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I have been drained. Completely drained. I don't know what to do. I have writers block on all of my stories right now, even the new ones. I don't know what to do draw and when I do I suddenly don't feel like drawing.

The main reasons for this:

1. I feel like not anyone agrees with my opinions or pairings I ship at all.
2. I feel like my stories are inferior or that nobody cares about them.
3. I feel like I need a different opinion entirely just to be liked around here.
4. I feel depressed lately
5. I have been so busy trying to please everyone with getting these stories worked on at once that it just imploded.
6. My style limitations
7. Having hard times designing new OCs
8. I feel like certain people want to convert my opinion to theirs.
9. I feel like everything I do will be disliked or inferior to other people.

I don't know

Would anyone like to maybe help me write my stories? Like, Co-Write?

I can't do these stories alone anymore. My motivation is being fucking drained so badly.
Cove by EternalInsanity787
Yet another new ship essentially founded by me. Cove.

Alternate names: DaveCo, Cave

Anyway.....yes....CodyXDave....or DaveXCody. I ship it. It's freakin' adorable. And they have stuff in common (They both crush on someone, but end up with someone they didn't like liking them and also don't end up with their crushes. Oh and also run-ins with Bears.). Shocked nobody seems to have caught on before.


I ship it.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)

CASE # - 90210



DATES: 6/1/14 ~ 7/31/14



This day started off with some interesting early events. First off, as it turns out once we sent Brick's body away, he was not truly deceased as of yet. Rather, he was in critical condition as he layed on his hospital dead. Simply put: he was in a coma but still technically alive. The doctors predicted he would be in this coma for quite some time, possibly for the remainder of the summer if not more. As such, I let the boy's family and friends take care of that issue while I tended on the matters of who caused his coma and murdered the rest. I immediately informed the remaining suspects of this, and they were all relieved to hear that Brick was, at least technically, still alive. However, their happinesss was short lived once they once more realized that they were all still in danger of dying themselves, that the vigilante group was still very much active and not seen yet, and that three officers were also still missing and possibly accomplices to the murderer. As such, I let them retire back to their group places and once more continued to simply observe them with Elaine Wilkos at my side.


(Still no sign of the vigilante group at all)


(Nothing out of the ordinary there for the time being, just officers and analyzers doing their proper jobs)


Anne Maria - "Well, at least Brick turned out alright."

Katie - "But he's not alright! He's in a coma!"

Sadie - "Yeah, a coma."

Anne Maria - "Better than bein' dead."

Sam - "Yeah, it really is."

Katie - "Yeah, that is right."

Sadie - "Mhmmm."

Anne Maria - "Ugh, I'm all outta hair spray" (Is shaking now empty can of hairspray) "Any of y'all know where I can go to get some more."

(Katie, Sadie and Sam are all silent for a good bit)

Sam - "Yeah.....outside of the film lot."

Anne Maria - "Ugh, damn it!"

Katie - "I wish we could help."

Sadie - "Yeah, but, we didn't bring any hairspray."

Anne Maria - "Y'all are crazy."

Katie & Sadie - "Sorry......"

Sam - "Hey, it'll be alright. I'm sure you used enough that it won't go away."

Anne Maria - "God dang killer. Look what's doin' to us!"

(The rest all bow their heads)

Anne Maria - "Makin' me run outta hairspray, murdering us all one by one, beatin' on poor innocent Brick, trappin' us all in here with the police! When I get my hands on that killer he'll wish the police got to him first!"

Katie & Sadie - "Yeah!"

Sam - "Yeah that would be pretty sweet to get to him first. But, uh, Frollo doesn't exactly like the vigilante group Izzy formed."

Anne Maria - "I was just sayin' that if my chance comes and the killer comes over here again, I'mma give him a taste of his own medicine!"

Sam - "Oh, okay then."

Katie & Sadie - (they both nod and smile)


(Scarlett remains in her cage as usual while the others of her group sit in a circle infront of it. Duncan remains sitting in a corner by himself)

Scarlett - "Well, Jo you must be pleased with the information that Brick isn't fully deceased."

Jo - "Did I say you had the right to speak?"

Scarlett - "We live in one of the countries of the world that allows Freedom of Speech. You have no right to deny me that right of free speech."

Jo - "Just shut up."

Scarlett - "Very well."

Geoff - "Well I think it's sweet that little dude made it out at least half-okay. Makes things around here a little less heavy, ya know?"

Cameron - "Not really."

Geoff - "Well I think it does."

Jo - "Then you can keep that thought to yourself."

Cameron - "Ya know Jo, you don't seem too affected by Brick's alleged death or his coma."

Jo - "Should I be?"

Cameron - "Well, I thought you would be."

Jo - "Well yeah I don't think he deserves to die but I got other things to worry about later. Personal stuff has to wait until after this all blows over. I can't lower my gaurd and let the killer get me."

Cameron - "Fine, suit yourself."

Geoff - "Yeah, suit yourself" (begins relaxing)

Cameron - (begins writing in his own notepad)


(Gwen, Courtney, LeShawna, Bridgette & Staci are all sitting in a circle in the middle of the trailer)

Gwen - "I'm glad Brick is okay. I don't know who would want to kill HIM."

Courtney - "It was probably one of the ones who never spoke with him or is generally a mean or ruthless person."

Bridgette - "If Blaineley were here I'd say she did it all just for fame and attention but she was sent home with everyone else on day one."

Courtney - "True. That shocks me honestly."

Gwen - "But if Chris was murdered first instead of Alejandro she probably would be here right now because she'd have more of a motive against Chris than Al."

Bridgette - "Good point."

Courtney - "So then, who do you think is the killer? We need to come up with SOMEONE to be more suspicious of than most."

LeShawna - "I think it's Jo or Scarlett honestly."

Bridgette - "It could be Sierra. Her mental state has been going down hill recently."

Staci - "It could be Duncan."

Gwen - "I think those officers are the killers and not the accomplices, honestly."

Courtney - "I personally think the murderer is likely to be Izzy personally."

LeShawa - "Yeah that girl's pretty crazy too."

Courtney - "So we can't agree on anyone, huh?"

(All of them shake their heads, Courtney sighs)

Courtney - "Do you want to talk about something else?"

(All of them nod)


(Dave, Cody, Dawn, Mike, Trent & Harold are all also seated overall in a group)

Trent - "So, what do you guys do here for fun?"

Dawn - "For the most part we really just talk and get to know eachother more."

Trent - "Oh cool."

Mike - "Yeah, heheh. I wish I had known Zoey more....."

Trent - "Hey man" (pats Mike on shoulder) "It's not your fault. It's her's for doing what she did. If you wanna talk about it it's oaky."

Mike - (smiles at Trent) "Thanks.........heheh."

Dave - "See Cody? It's not wrong to show that care about friends like that!"

Cody - (sighs) "I don't see Trent pulling down Mike's pants to jam an epi-pen into his naked butt cheek, Dave."

(Trent and Mike seemingly blush at the imagery of that)

Dave - "I was just trying to help."

Cody - "I know, I'm just saying."

Dave - "Well I'm just saying too!"

Harold - "............what's been going on in this group?"

Dawn - "I think it's best you stay in the dark about that, Harold."

Harold - "No. We shouldn't keep secrets from eachother."

Dawn - "True. Well, Me, Mike, Dave and Cody talked about our backstories. Mike grew up with an abusive mother, Cody has a very young mom and an eldery father who hardly spend time with him, Dave has a seemingly normal but overall sheltered and protected life, and I come from a Nature Reserve in Quebec."

Trent - "You had abusive parents, Mike?"

Mike - "It was just my mom, really......I don't like to talk about it much."

Trent - "Oh.....okay....well, I feel for ya, man. Even though I never had abusive parents I can imagine that kinda stuff is rough, ya know?"

Mike - (smiles again at Trent)

Cody - " didn't say you were sheltered, Dave."

Dave - "I.....I......I didn't feel like it, heheh. I just spend most of my time inside, okay? For me it's just normal."

Cody - "You could've said so. That explains alot, really."

Dave - "What do you mean by that?"

Cody - "I mean that in a good way."

Dave - "Oh.......okay.....heheh."

Harold - "Sheesh you two are acting like me and LeShawna do sometimes."

Cody & Dave - "What?!" (They both appear to be heavily blushing at that statment from Harold)

Trent - "Hey if you two feel that way it's fine by me, Codester."

Mike - "Yeah. Same here."

Cody & Dave - "We are not dating!"

Dave - "I swear I only exposed Cody's naked butt cheek because I cared for him as a friend!"

(The whole group is silent)

Dave - "........shutting up now."

Dawn - "How about we play a friendly game of" (she takes time to think of something) "Jump Rope?"

Harold - "We're going to need a jump rope for that."

Dawn - *She takes a jump rope out from seemingly behind her*

Harold - "Oh, okay then."

(The group overall seems to agree with Dawn's idea)


Following the viewing of that group I decided that for the time being, I was done. I once more checked on Brick's status and the hospital confirmed he was still in critical condition in his coma, no major status changes as of yet. I then checked if there had been any other out-of-film lot murders. There were, a few. None of them related to Total Drama however. There was one murder of a Prostitute right on a streen corner, one major bloodbath between two fueding families in the suburbs of Toronto, one murder where a group of high school girls had beaten to death one of their peers, one where a rape victim murdered her rapist after he was freed due to bail, another family feud between the two pairs of in-laws of a married couple which resulted in the mother of one father-in-law and one mother-in-law, and another murder in deep southern Toronto where a cult had just comitted it's classic mass suicide ceremony.

Sadly, this means I had to further lower the number of officers at my disposal, though me and Elaine Wilkos made sure we still retained enough officers to spare for this case which was still ongoing and our primary focus.

After those officers were sent out to those cases we only had at least 62 total officers on the scene of the Film Lot, and that number was definitely going to leave us weak due to these officers needing to be spread out.

My worst fear regarding this, is that this is exactly part of the mastermind unsub's plan.

No matter. Justice shall prevail in the end.


This day started out truly hectic, as almost immediately as soon as I rounded up all of the suspects, it came to my attention that one of them was missing. Specifically? Cody. That's correct, Cody was missing. Almost immediately the Western Group was sent into a worried frenzy, and a search around the film lot was sent out for the boy. Among the most frantically looking for him, was Dave, who surprisingly was the one worried for the boy the most out of everyone. Of course, I predicted Cody was already lost to us. However, the contestants, mainly Dave, urged me to not give up the search.

"No!", he immediately exclaimed when I mentioned calling off the search, "Please don't! I know he's still alive! He can't be dead! He just can't! He was just here yesterday! He's not dead! Just extend the search for the rest of the day, please!"

It was not long until one clue of Cody's fate had reached us. His shoes lay barren right by the lake outside of the film lot. Of course, this told me the unsub either removed them, the boy took a swim, or, well, the unsub attempted to drown the boy. Amazingly, Dave was the one who actually jumped into the water almost immediately to save him while of the others just watched in shock, worry, and awe.

Dave was underwater for plenty of minutes it felt, until he actually did surface up, with Cody in tow. As it had appeared, the murderer did indeed attempt to murder Cody by drowning him. Perhaps wanting one of the sharks to devour him or something like that. Either way, the key word here is attempt. once Dave saw Cody wasn't breathing, he actually in a fast and deep breathing panic began giving Cody CPR via mouth-to-mouth resesitation. Right before Bridgette was going to go to tell Dave Cody was gone, Cody all of a sudden began coughing up water and coming back to life, shocking everyone while also making them all sigh in relief, especially Dave:

"Oh thank god!", he exclaimed, "You're still alive!"

"D-D-Dave? Wha-wha? I'm, I'm alive?"

"Yes, you're alive! You're alive!"

"Wow", Bridgette said happily, "That's very shocking with how long you were under, Cody."

"It is? I was underwater?"

"Yeah...but Dave jumped in and saved you."

"Dave?", Cody then turned to Dave who was still technically ontop of him, "You....saved me?"

"Y-y-yeah, I did.....I didn't want you to die."

"Th-thank much."

"Okay okay there are more important things to discuss here", Courtney then blurted out, "Much more important things."

"Like what?", Bridgette responded, "Cody just almost died."

"Like what the killer looks like and how the killer tried to kill him for starters!"


