

    The Murder - The murder of Gwen was in the back area of the film lot, a area hardly used by anyone, practically, and compared to the previous ones, were disgustingly simple. There were indeed signs of a fight with Gwen before she met her end. Gwen had some minor scrapes and bruises, as well as cuts that were lightly bleeding before she had officially died,  and she also had two black eyes, showing that she had either been ruthlessly beaten before being murdered, or had put up a fight in a failed attempt to fight off her attackers. Finally, she was then put up onto a flagpole, with the rope tied on her choker, and she was promptly hung from it.

    Location - As I had stated, this murder was the southern most part of the film lot, far from where anyone present goes to, in a part that was not even seen during Total Drama Action at all.

    Likely Suspects - The only hint to the suspect of this murder, was the phrase, painted on the wall behind the flag pole, once more in red, which as usual, only said in ominous words, "IT'S ME".

    Once this murder scene was being attended to, I checked on the other remaining suspects, and saw they were all still alive, and aside from the Girls' cabin being visibly worried (likely of Gwen), they were all still doing very mundane tasks. As such, I felt comfortable with retiring to my rest once the murder of Gwen was processed and there was nothing much else to do in the investigation of it specifically.


On this day, the investigation came to a very abrupt and startling point. Because, Elaine Wilkos was missing from the Film Lot. Hell, every single subordinate officer was also missing from the Film Lot. Even the suits were missing from the observation tent, and my analysis team was also completely missing. All of it, all gone without a trace. I immediately rushed to check on the remaining suspects as fast I could, and came across an even more unsettling sight: Every single one of the suspects were missing aswell. Though, what I also saw, made me come to a conclusion on one of my more recent discoveries in this case:

    SCI-FI SET - The Red "IT'S ME" was written right on the floor, in plain view of the camera.

The "IT'S ME" was written on all of the walls that were visible to the camera.

The "IT'S ME" was written in the send, somewhat out of the view of the camera, but still clearly visible and could easily be read.

was written on the floor, in plain view of the camera.

was written on the ceiling that was visible to the camera, and also on the floor. It was also written on the aquarium aswell.

was written on the confessional camera itself, though due to this it appeared backwards when looked at from the camera itself, thus to me it looked like "EM S'TI".

was written on the very couch that the main hosts of the Aftermath would sit upon.

    It was then that I came to a conclusion regarding the phrase "IT'S ME". I realized, it was the actual mastermind of this entire murder plot. Taunting me. Saying it was them that was causing and orchestrating all of this into the way it was happening. Perhaps not directly participating in all of the murders, but most likely being the puppet master behind the fact that they were all happening at the very least.

    I slammed my fist down on my observation desk as I finally began to put the pieces together. As I did that, I also knew what I had to do. I had to take as many officers as I could, and find where the Mastermind was located before it was too late.
Total Drama: Horror on the Film Lot - Chapter 7
All Chapters - Total Drama Horror on the Film Lot

In this Chapter:
  1. The murder of a police officer named Andrew Tanner occurs. It was followed by a short observation sequence.
  2. The murder of two men who work for LeShawna's dad occurs. This causes LeShawna & Harold to be let home.
  3. Frollo once more spends a day just observing everyone that is still alive.
  4. Spring Lock suits for all of the FNAF characters are delivered to the Film Lot.
  5. Frollo switches the groups around once more.
  6. Some signs of Izzy, Eva and Sierra are found.
  7. Staci is horribly murdered. Another bit of observations.
  8. Frollo researches Staci's actual and truthful background.
  9. No murder happens, but some signs of the MIA trio, a suit being out of place, and the message "IT'S ME" are found instead
  10. Max, Owen and Kelsey are all horribly murdered in their own homes off of the film lot. Weakening Frollo's  present police force even further. "IT'S ME" was at the scene of Kelsey's murder.
  11. Gwen is murdered in the back area of the Film Lot. "IT'S ME" was once more sighted.
  12. All of the suspects, officers, analyzers and even Elaine Wilkos & the Spring Lock suits, are all missing, without a single trace as to where they've gone. Only Frollo is left at the Film Lot. "IT'S ME" has been written in all of the most major areas of the film lot.

