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It's ok, I would be upset if that happened to me to.
Sun Nov 23, 2014, 7:19 AM
I felt insulted when my story was cut off like that in the beginning of the second chapter.
Sun Nov 23, 2014, 5:42 AM
I hope it didn't bother you I just had to let my steam out./
Sun Nov 23, 2014, 5:41 AM
I'm sorry for my outburst. I've got it uploaded to the site now. I don't know why but for some reason it was cuz I copy-pasted from DA that it didn't work. I'm sorry for my outburst
Sun Nov 23, 2014, 5:41 AM
Sun Nov 23, 2014, 5:41 AM
That stupid ass site can KISS MY ASS
Sun Nov 23, 2014, 3:28 AM
They cut the first chapter off right at the end, and as an extra insult they cut the second chapter off AT THE BEGINNING SCENES
Sun Nov 23, 2014, 3:27 AM
UGH that "Archive of Our Own" site is a fucking BITCH. I spend almost all of this month and more trying to write a story about my OC Coby, a story all about him and it's gonna be a series, and when I submit it there, they CUT THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS OFF.
Sun Nov 23, 2014, 3:27 AM
Lol fail XD
Sat Nov 22, 2014, 10:33 AM
No the reboot is a separate one XD
Sat Nov 22, 2014, 6:50 AM


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Previously, on Pennsylvania Wyvern: Coby Nelson: Coby Nelson is a young white boy living in Philadelphia with his mother, father and two older brothers. His mom is the Chief of Police, his dad is a normal police officer. His older brother Anthony likes to pick on him, and his oldest brother Derreck is your classic police-like protector brother when mom is not there to do that. Coby, his mother, and brothers are special though. They all can transform into Wyverns. Though Coby is also even more different; He's Gay/Homosexual. He and his best friends Ingrid and Brandon had an average day at school, they dealt with an irritable math teacher in first period (Mr. Franklin), and an eccentric mythology teacher (Mr. Carter), and Coby got in trouble with his gym teacher (Coach O'Doogle) and got sent to the Principal's office. He was given 1 week's detention and then sent away. After school, Coby went home, and after a brief talk with Anthony, he went over to his Great Aunt Sandra's place where he learned she was the one who his mom wanted to train him, alongside Sandra's pet rooster Ramon. Sandra of course, even has a training gym set up for Coby to use. After training and returning home though, Coby did not have such a nice dream, rather, he had a nightmarish vision of a massive and clearly evil three headed Wyvern in nothing but fire. Now, in this adventure, perhaps he will find answers to his vision, or perhaps the mysteries will just pile up.

The Current Events:
    After all of the previous drama, Coby was over at his Wyvern Training Gym the following night, still shaken up by the vision he had. The giant monstrous Wyvern was just, terrifying to him. This, as such, caused him to barely get some sleep and he soon managed to lump around everywhere he could, closing his eyes repeatedly, something that Sandra wanted him to snap out of immediately;

    "Coby, wake up and focus", Sandra told to him sternly, "You have training to do! I'm not getting any younger you know."

    "I'm sorry, Great Aunt Sandra", Coby responded, "I....I didn't get any....sleep last night."

    "How come?"

    "Well, I got this vision.."

    "Of what?", Sandra questioned further, "A vision of what?"

    "I...I can't remember clearly, it was like a monster, it had three heads."

    "Three heads?"

    "Yes...that's all I can remember so far."

    "Maybe you should go to see The Oracle.", Ramon, the rooster animal guardian, then said to Coby, "She lives in West Philly not too far from here, she knew about her own birth before she was even concieved by her parents!"

    "That.....that should be impossible."

    "Nothing is impossible with magic, kid", Ramon replied, "nothing."

    "That's right", Sandra answered with, "You know, it's not actually plastic or silicon that they use in surgery. All plastic surgeons are actually the real magicians, not those ones that go up on stage and perform for a captive audience."

    "So what are scientists?"

    "Oh we don't talk about those people", Sandra patted Coby on the shoulder, "We don't EVER talk about those people.", and then after that there was a pause. Sandra had her eyes wincing as if scientists were some sinister subject to talk about, and then Coby felt a bit awkward, looked around a bit, and then just bluntly said;

    "Should we go to the Oracle now?"

    "Yeah sure why not?", and with that blunt response from Sandra, her, Coby and Ramon were on their way to West Philadelphia to meet with The Oracle. Of course, it was night time at the time of Coby's training so therefore it was still night when they left to see The Oracle. Ramon directed the two to the Oracle's apartment in West Philadelphia, it wasn't that far from the Center City where Sandra lived and worked at. It wasn't much longer after finding the building, that they got to her front door and just before they could knock on the door, The Oracle answered the door as if she knew they were going to do it anyway. The Oracle was a somewhat overweight african-american woman, with weave hair that was straight and somewhat long and in a fashionable style, but wore a black turtleneck sweater with a multi-coloured scarf over her shoulders, and then wore a beige jacket and blue jean pants aswell as your average boots.

    "You're here to see me?", The Oracle bluntly asked the three, Sandra then said;

    "Yes, we are, if you are-"

    "The Oracle? Why yes I am."

    "Well good then-"

    "We can get inside and discuss what you're here to talk to me about?"

    "Yes and that's-"

    "Getting annoying?"

    "Yeah", and Sandra just nodded her head in response as The Oracle gestured for them to come into her home, Coby still holding Ramon of course. The Oracle's home was much as you would expect, it was very dark with all the various magical objects all over the place, some globes of the earth at various stages of it's history, and even a crystal ball on a table. Not to mention many books. However, right beyond a curtain in the apartment was an average well kept living room with a plasma screen television and everything. But, The Oracle and the three visitors to her home were just sitting around the table with the crystal ball and ready to speak with the woman.

    "So", Ramon then questioned, "Do you have a name besides The Oracle, what else can I call ya doll face?"

    "My name isn't important right now", The Oracle answered with, "It will be in the future but it's not right now, anyway, I believe what is important right now is what young Coby here saw."

    "How did she-"

    "She's an oracle kid", Ramon then whispered to Coby, "She sees-"

    "Everything before it even happens", The Oracle then answered for Ramon, interrupting him before he even said it;

    "Yeah. She predicted Charles the Bold's defeat at the city of Nancy."

    "I told that fool it was a bad idea", The Oracle responded with a slight laugh and a shaking of her head, "But of course, he was a bold man.", Sandra then interrupted on her own:

    "Can you just tell us about-"

    "Coby's vision?"

    "Yes" Coby whispered, and after a brief moment of silence, The Oracle then said;

     "Approach, Coby Nelson" and Coby obeyed."Now, since I know you don't like being singled out like this, I'll make this quick, baby", she said to him, she meant baby in a kind and friendly motherly like way "Now you had a vision of a three headed dark Wyvern, right?", and Coby nodded in response to that, "That just stood there in flames, unveiled it's wings and three heads, and roared?", and once more Coby nodded his head in silence to confirm what she was saying;

    "Yes, that's what happened to my vision"
    "Well, that's a very serious vision you had there", The Oracle then replied with;

    "Is that good or bad?", Sandra then asked in response;

    "I'm gonna have to look through my books to see what you had a vision of", The Oracle then replied, "In the meantime, y'all just go to back to your business."

    "So you-"

    "Can't tell you right now? No, I can't.", and Coby was pretty disappointed that everything so far just to get here was all for none."But as soon as I find an exact match to that dark Wyvern I will give you a call, Sandra. Anyway, Coby should probably get home now, his mother is going to start getting worried about him very soon."

    "I suppose you are right", Sandra then said with a sigh, then turning to her Grandnephew and saying, "We should go home now.", and then her, Coby and Ramon then promptly went home. Of course, they didn't walk home, they took the same car they took to get there. Of course, on their way to Coby's home, they had a bit of conversation, started by Ramon;

    "What a freakin' waste.", Ramon opened with, "You sure we couldn't have just looked that three headed thing up ourselves back at the shop? Cuz now we have to wait for her freakin' research to finish when we could've been done with this hours ago."

    "Oh calm down Ramon, it's not that big of a deal", Sandra then assured the rooster, "Coby has to go home soon anyway, there's nothing we can do about it now."

    "Well I'm just sayin'", Ramon continued with, "You'd think an Oracle would know what a three headed Wyvern would be."

    "Not every magical creature has been documented by the community", Sandra then reminded Ramon of, "Some choose to be unknown even to other magical creatures."

    "Yeah and it's those guys that will end up like the Giant Squids."

    "Giant Squids are magical creatures?", Coby then questioned;

    "Yeah", Ramon answered, "Their like the attention hogs of the magical world though."


    "We're here!", Sandra then finally made it to Coby's house, "See you after school tomorrow, Coby!", and Coby promptly got out of Great Aunt Sandra's car and walked into his home as she drove off back to her own home with Ramon in the car with her. And Coby then went back into his house as his family received him again.Well, at least his mother, Chelsea, was waiting for him. Surprisingly, she was not happy to see him, mainly because she was worried/upset about him taking so long to get back;

    "Where have you been?!", Chelsea immediately said to him once he was back in the house, "Do you know how late it is? It's one in the morning, Coby! Do you know how worried i've been waiting for you to get back home!?"

    "I..I-I have a new part time job at Great Aunt Sandra's salon" Coby lie;

    "Nice try, but her salon does not stay open 24/7, it closes at ten.", Chelsea then promptly corrected him on;

    "Um...I help cleaning off after closing time."

    "You know what", Chelsea then said with a sigh, "Just go to bed, and remember you have school later!"

    "Yes mom" and Coby quickly went to his room and was getting ready for bedtime. It didn't take him very long to go to sleep after he got into his bed, but then again, he also didn't have a very long amount of hours to sleep during either. Before he even knew it, it was already morning and Coby woke with a shockdue to his alarm clock. And once he turned that clock off, he saw that was only an hour before he had to leave for school yet again. Coby promptly rushed to get ready. He took a fast shower, brushed his teeth as quickly as possible, and got dressed in his normal clothes as fast as possible and had to actually skip out on breakfast and hardly had enough time to give his mother a morning hug before he then  went to school running, all while he was fearing he'd be late. As fate had it, his fear ended up coming true and just as he rushed for it, the bus ended up leaving without him. Coby sighed, but then he got an idea, it was pretty crazy but he could give it a try: using his wyvern form to fly to school, of course he'd also be trying to not get noticed. So he went to a corner and took a deep breath

    "All right, his has to work" Coby said to himself, and with another deep breath he used his wyvern powers by saying, "Enter the Wyvern!", and then was suddenly engulfed by a giant surge of electricty. During this, he transformed. His arms grew into his wyvern wings, and his body itself suddenly became reptilian, with the main scale colour being purple. His eyes remained green but became more reptilian, and his head also became something like Pteranodon, but with teeth. The only difference between him and being a mere Pterandon, was the fact his tail was longer and much more whip like and that his legs were built more like a proper dragon's. "Well, this worked better than expected" and Coby started to flip his wings to gain air time and started to rise above the ground. Once he was high up enough, he then began flying right towards his school. All the while though, he was unaware that a feminine figuring was watching him from a rooftop with binoculars. A humanoid figure, cloaked in an all black ninja-like outfit, and one that had black eyes. Clearly a human though, or at least seemingly a human. This girl just watched him, and he was completely unaware she was even there. 