"Well", Cody then began speaking as he and Dave were now both sitting up on the ground, "I don't remember what the killers looked like, they probably took me here while I was still asleeping, all I knew is that they had tied me to some cinderblock at my ankles before dropping me into the water, and I blacked out again not too long after that.....until now of course, heheh.", it was at that point which Jo spoke:

"I bet it was Gwen!"

"What?!", Gwen exclaimed, "Me?! Why?!"

"Because everyone knows Cody was all goo goo ga-ga over you in the first three seasons, you even let him have your bra. So no doubt since he's all lovey-dovey with Dave now, you wanted to kill him just so you would ruin that."

"We're not a couple!", Dave and Cody both said in unison but for the most part they were ignored by everyone;

"I don't care about Cody's love life! He's free to date whoever the wants whether it be Sierra, Dave, Beth, Noah, heck if he was dating Courtney I wouldn't care! But I would NEVER, I repeat, EVER MURDER him over it!"

"Sure you wouldn't."

"I must admit, I see Jo's point", I then admitted, Gwen gasped in response;


"I'm not saying you ARE the killer", I replied, Elaine Wilkos right at my side  for incase Gwen became too hostile, "But I do agree, just for the strong possibility, you must be taught a proper lesson here and now to teach not only the murderer what they deserve, but also what you deserve. After all, you do remind me of someone I once encountered with paris. Someone who was rather, untrustworthy, to say the least."


"Officers, take her infront of the trailers for her", I then couldn't help but grin at the thought of the just desserts I was going to ensure Gwen got just now, "Lesson", and my officers then forcibly took that girl and dragged her out to the trailers. She fought back, but my captain, Elaine Wilkos, made sure she got to her destination. Another group of officers brought out a fine wooden cog-shapped device for her to be tied up onto. It was essentially a wooden wheel attached to another wooden object. Elaine Wilkos spun the wheel around as I made sure all of the former contestants watched as Elaine Wilkos spun the wheel, one officer whipped the bitch, and all of my other officers hurled as many vegetables as they could at the goth giril. Oh did Gwen scream, and oh did the other suspects cringe, but oh did I grin in delight. Oh how I wish I had done this to that gypsy girl back in Paris. Oh how that foul temptress needed to be taught this lesson. But nonetheless, this lesson was lectured to her for a good 2 full hours. It got to the point that her clothes were almost completely torn by my officer's wise and controlled lashes, and Gwen did indeed vomit a few times. Finally, to prove she wasn't the killer, I said she would be left out here tonight.

Of course, the other members of the Girl's Trailer, aswell as Cody and Cameron, all objected to this. But I knew better. I had Ealie & the other officers all force them back to their main areas while I went back to mine. If Gwen was murdered or someone else was murdered, then she wasn't the killer. If nobody is murdered overnight, then she is guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.


When Elaine Wilkos woke me early from my sleep, I knew something had happened. I knew it. Someone had been murdered once again. To my surprise, it was not Gwen. No, it was not her. She remained in her proper educated position where she was last left. Though she did need three lashes from Elaine Wilkos for giving me an angry scowl as I walked out to the nearest murder site. This murder victim? The Entire Sports Set Group. That's right. Katie, Sadie, Anne Maria & Sam were all victimized. Though Katie & Sadie were left alive, just barely. Anne Maria & Sam, however, remained dead.

The Murder - The Entire Sports Movie set was lit on fire much similar to Beardo's murder. It seems the killer and his accomplice blockec all possible exits and entrances to set to ensure the group's death, though Katie & Sadie escaped through a damaged part of the set as the fires burned. They ended up with second degree burns, but officers arrived just in time to save them. Anne Maria & Sam, however, had already burned to death by that time and were nothing more than hulking, charred corpses now. It could not be said who had been murdered first, but it is truly a miracle that this fire did not spread through the rest of the film lot.

The murder weapons - Likely the same weapons used for Beardo's murder.

Following this sudden chain of events, I immediately had the burned Katie & Sadie exempt from being suspects and sent to the hospital. I thought of sending Cody back home, but he was at the film lot at the time of this attack on the Sports film group, and as such he too was still considered. I informed the remaining suspects of this attack on the group and the double murder of Anne Maria & Sam via the intercom system, and told them all that for today they will have dinner inside their areas to ensure safety for today. Only for today.

I made quick observations on all the remaining groups:

Sports Group - Now in ashes, no remains of the set aside from ashes& burned building parts

Sci-Fi Group - Still completely missing

Boy's Trailer - Still nothing out of the ordinary in this secondary control center

Girl's Trailer - Gwen is being comforted by Bridgette, Courtney, LeShawna & Staci it seems, all of them trying to help her heal.

Prison Group - Scarlett remains in her cage while the others seemingly have a massive argument amongst themselves.

Western Group - The group is seemingly kept from panicking by Dawn, who once more brings the group into simple friendly games & chatter.

With that all done, I once more retired to my own personal slumber for the time being. I had a big day ahead of me tomorrow, and I needed to be at my fullest in terms of energy. I also needed to be prepared to wake up immediately if I should need to do so.


Much to the surprise of both me and Elaine Wilkos, his day started out with murder aswell. Though granted, it was murder taking place off of the Film Lot. Now I had my amount of officers shortened down to 50, and with this murder I had just 45. This murder was related to Total Drama aswell. It was the murder of Harriette Jackson. The mother of Devon Joseph "DJ" Jackson.  According to what I learned from contact with my officers, Harriette met her end when she caught three cloaked figures stepping into her son's bedroom to attempt in shoving a chainsaw up his ass. She pushed them all out of the window, but a feminine figure pulled her down with her. After that, all of the three figures took her purse and actually beat her with it before shoving the chainsaw up her crotch and destroying her lower body completely by using it before then using the chainsaw to decapitate her. DJ had to be sent to a mental asylum to recover from the trauma of witnessing this with his own eyes and in horror.

Upon learning of Harriette's murder, it confirmed for me that Mariann Gerdes, Eric Lark and Esther Wheeler are indeed, accomplices to the primary murderer. It is likely they were assigned with murdering people out of the film lot while the mastermind does the inside work, though they likely do occassionally provide aid in more complicated film lot murders. I immediately spent 10 more of my officers to directly be involved with the case of locating those 3 traitors of the blade of justice.  I believe I will be able to take this risk. I also know that it is a necessary risk to take due to them being associated with the main murderer.

I once more gathered all of the remaining suspects together and explained this situation to them. The reactions were all shocked at this incident once I explained it. The many reactions were, of course, these:

"Someone attacked DJ!?", was Geoff's shocked reaction, "Who on earth would that, man?!"

"I know!", Bridgette added in, "Everyone LOVES DJ!"

"That's an opinion", Courtney then stated, "There has to be SOME people who hate DJ in this world."

"That is true", Scarlett added in, "It is impossible for someone to be literally loved by all. There have to be some levels of a population that feels some different form of opinion about that person. Same vice versa too."

"Still though", Bridgette answered, "What would possibly be their motive with attacking DJ?"

"It's probably to distract us", Gwen then said, "Or just to keep us all here to pick us off one by one."

"Or in groups", Harold then pointed out, "The killer's clearly not above killing off an entire group at once."

"That is correct", I then said, "But I don't believe someone like Gwen has the right to speak at this time."

"What?!", Gwen exclaimed in anger, "But this proves i'm NOT the killer."

"It proves nothing", I swiftly said, "It simply proves you weren't the murderer of Sam and Anne Maria, that is all."

"Gwem", Courtney whispered to Gwen, "Don't tempt him. He'll do that stuff to you again", after Courtney said those things, Gwen surprisingly sighed and wisely did as Courtney advised. She kept her mouth shut good. I was pleased to see that. At that point though, I decided to retire them to their group areas once more. I decided it was once more time to do some research on all of the most recent victim, to hopefully uncover things that they might have missed.

My research was going to definitely become an all night affair.


This day was entirely a research date. I also looked further into the backgrounds of the three traitor officers and the vigilante group in-order to judge how much of a threat they really could potentially be. What I found during my research all last night was quite astounding indeed. Truly amazing. I must admit, these contestants and their hosts are very interesting people in terms of their lives.

Beardo - A boy who hailed from Northern Ontario. His father was a DJ at the local night club while his mother had to take a job in prostitution to help pay for the bills. His family makes very little money even with those two working, and they had to sell their home and move in with Beardo's paternal grandparents just to live in a house permanently. It also came to my attention that Beardo was, well, a "Crack baby". His mother is a barely recovering drug addict, and did plenty of crack coccaine and thus, when Beardo was born, he was born high on drugs. He was born out of a hospital however so she did not go to jail for this horrible act. I learned that Beardo also has 7 younger sisters, 2 older sisters, 3 younger brothers and 1 older brother at home. Most of these are simply half-siblings due to his mother's prostitution, however. His mother said she once had dreams of being a famous actress and starred in some 1980's sitcoms, but her agent convinced her to do drugs which ultimately led to her current state. Despite this harsh life, they said that they loved their son dearly, and they were clearly in mourning once I informed them of their son's passing.

Chris McLean - He was born in the 1970's to a woman named Grimhilde McLean (maiden name "McLain"), a widow of a Canadian army solidier who passed in the Vietnam war while she was pregnant and remarried later when her kids were young (though her second husband recently passed aswell, 2 years ago to be exact), and from a early age he was obsessed with fame and fortune, often competing with his sister Ember McLean for attention. Upon reading some notes, I learned that Ember died in the 1980's in a house fire at the McLean residence at the time. With further investigation in Chris' home however, I uncovered Chris' personal journal. In this journal, he confessed that he actually caused his sister's death. Not wanting her to be the talented child of their mother, he actually called a boy she was going to go on a date with and informed him that Ember was sick and wasn't going to show for the date. Ember felt like she was stood up and went back home to cry. As she cried herself to sleep, her mother had to leave for an emergency at her work place, only for her son to then lock Ember's door before setting the house on fire, burning his sister alive. He later married a woman named Cassandra Price, a girl who was unfaithful during their entire relationship and even slept with his father-in-law and all of his old band mates when he was in a boy band. It was her sleeping with producers that got him most of his jobs as host on television and in commercials, actually. One time he caught her however, and they divorced when she was not apologetic at all. In her custody lawsuits, she won every thing. Even his original hair which she turned into hair extensions. Months later, he became host of Total Drama. When I informed Grimhilde of this, she was mourning at first, until I explained the evidence explaining what Chris did to her daughter, at which point she was seemingly happy of his passing.

Sky - Sky was born in the suburbs of Honolulu, Hawaii. She has asian ancestory, obviously. The only other Total Drama contestant from Hawaii is Justin as far as my knowledge goes. Sky was raised from an early age by her ultra-feminist mother to dominate over women and prove men who think women are weak and below them wrong about said women. However, Sky was always more relaxed about those beliefs than her mother was. Extremely, relaxed. She met her first and only true boyfriend Keith while on spring break, they dated primarily because he shared her family's feminist views and liked women in power and who were stronger than men. Her mother was enraged and in mourning upon the knowledge of her daughter's death, as was her father. I could not properly contact this "Keith" person.

Brick - Though he is technically still alive, he is still one of the victims of this grizzly murderer. Brick comes from a primarily army family, his entire family is a member of the Canadian Army, though some are in the Navy or Air Force. His parents taught him strict lessons of discipline, honour, respect, intregrity and loyalty. He always respects even his enemies and nations who Canada gets into wars with. He is a true solidier of the army, fully a Canadian patriot. He was however, teased as a child, and had bet wetting problems alot of the times, aswell as a fear of the dark. Though nevertheless, he remains a true Canadian patriot. His family is currently hoping and praying he makes it out of his coma healthy and fine.

Cody - A boy who has Russian Ancestory from his mother's side and Italian Ancestory from his father's side. As with Brick, even though he is still surviving, he was victimized previously and must be researched. Cody Emment Jameson Anderson was born to Carter Anderson and Lorraine Anderson. Lorraine Anderon's maiden name, is O'Holloran. As it turns out, she is the younger sister of Mildred "Blaineley" O'Holloran, who is the younger sister of Samara Artemeyeva the current governor of Pennsylvania who is planning on running for the next American presidency. Blaineley, Samara and Lorraine are also all daughters of Fredward "Fred" O'Holloran, who is the founder and current CEO of the "O'Holloran Bros." mass media corporation, which is headquartered in Wisconsin. It's known as the creator of Turk Turkey & the Zaney Toones cartoons, aswell as the owners of WC Comics and also being a film distributor. It's a major entertainment corporation, simply put. I also took note of the fact that Carter is in his 60's, just a decade younger than Mr. O'Holloran is. Upon further inspection and research I learned that Carter was one of Lorraine's high school teachers who she convinced to run with her to Canada just to concieve Cody in a country where it would be legal. They had Cody when Lorraine was just 16 years old hersef. Once Lorraine was 18, they married and moved back to Wisconsin. Her father was outraged completely, though did accept Cody as his grandson into the family while looking down upon his daughter and his new son-in-law. Lorraine herself is currently a therapist based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She requested her son to come home safely, but I had to deny her request. Though if Samara was the President of America I would have no choice but to have sent him back home on the first day of this investigation.