Characters So Far:

  1. Alejandro   - 1st Murder Victim
  2. B   - 2nd Murder Victim
  3. Zoey   - 3rd Murder Victim
  4. Noah   - 4th Murder Victim (* - Possibly, Izzy believes he is still living, corpse is MIA)
  5. Beardo   - 5th Murder Victim
  6. Chris McLean    - 6th Murder Victim (* - Not one of the actual suspects)
  7. Sky   - 7th Murder Victim
  8. Anne Maria   - 8th/9th Murder victim
  9. Sam   - 8th/9th Murder Victim
  10. Momma DJ - 10th Murder Victim (* - Not one of the actual suspects)
  11. Hernando Sanchez - Alejandro look-alike who was believed to be him in Chapter 5. Was an accomplice, is deceased due to cops shooting him.
  12. Philip Mosley - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  13. Herman King - 11th-32ndMurder Victim
  14. Janet Martin - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  15. Judy Conaway - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  16. Vincent Pickett - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  17. Mario Yancey - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  18. Christy Harrell - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  19. Shirley Puckett - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  20. Larry Snook - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  21. Maria Sealey - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  22. Cynthia Simon - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  23. John Lynch - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  24. Shannon Johnson - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  25. Amber Bradford - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  26. Muareen Payne - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  27. Charles Matheson - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  28. Edward Tillotson - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  29. Aaron Sample - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  30. David Hernandez - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  31. Kenneth Perez - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  32. Micheal Thompson - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  33. Armando Bennett - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  34. Andrew Tanner   - 33rd Murder Victim
  35. Tiny Smith - 34th/35th Murder Victim
  36. Walter Young - 34th/35th Murder Victim
  37. Staci - 36th Murder Victim 
  38. Max - 37th Murder Victim
  39. Owen - 38th Murder Victim
  40. Kelsey - 39th Murder Victim
  41. Gwen  - 40th Murder Victim
  42. Cody - MIA
  43. Dave - MIA
  44. Dawn - MIA
  45. Mike - MIA
  46. Trent - MIA
  47. Scarlett - MIA
  48. Jo - MIA
  49. Duncan - MIA
  50. Cameron - MIA
  51. Geoff - MIA
  52. Sierra - MIA
  53. Izzy - MIA
  54. Eva - MIA
  55. Courtney - MIA
  56. Bridgette - MIA
  57. Claude Frollo - Alive
  58. Mariann Gerdes - MIA (Presumed Alive, Assumed Accomplice)
  59. Eric Lark - MIA (Presumed Alive, Assumed Accomplice)
  60. Esther Wheeler - MIA (Presumed Alive, Assumed Accomplice)
  61. Unknown Fourth Accomplice - Status & Identity Unknown
  62. Elaine Wilkos - MIA
  63. Harold - Sent Home
  64. LeShawna - Sent Home

Inspirations for this story:

:icondeweyman:'s "Wawanakwa Massacre" series - Which can be Read Here

:iconmarcusqwj:'s "Total Drama: Mystery" series - The first part of which is here

It's been a while since my friends did this, I know, but I feel bad for never getting to this. So....yeah. I'm gonna do it now:


1. Post these rules at the beginning of the meme.

2. I really don't care if you tag, or how many people you tag. If you get tagged, you don't need to do it.

2b. However, if you have been tagged and you want to do it, please mention who tagged you.

3. Use any kind of writing deviation for this.

You will be answering a series of questions about your OC. Answer them from the POV of said OC. Ready?

The OC I'm writing as is:



Um.....Strawberries. I hope that's not bad or anything!


Well, um, Purple. But I like all colours, really!

Type of music?

I really like all kinds of music, really, once I listen to it.

Book genre?

I don't read very much but I do find myself able to like very many books once I read them.

Kind of pie?

Apple Pie, I guess.

Subject in school?

So hard to say. But um, I'd guess I'd have to, uhhh, English?

Type of candy?

 Every Candy~

OC that doesn't belong to your creator, and why? (Who cares if they never met or interacted.)

I don't know. But I know a few who are close to me.....very close.


What's your family like?

I have a mom who can be over protective but she loves me alot and I love her, a dad who means well but may not understand me much, and two older brothers one who likes to pick on me alot and another who is like a protective gaurdian. I also have a Great Aunt who is actually a very good mentor for me in very many things.