    "Interesting" she whispered at seeing the creature, but then a communicator she had around her waist started ringing, meaning she had to answer it;

    "Vanessa, it is almost time for you to return to the human side of things", a deeper but still feminine voice said to her from the communicator, "Is there anything your scouting mission has produced?"

    "Oh yes mother", Vanessa answered with, "There is something very interesting indeed."; Meanwhile, Coby landed on a apart session of the school and turn back into a human, with everyone being none the wiser. Of course, it wasn't long after that when he was also reunited with his best friends Ingrid and Brandon too, and of course, they had no idea of secret powers at all themselves.

    "Hey guys, how's it going?; Coby introduced himself to them with;

    "HI COBY!", Brandon happily exclaimed upon seeing his friend again;

    "Why didn't you take the bus this morning?", Ingrid promptly asked him;

    "Oh", Coby answered with a slightly nervous laugh, "I was late for it and I had to find my own way here, heheh."

    "Huh", Ingrid replied, "I thought your mom forbid you from ever doing something like that."

    "Well,, she let me this time.";Brandon and Ingrid look puzzled at that, but the ring of the bell cut any thought and the trio went rushing inside the school building. Of course, this in turn that they once more went to the class that was math, the one taught by the overweight and infamous Mr. Franklin. He was as usual eating one of his donuts as he gave his lesson. Brandon, Ingrid and Coby sat in the front row of the class. Popular kids in the class like Jacob Sterrecra and Brittany Fujimoto were hardly paying attention at all, while Ingrid already knew most of this information. The point is, he was munching on doughnuts as he spoke;

    "Alright class", he opened up with, "Today all of you will be learning about pi, measurements and long division aswell as about negative numbers. Now I will once more tell you, take our your notebooks, a text book, and do all of the pages of the text book associated with those things.", and it was then that one brave member of the class, a generic boy of african-american heritage, asked a question;

    "Um sir? Shouldn't you be teaching this like, with your mouth?"

    "Good question", and Franklin swallowed his doughnut before yelling at full blast, "AND THAT QUESTION GIVES YOU TWO WEEKS OF DETENTION FOR QUESTIONING MY AUTHORITY OVER YOU!"
    "Ooh boy" ,Coby thought to himself, "Mr. Franklin is not in the mood today, but then again...he's never on the mood"

"Now the only other thing I have to say to you today, young students, is that Muffy Jenkins' family is now suing me for traumatizing their ignoramus of a daughter, so you will have a subsitute for the next two days after today."; The whispers of the students came early and Franklin was settling order, "Yes yes, I know what Muffy and her family are doing is truly discrimination against a good and well respected teacher, but don't let it disturb you from GETTING BACK TO WORK!"And after a pause, Mr. Frankin continued. "Anyway, I'm supposed to go as the substitute teacher will a-" and then is heard a knock on the door on the classroom. "WHO GOES THERE?!"
     "I'm the substitute teacher, can I come in?"

    "Oh", and Franklin cleared his throat and said, "It's open", and then the substitute teacher came in. He was a simple elderly Asian man, who was blind and had the classic black glasses to show he was blind. He wore typical elderly man clothes, was far skinnier than Mr. Franklin was, and even walked with a cane. Some of the jocks in the class, like Jacob, and the cheerleaders, like Brittany, were actually happy that the substitute was a blind man. "Um.....are you sure you are the substitute?"

    "I'm completely sure, his curriculum was checked by the principal and it has proven to be quite good!"

    "But um, sir, there is one problem, I see that you, unique?"

    "Are you saying that just because I'm asian I can't teach? What? we can't drive and now we can't teach?!"

    "No, it's not that, it's that, you are......blind."

    "Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I can't teach the school children! Now you just leave to your lawsuit and tend to your own business while I do your job while you're away!"

    "Very well, sir" and Franklin took his stuff and left. And so, the teacher started to introduce himself. Of course, he was facing the chalkboard rather than the students, being blind and all;

    "Hello students, I am to be reffered to as Mr. Hou, and I am going to be your substitute teacher while Mr. Frankrin has to be out due to his lawsuit issue.

    ""...." the students said nothing, except occasional coughs;

    "It's alright, you'll get used to me, but not too much, anyway, I believe we should continue whatever lesson that Mr. Frankrin had started with you all.So, anyone remember the lesson he was talking?"
    "No sir", Jacob promptly answered with, lying, "I have no idea what he was talking about."

    "Yeah", Brittany replied, "I think he said that since we did so well yesterday, that he was giving us this day off of doing any class work."; Hou snickered and said;

    "I'm maybe blind, but I'm not stupid.", "You will continue to do whatever it is Mr. Franklin had you doing before he left. I know it is probably some type of book work. As long as I can't hear you talking to one another I will not bother you."
     "Now, any other interested to tell me the, Coby Nelson?"

    "", and of course Coby was completely shocked and embarassed. Being insecure and shy he hated being called out like that, he couldn't figure out at all what to say about the lesson, and also not to mention he was bad at math. As soon as he tried to come up with what to say, he lost it. He just couldn't speak and already felt like people were laughing at him for this, though in reality they weren't. He just worried that they were. "Well, I guess if you want things done well, do them yourself" and Hou took a paper from Mr. Franklin's desk. Coby sighed and slouched in his desk.

    Sometime later, math class ended and Brandon, Ingrid and Coby were in the halls finally able to talk with eachother yet again. Of course, the first thing Coby said was;


    "It wasn't that bad, you know.", Ingrid said to him, "Everyone gets called out in class like that eventually."

    "Yes but I just don't like it when it happens to me."

    "It's not like it's the end of the world."

    "Well, to me it's just, humiliating, I can never figure out what to say."

    "It's alright Cobes!", Brandon then patted him on the back, "Mr. Franklin will be back soon enough!"; Coby just sighed of that outcom, "Oh, we shouldn't want him back or something?"

    "Let's just get this day of school over with", was all Ingrid said in response to that, and soon enough they had managed to make it into their Mythology class, taught by Mr. Benjamin Carter. Of course, all of the three friends at at the same table together. This was also the last class of the day that they shared together.

    "Well, class; I hope you brought your homework" said Mr. Carter, and of course nobody answered, "Ah who the hell am I kidding, I already know none of you except Ingrid did your homework!", and he just took Ingrid's completed homework and continued, "So far this year she's only the one even trying in this class at all! Anyway, I have other important things to say. First, we have a student in this class today, and second, I'm giving you all a brand new out of class assignment!"; The class sighed of the news of the assignment, "Hey! Enough! Now first we met the student, I expect you all to be nice to her, but her name is Vanessa Countessa!", and then Vanessa Countessa walked in through the doors. She was an absolutely beautiful young long, long flowing dark brunette hair styled in the most fabulous style imaginable, crystal blue eyes that seemed to shine in the light and the dark, and she wore a simple dark blue shirt with a black jacket, and a short black skirt with dark blue heeled boots to top it all off. She also had very big boobs, a beauty mark under her left eye, and was tanned just perfectly. To all of the guys in the class except Coby, she made them all whistle, smile, or get excited.
"Vanessa, why don't you find a space to sit?"

    "Yes, sir.", and then she sat at a table alone. Of course, many of the boys immediately tried to join her at her table, though Coby and Brandon didn't move from their table. Either way, Carter then said;

    "Now, it's time for your assignment! All of you will immediately go outside to the school background to hunt for fairies!"; The class immediately just giggled at the assignment. Thinking it was a joke, "Hey! Stop laughing! This is a serious assignment! If any of y'all are successful in capturing a fairy, you shall bring it to me and I will make sure that I-I mean you, will receive the fame and recgonition that you rightfully deserve! Now, here are your cameras!", he then showed them cameras he had on his desk, "Here are your butterfly nets", he then gestured to them butterfly nets, "And your magnifying glasses", and he gestured to them those objects aswell. "Though I doubt amateurs like yourselves will be very successful, there is a chance for everything in this world." And so, the students groaned since they have to do a 'useless' assignment. Though Coby didn't find it so useless. "Now, all of you will go outside to the track field which doubles as the football stadium to search for for your fairies! I've heard that is where they are most common at this school!"; After that, the students were groaning and going to the location was assigned, trying to find faeries; and of course, the complains were more than expected. While the other students were busy groaning and complaining, or otherwise doing nothing, Coby, Brandon and Ingrid spent this time they had to hang out together, in an area a bit away from the other students.

    "Something tells me that Mr. Carter is not in the mood today" Brandon said to his two friends;

    "Did you finally realized it?" Ingrid questioned;

    "I guess I did!", Brandon then got really happy and cheerful, "Do I get like a cookie or something?!"

    "Anyway, we have to keep going with this", Coby then said, interrupting Brandon completely;

    "Why?", Ingrid replied, "It's a complete waist of time. Mr. Carter is just a wackjob who not only thinks all these mythical creatures are real without any actual scientific evidence, but also gets their entire mythologies completely wrong. For all we know he'd mistake a butterfly for a fairy, or think that the Fairy WeirdParents is an actual account of real events."; Coby just nodded and kept searching, but suddenly...

    He saw, through the bushes, something that none of the others had seen, it was indeed, magical creatures. But, they were being tormented by what looked to be beings with ninja costumes, only with human upper-halfs, but octopus lower-halfs. The magical creatures being tormented were fairies, being rounded up with butterfly nets and put into cages. Coby just watched in shock as this was happening, he could see the fairies were in trouble needed saving, but he also knew some things:

    The first was that, his insecure self, he hesitated to jump in to help. The second was that, he was a bit worried that him being a Wyvern would lead to him being labeled a villain as Wyverns aren't seen as lucky as dragons are. The third was thinking of waiting for the American Dragon to come in and help them out, or hope that he will. However, there was no sign the American Dragon was going to be showing up anytime soon, so he was the only hope to save these guys. But still, he was nervous. With none of his friends seeing this at all, he made his decision.