Katie - A girl from the suburbs of Toronto itself, living right next door to Sadie ever since the two were little children. Katie's parents were also best friends with Sadie's parents aswell, so the whole family is essentially best friends with Sadie's family. This likely helps their happy and friendly personalities, living in such an overall friendly enivornment almost 24/7. Though arguments do at times break out between the friends, only to always heal themselves in the end. All the other information I could find about Katie's background is that her mother works at a bank as a manager while her father is a stay-at-home father. She also has three younger brothers who are all triplets.

Sadie - The only individual background she has parting from Katie, is that her father works at a bank while her mother works at home.

Anne Maria - A girl with almost purely italian ancestory, who does turn out to have come from New Jersey. Her father is the owner of a local night club, and her mother is an employee at that very club.  They are also both considered "guido" people, and actually took pride in the lifestyle of those on that old television series "Jersey Shore". Infact, it is a family tradition to watch an episode of the show every single family dinner for them. Anne Maria's other family members include 1 older sister, 2 older brothers, and 1 younger brother. All were devastated to learn of her passing.

Sam - A boy who comes from a small isolated town located in Montana, USA. Not much aside from the fact he had an obsession with Video Games, drank plenty of soda almost all of the time, and was  a much larger online gamer than Noah can really be said about him. He was also an online reviewer of video games aswell. His mutated girlfriend Dakota made things hard to judge. After her on-show mutation,  he actually stook by her and helped her get used to and happy with her mutant life. Once she learned of his death, it took the entire Montana police force to stop her angry rampage through the state.

DJ - A boy who's ancestory primarily comes from Jamacia. Infact, his mother was born there. He is a known animal person, and is infact becoming a well known animal rights activist where is from, though is mostly known for his cooking. It's known he keeps his animal loving and animal rights activism away from his mother. At least, he did. Now he can likely no longer hide that. At least once he gets over her death and the trauma of seeing it.

Harriette - A woman who came from jamacia though moved to Canada due to a reason I could not find any evidence for. She was a stay-at-home mother for the most part, and was known as quite a strict mother at that. She made sure DJ always respected others, though her way of raising him did cause him to become quite a coward overall. She also is known far and wide for her cooking, even though alot of her cooking featured plenty upon plenty of carbs. It even once caused people to die aswell. As such it's possible that, if not officers, that it was angry relatives of victims of her cooking that murdered her. Though that can not be certain. With her death, DJ is now without a mother or a father, as that man died when he was very, very young. She also has at least five other sons besides DJ aswell.

With all of the as of yet victims researched and looked into, including those still alive and/or attempted, I retreated back into my slumber. The murderer and their accomplices were getting more active now that the month was reaching it's end, it seems. I would need to be more active tomorrow aswell. I felt I was getting closer to unraveling his mystery, however. Though the facts of the vigilante group also trouble me. I will need to keep an eye out for that group.


This day once more, to my surprise, began with Elaine Wilkos waking me up at 12:17 AM. I know right away what had happened: another murder. Though there was a twist to this one: it was actually a murder currently in progress. That's right, it was in progress? How did we know? We were seeing it on one of the screens. It seems that in the Aftermath set, Cody had been targetted once more. He was tied tightly onto the main host couch and had a pipe forced into his mouth, and upon further inspection I saw this pipe was connected to a tank of Sulfuric Acid. Me and my officers immediately set out to the Aftermath set and attempted to get inside of it, only to learn that the doors were somehow locked shut. I did not give up, however, and had a group of my officers group a large tree trunk to use as a battering ram to open that door up. This gained the attention of the other suspects, though we kept information on the murder in progress on a need to know basis. Though all of them stayed as an audience. Eventually, the door we were ramming was finally weakened enough so that the battering ram broke through it, allowing my officers followed by Elaine & myself to pour into the room. Two officers stayed to ensure the other suspects remained inside.

Once we broke in, guns properly aimed, I grinned. The murderer was just about to turn on the Sulfuric Acid tank when we finally broke into the room, all of our guns pointed right in his or her direction. Caught. Done. He or she knew if he turned that on switch on, they would be doomed. They also knew that either way, they were doomed. I knew it. Oh did I know it. And I enjoyed it. I knew I had to say:

"So, you must be the murderer I've heard oh so much about."

"One of them", the murderer answered me with, "I'm not the mastermind, though. I'm not the only murderer, either.", with that I grimaced. I just turned to Elaine Wilkos and we nodded heads, before we both gave the signal for the guns to be fired. The officers, every last one of them except 2, opened fire at the murderering pyscho. Blood splattered from every hole, and he or she was shot up so much that their jaw actually became detached from their face, and I could see their brains splatter on the curtains behind them. By the time I signaled the officers to cease fire, the deed was done.

As the murderer and Cody were brought out, the audience of suspects gasped. I informed to them of what the murderer said and that this meant that they would not be going home just yet, before removing the murderer's black cloak to expose their true identity. Who was it? Alejandro. That is correct, Alejandro was alive the entire time it seems, and had been one of the murder's the entire time. Everyone gasped. However, attention quickly turned to Cody. Once more, he had to be given CPR in-order to have his life restored. This relieved Dave, who had to be restrained from getting involved in his CPR this time. Once Cody was restored though, he ran right up to him to be right at his side.

"Cody!", Dave said, "You, you almost died back there! Again!"

"Y-y-yeah.......I know", Cody meekly answered, "You, you saved me again?"

"No......the cops did this time.....heheh."


"But we caught one of the killers!"

"Sweet! Can we go home now?"

"No", Dawn then said, walking up to them, "It seems Alejandro was secretly alive the entire time, but he's not the only murderer."

"That is correct", I commented as I investigated a note I noticed coming from Alejandro's cloak, "He told me there was a mastermind that is no doubt the true murderer here. He, and those three officers, are merely accomplices in some grand scheme.", I then took this note with me as I began to walk off. "You may return to your group quarters now, I have further investigations to do", and I left them with those words as I went to my main control room so that I could investigate this note. It was, interesting.

It seemed to be an assignment of some sort. As if, a list of murderers that Alejandro was supposed to do. The list, went on like this:

1. "Yourself" (put in quotes to denote a fake death).

2. Chris McLean

3. Cody


Which was interesting about this list, is that it seems to imply that this "mastermind" has assigned his or her accomplices with tasks to do, specific murders to commit, rather than have one do all the work for them. This is an extremely interesting, but also frustrating, breakthrough in this case. It confirms Alejandro murdered Chris McLean (or took part in said murder), but until that point was inactive it seems (assuming the list is in the order they were supposed to commit the murders. This also says the mastermind may have a schedule for murders, as Alejandro did not stray from attempting to murder Cody when he failed at doing so the first time.

No doubt Mariann Gerdes, Eric Lark & Esther Wheeler also have their own set of notes detailing their assigned murder victims aswell. The questions, are: Who are they assigned to murder? When are they scheduled to strike? And of course, who (if any) are their fellow accomplices? The biggest question now, of course is the question of who the mastermind is. No doubt they are the true villain here. The one pulling the puppet strings of this operation.

I must find them.

And destroy them.

For now, we tried to deduce how Alejandro had faked his death earlier. Me and my analyzers realized that no doubt, his body was real. Being an intelligent boy himself, he likely used special effects makeup to make himself seem deceased, and knew tricks in-order to essentially act like he is truly dead aswell, not breathing or having a pulse, for example. He essentially put himself in suspended animation. Later, when he was far from the film lot he awakened. Likely, Gerdes, Wheeler or Lark had something to do with me not hearing of this absent corpse at this time. Likely, he murdered Chris around this time.

That is our best and most logical guess, anyhow.

In the end though, what truly matters now, is locating the mastermind.
Total Drama: Horror on the Film Lot - Chapter 5
All Chapters - Total Drama Horror on the Film Lot

In this Chapter -
  1. Brick is revealed to be alive but in a coma
  2. Once more Frollo observes all of the groups
  3. Gwen is horribly humiliated on Frollo's command after Cody is almost drowned in the lake but saved by Dave
  4. Sports group attacked: Sam & Anne Maria perish in flames while Katie & Sadie survive
  5. Momma DJ is murdered with a chainsaw off of the film lot
  6. Frollo researches all of the new victims, even surviving/attempted victims
  7. Cody is found tied to a chair in the aftermath with acid about to be poured down his throat. Frollo & police burst in and gun down the murderer, revealing it to be Alejandro who had faked his own death earlier. Alejandro reveals there is a "mastermind" to this plot and that he is not the only murderer. It's also revealed he likely only murdered Chris McLean, not all of the others. Cody is once more saved from certain death.

Characters So Far:

  1. Alejandro   - Thought to be first victim, later confirmed to be one of the murderers. Is deceased: shot down by police.
  2. B   - True 1st Murder Victim
  3. Zoey   - 2nd Murder Victim
  4. Noah   - 3rd Murder Victim (* - Possibly, Izzy believes he is still living, corpse is MIA)
  5. Beardo   - 4th Murder Victim
  6. Chris McLean    - 5th Murder Victim (* - Not one of the actual suspects)
  7. Sky   - 6th Murder Victim
  8. Anne Maria   - 7th/8th Murder victim
  9. Sam   - 7th/8th Murder Victim
  10. Momma DJ - 9th Murder Victim
  11. Cody - Alive
  12. Dave - Alive
  13. Dawn - Alive
  14. Mike - Alive
  15. Trent - Alive
  16. Harold - Alive
  17. Scarlett - Alive
  18. Jo - Alive
  19. Duncan - Alive
  20. Cameron - Alive
  21. Geoff - Alive
  22. Sierra - MIA
  23. Izzy - MIA
  24. Eva - MIA
  25. Gwen - Alive
  26. Courtney - Alive
  27. Staci - Alive
  28. Bridgette - Alive
  29. LeShawna - Alive
  30. Claude Frollo - Alive
  31. Mariann Gerdes - MIA (Presumed Alive, Assumed Accomplice)
  32. Eric Lark - MIA (Presumed Alive, Assumed Accomplice)
  33. Esther Wheeler - MIA (Presumed Alive, Assumed Accomplice)
  34. Elaine Wilkos - Alive (* - She's grown important enough now to be counted here but has been in the story since Chapter 1)
  35. Katie   - Sent Home, Alive
  36. Sadie   - Sent Home, Alive
  37. Brick   - Alive, but comatose. Is in hospital.

Inspirations for this story:

:icondeweyman:'s "Wawanakwa Massacre" series - Which can be Read Here

:iconmarcusqwj:'s "Total Drama: Mystery" series - The first part of which is here

Update - I realized I forgot to change Cody's 2nd Attempted Murder to be using Sulfuric Acid instead of Cyanide! Woops. Must have forgot to save before the notepad was closed and thus it was left in. It is now changed and the bear scene was removed because it was pointless and those two things made this chapter too similar to some other people's stories.

Well we FINALLY have the confrimation of My TDROTI's cast. A mix of both TDROTI and TDPI cast, plus one OC because plot demands it,  we have 14 people. 14 people. 13 of them are likeable, 1 one of them is the most deplorable things ever spawned in the TD fandom, even more hateable than Chris.