Left or right handed?

Um, Right handed.

What's your idea of how the apocalypse will occur? (Aliens? Solar flares? Robots?)

I hope that science will actually prevent the world from ending.

In your franchise (if any), which character do you aspire to be like and why? (If OC isn't in one particular franchise, just pick any character from anywhere.)

Well, I do like to think maybe I could be like Cody or Dave. Though there's also my cousin Duncan. Yeah, my cousin Duncan. He's tough, afraid of very little, and is totally secure of himself. He is basically the exact polar opposite of me. Even though he is a person who likes to make fun of me, I also like to be like my brother Anthony, or "Tony", really. I just, well, again, same reasons as Duncan. They are both cool and I wouldn't mind learning to be like them one day.

What's your preferred time of day?

I'd say the morning time. I like looking out the window just to see the way it looks when the sun rises.

Digital or analog clocks?

I like both

How would you spend an ideal evening?

Um, well, listening to music, spending time on the internet, trying to write and/or draw, playing video games, watching television. Maybe sometimes worrying about things regarding life.

Hot cocoa, tea, coffee, or something else?


What time do you usually go to bed at night (if at all?)

It varies

The best birthday ever would be...?

I don't know, really. I really don't know.

What instrument do you think you want to try and play?

I don't know.

Pencil, pen, or ink brush?

Anything I can work with.

Notebooks or loose-leaf paper? (Folder paper)


Are you in any fandoms? Which ones?

I am in many fandoms, really. Danny Phantom, American Dragon, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Total Drama, Camp Lakebottom, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Pound Puppies, tons of things. I don't know.

What's the most boring situation you can think of?

Hmmm, I don't know. Doing nothing at all?

What do you hate about your friends sometimes? (Annoying qualities? We won't tell...)

I always like my friends, I never hate anything about them!

Do you have posters in your room? Of what?

No, I don't really have many posters in my room.

What's your least favorite holiday?

Um, Christmas? I don't know.

What about sports? Do you play any? Love them or hate them?

I like Tennis, but I'm too afraid to really join the official teams.

Whats the best gift you ever received?

I...... don't know if I can answer that, really. All of the gifts I got were great, really.

(wild card: make up a question!)

What's your favourite country (Fictional or Real)

   Well, I have to say, I like my home. The United States of America., that's all.

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Television
  • Reading: The Webpage
  • Watching: Camp Lakebottom/Disney XD
  • Playing: Nothing at the Moment
  • Eating: Cake
  • Drinking: Pepsi


Anything with my OCs
If you want ANYTHING featuring my OCs. Very pricey. However, if you want one of these and are one of my friends(or if you aren't listed below but feel I am your friend/friendly with you) you can simply request one of these for free.

Only if your close to me though.
Stories (One Chapter/One-Shot)
If you want me to write a story for you. Only One-Shots I will do (which don't necessarily have to be Smut, they can be random comedy or drama stories too btw) and note that if you request anything NSFW it will have to be shown to you privately rather than posted publically.

Also be VERY patient with these. Stories take time to come up with.

Right now I am offering Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros, Total Drama, NiGHTS into Dreams and OC stories only.
Two or more characters with background
DunCo at the including Alex! by EternalInsanity787
Point Commission - Juliefan21 by EternalInsanity787
Just like what it says in the title. Two people or more, with a background.
OC Reference
Stoked OC - Ridley (Reference 01) by EternalInsanity787
Coby (2013 Rotation) by EternalInsanity787
Brandon Reference by EternalInsanity787
A simply Reference sheet. I do do rotations, but really just for my OCs when I can't find anyone else to do them xD.
Two or More Characters without Background
Trent and Coby - Hugging by EternalInsanity787
Point Commission: Hallie and Jose by EternalInsanity787
AT with FraiseParfait by EternalInsanity787
Just two or more people without a background.
OC Revamp
Carlota - OC Remade by EternalInsanity787
OC: Veronica Redone by EternalInsanity787
If you want me to draw your OC with a slightly new design and in my style. Basically just redrawing your OC in a basic standing position as a refrence.
OC Head
Is just a head of your OC.


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What Sonic Character Are You?
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