    "These guys don't look good, I have to find a way to know what they're doing and if it's bad; I'll stop them" Coby thought, trying to find a way to not call attention to himself. "Ear of the Wyvern", he then whispered, and one of his Wyvern ears came out, allowing him to listen closely from a distance what was being said from all of the creatures capturing the fairies; The bad guys, conveniently enough were pretty much giving some of the details of the plan.

    "Remember the plan", one of them said to the other, there were only three of them altogether, "Capture these fairies and return 'em to the boss, then she'll be able to get all the pixie dust she needs to help with the big plan once she grinds these fairies down."

    "Yeah yeah I heard her the first time she said it to us."

    "Hey, can't blame me for wanting to remind you dingheads."

    "Worst, she'll not be happy if we fail!"

    "Which we won't! Especially since that American Dragon lives miles away from here in New York, we don't have nothin' to worry about so keep catching those fairies!", it's notable that every single fairy they captured made a shriek of terror as they were caught.

    "But apparently you have to deal with me" Coby whispered, and then he said, "Enter the Wyvern.", and Coby turned into his wyvern form at that moment for a surprise attack. He immediately swooped onto one of the bad guys and knocked them over, surprising the others and making them drop all of the cages with fairies in them that they had.

    "AHHHHH! AHHHHH! A WYVERN!", the two screamed, and they immediately ran off, leading the other one to his doom, and also angry;

    "YOU COWARDS! COME BACK HERE AND FIGHT LIKE REAL MEN!"; And the wyvern was flying at high speed towards the bad guys and he entered into action.He took a deep breathe and, staying in the air, fired a breathe of electricity at them. It had much the same effect as lightning, except it was also a continous beam, a continuous beam of pure electricity.  "So a wyvern, huh? I was hoping for a dragon, but you'll do", and while his two allies were shocked by the lightning and with a scream jumped into a river nearby, the leader chose to say and fight, and took out a single electric spear and tried to stab Coby with it. Coby stayed in the air and dodged it repeatedly before then whacking the guy in the face with his tail, sending him onto his back. "Augh!"

    "Why don't you", Coby then nervously tried to taunt the guy, "Just um, go back where you, came from!", and while the guy was on the ground, suddenly, the ninja girl from before came onto the scene. coming from the air and doing a drop kick onto Coby's head, knocking the Wyvern boy to the ground as she did a flip off of him and landed on her feet. "Ow, what the-", and Coby got a better look to the one who attacked him, "Who the hell are you guys?"

    "I don't believe I'm a guy", the Ninja girl named Vanessa said to him in an odd tone of voice, but it was then that Coby tried to get back into a fighting position. However, this girl jumped into the air and dodged every single shot of lightning he threw at her.  Once she got up and close with him, they had a hand-to-hand fight in which Coby could only dodge as this ninja attacked so swiftly some of her speed seemed logically impossible.

    "So fast" and Coby got a sucker punch which got him to the ground; "Ow!", and it was then that the Vanessa girl landed ontop of him, putting her foot right at his neck, and held a katana sword in her hands, and was actually preparing to decapitate him;

    "Yes, and I guess this means that you, are too slow.", Vanessa then taunted, "But this simply means that you will get to be put out of your misery now."; But before Cody could get pulverized, or decapitated, he's saved entire tree being lifted from it's roots and flying at Vanessa, hitting her right in the face, and body for that matter too, and sending her flying into yet another tree. Of course, right after she cut her way out of the chair, she found her sword suddenly taken over by a strange aura of energy and flying high up into the air to cut off a branch of tree that fell towards her. She dodged with ninja like skill, but was hit with a massive array of rocks that sent her into the bushes. Needless to say, Coby was completely confused as he sat back up. He looked around all over, but he couldn't find anyone that could have saved him, only the sound of someone running back towards the trackfield from behind him, but that person was seemingly cloaked in a hooded cloak, so he couldn't see who it was;The cloaked person just made a silent sign and disappeared Coby turned back into a human. Coby raised one eyebrow, but shook his head and decided to stand up and walk over to the cages of the dropped fairies;

    "Huh", Coby commented as he noticed that apparently nobody at all heard this, "I guess this school doesn't care about lightning.", and it was then that he started freeing the fairies from the cages they were trapped inside of; Coby took the cages one by one and started to free them, well, one by one as the faeries thanked Coby.

    "Thank you, kind sir!", one of them said;

    "Yes, thank you very very much!", another added in;

    "It's not often that a Wyvern actually helps other magical creatures out!", a third one also added in;

    "Really?" Coby asked "Yeah, I heard about it"

    "Yes", that fairy continued, "It's normally a dragon's job to save people like us, but you did a good job, for a Wyvern."


    "But", the fairy furtherly continued, "You did things a little worse than what the American Dragon would have done. He'd have saved us in a much better fashion. But thanks anyway!", and then the fairies flied off, leaving Coby with a very bummed out emotion, feeling a bit insulted, and as such, a bit sad. Those high-pitched voiced fairies that were just tiny winged human-like creatures really managed to hurt his feelings. Coby went back to Ingrid and Brandon, which hopefully were none the wiser. Coby went back to Ingrid and Brandon, which hopefully were none the wiser.

    "Where did you go?", Ingrid then questioned bluntly, "I thought we were supposed to be hunting for, ahem, fairies?"

    "Um...I thought I saw one...but it was just a moth, jeje" Coby replied.

    "Oh my gosh!", Brandon said with an excited gasp, "The same thing happened to me too!"

    "Yeah", Ingrid said in her usual cynical tone, "Same here, too."

    "Well", Coby then said, taking out a camera, "No harm in taking a picture, right? See if we find anything?"

    "Sure" Ingrid and Brandon agree, and soon enough they were taking random photographs in random places, pretty much photographs at random. Little did Coby know though, that Vanessa, his new classmate, was actually watching him with a curious expression on her face, though she was a good distance away from them. Soon enough, however, all of them had to return to Mr. Carter, as in, Mr. Carter's classroom. All of the students had photos they had taken, but little to none of them acted like this was a serious assignment at all. Coby, Brandon and Ingrid walked in the back of the crowd all holding their own photos, and soon enough, were approached by Vanessa from behind.

    " you guys doing, did you have luck?" Vanessa asked, surprising all three of them;

    "Huh?", Coby replied, "Oh..."

    "Hi Vanessa!", Brandon happily exclaimed in response, "Oh yeah! We", he then turned to Coby and Ingrid, "Did we have any luck, guys?"; Ingrid shook his head, while Coby was trying to think another excuse;

    "We got some luck, but we lost it."

    "Oh really?", Vanessa replied, "Where?"

    "None of your business where."

    "I see how it is", Vanessa replied, "You don't want me to walk with you guys, do you?"

    "Yes.", Ingrid answered, but then:

    "No!", Brandon replied, "We totally don't mind you walking with us! Why would we?", Coby then whispered to him;


    "What?", Brandon whispered back, "She's sooooo pretty!"
    "Hehehe, sure...why not?"

    "Yay!", and then Brandon turned back to speak with Vanessa, "So, you really wanna walk and talk to us?"

    "Sure", Vanessa replied, "But perhaps, can I know more about Coby, maybe?"; Coby immediately felt his cold feet; he didn't know why but he was fearing the worst.

    "I don't think Coby feels like sharing personal information with someone he hardly even knows", Ingrid then defended Coby with a very spiteful tone towards Vanessa, "Why can't we talk about your personal stuff first?"

    "Okay, I can see that the majority of you guys don't want me to talk to you so fine, I'll just go", Vanessa then walked off, but not before giving Ingrid a spiteful glare right back.

    "Awwww!", Brandon whined, "Why'd you do that, Ingrid?"

    "Because", Ingrid answered with, "I don't trust her."

    "How can you not trust her?";

    "Believe me, I could feel she is not precisely a good company." And as Ingrid and Brandon were discussing; Coby was breathing of relief, he was happy he didn't have to share any persona information with a stranger like Vaness

a. Unlike Ingrid though he didn't judge her or think she was evil, he was just naturally shy like that. Regardless, this lasted pretty much the entire walk to class, and it's notable that Mr. Carter was there at the door to take in every student's photo as they walked into his class;

    "All right, class", Mr. Carter said, "I want to see your progress on unveiling the secrets of the magical world!", and he began taking all of the photos one by one and judging them, his various judgements were, "This is just a normal bush. Just a snail. Just a normal butterfly. Just a normal MOTH. Just an ant pile. Just a", he then turned to this student and said, "Why did you take a photo of dog poop?"

    "Cuz it was there?", the young boy replied;

    "Well you fail!", and Mr. Carter continued to move on and examine each and every photo, "Interesting, but not a fairy! Butterfly. Butterfly. Butterfly. Moth. Butterfly. Butterfly. Cocoon with Butterfly coming out of it. Flowers. Flowers. Moth. Butterfly. Butterfly. Butterfly. Hummingbird. Butterfly. Dragonfly. Butterfly. Wow whoever this is really needs to get that checked, and butterfly.", and then he walked right up to the desks of Ingrid, Brandon, and Coby. The three were pretty nervous to see how this is going to end, well, not Ingrid;

    "Very well", Mr. Carter said to them, "Hand them over now."; Coby gulped and gave the photos to Mr. Carter. Mr. Carter then looked at the photos as he went back to his desk, Coby nervous, while Brandon and Ingrid both didn't care very much, not as much as Coby did.,

    "Well?" Brandon asked;

    "", after a full minute, Mr. Carter then said to them, "I will have to go outside to examine it further."

    "What do you mean?" Ingrid asked. In response, Mr. Carter just silently walked outside of his classroom. Leaving his entire class puzzled; then;

    "YES! FINALLY! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!  HALLE-FREAKIN'-LUJAH! I AM SAVED! I CAN FINALLY HAVE AN ACTUAL CAREER! I CAN FINALLY HAVE AN ACTUAL HOUSE! OH BOY I AM SAVED! FINALLY! ACTUAL EVIDENCE! I CAN FINALLY SECURE MY PLACE IN HISTORY AS THE GREATEST SCIENTIST EVAH!", and then after composing himself he walked back into the room and said, "Um, Mr. Nelson, you've officially earned yourself Sixty Dollars for your picture."; That just flat out surprised everyone, especially the most popular ones.