Now, let's go over the cast.  I will update this journal as the elimination goes on. Our cast at the at the moment is:

1.Cassandra - "The Racist Bigot"
2.Dawn - "The Moonchild"
3.Sugar - "The Pageant Queen"
4.Ella  - "The Fairytale princess"
5.Jasmine - "The Outback Survivalist"
6.Amy - "The Bad Twin"
7.Samey - "The Good Twin"
8.Topher - "The Chris Wannabe"
9.Cameron - "The Bubble Boy"
10.Lightning - "The Athletic Overachiever"
11.Shawn - "
The Zombie Conspiracy Nut"
12.Leonard - "
The LARPer"
13.Mike - "The Oddball" (I am not going to use MPD as a label).
14.Scott - "The Devious One"


Episode 1 - "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!": Cassandra

  • Reason - She was Racist, Homophobic, Chris' Ex-Wife who cheated on him and was proud of it,  possibly caused Chris to become the way he is now,  and also has offensive views on the countries of Canada, Australia and America. She also did hardly anything to truly help her team at all besides say more offensive things that I won't even repeat. Oh, and she also revealed in the confessional that she's conservative too.  Wonder how they will feel about her being a cheater......heheh. 
  • Placing - 14th
  • Team - Toxic Rats
  • Notes - In my series, she is so far, the contestant with the least amount of participation in the game, with only 1 episode as a competitor so far.
  • Trivia - She is the only competitor in this season without an audition tape shown in the TDWT Special, mainly due to the fact she joined the competition due to Chris getting her so angry that she ended up winning her own show's challenge and thus qualifying for the new season.  She is also one of the few competitors without an audition tape at all, the others being Alejandro & Blaineley. 

Episode 2 - "Truth or Laser Shark": Leonard

  • Reason - Virtually the same as in canon TDPI. His "Wizard Skills" led him to refuse to really try in the last part of the challenge, causing the entire team to fail because of it. Leonard was promptly voted off, as even though Lightning is, well, Lightning, he did at least try in the challenge. Then again, judging by Leonard's hurl of shame clip it is possible the radiation of the island was preventing his magic from working. That is the only logical explanation to explain that extra clip.
  • Placing - 13th
  • Team - Toxic Rats
  • Notes - He has the same placing and episode count as he, so far, does in canon. While I like Leonard a lot, I will admit, he could potentially get annoying if he stayed on much longer than 2 episodes. There is also still All-Stars for him to be in, if I feel like putting him in there.
  • Trivia - He is the first competitor to have a Hurl of Shame extra clip at the end. Cassandra didn't have one because the episode had size limit issues and also because of, well, not thinking of doing them before. The fact a black guy leaves right after the racist does is completely coincidental by the way, I really am doing this by story. I can promise you that I am not going to eliminate all of the black people one-by-one after Cassandra. 

Episode 3 - "Ice Ice Baby": Lightning

  • Reason - Well, Scott destroyed the team's shack like fort and while everyone was unaware who did it, he framed Lightning of doing it in-order to get said Athletic Overachiever promptly voted off.  Amazingly, this is like the third time in a row Ella's been in the bottom two I think. Huh. But yeah, the point is, Lightning was eliminated, had his hair turn white, and then took the hurl of shame.
  • Placing - 12th
  • Team - Toxic Rats
  • Notes - I was going to have his hurl of shame clip be him landing on the pillow, being happy he is still alive, and then pointing out how the first two people who were voted off after Cassandra were black people, and then he and Leonard would look at the camera in silence at the end of the clip.
  • Trivia - I got nothin'. 

Episode 4 -  "Finders Creepers": N/A

  • Reason - Nobody left because Pennywise and Sierra come on the scene, Sierra half-robot now, and tied the main staff members up and Sierra was hunting down most of the campers. In the end though, Cameron got Sierra back to her human self, but also obsessing over him instead of Cody. This gave Jasmine enough time to finally take care of Pennywise. In the end, Pennywise and Sierra were the ones promptly sent into the Hudson Bay by the Hurl of Shame.
  • Placing - N/A
  • Team - N/A
  • Notes - I was gonna have Alejandro and Alejandra being separated from eachother be a bigger scene of it's own, but again, size limits. 
  • Trivia - Had I never seen canon TDWT's Episode 25, I probably would not have brought Sierra back to life. 

Episode 5 - "Backstabbers Ahoy?!" : Amy

  • Reason - In reality, Samey was the one voted off, however, Amy pretended to be Samey to break Mike's heart and trick him into thinking Samey was manipulating him into loving her. As such, Samey tricked Amy into eating the manchineel fruit, causing her throat and mouth to swell up and leaving her unable to speak, temporarily. Samey used this to pretend to be Amy, and get Amy eliminated as everyone thought she was Samey. Well, Jasmine and Dawn knew the truth, but they also disliked Amy alot so.....yeah.
  • Placing - 11th
  • Team - Mutant Maggots
  • Notes - This episode came in late because I was tired yesterday, BEYOND tired, and had to sleep.
  • Trivia - I got nothin'.

Episode 6 - "Runaway Model": Cameron

  • Reason - Cameron was not doing much for his team, was unable to think of a strategy during the challenge, and his team saw him as deadweight so they either voted him or Dawn. In the end, Dawn got less votes against her than Cameron did, meaning Cameron was the one voted off.
  • Placing - 10th
  • Team - Mutant Maggots
  • Notes - Uploaded before Saturday because of the Hiatus this story has been on
  • Trivia - I got nothin'.

Episode 7 - "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to See": Dawn

  • Reason -When Chris tossed her pet Dorahts into toxic waste after all they did was free him from being tied up and actually heal his injured legs, it angered Dawn so much that she angrily snapped and stood up to him, including insulting him, throwing his wig into toxic waste and leaving him bald, and then kicking one of his teeth out and throwing it into toxic waste aswell. Obviously, Dawn had quit the show rather than be voted off.
  • Placing - 9th
  • Team - Mutant Maggots
  • Notes - Miraculously completed on a Wednesday, on Schedule. Though on this episode will have been uploaded behind schedule, on a Thursday.
  • Trivia - I got nothin'.

Episode 8 - "The Treasure Isle of Dr. McLean": Ella & Sugar

  • Reason (Ella) - At the end of the episode, Sugar pointed out that she technically brought joy to a former contestant, specifically Cody. Seeing this as a crime against Total Drama (bringing joy to a contestant), Chris disqualified her on the spot.
  • Reason (Sugar) - When Sugar then insulted Chris' presumed to be dead mother, he also disqualified her aswell. However, Chris had been insulting his mother in even meaner ways before Sugar said a single thing about her.
  • Placing - 8th/7th
  • Team - Toxic Rats & Toxic Rats
  • Notes - The first double elimination of the season.
  • Trivia - I was originally intending for Dawn to get this far, but I thought it would be odd for her to not quit after Chris chucked her Dorahts into toxic waste in Ep.7.

Episode 9 - "Grand Chef Auto": Shawn

  • Reason - Scott technically won the challenge, and chose to eliminate Shawn as his reward was being able to pick who to eliminate. He eliminated Shawn after his girlfriend, Jasmine, threw a log/branch at him and knocked him out at the end of the challenge. If Jasmine hadn't done that, then Scott would have picked Samey to go home instead.
  • Placing - 6th
  • Team - Mutant Maggots (Merged)
  • Notes - The first post-merge elimination of the season!
  • Trivia - I was originally going to have Shawn and Dawn eliminated in a double elimination together at this point or around this point in the season. I changed my mind in the end, as you can see.

Episode 10 - "Up, Up and Away": Topher

  • Reason - Scott had the immunity idol, and Chris chose to eliminate Topher completely ignoring the normal rules of how the immunity idol worked. However, since Topher expected an alliance with Jasmine to be just Jasmine doing all the work for him, it's likely Jasmine did vote Topher off anyway.
  • Placing - 5th
  • Team - Toxic Rats (Merged)
  • Notes - The second post-merge elimination.
  • Trivia - I think I was originally going to have Topher go earlier than this, or leave in the next episode originally.


  • Episode 1 - Noah
  • Episode 2 - Harold
  • Episode 3 - N/A
  • Episode 4 - Sierra
  • Episode 5 - Alejandra & Bridgette
  • Episode 6 - Beth, Izzy & LeShawna
  • Episode 7 - Trent, Tyler & Ezekiel
  • Episode 8 - Cody
  • Episode 9 - Duncan
  • Episode 10 - Heather & Billy Joe Cobra
  • Episode 11 - TBA
  • Episode 12 - TBA
  • Episode 13 - TBA
    "Last time, on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!", Chris, still having his brunette bowl-cut wig, and now having a golden tooth in place of his broken one, said to begin the recap of the previous episode, "It was high time for a good ol' round of Grand Chef Auto! That's right, a kart race to spray paint various landmarks on the island! We had Scott blackmailing and exposing Samey for the inferior twin that she is, Mike and Samey having intimate moments, Jasmine and Shawn having intimate moments, even a kiss, and Scott being finally reunited with good ol' Fang! But also, I found out some pretty", he then snickered, "Interesting secret facts about Veronica", and then he snickered again, "If that is her real name", he then laughed, "Also, today is her birthday too! Oh MAN does she NOT know what I have in store for her!", he then continued to laugh maniacally as he was shown on-screen at the end of the recap footage, "So, what WILL I be doing to Veronica today? What will I do to torture the CAMPERS today?! Who will survive the torture? Who will not and be casted out? FIND OUT, TONIGHT, on, TOTAL, DRAMA, REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!", and with those words the intro sequence came to play, and after that, came a commercial break;


*This commercial is a Sonic PSA, taking place in a blimp*

Sonic - "Kids, it's time you learned about television! That's right, television!", *suddenly the PSA goes to a warning screen, specifically, a screen warning of tornado and bad weather warnings.*


Following that, the actual episode began. This episode started almost right up with Scott, running through the woods, panic and tear in his eyes and facial expressions as he ran in fear from none-other than Fang, the Mutant Land-Shark. The chase of course, didn't go on for long, for after just a few short seconds of screentime, Scott tripped over a rock and onto the ground, at which point Fang jumped up. Thinking it was it, Scott's first words about this were;

    "Okay, okay! You win!", he then poured salt onto himself, "Just eat me fast, okay?!", but soon enough they both were distracted from this when a large shadow casted over both of them, along with the nearby ground and trees and whatnot. "Huh?", was Scott's only comment as both he and Fang saw this shadow and looked up to see what exactly it was that was causing it; Scott then used this to kick Fang in the groin, making said shark squeal in pain as Scott himself stood back up, at which point Fang fell down to the ground. "Yeah!", Scott said with an evil smile to his face, "How's THAT for ya? Hahahaha!", and Scott then ran off back towards the campgrounds, leaving Fang right where he was. As Scott ran back to the camp, the shadow of the object up in the sky followed him all the way there. Also, he was joining Samey, Jasmine, Mike and Topher at standing in the middle of the campgrounds as the shadow's object was revealed: It was a large Zeppelin Blimp that had Chris'face on the front of it. It wasn't designed as his face, just a logo with his face on it was on the front. No doubt, all of the final five was looking right up at it. All of them made awe-filled sounds as Scott just walked past them and scoffed; "Ha! Look at you wusses! It's just a stupid blimp!", and then an anchor fell right down onto his foot, causing him great pain, "AUGH! OWWWW!", and as he tried to desperately pull his foot out from under it, Mike started speaking;

    "Actually", Mike said, "It's specifically a Zeppelin.", and then everyone looked at him with raised eyebrows, "What? I hope to someday be an aircraft pilot.........heheh.", and then the door to the Zeppelin opened, via a ramp coming down from said door. Of course, Chris, Chef and Veronica were all standing at the doorway itself, all smiling their usual smiles;

    "You're BOTH wrong!", Chris replied, announcing the true name of the blimp, "It's the McLean Mobile Aerial Command Center!"

    "What? No it's not!", Veornica angrily responded, "It's my family's own private Zeppelin! Therefore, it's the ARTEMEYEVA Mobile Aerial Command Center!"

    "No, it's the MCLEAN Command Center!"

    "No, it's owned by my family and therefore it should be MY Aerial Command Center."

    "Yeah", Chris then laughed, "You're not the host. Therefore, you have no-"

    "I'm the PRODUCER here. I, repeat, I, have more power than YOU do!"

    "But it has my face on it!", Chris then said, "Therefore it's where I will recline in luxury while THEY compete in today's challenge!"

    "Well, it's my birthday today!", Veronica then finally boasted out, "Therefore, I WILL get what I want, and what I want is my family's blimp to be used by ME during the challenge."

    "She's got a point there, Chris", Chef then said to Chris, "It IS her birthday!"

    "That's right!", Chris then suddenly remembered what he was going to do as part of his own evil plan for today, "It is VERONICA'S birthday today, isn't it?", Veronica nodded in response, "But oh wait, no, it's not."

    "Um, yes it IS!"

    "No, it's not VERONICA'S birthday, because Veronica isn't actually your real name?", Veronica then gasped in response, "It's actually", Chris pretended to forget, "Oh man, it was right on the tip of my tongue, man, what was it?!"

    "Don't even THINK about telling it, Chris!"

    "Oh yeah!", Chris then acted like he just remembered it, "I believe it's Ludmilla Stanislavlinichna Artemeyeva!", and it's notable that he was shoving Veronica away from him as he revealed this. Or perhaps, she should be called Ludmilla instead, as that was her birth name. "Yeah! Turns out Veronica's just her stage name! She's actually named Ludmilla!", and after that, all of the contestants had a pause of silence before then saying in unison;


    "She was born in Russia and Ludmilla's a Russian name", Jasmine then said, "What the hell did you expect? Besides, Ludmilla means people love or favour so it's really not a bad thing at all."

    "Oh, that's what it means?", Veronica was suddenly happy, "Well then, for once I might actually have to thank Chris!", Chris was just completely surprised and bewildered, at which point he said;

    "You've got to be kidding me", and of course he said that with a completely confused and also annoyed tone of voice.

    "Can we just get to the damn challenge already?", Chef then asked, at which point Chris replied with;

    "Yeah yeah yeah", he answered with, "The aerial challenge. Yeah. Today's challenge is going to be an amazing and death defying aerial race of DOOM!", and once more none of the contestants were actually scared of the challenge at all, which made Chris upset, "Hey! Can't you guys ACT like you give a damn at all about this show anymore?!", once more there was no response, "Ugh!"

    "Sorry", Topher, who was still wearing his pink outfit, "But, yeah, hard to take you seriously with how you look now.", Veronica giggled in response to that;

    "Hey! Still the host here!", Chris angrily snapped back with, then fixing his collar before saying, "Anywho, yes! Today will be an in-the-air race in aircrafts, and we actually have someone from the old Season One through Three, discluding Ludmilla, cast to help demonstrate! It's someone who I'm SURE is going to make Ludmilla VERY happy to see, let's all give a warm hand, to HEATHER!", and right on cue, the original antagonist of the series stepped out into the camera's view. Wearing maroon coloured wedge heels, and extremely short khaki short-shorts, and a red coloured holster top, and not to mention long black hair to top her look off. The rest of her appearance was of course that she was an Asian-Canadian girl, specially a Japanese-Canadian girl, and that she was the tallest girl of the Season One-Two cast, until Sierra debuted in Season Three. She was only slightly taller than Veronica/Ludmilla was. Needless to say, she was not very happy at all about being back, and she immediately looked at Veronica angrily;



    "ME!", Chris then said with a laugh, "Yes, meet Heather! The ORIGINAL villain contestant, the ORIGINAL manipulator, the ORIGINAL Third Place spot, one of the contestants to have competed through all three first seasons, and not to mention, the-"

    "WOULD have been winner of season three had it not been for a freakin' CHEATER!"

    "Oh please", Veronica replied, completely brushing Heather's anger off, "Like you wouldn't have done the exactly same thing."

    "I would have done SOMETHING like that", Heather then admitted, "But I wouldn't SHOVE SOMEONE OUT OF A PLANE WITHOUT A PARACHUTE!"

    "Oh please", Veronica remarked with, "You're still alive, aren't you?"

    "Yes, and I don't have black hair growing inbetween my toes."

    "Actually", Veronica laughed a bit, "My boyfriend helped me pay to get that fixed with the most advanced science money can buy! Isn't having a boyfri-Oh that's right! You don't have one! Unless, ya know, you count, well, someone who wasn't even a boy at all!", and of course, at that point Heather became truly angry with Veronica, or Ludmilla as is her real name, and promptly lunged at her in an attempt to attack her. Chef knew better than to attempt to restrain Heather and thus it wasn't long before the two girls were on the ground pulling at eachother's hair violently, clawing at eachother's faces, trying to tear at eachother's clothes,  growling and cursing at eachother in unison thus making the audio of their fight intelligible, it was was a sight really only Topher, Chris, and in a way Scott really enjoyed watching. Of course, it had to end eventually, and the one who ended it walked out of the blimp himself to say;

    "Ladies, Ladies, calm down! There's enough of the Cobra to go around for both of ya! Haha!", and then all of the Final Five, Veronica/Ludmilla, Heather and even Chef gasped at who the voice came from;

    "Billy Joe Cobra?!", was what all of them said in unison as they gazed upon one of the most popular singers ever. With black hair in a short but spikey tyle, black eyes, a slender but well built body that was at comparable in height to Mike's, and for clothing he wore a dark coloured jacket over a yellow collar shirt that had a red tie. He also wore blue skinny jeans and red/white sneakers. As soon as Ludmilla/Veronica saw him, she threw Heather off of her and stood up with a shocked look to her face;

    "Billy? Wha-what are you doing here? I thought you were on tour in Australia and New Zealand?!"

    "Yeah, I was", Billy Joe Cobra admitted, "But then Chris called me up with a sweet idea for gig and dropped that it was your birthday so here I am, babe! Heheh, happy birthday!"

    "Wait, did he call her babe?", Samey questioned;

    "Are they?", Jasmine added in;

    "Dating?!", Heather finished;

    "Yes", Veronica said as Billy put a hand around her waist, "I'm dating Billy Joe Cobra. Is that REALLY such a shocking thing that I have a boyfriend once in a while?!"

    "Ohhh they look so cute together!", Topher then said in a squealing tone of voice, "I'm TOTES a Verilly fan! Or is Ludbilly? Billronica? Billmilla? Whatever their couple name is I SHIP IT!"

    "Heheh, sweet", Billy commented, "I like the ones with my name infront. They kinda sound better to me.", Veronica rolled her eyes in response to Billy saying that, but then directed her attention instead to what Billy said prior to that:

    "So, Chris was the one who got you here?"

    "Yes I was!", Chris then bluntly interrupted Billy Joe Cobra from speaking, "All for your Birthday, Ludmilla Artemeyeva! Today you"


    "Twenty-Two years old!", Chris happily finished at that point, "Of course that's one year OLDER than how old I really am!"

    "Um, no.", Veronica said to him, "You're like, in your forties or fifties. Your mother clearly made it clear you were born at least in the freakin' seventies."


    "That would make you definitely older than me."

    "Babe, babe, chill!", Billy patted Veronica on the shoulder, "Of course he's older than we are, cuz he's like, well, look at him!", Chris grimaced at Billy Joe Cobra's words to him, "I mean really, it's obvious YOU'RE the most important regular on this show! Of course I'm gonna be the big ratings boosting star, but your the young hot chick and Chris is just that old white guy who doesn't know when he's lost his luster. He's soooooo old times!"

    "Hey, ya know I'm right here, right?", Chris said to the two;

    "Oh right right, sorry dude", Billy Joe Cobra replied to him with, "I kinda forget that it's you sometimes, Chris. No offense but that new hairdo is just not you."

    "It's not a haircut, Billy", Veronica explained to him, suddenly feeling happier again, "It's actually a wig."

    "Really?", Billy then laughed and actually tested that out by taking off Chris' wig from his head, then laughed when he learned it was true, "Man, you really HAVE lost everything! Not like me, the Cobra, I'm definitely gonna be keepin' THIS for a long while!"

    "Thanks for invading my personal space.", Chris said sarcastically as he took his wig back and put it back on his head, "Now, if you don't excuse me, I have a challenge to get started with!", he then smiled as he turned to the contestants and said: "Now, as I was saying, you all will be doing an aerial race for today's challenge! All of you will have to find someway to get into the air and race around the island. You can make your own aerial vehicle from the nearby junk pile, use some of the mutant flying goat bat things to try and fly, or whatever gets you into the air! Since it's an air race, it should be self explanatory what that entails."

    "Yeah", Heather commented, "Everyone here knows what a freakin' aerial race is."

    "Yeah!", Billy then commented, "It's some kinda race where you use bags of air or something, right?"

    "Something like that", Chris commented as he suddenly strapped a jetpack onto Billy Joe Cobra's back, "But it's something more like what you're about to demonstrate!", and then before Veronica could react at all, Chris pressed a button that activated the jetpack and sent Billy flying into the air. While Chris was just smiling about it, and while Veronica was worried about it, Billy's was just:

    "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!", essentially a cheer. Yes, he was cheering. Not afraid at all. Even as he was sent with, "YEEEAAAAAAHHHH! WOOOH!", through rings of fire attached to poles connecting to the ground. Billy went through these rings in a circle formation before the jetpack then ran out of fuel and he began dropping to the ground, still cheering as if it were something actually fun. Veronica of course had a more panicked look on her face as she saw Billy crashing towards the ground.

    "Everybody stay cool", Chris said to everyone, "It has a parachute built into it.", and then Billy crashed onto the ground. Only after he crashed did the parachute actually come it. Veronica ran over to him immediately, as Chris just laughed and said, "Haha, best, challenge, EVER!"

    "Billy, are you alright?!", Veronica then said in a worried tone to Billy, though his response was:

    "That was AWESOME!", and he was still partially in the ground, too, "I wanna go again!", Chris was shocked to hear that Billy actually enjoyed the experience, his face looking like Billy enjoying it sucked all of the enjoyment he got out of the act of sadism. Though he payed no mind to it for now.

    "Um", Samey then commented worriedly herself, "This challenge seems kinda, unsafe."

    "No!", Chris said with his smile back on his face, "It's TOTALLY unsafe! Hahahaha!"

    "More like totally AWESOME!", Billy Joe Cobra then said after Veronica completely got him back on his feet, "Man that was so much FUN, dude!", Chris then became annoyed again, "I mean, everyone knows that the more unsafe the challenge, the more people will wanna watch the show! Man would I love to host this show!"


Topher - "Oh no! If Billy Joe Cobra tries to replace Chris there's no WAY I'll ever get the job! The producers would pick HIM in a heartbeat to replace Chris! Especially since he's dating one of them!"


"Yeah", Chris said in a disdainful voice, "It really would be fun for you to join the hosting family of this show."


Chris - "Wow first time using this thing in a while, like, since the first episode of the whole show. But um yeah, I am NOT going to let Billy Joe Cobra put the thought of HIM hosting the show into the other producer's minds! I'm going to have to make SURE there is NO chance in HELL that he can EVER replace ME, Chris McLean, as the face, voice and host of Total Drama! I get enough of that crap from Topher AND Ludmilla already."


    "ANYWHO", Chris then commented, "Really the only thing you'll have to worry about is mutant fire breathing goat and bat hybrids", and then all the contestants gasped in horror at the thought of such a creature;

    "Okay!", Samey then finally exclaimed, "That is IT! I am OUT of this!"

    "Okay", Chris replied, "But then I guess your sister will be right about you being the lesser twin. Of course he is right about that because you're not Amy, you're Same-ee. The lesser Amy. The one who wasn't good enough to be born first. Just like my sister. But she learned her lesson good when she died in a house fire. I guess it's good though that you finally learned your lesson that you can't match up to Amy's greatness. I guess I should give Amy a call and tell her she can come back to the game now."

    "Ugh", Samey began to angrily growl;

    "I mean yeah, like YOU, SAMEY, would EVER have a chance at a million dollars."

    "Yeah", Scott laughed, "Someone like her would never win", and then Samey angrily shoved Scott to the ground;

    "JUST WATCH ME!", was Samey's angry response to that. She then realized what she just said, and then said, "Was that too Amy-like?"

    "No", Jasmine answered, "It was actually very justified."


Samey - "I REALLY wanted to shove CHRIS to the ground, but", *she sighs*, "He's the host, and I REALLY wanna win that money to rub it in Amy's face when I get home!"


"So anyway", Chris then said as things were back to focusing on the challenge about to begin, "To get up in the air, of course, you'll have to construct your very own flying machine!", and it was then that all of the contestants got worried. But then Mike said to Samey;

    "Don't worry, I'm actually studying on being a pilot someday, heheh. I'll help ya out!", and Samey smiled in response to that. Seeing the two smiling at eachother made Jasmine happy, but then she frowned and sighed, remembering Shawn.

    "Ugh", Jasmine whispered to herself with said sigh, "Shawn."

    "Hey, Jasmine", Topher then whispered over to Jasmine, "I was thinking, since Shawn's gone and Mike and Samey are probably going to be in a relationship alliance pretty soon, how's about me and you team up in our own alliance right now?"

    "So you're choosing to be a strategist NOW?", Jasmine whispered back;

    "Well, um, I guess so, yeah."

    "Well, that's a pretty smart late game move."