    "No special reason, but um, it was just that good of a picture.", Mr. Carter replied, "I just hope you don't mind if I take all credit for it on the news okay bye class I'll leave you to yourselves until the bell rings BYE!", and he promptly ran out of the room as fast as he could, leaving all of his students alone in the class completely unattended.

    "....what just happened?" that's all Ingrid could ask;

    "I don't know", was Coby's answer, and seconds later, the bell to end the class rang. The action switched to the cafeteria during lunch time; while he was siting outside instead of eating as always with Ingrid and Brandon; but Coby was thinking of what the faeries said to him, and having doubts about the subject: "Um.....guys, do you think that a Wyvern could do things just as good as a dragon can?"

    "Why are you asking this question?", Ingrid then asked in response, "You should be asking what was up with Mr. Carter today."
    "No...never mind, I don't know where my mind is."

    "I do wonder what Mr. Carter did after he left!", Brandon then exclaimed, "Maybe he went out grocery shopping!", as Coby and Ingrid just gave Brandon blank expressions in response to that, Mr. Carter was doing his own dastardly deeds in his own city home. He lived in West Philadelphia, and his home had a garage attached to the side of it. Infact, he was in this garage actually, and in said garage he had numerous paintings and pictures of magical creatures, and even had sculptures of them too. He also had maps with various red circles drawn on it, globes with arrows all over them, and similar objects. He himself was sitting at a desk with a moncole over one of his eyes, examining Coby's photo, when suddenly he was approached by an Animatronic Fox and an Animatronic Duck.

    "We made it, guys", said Mr. Carter smirking, "We finally made it."

    "What do ya mean, boss?", the Fox asked, "What have we made it to?"

    "Magial Creatures, you hunk o' junk!", the Duck angrily replied, "He's finally discovered a real magical creature!"

    "Yes!", Mr. Carter exclaimed, "Precisely! Look at this!", he then showed them the photo Coby had taken, "Actual proof of the existence of magical creatures! A fairy! Caught by one of my aggravating students!"

    "I see it, boss", the Fox replied, "But how do we prove it's real?"

    "Yes", the Duck answered with, "Photos aren't usually treated as one hundred percent evidence."

    "I know that", Mr. Carter answered, "Government cover-ups and all that, but I still must show it to the news anyhow, after proving without a doubt that there was no editing what-so-ever done to this photo, as such, they will HAVE to think it's real! I will debunk every single possible way it could be faked, FORCING them to think it's real!", and Mr. Carter then started laughing like an evil maniac, while his animatronic's followed after him. Meanwhile, things went back with Coby...Coby was busy just walking alone through the halls of the school. Lunch period had ended now, and it was time for him to get off to Gym class again. However, some of the school bullies decided they wanted to mess with Coby while he didn't have his friends around.

    "Oh, boy here they come" Coby thought to himself as the bullies got close to him, he did his best to walk fast, but one of them, a generic jock type boy wearing his letterman's jacket that short brown hair and green eyes, but plenty of zits/acne on his face despite having such a well built body, grabbed his backpack and stopped him;

    "Where do you think you're goin', shrimp?"

    "To...gym class, and Coach O'Doogle is not going to be happy if I'm late."

    "Well too bad.", the bully replied, "Cuz you're gonna be a little late now. Cuz you have to get a WEDGIE!", and then he promptly gave Cody a wedgie. Coby didn't speak, he just bit his lip, blushed of the embarassment, and didn't say anything. He struggled a bit, but he was powerless to stop them. "Oh yeah, and also LOCKER JAM!", and then the bully opened up one of the lockers nearby and bluntly shoved the wedgied Coby into said locker and shut the door. The Jocks all laughed, and he said, "Man can't wait'll Jacob hears about this! Ha!", and that was pretty much it. Coby, embarrassed about this sudden incident, cried a bit, but suddenly he heard footsteps walking towards him. He closed his eyes thinking it was another bully, but surprisingly, this person actually let him out of the locker he was stuffed in. Once he fell to the floor and looked up, he saw it was noneother than Vanessa.

    "Coby...are you okay?", asked Vanessa, trying to help him.

    "Y-y-yes, I-I-I'm fine", Coby replied, trying to get to class as quickly as possible, "I have to get to close now, though. I'm sorry."

    "It's alright if you're nervous to talk to me", Vanessa replied, "Most boys like you would be."

    "I really, really need to......go to class."

    "You sure you don't want to skip class just for a girl like me?", Vanessa replied, "That's what most of the other boys offered do with me. Come on, I won't try to kill you or anything!"

    "I-I'm not like the other boys", and then Coby bluntly rushed off to Gym class, leaving Vanessa with a raised eyebrow but a smirk on her face.  However, she just walked away. Sometime later, after Gym Class, Coby was returning from home on the bus, much like he usually did. Except this time, when he got home, he discovered a newspaper right infront of the front door of the house. Curious, he picked it up and read the front page article, because it featured a picture of Mr. Carter on it. "This doesn't look good" Coby said to himself as he saw the headline: FAERIES ARE REAL? TEACHER SHOWS PROOF! As such, he immediately went to tell Ramon and his Great Aunt Sandra about this. Once he got there and showed it to them:

     "How..could that...happen?!" Ramon shouted as he read it, "Oh man this bad. THIS IS REAL BAD!", Coby the entire time just remained silent and had a very guilty expression on his face, "How could this happen!? Great! Now I'm gonna have to try and contact the American Dragon to get here and fix this, and you don't know how hard that is sometimes!"

    "I heard a lot of this American Dragon", Coby said in response to this, getting a bit fed up with people treating him like he can't do anything on his own, "Why....why can't I just fix this myself?"

    "Because, kid", Ramon said to him, "I don't think you're good enough yet to fix stuff like this on your own. Besides, your not a dragon, it's not your job to."

    "But I.....I want to."

    "....For the last time-"

    "Very well, you can go" Sandra interrupted;


    "No, I trust him."

    "But it's a dragon's job to do this kinda stuff! Plus he's still a trainee!"

    "I'm sure the American Dragon is very busy up in Manhattan right now, that is where the biggest population of magical creatures live, after all", Sandra then said, "I'm sure Coby can handle a minor problem like this. All he has to do is get rid of the teacher's proof and bam, it's done!"

    "I may be not know much about the magical world...but I'll do whatever it takes" Coby was more determined to get rid of the evidence, but for that; he needed to conjure up a plan. "Um.......any idea how I can do that?"

    "See!", Ramon replied, "That's what I'm talking about!"

    "Hey!", Coby then got a bit angry, or annoyed, at Ramon, "I'm trying here! Give me a chance!"

    "Fine", Ramon replied, "Obviously, if you want to get rid of the evidence, you're gonna have to go to where-ever he would keep that stuff at."

    "Well.....he might be keeping it in his classroom."

    "Well", Sandra replied, "Then there you go!"; And so, Cobu was ready to infiltrate school and get rid of the picture as soon as he could. Using his Wyvern form, he was easily able to traverse the dimly lit sunset skies of Philadelphia and get to his school just on time. However, because it was only a few hours after school, some people were infact still there, such as the Football Team and other athletes for afterschool practice, along with various afterschool clubs. Also, were the teachers. As such, Coby knew he would have to be as secretive as possible. Right before entering, he went into his human form and tried to walk calmly through the halls of the main building, hoping anyone who would spot him would think he was part of an afterschool club or program. Of course, he wasn't ready to anticipate who was going to walk out of the bathroom, and bump into him when he was looking away. Just as he was about to find his way towards Mr. Carter's class, he just had to run into his own crush, Devin Fairlie. Due to the athletic Devin being more athletic than Coby, Devin just moved a little, Coby fell to the ground upon bumping into him.

    "Oof!", was a sound made by both of them, though.

     "Hey, be careful; pal" Devin said as Coby was just realizing who he was talking to, and he immediately got nervous, "Are you alright?"

    "Oh......oh y-y-yeah......uh-huh", Coby just stood up and nodded, he was very nervous at this point;

    "Heh, well, okay, then, watch we're you're going next time, alright?", Coby nodded in response, "Oh, and if you're going to the bathroom, you might wanna avoid the first stall on the row."


    "You'll find out soon enough.", Devin answered with, "Anyway, I got practice to go to. See ya around.", and then Devin left. After Devin was out of the hallway, Coby just sighed of both relief because his nervousness was gone, and also guilt because he couldn't come out with his feelings towards the boy. Either way though, he had other matters to attend to, but first he noticed the zit-faced bully from earlier heading right towards him, and he immediately froze up in worry and fear a bit.

    "YO, LOSER!", and the jock had Coby held up by his shirt collar within seconds, "What you doin' after school? You part of the Glee club or somethin?"

    "N-n-no, I-"

    "Gimme your sixty bucks and I'll THINK about not giving you a swirly."


    "You do have those sixty bucks Carter gave you, right?"

    "Y-y-y-yes, but-"

    "Then gimme 'em."

    "Y-y-you know, my mom is, the police chief."

    "I don't care", the jock bluntly replied, "Nobody does! Your just a gay little loser who's gonna be getting a swirly in a few seconds, unless-"

    "I don't have the money!"

    "Well then", the jock bluntly stated, "swirly time then!", but then Coby started getting from scared to angry, not wanting his head to be dunked into a toilet, he said to the bully:

    "Put me down!"

    "Ha!", the jock laughed as he entered the bathroom still holding Coby by his shirt collar, "You don't get how this works. I'm the bully, you the victim. You don't have money, you get bullied."

    "I said PUT. ME. DOWN."

    "And I said, swirly tim-", and then the bully got kicked right in the groin by a very angry Coby, "AUGH", and he immediately dropped Coby to the ground, held his hurt groin, and kneed over in pain right infront of the stall Devin warned Coby about. Coby wasn't done yet, and he got even angrier, shockingly angry infact:

    "I SAID PUT ME THE HECK DOWN YOU BIG FREAKIN' BULLY!" and then Coby started relentlessly kicking the pimple-faced boy in the groin, repeatedly. With every single kick the bully screamed more and more in pain.