    "Sweet. So, you'll make my flying machine for me?"


    "Thanks! See! This alliance is already working out great!"


Jasmine - "Topher, I am NOT building your machine for you! At least.....I don't WANT to. I have Samey and Mike as friends, yes, but it's the final five. Samey and Mike are so close, I don't want to split them up trying to make Samey help me stay in the game too. So I guess, with Shawn gone, Topher really is the only ally I have right now. Besides, if all I do is build his flying machine, then this will still be an easy challenge for me."


Topher - "To be honest I don't really care about playing the game as much I do the thought of getting to be in Chris' position as main host! I must admit, embracing being Veronica, or Ludmilla's, best number one fan, I can already tell I'm THIS much closer to getting my dream of hosting Total Drama! THIS MUCH CLOSER! I just gotta, ya know, keep droppin' the idea in her head about needing a new host......and hope she doesn't go for her boyfriend."


Mike - "So I made it to the final five and I almost almost got Sammy as my girlfriend at last! Heheh. It seems like everything is beginning to finally work out for me!.....kinda. I can't really tell?" *gasps and turns into Chester* "Ah come on! In my day, telling whether someone was datin' ya or not was a piece o' freakin' cake!" *gasps and turns back into Mike* "Oh multiple personalities.........I still haven't told her.........maybe now is the time......but oh, I'm just so nervous! What if she hates me and never wants to see or talk to me again because she thinks I'm weird or a freak or will hurt her or something?!" *gasps and turns back into Chester* "Ah shut up and just-"


Scott - "Whoop"


Samey - "everybody else"


Jasmine - "And take home that million"


Topher - "Dollars for myself!"


Mike - "And in my case for Sammy too....heheh."


    Following that, all of the contestants were gathered before Chris at some type of dump where trash and junk were all over the place and even in possibly mountain-sized piles. All of these piles were random supplies for various situations, parts of bicycles, any left behind objects from the first season of the show, leftover food from the first season,  and various other related junk including used and broken down vehicles, broken construction equipment, and various discarded costumes that Chris has outgrown from his youth. There's also all of Chris' wedding photos from when he was married to Cassandra in the piles too. Chris then began speaking:

    "Welcome to your one-stop-shop for flying machine parts! The dump!", Chris commented, while holding up a bag of garbage, "Revolting, and reasonably priced!"

    "Meh, Veronica saying it would've made it sound more entertaining", Topher commented. This made Chris grimace as he continued explaining what all of the final five were going to do for this part of the challenge:

    "Each of you will pick a card representing their mode of flight! Pick 'em like your nose, losers!", he then looked at the bag he was holding and went, "Eeeugh!", and then held out the bag, revealing the cards were indeed in that bag of garbage. As such, a disgusted Samey was the first one to reach her hand into the bag and pull out a card, all while she was clearly disgusted the entire way through.

    "A hot air balloon?", Samey commented as she looked at the symbol on her card, "Reminds me of that episode from season three."

    "Yeah", Chris remarked, "The one where", he then got angry, "My plane was blown up."

    "No that was the one after-"

    "Samey, I don't care about your opinion because you're not Amy."

    "Hey!", Mike then stood up for Samey, "You shouldn't talk to her like that! I don't care if you're host or not!"

    "Mike", Chris then said to him, "If you want to be separated from her via elimination, keep talking", Mike then sighed, calming down, and went to pick from the bag. He was disgusted like Samey was, but picked out a card regardless.

    "Oh sweet!", Mike commented as he looked at the symbol on his card, "I scored a helicopter! I didn't think I'd get to fly one until I actually went to flight school!", and then as Mike walked off, it was then Jasmine's turn, of course, Topher nudged her and said:

    "Hey, you mind picking out my card too?"

    "Why can't you just get it yourself?!"

    "Because it's a bag full of garbage! C'mon, it's all part of the alliance experience! Pleeeease?", Jasmine rolled her eyes and with a groan she said:

    "Fine", and then she went to dig for two cards out of the disgusting bag of garbage while Topher just folded his arms and smiled. With a few groans as she did so, she tossed the second card she picked to Topher to read off of and then looked at her own, and said, "Well, at least I got a plane. That will be a useful device to use.", and then Topher read his card:

    "A rocket?", Topher commented, "How am I supposed to build a rocket?! HOW?!"
    "That's your problem", Chris commented, "Toph", and then he made a classic shiney smile and a wink when he said that, which made Topher a bit angry. So angry, that he did the diva three finger snaps thing before walking away from Chris. Finally, Scott walked up, picked his card, and was quite confused with it the second he saw it.

    "Huh?", he went, "A bird?! How am I supposed to build a BIRD?!", he then threw the card behind him, "I want a new card!", he then reached into the bag to pick out another card, only for something inside of the bag to then promptly bite him. "Aaaah!", he shrieked and took his hand out, it had been snagged by a mouse trap inside of the bag, "AAAAUGH! OOOH! AAAAH!", and then he walked past Chris holding his wrist of the snagged hand in pain while saying to Chris, "A bird. Yep, yeah, that works, heheh. Owww.", and he joined his fellow Final Five contestants. Chris then continued to explain the challenge:

    "The first camper to finish building their flying machine wins an advantage", Chris then gestured over to Chef who was holding that advantage, "A McLean brand smoke machine!"

    "Actually", Chef then said, "It's a Cobra brand smoke machine, Chris."


    "Billy Joe Cobra's own personalized version of a smoke machine that he uses for his concerts", Chef explained, "DUH.", Chris then got angry at that being revealed to him, but got over it and turned to the campers as he said:

    "Point is, it's a smoke machine. You can use it as a smoke screen, to smoke bees out of your attic, or to just create spooky ambiance! Check it!", and then Chef pressed the button and sent smoke flying at all of the remaining contestants. All of them promptly began coughing due to said smoke. "Sweet advantage, right?", Chris said, then getting angry, "Even if it's not a McLean brand object.", he then became calm again, "First to finish their contraption wins that smokey bad boy! Okay campers, prepare to get your dump on! NOW!", and with that, the challenge had officially begun. Because of that, all of the final five immediately began running so that they could properly begin searching for parts to use in building their air vehicle. The first of the final five focused on was of course, Jasmine. As she ran to gather up some parts, it wasn't long before Topher ran up to her and said some things:

    "Hey, alliance-mate!", he opened with, "Can you maybe help me with building my air vehicle?"

    "Let me guess", Jasmine responded, "You want me to build your vehicle for you while you do nothing but sit around the entire time!"

    "Well", Topher then pondered his answer before then saying, "Yeah, actually. When you put it like that it sounds bad though."

    "Ugh", Jasmine groaned, "You know, you're really missing the point of this being a CHALLENGE, Topher."

    "Hey", Topher answered, "I hope to be a host of this song one day. I don't really need to do the challenges."

    "Why's that?"

    "Because, ya know, they have nothing to do with my future."

    "Alot of school subjects are the same way but we all still have to do them."

    "Yeah, DO 'em. But not, ya know, pay attention to 'em."


    "C'mon!", Topher then pleaded, "PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSEEEE?"

    "Fine", Jasmine angrily responded, "Fine. I'll build your plane for ya just quit beggin'."

    "Sweet!", Topher cheered, "This alliance is gonna work like a charm!", Jasmine just rolled her eyes and said:

    "If you say so.", following that, focus shifted over to Mike and Samey instead as they were running out side by side. It wasn't very long at all until one of them, specifically Samey, spoke;

    "Oh if only Cameron were here to help us!", she said, "He'd probably know all about how to build this kinda stuff and could teach us!"

    "Don't worry, Sammy", Mike then assured her, "I'm training to be a pilot someday, I can probably help you build yours."

    "You'd really be willing to do that?"

    "Yeah", Mike answered, "Of course I would!"

    "You sure you CAN?"

    "Sammy, I'm no EXPERT at air vehicles, but I can at least try. Trying's better than not trying, right? Heheh."

    "Yeah", Samey smiled at him, "It is.", and with that, the two were happily smiling at eachother. Focus then went over to Scott, who was rummaging through the various piles and pieces of junk all over the dump, and of course was still not happy at all about having to build a bird. Naturally, he showed his dislike about this in what he said while he was doing his rummaging.

    "How to build a bird", he said, pondering to himself, he then turned and saw two mutated seagulls sitting on a long abandoned cabinet, "Hmm, birds have feathers. ", he then got a scheme in his head, "Hehehehehehe.", and then ripped the chest feathers off of the birds and said with a laugh, "Pay-dirt!", but then the angry birds flew right up to him, screamed, and both flew right into him, effectively tackling him to the ground. No doubt, they were going to continue attacking him for a good bit after what he just did to them. Focus then went back over to Samey and Mike, who were trying to help eachother build a hot air balloon (Samey) and a helicopter (Mike). Samey of course, had a question to ask for Mike:

    "So.....which one do you think will be easier to build?"

    "A hot air balloon", Mike replied, "It requires less technology to build and get up and running."

    "Are you sure? That's my vehicle."

    "I know."

    "That's sweet of you,  Mike, but still. You should get going before I do."

    "No, don't you know the saying? Ladies first", Mike said with a smile, "And, unless there's something you're not telling me, I'm pretty sure what I'm looking at right now is a very beautiful lady.......heheh.", Mike then realized what he just said, "Oh no, I meant no offense to you! I hope you don't take that not telling me thing bad or anything I meant nothing bad I-", to stop him from talking, Samey kissed Mike on the cheek. The surprise of Samey doing that, made Mike's pants fall down immediately. Though, of course, it's like he noticed.


Mike - *Still happily surprised* "She....she kissed me..........she kissed me.........SHE KISSED ME!" *He spreads arms out, hands punch into the wall, he quickly curls them back in pain as he-* "OW!", *Turns into Chester* "Dang walls! Back in my day there were.......okay, there were walls back then but......ah dang it. I don't have anythin' to complain about!"


Following that, focus went right on back to Scott. Specifically, Scott pouring a barrel of some white fluid into a dumpster he had filled with feathers he managed to rip off of many mutant seagulls that were sitting all around him.  Meanwhile, Jasmine was getting done with a plane made of a Swan Boat, cardbooard bat wings and a yellow plane propellor while Topher sat in a beach chair and just watched her, and she had a rocket in-progress as well. After hammering in the plane's propellor, she started it up and got into it, surprising Topher.

    "Hey! You need to finish my rocket!"

    "Deal's OFF!", Jasmine bluntly said as she stepped into her plane as it began moving, "You can finish your damn rocket yourself, I don't help people who just REFUSE to help themselves!",


    "Neither is you making do work FOR you!", and of course, as the plane moved off, it also caused all of the feathers Scott gathered up to fly in his face and onto his body. He even had to cough some up afterwards aswell. Topher's rocket on the other hand, completely fell ontop of him. Focus then went over to Mike and Samey, who were in the process of building their vehicles. For Mike's helicopter, a large fan was gathered, and Mike also put together a motorcycle (which Samey helped him get into place), and said bike was placed ontop of the fan. For Samey's hot air balloon, a wheelchair was attached to some tank of likely flammable liquid, and that in turn had a rope tied to an open parachute to it. Samey and Mike both smiled as they finally did the finishing touches to the balloon.

    "Wow, Mike", Samey commented, "You actually did manage to do it!"

    "It's no problem, Sammy", Mike answered, "Anything for you, heheh."

    "It's really sweet anything I can do to help you with your helicopter."

    "No, don't worry, I can handle it by myself."

    "You sure?"

    "Of course I am. I can build a chopper for myself. You go on ahead.", Samey then took a seat on the wheelchair part of the hot air balloon. Mike went over to tie down the motorcycle onto the fan he gathered for his helicopter. When Mike looked back to Samey, he gave her a thumbs-up and a smile, which of course, Samey returned for him completely.


*For this confessional, Mike is already Vito*

Vito - "For the record, I think Mikey was bein' a little dumb back there. But I can't blame him for bein sweet to a cute little dame."


Following that, Mike was shown tending to himself, when he spotted something that made him gasp;

    "Sweet!", he then looked at what he just saw, "A 747 engine! Man, this'll REALLY help with my chopper!", it was then though, that he realized something that made him not so happy, "But how am I gonna add this thing TO my chopper?", he then pondered about it, but then got an idea. He attached the motorcycle to the engine, and added the fan to the engine aswell. Somehow, he tied and wired all of these things together. "I hope this thing works.", he then stepped onto it and activated it. It worked. It sent him on the thing flying immediately at a super fast speed. "WOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!", and he was also heading right towards Chris. Of course, Chris ducked as the thing passed over him, sending the screaming Mike, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaah!", flying on past him. It was even followed by the loud sound of a crash as a shocked Chris just looked on. Mike was laying on the ground and saying, "Still gotta make it act like a real helicopter..........owwwwwwwww.", Chris just smiled, took out his megaphone, and said:

    "WE HAVE, A WINNER!", Chris loudly announced through the megaphone, "Mike finishes first, and gets a smoke machine!", groans from the others could be heard in response, though Samey clapped for Mike, "Who will fly high? Who will crash and burn?", at that point the engine then fell ontop of Mike, Chris just continued on, "literally", he then laughed a bit before finishing, "And how many gemmies will I win for this episode? Find out when we return! On Total, Drama, REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!", and with that, the episode faded out to a commercial break:


*This is a commercial for a product*

Announcer - "Hey Kids! You ever had this problem? You find yourself in school with a bully who's just completely unstoppable and unable to really be put down?"

*Clips of Danny Fenton being bullied by Dash Baxter and Bash Johnson bullying various kids from 9th Grade Ninja play*

Announcer - "Well fear no more! For now we're introducing, the BULLY-STOPPER! That's right, the BULLY-STOPPER!" *It's a simple remote control.....with a big red light on the back of it* "All you have to do is press whatever you want and it will send a message to the nearest bully's mind and make them do whatever you make them! You could make them bully themselves! Make them Humiliate themselves! Make literally F**k themselves! Or even make them kill themselves!"

*Suddenly commercial goes black and white text reading "this product has officially been banned worldwide for encouraging suicide" appears in center of screen*


Following that, all of the final five were gathered in a line with all of their flying machines. Scott used all of the feathers to construct wings for himself, Topher had just added some spare junk parts to the incomplete rocket Jasmine made for him, Mike had his 474 engine with the fan tied on the bottom and the motorcycle attached to the top, Samey had the homemade air balloon that Mike helped her with, and finally Jasmine had her hand-made plane from earlier. Of course, it didn't take long for Topher to approach Jasmine with an upset look on her face:

    "C'mon, Jasmine!", Topher pleaded, "Please, please help me out here!"

    "I said no, Topher!"


    "If you want an alliance, fine", Jasmine stated, "But if you want me to just do every single thing for you, NO!"


    "N.O. NO!"

    "Why not?"

    "Because I just told you why not!"


Topher - "Hmph!" *crosses arms angrily* "Jasmine is being SO unfair right now!"


Jasmine - "No matter what Topher says I am not, I repeat, NOT, going to  let someone like HIM just push me around and boss me around! People like me and women in general have had ENOUGH of that. Though granted, I could've also purposely made his rocket terrible to show him another kind of lesson. But then again I'm not like Amy nor do I want to."


    It was then, at that very moment, that Chris' voice came from a speaker attached to the zeppelin, and of course, the famed sadistic host announced to all of the final five:

    "ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS! PREPARE TO BE CHALLENGED! WITH THE ULTIMATE OBSTACLE COURSE, OF DOOOOOOOM!", and then he laughed a bit, talking about an obstacle course flaming rings and trees, and then it was revealed that inside the Zeppelin, Chris was using a Megaphone on the large blimp while speaking into the speakers, and while he and Chef laughed to themselves, Heather stood right behind them, and looked disdainfuly at Veronica and Billy Joe Cobra having a romantic date on the blimp aswell. However, Heather smiled when she saw a area of boxes stuffed with golden trophies, and the case filled with the million dollar prize. She immediately hatched a plan in her head at that point. However, focus went to the contestants at that point, all of whom were getting ready to race. Scott prepared his wings, Mike his helicopter machine, Samey her air balloon, Topher worriedly prepared his rocket, and Jasmine eagerly prepared her plane.

    "I'm gonna ace this puppy!", Scott then confidentally commented, regarding himself of course.

    "Hope you can flap your wings like you flap that jaw of yours", Jasmine bluntly replied from her plane.

    "Just watch", Scott smugly answered, "I'll be flying high while you take a swan dive into the lake", and then Scott began to laugh, as Jasmine's plane engine then began to turn on, making Scott's wings fly off due to the wind, and Scott felt like he was being tugged on as well, "Hey,Hey, watch it! Watch the feathers!", he then walked away from Jasmine at that point.  He then however, got a curved pipe and stuck it right in the propellor of Jasmine's plane, stopping it. It also made the rest of Jasmine's plane (and in turn, Jasmine herself) begin spiraling in a fast-paced rotation. Focus then went back up to the Zeppelin, where Chris, Heather, Chef, Veronica and Billy Joe Cobra were.

    "Man!", Chris commented with a smile, he and Chef just watching this as they were unaware of Heather walking up behind them. She was carrying a Gemmy award trophy in her hands, "Hahaha, I feel another Gemmy coming on!", and then Heather made her strike, hitting Chris right in the back of the head with the trophy, and no doubt whacking Chef in the same manner aswell, or in the face. After that, she threw both of the screaming men right out of the blimp, both of them screamed "AAAAAAHHHH!", and "AAHHHHHHHH!", when they were kicked out of the blimp. Heather then peered over and said:

    "One Gemmy for you, and one million dollars for me!", she was of course holding the reward money in her other hand, but of course, just before she closed the door, Veronica walked right behind her, and the two began grappling with eachother just like earlier when Heather quickly turned around.

    "I'm afraid you're mistaken, Heather, that money is MINE."

    "You're not even a competitor!"

    "I don't care. You can never have enough money."

    "YOU can. I can't!"

    "Oh whatever.", and of course the two continued to fight, completely ignoring that they both had dropped the case of 1 million dollars onto the floor. Billy Joe Cobra just watched in awe.......and also brought some of the Italian Food from the dining table he and Veronica had to eat while watching this.

    "This is some good stuff!", Billy Joe Cobra commented while watching the catfight before him get gradually more and more violent and involve more and more ripping of the girls' clothes. Of course, he could've been commenting about the food he was eating........or both. Either way, focus shifted to Chris and Chef, with Chris landing on the ground of the dump right infront of the contestants, and Chef then landed right ontop of him. Chris' only comment, said in pain, was:

    "Owww....I think I hurt my stubble!", at that point, Mike went over to him and said:

    "Uh, dude, Heather's stealing your zeppelin."

    "Whatever", Chris said, "Her and Veronica can fight over it if they want. I got it at the air force garage sale."

    "AND THE MILLION DOLLARS!", Jasmine then exclaimed loudly;

    "Whatever", Chris said in the same manner, "Not my million bucks."

    "And not to mention all your gemmy awards", and then Chris began caring;

    "MY GEMMIES?!", and then he stood up, fixed his wig, and said with a now angry voice, "CANCEL THE OBSTACLE COURSE OF DOOM! YOUR NEW CHALLENGE IS, TO STOP THAT ZEPPELIN!", and then focus once more went back to the Zeppelin where now Heather and Veronica were slamming against eachother and still continuing to fight over various things, with things such as:

    "THIS FOR CHEATING ME OUT OF ONE TRILLION BUCKS!" being said from Heather:

    "THIS IS FOR BEING DUMB ENOUGH TO BELIEVE MY LYING!", being said from Veronica, and:

    "YOU DIDN'T DESERVE THE MONEY ANYWAY!", coming from both of them in unison as they continued to fight with eachother. Of course, Billy Joe Cobra eventually looked down from the open Zeppelin door and saw Chris running on the ground, and of course said:

    "Hey, Chris, you forgot your brotastic gemmy awards!", he said to the man from the door, completely unaware of the situation, "But don't worry, bro, I'll return them to their rightful owner. I have so many of these anyway I could make an entire mansion out of 'em.", and then Billy began to literally take some of the trophies and throw them down at Chris.

    "I've got you, my precious!", Chris said as he ran towards the falling statuettes that BJC was throwing down towards him. Of course, it wasn't long at all before those awards hit him in the face, and as such, knocked him out again.


Jasmine - "Heather and Veronica are caniving, mean, and deceitful.  If they were competitors in this season they'd definitely be worthy foes I'll tell you that much. "


Chris then walked up to all of the Final Five with a hole thrown through his wig showing a big red bump on his head, and of course he held the two gemmy awards in his hands as he angrily said:

    "Get in your flying machines right now and shoot down that zeppelin!", Chris said to them all, "Aim for the engines, here's your ammo!", Chef then walked up holding a basket of eggs, "Flying Fire Breathing Mutant Mountain Goat eggs!"

    "Uhhhh", Mike commented, "Goats don't lay eggs......only birds, reptiles, and very VERY few mammals do."

    "They also aren't supposed to breathe fire!", Chris bluntly responded, "Unless they live here.", he then laughed a bit in sadistic delight, "Thank you toxic waste! Haha. Whoever takes down Heather first gets immunity! OH, and look out for the Flying Mutant Fire-Breathing Mountain Goats. They are SUPER ticked for some reason!", in response Chef just innocently whistled while holding the goats' eggs. Of course, they were angry because Chef went to their nests, blew a horn to scare them off, and then stole all their eggs. In the present time, however, the eggs were being given to the contestants for them to use as ammunition in the challenge, Scott of course was looking at the egg and smirking about some scheme, when he was poked on the shoulder, turned around, and saw Fang fright behind him licking his shark lips and then opening his mouth as if he wanted to eat Scott;

    "AH!", and Scott began running immediately, with his wings now out and Fang in hot pursuit of him. The other contestants too were getting ready for this challenge. Samey buckled her seat belt in her balloon, Mike sat up onto his vehcile, and both him and Samey smiled at eachother. Samey then ignited the hot air baloon's fire mechanism and began to untie the rope holding the balloon in it's place. "NOOOOOOooooooo!", and then Scott came running by with Fang chasing him, but while Fang tripped over the nail holding the baloon in place, Fang did so too, only Fang got caught in the rope and was now hanging on Samey's balloon. Scott saw this and laughed, "Hahaha! Sucks to be you!", Fang just glared at him, "Hahahaha!".

    Meanwhile, Topher was looking at the rocket, which was something like a jetpack, really, and trying to figure out how to put it on.

    "I hope this thing works!", and then he pressed the button, only for the rocket to shatter into many different pieces, Topher exclaimed with, "AW COME ON!", he then looked and saw Samey in her balloon flying, and Mike was also getting into the air with his large hover machine aswell. He also saw Jasmine in her plane beginning to move until it too was flying in the air, and actually became shocked when he saw Scott's wings actually working and getting him into the air aswell. "Youv'e GOTTA be kidding me!", he then looked to the remains of his rocket and said, "Stupid piece of junk!", and he pouted, folding his arms in anger. Meanwhile, Scott was flying right up to Jasmine just to say these words:

    "Hey, Jasmine!", he started with, "Thanks for the lift!", he then stepped on the head of her swan boat and just before she could reach out and grab him in anger, he jumped off, getting a boost of air and speed while Jasmine & her plane continued to swirl around and around in circles;

    "SCOTT!", Jasmine angrily called out, but Scott just talked to himself with:

    "Man! I'm good!", but then he saw Fang, still dangling from Samey's balloon, still angrily glaring at him. But also, heading towards him. This made Fang happy, but Scott, well, "AAHHHHHHHHhHHHHHH!", scream in horror. Scott desperately flapped his wings to stop himself from running into Fang, and shockingly, it worked and he flew past Fang and the balloon just in time to avoid being bitten. Fang once more, became angry. Focus then went to Mike, who was preparing to fire an egg at the zeppelin;

    "This probably won't work, but here goes nothing!", and Mike then threw one egg at the zeppelin. It did nothing but bounce off of the blimp. Inside the zeppelin, Heather & Veronica were still fighting, even making the steering wheel of the Zeppelin swirl when they hit it during their fight, making the large vessel turn and swerve, which only made their fight more intense as they would fall to the ground. BJC ended up losing his food when it fell onto the floor.