    "I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE FREAKIN' CODE!", and then Coby gave the bully seven more straight hits to the groin before they both heard a voice;

    "What's going on in there?!", Coby immediately got scared and ran out of the bathroom and back on his way to find Mr. Carter's classroom. The bully, on the other hand, tried to get up, only to have the blind Mr. Hou walk in. Obviously, Mr. Hou did not see the boy was in pain or anything, being blind, so when the groaning bully desperately moved towards him and put a hand on his shoulder, Mr. Hou went into self defense mode immediately;

    "KYWAAAAAAAAAAA!", and he pushed the boy off of him and then literally jumped in the air and did a karate kick right in the boy's face. The boy fell right to the wall of the bathroom before Mr. Hou literally walked towards him on the ceiling, grabbed the boy by the chin, and threw him over to the other end of the room before doing a front flip back to the floor. After that, Mr. Hou gave the boy repeated punches all over the front of his body before finishing him with a roundhouse kick right into the first stall in the room. However, someone had removed the seat of this toilet somehow, so the boy literally fell right into the toilet bowl.

    "Uggggggghhhhhh", the bully groaned, "Why", he then coughed up three of his teeth, "Why'd you do that to me?!"

    "Never lay a hand on your teachers, young man", was all Mr. Hou said with a grin on his face before walking out of the bathroom;

    "Wa-wait!", the bully pleaded, "I need your-AUGH, man! Someone took the seat off the toilet! Great! Now my freakin' pants are all wet!", and then suddenly the toilet began to rumbling, "Huh? Wha-what's happen-", and then the water from inside the toilet the bully was trapped in began to spring up like a water house. Showering the bully with water coming from under him, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!", and those screams could be heard even from outside at football practice. While outside, Devin and his twin (but without soul patch and with less messy hair) brother Gavin looked to eachother with smiles and bumped fists together, for their prank did indeed work. However, while they were doing that and going back off to practice, Coby was having his own issue, finding his way to Mr. Carter's office. To make things easier for himself, he turned into his Wyvern form and was using it to crawl through the air vents of the school, not wanting to risk the door being locked. Once he got above the room in the vents, he saw the picture sitting on the desk.However, also sneaking into the room through the window from outside, was the ninja girl named Vanessa. Both Coby and Vanessa made their way into the room at the same time as eachother, and there was no doubt what was going to happen in a matter of seconds.

    "Oh dear, what an awkward situation", Vanessa said snarkily once they were both in the room;

    "Wha-what are you doing here?"

    "Well, I was coming in for my own top secret mission", Vanessa answered with, "But now, I guess my mission has changed.", she then got prepared to fight the Wyvern, getting into a proper fighting stance.

    "Look, I don't wanna fight you", Coby replied, "Can you please just leave?"

    "How about no?", and then the Ninja Girl just jumped right towards Coby and tried to kick him in the face. However, Coby dodged and she hit the chalkboard instead. "Oof!", was her immediately response. Coby's tail then smacked her right in the face and sent her back towards the wall when he turned to face her. Coby then tried to grab the picture and leave, but the girl came up behind him and grabbed his neck and tried to choke him with her arms. "I've got you now, you big dumb lizard!", Coby struggled to try to breathe in this fight, but eventually he managed to flip the girl over and onto the desk where she sent most of the things on said desk down to the floor. She also found her pants being ripped by the open cabinets. When she stood up, Coby was shocked to find;

    "Your legs...they're tentacles?!", and he was right. Instead of legs like her costume implied, her lower body was actually like an Octopus or Squid's, her eight tentacles were all jammed into those two legs, concealed. The Ninja Girl then had a harder time making movements like a ninja so she resorted to just trying to grab Coby with her tentacles. The Wyvern boy however just flew around the cramped room and used the desks to block them. He first tried using them to shield himself, but the tentacles just broke when she hit them. Then he got an idea, "I'm sorry for hurting you but, I have no choice!", and with that he took a desk and just as a tentacle was going to grab him by the neck, he dropped the heavy desk right onto it and;

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!", was the girl's scream as her tentacle was then bruised and sore. Coby then smiled and started throwing the desks right at her. She dodged every single one she threw at him by ducking under the desk, but in doing this she found a red button with the word 'CAGE' written on it. She smirked a bit and said, "Time to end this already.", with that push of a button, just as Coby tried to lunge at her, a metal cage fell down on him and suddenly a very loud and obnoxious alarm sounded off in the enter room. Coby tried to pull himself out of the cage, but he couldn't muster up enough strength to do it at all.

    "Oh no!", Coby panicked, "I'm trapped! I can't bend the bars!", he then struggled to break free once more, "I can't get outta here!", and then the tentacled girl approached him, suddenly pulling out a large scythe like weapon.

    "Well", she said in a cold and menacing time, "I guess that means it's time to finally end this, by ending YOU.", Coby then tried to fire his lightning breathe at her, but she immediately blocked it with the blade of the scythe and reflected it back at him, causing him to be effected by the electricity instead;

    "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", was Coby's response to said electricity. The girl just laughed;

    "This is going to be like taking candy from a baby.", however, just as she was about to kill Coby with the scythe, which he backed away to the back of the cage from, they both heard footsteps coming towards the door, running footsteps, and they heard a voice;

    "I GOT ONE, I GOT ONE!", and that was the voice of Mr. Carter, running up to open the door and see what his cage caught, with a gasp, the girl bolted out of the window without even hurting Coby any further at all. Coby himself panicked as the door opened. It wasn't very long until Mr. Carter, his two animatronic animals, and also Coby's Mother, Father and Older Brother Derreck (very similar in body build to Anthony, but has a more corporate haircut, no facial hair, and wears a cop uniform at almost all times) were all in there. Only they didn't find a Wyvern in a cage, they instead found Coby in his human form, trapped inside the cage. Needless to say, Coby's parents were very shocked at what they saw;

    "What?!", Mr. Carter said in a shocked tone, "But that cage is only designed to capture magical creatures, I swear! I have no idea that boy could've gotten in there! Unless he was meddling around my classroom, just LOOK at this place! He made a wreck of this place!"

    "You know", Mr. Nelson replied, "I'd like to know more about how our son, who had yet to come home, is in a cage, in your classroom."

    "Yes", a completely angry Chelsea said as she turned toward a then frightened Mr. Carter, backing up to his animatronic allies, "HOW. Have you been keeping him here ALL DAY?!"

    "N-n-n-no! I can explain, I can-AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!", and all Coby could do is wince as his mom began basically bringing Mr. Carter down. As Coby shielded his eyes, but peeked through them a bit, he could hear the sounds of Mr. Carter screaming in pain, being punched and kicked, and also the sound of his animatronics being torn apart by a woman's own bare hands. Sometime later, Coby was let out of the cage (obviously) and was at Great Aunt Sandra & Ramon's shop. There, as soon as he walked in, Ramon clucked out;

    "Tell me you got rid of the picture!"

    "Yes, I did", Coby then held up the picture, getting it from his pocket, "I grabbed it before I walked out. My mom was roughing Mr. Carter and two animatronics up pretty badly,  so I guess he didn't see it in plain view."

    "See", Sandra commented as she walked up and took the photo from Coby's hands, "I told you he could do it."

    "Yeah well still", Ramon replied, "He's still just a trainee."

    "Exactly", Sandra answered, patting Coby on the head a bit, "And that means he'll only get better, now doesn't it?"

    "Maybe", Ramon replied, "Maybe."

    "So, I guess this will go in the box of close call evidence.", and Sandra then went to put the photo inside of a box ontop of one of her shelves filled with various photos of actual magical creatures that almost got into the hands of the mass media. Only then though, did Coby realize something;

    "Hey, ya know what, the cops that were inside with Mr. Carter were my mom, my dad, and one of my older brothers."

    "Yeah", Ramon remarked, "And your point is?"

    "If they were there at the school I could've just let them know about it and mom could've, well, taken are of it."

    "Yeah", Sandra replied, "But would it have been as rewarding?"

    "Well, no, I guess not."

    "Well, we'll just leave it at that", Sandra replied, "We're still waiting on the Oracle's research to be done, and you've still got alot to learn still, so, I'd suggest you get some rest and be ready for much more rewarding things in your life.", Coby just smiled at how his Great Aunt was raising his spirits, and with his adventure of the day done and over with for now, he actually was somewhat looking forward to what lied in his future. At least, for now.
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Part 2 of the pilot episode of Coby's own original series. If this really does get a good enough feedback from people I may actually continue this series. I hope it's not TOO similar to Jake Long's show. I mean, yeah, if anything this is somewhat of a parody of it. Differences include setting, and not to mention the fact the ninja girl is not a love interest at all.

And i'm sure the Vanessa at the school is in NO WAY related to the Vanessa that happens to be the Ninja girl.

And among other differences. There's no Huntsclan.

I guess it's like a Jake Long fanfiction......without Jake Long XD.

And yes......that was a Scary Movie 3 reference for the opening scene. Sue me.

Ingrid is an OC I purchased from :iconellissummer: via an OC auction. I recall she asked to credit her whenever the OC was used.
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Home of the Liberty Bell, home of that statue of Benjamin Franklin, the original home of the Fresh Prince from that 1990's sitcom, it is definitely a well known American city indeed. It is also, where our story begins. Well, Philadelphia at early dawn, with the sun just coming up, is where and when our story begins. The classic Philadelphia skyline, the busy streets filled with people, and of course the classic sound of the all-day-long city traffic. Let's not even forget the view of the Delaware River separating Pennsylvania and New Jersey, or the Schuykill River which flows through Philadelphia. Yes indeed, as the 5th most populous city of the United States, it is one of the key united states cities. Of course, our focus is not on the city itself, but rather one sole member of it's citizens. That citizen was actually standing on the roof of his home at the moment, alone. His name was Coby David Nelson, and he was a very adorable young little boy with fine green eyes, dark brunette hair that was in a nice bowl-cut fashion, but it was really more of a swayed fashion, and said brunette hair also had blonde highlights in it too. He wasn't the tallest or buffest boy in South Philly, but he had a body that was fit enough to pass as fit. He also had white skin, meaning that since he lived in South Philadelphia, he most likely had Italian ancestry, but that's not important at the moment. As for clothing, he typically wears black jeans, with purple sneakers at the bottom to match the purple long-sleeve undershirt with a black '-' sign on the chest that he wears under a beige (the specific shade would be closer to Khaki or Ecru) hoodie jacket. Oh, and he also had a black hat on his head that he wore in a reverse fashion too. However, the focus right now was that he was just sitting on the roof of his school, looking at the rising sun over the Philadelphia skyline, at the flocks of Canada Geese flying in their V-shaped flocks high in the sky, and of course listening to the sound of traffic and the occasional barking of a dog. Of course, none of those things was what Coby was really focusing on. Instead, he just looked to the sky, took in a deep breathe and stood up.