    "Awwww", BJC said in a sad pout, but then he looked to the dining table and saw a glass of a strange, metallic looking liquid in his glass. He had failed to take any sip of this liquid, and once he saw it almost falling, "My drink!", he said as he went  to save it from falling, though Veronica's old glass of water fell and shattered since he didn't save it. "Almost lost ya there! Heheh", he then looked at it, "I don't know what kinda drink this is, but it-", he then noticed a note on the table, and read it, "From Chris McLean to Billy Joe Cobra, here is this totally bro-mazing  drink I made just for you! If you ever decide to try and become host of Total Drama, just be sure to remember that Chris McLean gave and made you this awesome drink!", he then thought about it said, "Dang, Chris really one of the best bros in the biz!", and then he drank the metallic liquid. He drank it all and then threw the glass on the ground once he did. Of course, it wasn't long, before soon enough the drink began to have some weird affect on him. He began to grab his throat and start coughing as if he were joking on something, and soon enough his tongue began to turn purple, eyes bloodshot, and he was beginning to turn pale. Soon enough, he started to fall to the ground, and it was that point that Veronica saw him:

    "BILLY?!", she said, shoving Heather right into one of the walls so she could immediately turn all her attention to her fallen boyfriend, she shook him a bit, but he didn't make any sound, and then she checked his pulse, and with a gasp and tears forming in her eyes, she said, "There's......there's......there's no pulse! THERE'S NO PULSE!", at that moment even Heather was shocked and didn't know what to do. Focus then quickly went back over to Samey, who was about to throw her eggs when she heard a 'baaaa' sound, and the flying mutant goats arrived.

    "AHH!", Samey screamed at the sight of them, and they immediately began breathing streams of fire at her. She managed to avoid each one, though this did of course, bring attention of Mike, who gasped:

    "Sammy!", he exclaimed, "I'll,I'll help! I'll-", he then suddenly gasped and turned into Svetlana, "This is a job for SVETLANA, Russian gyamnist champion of ze world!", and then Sveltana jumped from his/her vehicle and with flips into the air actually did an air battle with the goats by jumping onto one to fight the others, then jumping onto another. Amazingly, Svetlana dodged all of the streams of fire. Samey, and Fang, just watched in awe. Of course, Svetlana forgot about his/her own flying vehicle at that point.

    "Y-y-yeah!", Samey said, "Go pick on someone your own size!", and then the goats began fleeing, instead attacking the zeppelin. Of course, Heather was distracted primarily because in the blimp, Veronica was desperately giving CPR to Billy Joe Cobra when Heather noticed the mutant goats. She then angrily ran to the open door of the blimp and said;

    "YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME? HUH? YOU WANNA PIECE?!", and she began throwing the statues at Samey, but Sveltana jumped into the path and used a twirl to kick them all away, managing to hit everything but the zeppelin's engines. Svetlana then noticed that Scott was catching up to the scene though, and with a twirl and a;

    "Tada!", she/he activated the smoke screen device which blew smoke right into Scott's face. However, right after she used it, it suddenly exploded. Not only did it explode, but it also light the balloon on fire in the process, making her balloon begin to drop as she:

    "AHHH!", screamed in horror. Svetlana gasped and turned back into Mike while standing on  her lap;

    "Sammy! Don't worry, I'll keep you safe!", and soon enough they sank off-screen.


Samey - "Why did I not see that coming?!"


    Following that, things went right over Jasmine who had regained control over her plane and was happily pulling one of the handle bars, when it broke off. She suddenly stopped smiling, and after holding up a white sign saying, 'Uh-Oh', her plane began to then get once more, out of control. It did a full loop around the Zeppelin, making her fall out of it and onto the blimp itself, at which point she bounced off of it and fell ontop of one of the goats. Now, one would thing she'd ride it and use it to win the challenge. But instead, her weight and height brought both her and the goat down to the ground with a thud. This essentially meant, she was out of the challenge.  Though the goat also breathed fire right on Scott on it and Jasmine's way down. The fire burned off Scott's wings.

    "Well", Scott then said, as he fell down from the air, "At least things couldn't worse.", and then he landed, right ontop of Fang's backside, on the air balloon that also was falling towards the ground, "NOOOOOoooooooooo!", and then the balloon (with Mike & Samey on it) fell into the waters of the lake, and was soon joined by Jasmine & the goat. Soon Jasmine, Mike, the goat and Samey emerged from underwater, at which point Mike said:

    "Wow.......none of us won the challenge.", but then Mike's runaway machine came back into the picture, heading for the zeppelin while inside of it, Veronica tended to the still unconscious and not breathing Billy. Heather had the case of money in hand, but was stopped when she saw Veronica with a possibly deceased Billy Joe Cobra. Veronica then turned to her and said;

    "DON'T JUST STAND THERE FEELING SORRY, FREAKING DO SOMETHING!", Heather then hurried to the control deck while a sobbing Veronica continued to attempt in vain to revive Billy. Heather called 9-1-1 on her cellphone and once it picked up:

    "Yes I have an emergency!", she exclaimed, "I'm on a zeppelin over some island's lake and Billy Joe Cobra apparently drank something that made him fall over and he doesn't have a pulse nor is he breathing SEND HELP NOW!", and then Mike's vehicle crashed right into the Zeppelin, causing a massive explosion on it and making the entire thing shake. Veronica and Heather were sent flying right through the front windows of the thing as it bursted into flames, and both landed safely in the waters of the island's lake. The Zeppelin, and Billy Joe Cobra's body, crashed in Lake Wawanakwa and sank, however.

    "NOOOOO!", Veronica screamed, "BILLY!", and Heather had to restrain her from swimming after the Zeppelin as it still continued to explode into flames. Fang even stopped chasing Scott to look in shock at the explosions, as did Scott himself, Jasmine, Samey, Mike, and from the island, Topher. Immediately at that point though, things switched over to night, at the elimination ceremony.


*From left to right are Mike, Samey, Jasmine, Topher and Scott all seated next to eachother as Chris stands before them with Chef and the toxic marshmallow beside him*

Chris - "So, we're going to need to get a new case of a million bucks, Ludmilla didn't want to attend this ceremony because she's making preparations for some other useless ceremony, and Mike has immunity because, well, it was his vehicle that crashed the plane. Everyone understand that?"

Jasmine - "No. USELESS ceremony? It's her BOYFRIEND'S FUNERAL! Billy Joe Cobra just DIED on YOUR show! How do you NOT care about that?!"

Chris - "Simple! Because I'm better than he EVER was!"

*Everyone, even Chef and the interns, gasp*

Chris - "I mean come on, he was just some lame pop singer. Trust me, now that he's dead he's gonna just fade away like the fad he always was, while I, Chris McLean remain in my spot as the famous and handsome host of Total Drama."

Topher - *Rolls his eyes and smirks*

Jasmine - "......there are just no words fitting you Chris, no words at all."

Chris - "Thank you Jasmine! Now, without further a due, let's get these marshmallows handed out! Mike, you're immune so obviously you get the first marshmallow!"

Mike - *smiles as he gets his marshmallow*

Chris - "Samey, you get the next one!"

Samey - *smiles as she catches her marshmallow*

Chris - "And finally, Jasmine!"

*Jasmine scowls at Chris as he catches her marshmallow*

Chris - "Scott, Topher. It goes down to you two. Scott, you blackmailed Samey last time AND you weren't Amy who deserves to do such things. Topher, you constantly try to commit the crime of stealing my job as host of this show. You're worse than my sister was when she tried to steal my position as the most talented of mom's kids, but of course, I made sure she learned her lesson, heheh", *he shakes his head* "Anyway, the marshmallow of toxic loserdom goes to......"

*The classic dramatic pause*




Chris - "Scott!"

Samey, Mike & Jasmine - "YES!"

Topher - *sighs of relief*

*Scott just smirks as he stands up*

Scott - "Oh I don't think so", *he reveals he has the immunity idol by pulling it out from his pocket* "Becuase I have this!"

*Samey, Mike, Jasmine and Topher gasp*

Chris - "Welp Topher, you're out!"

Topher - "What?! You can't do that! It has to be the one who had one other vote against them!"

Chris - "Yeah I would check the votes again, but honestly I just want your annoying as gone. It's bad enough I'm going to have a crying and mourning Veronica to worry about, but you, is just no. Just no. I don't need the Benedict Arnold of the Chris McLean fanclub still here."

Topher - "Isn't Benedict Arnold a good guy to us since we're Canadian, except Jasmine who's Australian."

Chris - *snaps fingers*

*Chef forcibly takes Topher and shoves him onto the Hurl of Shame, where Chris eagerly awaits pulling the lever.*

Chris - "Well Toph, any last words."

Topher - "Yes, I do" *he then cleared his throat and turns to the camera, "Next time, on Total-" *Chris pulls lever and sends Topher flying into the distance* "DRAMAAAAAaaaaaaaa!" *splash is heard*

Chris - *begins the sign-off* "FINALLY that guy is off. It's about damn time. Anyway, so, what will befall our Final Four; Jasmine, Scott, Samey and Mike; Next Time you join us? I have NO idea. But I will have an idea NEXT time, on TOTAL, DRAMA, REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!"



*Black Screen*

*White Text appears*

White Text - "This Episode is dedicated to Baruch "Billy Joe Cobra" Cohen, who tragically passed away during the filming of this episode. The cause of death, was identified as mercury poisoning.

*White text fades out and this extra clip stays as just a black screen for a good 3 minutes*

My TDROTI Ep.10 - Up, Up and Away
R.I.P. Billy Joe Cobra. Luckily, you will met your best bro Spencer Wright while in your afterlife as a ghost and go on many fun and wacky adventures with him in Beverly Heights and Beverly Beverly High so the fact you died isn't that bad but it's still so sad.

May that foul beast Chris McLean end up in his own brutal death or at the very least have a very not bro-tastic life.

Yes, it is canon that Billy Joe Cobra is dead in his series. He is a ghost in his show. But that doesn't make such a loveable person like him dying any less sadder nor harder to write.

But I did warn y'all that Chris was going to go over the Moral Event Horizon in this episode.

Previous - Grand Chef Auto

All -  Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Next -
"Eat, Puke, and be Wary" (COMING SOON!)

  • Challenge - Initially Obstacle course of doom. Later it's to stop Heather.
  • Winner - Mike (due to technicality)
  • Loser - Samey, Jasmine, Scott & Topher
  • Eliminated - Topher
  • Team of Eliminated - Toxic Rats (Merged)
  • Reason - Scott revealed he had the idol and Chris chose Topher to be eliminated purely because he wanted to see Topher go.
    (Though granted Jasmine probably did vote Topher off anyway)
  • Cameos - Heather, Billy Joe Cobra, Randy Cunningham (Commercial Only), Danny Fenton (Commercial Only), Dash Baxter (Commercial Only), Bash Johnson (Commercial Only)
I have been drained. Completely drained. I don't know what to do. I have writers block on all of my stories right now, even the new ones. I don't know what to do draw and when I do I suddenly don't feel like drawing.

The main reasons for this:

1. I feel like not anyone agrees with my opinions or pairings I ship at all.
2. I feel like my stories are inferior or that nobody cares about them.
3. I feel like I need a different opinion entirely just to be liked around here.
4. I feel depressed lately
5. I have been so busy trying to please everyone with getting these stories worked on at once that it just imploded.
6. My style limitations
7. Having hard times designing new OCs
8. I feel like certain people want to convert my opinion to theirs.
9. I feel like everything I do will be disliked or inferior to other people.

I don't know

Would anyone like to maybe help me write my stories? Like, Co-Write?

I can't do these stories alone anymore. My motivation is being fucking drained so badly.


Anything with my OCs
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Also be VERY patient with these. Stories take time to come up with.

Right now I am offering Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros, Total Drama, NiGHTS into Dreams and OC stories only.
Two or more characters with background
DunCo at the including Alex! by EternalInsanity787
Point Commission - Juliefan21 by EternalInsanity787
Just like what it says in the title. Two people or more, with a background.
OC Reference
Stoked OC - Ridley (Reference 01) by EternalInsanity787
Coby (2013 Rotation) by EternalInsanity787
Brandon Reference by EternalInsanity787
A simply Reference sheet. I do do rotations, but really just for my OCs when I can't find anyone else to do them xD.
Two or More Characters without Background
Trent and Coby - Hugging by EternalInsanity787
Point Commission: Hallie and Jose by EternalInsanity787
AT with FraiseParfait by EternalInsanity787
Just two or more people without a background.
OC Revamp
Carlota - OC Remade by EternalInsanity787
OC: Veronica Redone by EternalInsanity787
If you want me to draw your OC with a slightly new design and in my style. Basically just redrawing your OC in a basic standing position as a refrence.
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Is just a head of your OC.


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Thank you for the fave :)
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Thanks u for liking my requested Topher drawing! what had u liked of it?
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