    "Well", Coby said to himself, "Here's goes nothing....I guess.", and with one more deep breathe, Coby ran for the edge of the building and jumped. While one might view this action as completely crazy, Coby was merely activating his powers. His Wyvern powers. That's right, Coby has the ability to transform into a Wyvern. While all Wyvern transformations have individuality, the one thing that stayed the same is that they are essentially a dragon with the arms & wings being the same limb. Coby's individuality is that his transformation was mostly a violet/purple colour, and he had a very impressive wingspan. His eyes were still green, and while he technically had hands, they were attached to his wings, and were not as easily usable as a Dragon's would be. This transformation was indeed slow and dramatic, first came in the tail, then the legs, then the body took shape (he did grow in size for this form), then the head, and finally the arms/wings. It was truly amazing how fast he had turned into a reptile and just how perfectly this transformation was. However, his attempt at flight was not so perfect. Right after he transformed, he soon, "Woah, woah, AHHHH!", fell right to the ground infront of his own home. Luckily though, he changed back into human form just as he hit the ground, "Oww.....", was all he said with a grown just as his mother came rushing outside. His mother, Chelsea Nelson, was a beautiful woman. Just, downright gorgeous. An amazing figure, with dark brunette hair in a fashionable bun with one nice bit of bangs going over her right eye, she usually wore a white long-sleeve formal shirt with a burgundy sweater, a deep dark burgundy skirt that did the classic slant to show off her legs, black high heels, and an amethyst necklace plus amethyst earrings. Upon seeing her son's crash landing she rushed right over to his side and helped him back up to his feet;

    "Are you alright baby?", she said to him in a panic, hugging him and trying to make sure he was alright, "How many times do I have to tell you to not transform on the roof?!"

    "I'm fine, mom", Coby assured her as she didn't even think about relenting on her hugs and inspections, "I just...there's nowhere else to transform at!"

    "Well until you know how to fly, promise me you won't do it on the roof ever again! I don't want my baby getting severely injured or even killed because he tried to fly off the roof!"

    "I promise."

    "Alright", Chelsea then gave him once more a big hug, "I know, it's hard being a Wyvern. We don't get mentors like the Dragons do, we don't have a special little council to organize rules to being a Wyvern, we don't have any obligation to protect anyone, we usually have to teach ourselves and do what we think is right. But I know you can do it all by yourself, you're my little baby, after all."

    "Mom....why can't you teach me how to control my powers?"

    "Honey...I'm the chief of police too", Chelsea then explained to him, with clear regret in her voice, "I would love to be the first Wyvern to actually mentor her son, "But, I just don't have the time to do that. I could be on the call at any second, and you know that! I mean, we live in Philadelpha", and then Coby began pouting, feeling sad that his own mother couldn't teach him how to control his powers, she felt bad for him and patted his cheek a bit so that he looked at her again, "Oh sweetie, it's alright. I'll try my best to find someone who can at least try to help you. In the meantime, you have a school to get to."

    "Well", Coby said with a sigh, "Alright mom....can I eat breakfast first?"

    "As long as you have time to, sweetie.", and then Coby ran off, but Chelsea for some reason stopped him, "Coby?", and Coby just smiled and gave her a (family) kiss on the cheek before she finally let him run inside to eat his breakfast. Of course, while he was at the table eating his eggs with bacon, the man of the household finally came out aswell. Albert Nelson was the name of the father of this family, and he was a very well built officer of the force. The man was already wearing his police uniform, and was different from his wife and son; he had teal coloured eyes and short black hair. He also had a mustache under his nose, and a bit of hair on his legs and arms. He also had a watch on his left wrist, and of course various police equipment on a belt on his waist.

    "Mornin', son!", Albert greeted his son, ruffling his hair a bit as he went right over to the coffee machine to fix himself a drink, "How's it been? Ya all caught up on Glee now?"

    "I don't watch Glee, Dad", Coby replied with, with a soft tone of voice;

    "You don't?", Albert replied with, "I thought most gay teenagers did."

    "Well", Coby was truly shy even now, not knowing how to reply to that, "I don't."

    "Well nothing wrong with being an individual, eh son?", Albert then sat down with his coffee and newspaper in hand, but he did see his son wasn't feeling very happy, "Uh, well, wanna hear about those new broadway shows they got playing?"

    "I'm not into Broadway either, dad."

    "You're not?", Albert replied, a bit confused, Coby just shook his head, "Well, anything ya do like son? I know it's not Football season like you're old man."

    "Actually Dad, I wou-", and then Chelsea came back in and of course interrupted the conversation;

    "Oh hey honey!", Albert said to his wife happily, "Say, uh, why did you just dash out the house so quickly? Was it Anthony again?"

    "Oh no", Chelsea replied, putting a hand on Coby's shoulder, "It was just Coby accidentally tripped and fell down the stairs and I wanted to make sure he was alright!"

    "But, I don't remember Coby leaving through the front door...."

    "Trust me, that's what happened", and suddenly Chelsea sounded a bit more stern than usual;

    "Well, was the fall bad, son?"

    "Not really", Coby answered with, even though he knew full well he was basically lying to his dad, "I'm perfectly fine, dad."

    "Well that's good, son!", Albert then assured his son with a smile, "'Cuz you do have school in just a few minutes, hahaha."

    "And you have to get to the station in a few minutes, Officer Nelson", Chelsea then reminded her husband while she herself got her own coffee;

    "Oh I know, Chief", and it was then that the School Bus Coby had to take arrived.

    "There's the bus", Chelsea announced, "Now get going, baby, have fun at your new High School! Oh my little Freshman!", and then she gasped, just remembering now that it was Coby's first day as a 9th grader in a real high school, and promptly took out her iphone just as Coby got his purple backpack on and was headed for the door, "Hold on! I have to get a picture of you before you leave!"

    "Mom, I-", and she took the picture;

    "Alright, got it! Now off to school, my little man!", and with that Coby was finally off to his first day at his first real High School.  The High School Coby went to was none other than Deborah Read Franklin High School. It was a public school located in South Philadelphia, and was essentially your average big city educational institute. The main building had three stories to it, and also included the Cafeteria inside of it. The Auditorium was it's own separate building just beside the main building, and the Gym which also included the pool was the same way on the other side aswell. Other classes, such as Weights/Conditioning, Wood Shop and Art, had a shared building in the back area of the school's campus. In the middle of that, was the school's main yard complete with a hexagon shaped wooden platform that had an impressive statue of Benjamin Franklin & his wife Deborah Read Franklin standing side beside with arms at eachother's waists in the center of it. Amazingly, that statue was made by students of a previous year. In the back of the school campus was other courts for sports that didn't fit inside of the Gym. Which of course meant the Tennis courts and finally the Football Field just behind that. The school also had a front yard which included a small baseball field plus various equipment for Football practice & tryouts. Of course, the focus right now was not on the school itself, but rather on the hundreds of students arriving from the school buses to attend it. Of course, the focus was on Coby, who was just arriving to the school off of his bus. Of course, as soon as he stepped off of the bus one of the head jocks of the school purposely bumped into him to push him;

    "Watch where ya goin!", the jock mocked as Coby just bluntly kept walking on. He was also nudged by another jock in the same fashion again, one of the previous one's friends, but he kept ignoring them and walking into the hallways as soon enough he was in the main lobby of the school. There was a statue of Deborah Read Franklin right infront of the stairways, and on the base of that statue was the list of homerooms. Upon looking at his homeroom, Coby just sighed at seeing what subject the class was, but he went to it anyway. The reason he was not excited about this, was because the homeroom was nothing else other than Algebra class. That's right, Algebra. The class that most students dread whether they are good at it or not. At least, in this school anyway.

    Coby was not the first person to reach the classroom and take his seat at one of the desks, but he wasn't the last one either. He was at least the seventh person to arrive to the class. Once he took his desk and sat down in it though, he was soon greeted by someone who actually turned his bored unhappy expression into an actually happy expression with a happy mood to boot it;

    "Hi Cobes!", was the voice of Brandon Quinn; Coby's best friend. While Coby was first startled by Brandon's voice, when he saw it was him, that best friend of his with a quiff fashioned brown hair, light purple eyes, a red shirt with a flame design on the chest plus a dark red/black striped long-sleeve undershirt, with khaki pants and red/white sneakers to finish the look, he was definitely happy to see his Best Friend, "Glad ya passed and made it to High School!"

    "I'm glad you passed yourself", Coby replied with, "A bit surprised, but happy."

    "Why surprised?", Brandon replied, "I mean, I'm not dumb, am I?"

    "I'm not calling you dumb, I'm just saying, ya know....well, you did tend to make your desk fall over quite alot......and you once managed to break the water machine, and you faceplanted on the vending machine alot too. Ya know, your not exactly, well, the opposite of clumbsy."

    "I know", Brandon replied with, somewhat sighing, "I can't help it..."

    "Hey", Coby patted him on the back, "We're friends! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings! Please don't feel bad about it."

    "I'm just joking, Cobes!", Brandon said back, smiling, "As if you would hurt anyone's feelings!", and it was then that Coby and enjoyed a good life with eachother just as the next person walked into the room, a fellow student and friend of theirs. More specifically, it was Ingrid Lofton. Ingrid was not the tannest girl in school by any means, and she had brown hair in a low bun style, wit ha few pencils kept in her bun. She wore glasses over her green eyes, and usually wore a khaki jacket, a white shirt under it, green/dark khaki pants with white/black shoes and completed her look with a golden key necklace. She also usually carried a Franz Kafka book with her aswell.

    "What are you two laughing about?", Ingrid said to Coby and Brandon as she sat down on the other side of Coby;

    "Oh Hi Ingrid!", Brandon eagerly greeted her with, "I should've known you'd make it to High School! Me and Coby were just laughing about the thought of Coby hurting someone's feelings!"

    "Gee that really is a funny thought.", of course Ingrid was being sarcastic.

    "I know right?"

    "You know, sometimes I question why I hang out with you two", Ingrid answered with, "But then I realize that I do because for some reason, I want to."

    "Good to know that, Ingrid.", Coby said back to her with;

    "Yeah!", Brandon added, but then gasped, "That might mean we're destined to be best friends! I mean, wouldn't that explain so much?!"

    "It would, if there were proof of an actual higher power."

    "Haha", and it was finally then that the teacher of this class finally arrived. He was George Jefferson Franklin, and he was known all around the city was one of the toughest teachers in the entire world. Even the hardcore mathletes were afraid of his class. He had to moved down from 12th grade math to 9th grade math because he was that tough. He was an overweight but still imposing african-american man with short balding hair, a light beard on his chin, and he usually wears a navy blue blazer with a light yellow collared shirt under it, plus a mutli-coloured scarf over both of his shoulders. Complete with khaki coloured pants and typical black dress shoes, this man was ready for his day of work. Well, at least you would think that. You see, instead of a binder or anything, Mr. Franklin actually brings a box of doughnuts with him everywhere he goes.

    "Alright alright that is enough laughing and playing and talking!", Mr. Franklin bluntly said in his very deep voice to all of his students, "I am Mr. Franklin, and that's all you need to know about who I am. Now, I am going to go over the roll call, and when I say your name you had better say here, if you don't say here when I tell you to, even if you ARE here, you are still going to be counted as absent! Do I make myself clear?"

    "Yes sir", all of the students in the class said in unison;

    "Now", Mr. Franklin then cleared his throat, "Brittany Fujimoto?"

    "Here!", and that was from Brittany, a Japanese-American girl with long black hair usually tied in a ponytail, of course having that classic cheerleader perfect body/face, and of course wearing the cheer-leading uniform that was mostly white with blue, the school colour, stripes and such in that typical cheerleader style. She also wore fashionable sneakers as part of her outfit too, of course. Also, while she was saying here, she was also just bluntly texting someone on her cellphone.

    "Alright", and then Mr. Franklin checked the next name on his roster, "Jacob Sterecra?"

    "Right here, Frank", and of course that came from one of the school's head jocks and prime football players, Jacob. He had that classic football player body, a fabulous tan as he had indian (the country india) heritage and as as such an Indian-American, short black hair alongside dark eyes to match it, and usually wore a red collar shirt with a long-sleeve white shirt underneath, though he kept the sleeves rolled up. He also wore khaki coloured shorts and sandals matching his shirt.  Jacob had his feet resting on the seat of the desk infront of him, and had his hands behind his back in a classic resting position;

    "That's Mister Franklin to you, boy", Mr. Franklin promptly said to him as he then checked the next name of the roster, "Muffy Jenkins?"

    "Here!", and that came from a red-headed Irish-American girl with black eyes who was wearing a green turtle-neck sweater, a plaid skirt that was mostly shades of green, black dress shoes, white socks and of course, had freckles.

    "Gary Stu?"

    "Here!", and that came from an African-American boy with freckles and dark curly hair in an afro fashion. He had noticeable buck teeth, a nazily voice, was extremely scrawny, and was wearing blue shorts with suspenders over a white long-sleeve shirt with pens in the chest pocket. He also wore glasses, black shoes, and had an inhaler with him at all times. He even took a few breathes with the inhaler before  Mr. Franklin moved on to the next student;

    "John Doe?"

    "Here!", and that came from a bald African-American boy who had a fully bald head, wore a white collar shirt with a blue sweater-vest, had on black jeans and blue sneakers. He also had dark eyes, too.

    "Carmelita Sanchez?"

    "Here!", and that came from a Spanish-American girl with shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, who dressed in a blue jean mini-skirt, wore knee-high heeled boots that were black, wore an orange tank-top with a very short  blue jean jacket over it. She wore plenty of orange/pink makeup on her eyes and lips, and Mr. Franklin himself was disgusted with the way she looked/dressed.

    "Tyriana Lincoln?"

    "Right Here, yo", and that came from an African-American girl who had golden hoop earrings, wore a short jean skirt, had purple high-heels with a matching purple shirt, and wore a blue jean jacket. She didn't ware as much make up as Carmelita did, and wore colours that actually looked good on her. She had her hair in a long corn-row fashion, and it was of course, dark in colour.

    "Devonte Benson?"

    "Here!", and that came from an African-American boy with his hair in a corn-row fashion, he had on extremely baggy pants, a white t-shirt, was very skinny but very fit, and had on a big puffy jacket with a hood aswell. He also had ear piercings, wore plenty of rings on his fingers, and was tall in height.

    "William Washington?"

    "C'here!", and that came from an African-American boy with short hair in no particular fashion, a generic blue t-shirt, blue jean shorts, generic sneakers, and an overall generic look to himself.

    "Amy Jackson?"

    "Here!", and that came from a cheerleader in the same uniform as Brittany, but of course Amy was African-American rather than Asian. She had her hair in a fabulous shoulder-length style, and had her hair straightened. Though, this was likely just weave or a wig. Aside from that though, she wore the same thing Brittany did, though she was a bit taller than the Asian girl.

    "Mary-Sue McLean?"

    "Here!", and that came from an Irish-American girl with extremely curly and puffy red hair who was wearing a dark green turtle-neck sweater, blue skinny jeans, black heels, a few earrrings and other jewelry, and of course had blue eyes.

    "Conan O'Doogle?"

    "Here!", and that came from an Irish-American boy with short red hair, freckles, pale skin and of wearing clothes similar to Devonte, but the pants were black, the sneakers were blue, and the jacket was a darker blue. Though the outfit was still essentially the same thing, but in different colours.

    "Ingrid Lofton?"

    "Here.", and of course that came from Ingrid.

    "Brandon Quinn?"

    "Here!", and that came from Brandon.

    "Coby Nelson?"

    "Here", and of course that came from Coby.

    "and finally, Blake Baumer?", and of course Blake Baumer was a Japanese-American boy who who had black hair in a spike anime-esque fashion, it wasn't long, but it was short and a bit spikey in the back. He had one bang going over his right eye, that was also where a dyed red streak was, and that red streak took up most of the bang. He usually wore a dark red shirt with a black dragon design on it, black jean pants, red sandals and had a watch on his left wrist. He also wore a long-sleeve white shirt under his red shirt too. He didn't say he was here, because he was already asleep with his hand on his desk. Mr. Franklin saw this, and took a sadistic delight when he said, "I'll count you as absent then", and he even began laughing, "Hahahahajawahahahamahahahaa!", but then he once more cleared his throat and walked over to sit on his desk, then he opened his box of donuts.

    "You're going to make us do every single page from the textbook while you do nothing but eat doughnuts at your desk, aren't you?", Ingrid then bluntly asked him;

    "Why yes", Mr. Franklin replied with a very sadistic grin to his face, "Yes I am. You all will start at the first page with work to be done on it, take out your notebooks or whatever you kids use for paper nowadays, and get working!", and then he just bluntly began eating donuts at his desk without actually teaching anything while his students just took out paper, notebook and textbook and did their work. Or in Jacob, Brittany and Amy's case just pretended to do their work, and in Blake's case just continued sleeping through the entire class.  Of course, it wasn't long until Coby was having trouble with his math work, having to fill his designated scratch paper sheets with tons of unnecessary work because he didn't know multiplication or division well, and of course was easily getting stressed out until finally;

    "The answer's twelve", was all Ingrid said to him, of course in a whisper;

    "Thanks, Ingrid", a very relieved Coby promptly whispered back to her, putting down that answer and then moving on to the next one which of course, made him begin stressing out once more. Meanwhile, Mr. Franklin was just enjoying doughnut after doughnut. He savored them by taking several bites to finish just one, but after each was finished, he went right to stuffing his face with the next one. He hardly even opened his eyes to look at his students at all, he just focused on his doughnuts.

    "This is alot easier than I thought it would be!", Brandon then whispered to Coby with, "I heard this guy was the harshest math teacher in the entire world!"

    "Brandon", Coby whispered back to him with, "I'm trying to work here..."

    "I know, but I'm just saying!"

    "Saying what?"

    "I......I forgot what I was talking about........", Brandon then raised his hand, but Coby promptly put it right back down for him;

    "I don't think you'd want to do that."

    "Why not?"

    "You do realize that he's probably just waiting for someone to screw up, right?", Ingrid then pointed out to Brandon and Coby, "He told us to work, and if he catches us not doing math work, or pretending to do math work, or quietly sleeping, he'll probably give us an extremely irrational and ridiculously harsh punishment for virtually no reason. Right?"

    "......what?", in response Ingrid just sighed and whispered;

    "Why do I even try?"

    "I'm just asking what you mean!", Brandon whispered back, "I didn't understand it."

    "Just forget it", was all Ingrid answered with. , but it was then that a sound was heard. It was the sound of Muffy Jenkin's pencil rolling off her desk and onto the floor. It was a sound heard through-out the room, a sound that didn't wake Blake up, but did manage to disrupt Mr. Franklin's time of enjoying his doughnuts. It was a sound that made Muffy Jenkins get up from her seat and try to pick it up, unaware that Mr. Franklin had walked up to her desk already, and was angry as he said to her;

    "MUFFY JENKINS!", and the girl hit her head on the bottom of her desk as she jumped in fear, "YOU OWE ME ONE GRAPE JELLY AND PEANUT BUTTER DOUGHNUT WITH FROSTING ONTOP, AND YOU HAVE ONE WEEK'S DETENTION FOR DISRUPTING MY EATING! DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?", in response there was a long pause, before Muffy Jenkins bursted into tears and cried as she ran from the room into the 2nd floor girl's bathroom. Coby and Brandon looked on worried as Mr. Franklin just fixed up his clothes before sitting back down and went right back to eating his doughnuts at his desk. As they held their worried expressions, Ingrid just said to them;

    "That's what I meant.", and of course, the rest of the class was filled with stress, quiet, and Mr. Franklin eating doughnuts the entire time. Nothing truly worth focusing on happened in this class, so it's not worth talking about. However, after the class ended and everyone, even Blake, got up and left Mr. Franklin's homeroom class, Coby, Brandon and Ingrid were walking together down the now busy halls of the school to the next class they all ironically seemed to share. Ingrid opened up with the first words, "I'm just going to make a wild guess and say we all have the exact same classes."

    "Well, is your next class Mythology?", Coby then asked in response, "Cuz, that's what mine is."

    "Yep", Ingrid bluntly answered with, "And I bet it's-"

    "Mine too!", Brandon then excitedly answered, "Yay! We're gonna go to Mythology class AND Math Class together! Isn't this exciting!"

    "Since when is there a Mythology class in any type of school?", Coby then questioned, "Don't they save that stuff for the internet?"

    "Maybe this school is just the fun public school!", Brandon then suggested, "That's what I bet it is! Every other class besides Mr. Franklin's is gonna be amazingly fun and everything!"

    "Or", Ingrid then suggested, "It's supposed to be Geography class, but the possibly mentally insane teacher refused to teach that and just changed the name."

    "Well, I guess we'll see which one of you is right when we get there", Coby suggested, "I wanna bet that Ingrid's right."

    "Awww", Brandon replied, "Why can't I ever be the right one?"

    "Because my suggestion makes sense?", Ingrid answered with;

    "But mine can make sense too!"

    "Guys, chill!", Coby said to his two friends, "It's alright, we're all friends here, right?"

    "Of course we are!", Brandon replied with, "But-Oooh! Oooh! There's Mythology class!", and of course he was pointing right at the door to their next class together. All three of them then promptly entered, and saw that this class had at least 20 students total. About half of the class was African-American, while the rest except for them was Irish-American. Even the teacher was African-American when he stepped in, but he was definitely not their previous teacher. Though, that should be obvious. This teacher was far more slender and taller, and had hair that was similar to Benjamin Franklin's in that it was mostly bald on top while the back was actually a bit long. For clothes he usually wore a black pair of suit pants with visible suspenders, a white formal shirt with a red tie, and a black blazer to top it all off with black/white dress shoes. He also had a small visible bit of stubble on his chin too.

    "Alright alright alright", the teacher said to get the talking class to settle down, "Welcome, to Mythology class, I, your teacher for this fine class, am to be usually addressed as Mr. Carter, or Professor Benjamin Carter, but I would prefer Professor Carter. Now I am not going to bother with roll call because frankly, I know there are much more important things to talk about! I'm here to tell you that Magical Creatures, are real!", and in response, the class just remained silent. Some of them did twirl their fingers around their ear to show they thought Mr. Carter was crazy, "Oh sure, y'all think I'm lyin', but I know they are! Y'all can't convince me otherwise! Now", he then went over to the chalkboard of his classroom, "Can anyone tell me the difference between a Dragon and a Wyvern?", Coby wanted to raise his hand, but due to shyness he decided it was best not to. Instead, nobody did, Mr.Carter just pouted and pointed to Ingrid, "You! You look like the only smart one in this whole classroom, you tell me!"

    "A Wyvern and Dragon are virtually similar to eachother, but a Wyvern has it's arms and wings as the same limb like birds do, Dragons have arms and wings as separate limbs. Of course, this is all assuming that they are real creatures."

    "That is correct!", Mr. Carter answered, crudely drawing a Wyvern and a Dragon on his chalkboard, "At least, in the typical mythological field. I, don't think they have any differences! I know for a damn fact that Wyverns and Dragons are the same thing! They both have allergies to the human buttocks", Coby immediately raised an eyebrow and was confused as to how this teacher could think that, "They both have brains the size of peas", Coby was then a bit offended, "And their wingspans are about the same length. I KNOW that Wyverns are simply the younger forms of Dragons! There is no genetic difference between them at all!"

    "Yeah", Ingrid then sarcastically answered, "You really know your Mythology."

    "That's right I do!", Mr. Carter replied, "Now they kicked me out of every professional institute in the country, and even in Canada, but they can't stop my speaking of the truth! Now, does anyone know what Dragons and Wyverns eat?"

    "Oooh Oooh!", Brandon then raised his hand, "Pick Me, Pick Me!"

    "Fine, what you think?"

    "Is it", Brandon then thought about his answer, "Cows?"

    "No!", Mr. Carter promptly answered, "Dragons and Wyverns do not eat Cows! I don't know where in the heck you learned that from, but it's not true! Everyone knows that they prefer to eat Pretty Princesses! Why do you think they kidnap them so often?"

    "Oh my gosh", Brandon then gasped, "I am learning so much today!", Ingrid just shook her head in silence, while Coby was a bit nervous about this class already. Mainly because, well, he was a Wyvern. So naturally, he was a bit nervous about having to keep this a secret in a class like this. Amazingly though, he managed to do it. He did indeed manage to keep quiet as Mr. Carter continued on;

    "Now, I'm going to be breakin' down some other misconceptions ya'll might have heard about the Magical Creatures in this world", he then continued drawing and writing on his chalkboard, "For one thing, MerMAIDS do not have any male counterpart! They are an all female race of underwater magical creatures that live in the lost city of Atlantis which I assure you is hidden the Bermuda Triangle, which is actually a Trapezoid!"

    "Uhhhh", one of the male students then asked, "Can you like, talk more about the mermaids please?"

    "Yeah!", Brandon then exclaimed, "Can you? That sounds hot!"

    "Heh, well of course I can!", Mr. Carter replied with, "Mermaids, besides being all female, are indeed, able to reproduce with eachother by using a method of mating called Parthenogenesis."

    "So", Brandon questioned further, "Do they have sex with eachother?"

    "Putting it mildly, yes, they do", and every guy except for Coby was suddenly drooling at the mental imagery. The girls were either rolling their eyes, or in Ingrid's case just ignoring this and reading a Franz Kafka book during the rest of this class. Coby just slouched in his seat, probably ignoring Mr. Carter like everyone else essentially was, save for Brandon and the Heterosexual boys. Either way, Coby was silent like he usually was in class unless Brandon or Ingrid, most commonly Brandon, whispered to him to talk. Overall though, Mythology class went along much more smoother than Algebra class did, since most of what Mr. Carter talked about was various lies about Magical Creatures. Or at least, things he taught that in reality were not true at all. Sometime after Mythology class, Coby, Ingrid and Brandon were enjoying the school recess/break period. More specifically though, it was lunch time, but neither of them were eating any of the food. Instead, they were just simply walking around the main yard of the school. Of course, the three also had some small talk while they walked around the campus too;

    "You really sure you don't wanna try any of the food here, Cobes?", Brandon asked as he was taking a few bites out of an apple, "It won't hurt ya!"

    "Nah, I'm good", Coby replied to Brandon with, "I'm not hungry anyway."

    "Or you're just worried about gaining weight", Ingrid then bluntly answered, Coby just sighed and looked down to the ground in response;

    "Aww come on, Cobes!", Brandon then patted Coby on the back, "You're not fat at all! You're definitely not ugly! Why you gotta be like that?"

    "I know I'm not fat!", Coby answered with, "I just....don't wanna start getting fat, is all."

    "Or in other words", and as Ingrid continued on they stopped walking, "You want to impress, him.", and of course their focus went over to the boy who was Coby's crush: Devin Fairlie. Devin Fairlie was a handsome boy, with a slender but well built body, and had somewhat ruffled thick but short hair that was blonde in colour. He had a soul patch on his chin, gorgeous blue eyes, and usually wore blue jeans, white/red sneakers, and a red shirt with a white swirl design. Sometimes he wore a long-sleeve white undershirt with the sleeves rolled up, but sometimes he did not. He also had a twin brother, Gavin Fairlie. Obviously they looked mostly alike, except Gavin had his hair more well done than Devin, had no soul patch, and wore a red hooded sweater with short-sleeves, and almost always wore a white long-sleeve undershirt. Either way, the point was that Coby had a crush on Devin he only spoke to his closest friends about, and every time Devin was nor, or that Coby saw him, Coby would blush a little and either freeze up or get completely nervous;


    "Awww, you and Devin make a cute couple!", Brandon then said to Coby, imagining him and Coby together in his mind, "And a hot one too! He even has that twin brother of his too!", and yes, Brandon was indeed pansexual;

    "You know", Ingrid then said to Coby, "You could just talk to him."

    "No, I can't", Coby replied, "He's in most of the School's sports'd be weird and he'd probably even beat me up or just has to be secret, I guess. Forever."

    "Aww, come on!", Brandon replied, "It's not gonna hurt that much to just talk to him!"

    "Yes it will!", Coby replied, "I mean, what if he judges me just for talking to him? What if he is straight and would rather not talk to a gay guy? What if he already has a girlfriend? What if he already wants to beat me up anyway?! What if he wants to throw me into a dumpster?! I think it's best I just not take that risk and just never talk to him in the first place."

    "Are you sure?", Brandon replied with, "You two would look so hot together!"

    "Yes, I'm sure."

   "Well if you are sure, why don't we just keep walking?", Ingrid then put out, and with that, the three friends promptly continued their walk around the school until recess/break was over. Of course, the very next class that Coby had, did not have Brandon or Ingrid in it. It was none other than Gym class, and it was tought by an overweight Irish-American man with a balding head, a thick mustache, and who wore green gym shorts and sleeveless grey shorts, with sneakers. This showed his extensive amount of arm, leg and chest hair. He also spoke in a thick Irish accent, aswell. His name was Coach O'Doogle, and he was your classic loud-mouth and a bit over-bearing Gym teacher.  With an Irish accent, the man of course, fired out these exclamations at Coby and the other students in his class almost immediately upon them entering the room;


    "Sir yes sir!", the rest of the class then all said, excluding Coby who preffered to just stay quiet all of the time. Coby did, however, do all of what the coach had ordered them to do, as he did like to take care of himself in terms of athleticism. He did all of the push-up and sit-ups, and followed that with doing laps. However, Coby was not keeping up as fast as the other boys, and as such, O'Doogle wasted no time in going hard on the boy;

    "NELSON!", he called out angrily, "YA BETTER SPEED THE HELL UP IF YOU DON'T WANNA BE DOING LAPS THE ENTIRE TIME!", and Coby remained silent and tried to speed up. He didn't like being singled out like that, but he just remained quiet and did what the coach said, however, O'Doogle still didn't think he was going fast enough, and continued to yell, "FASTER! I WANNA SEE YOU GET PASSED THAT FATTIE!", and of course the fat boy infront of Coby was offended by that, but Coby still went faster, even though that he was only going slower because they had done so many laps. By the 40th lap around the court almost all the boys were tired and exhausted, but the coach had not told them to stop yet and as such, they kept going. "Ten more laps, boys!", Coach O'Doogle finally said in a somewhat less loud tone, letting his voice simply echo through the gym, "Ten more laps! Keep it up, especially you, Nelson!", Coby once more did not like being called out like that, but his shyness made him silent to it. Besides, he was more focused on the fact he was about to pass out from all these laps more than anything else, and that was when he just couldn't take it anymore. By that, of course, I mean to say that his Wyvern tail by accident popped out and caused him to trip some of the guys behind him before causing himself to trip when he turned around to see  what was going on. Coby in turn, ended up being sent right into a cage full of the various sports balls. Somehow he managed to hit them so hard that literally all of the balls inside of the cage flew into the air and flew at Coach O'Doogle. The man had no time to react before one of them whacked him right in the groin, making him, "OOOOOOoooooof!" in a squeal like a crying pigs. Almost immediately after that though, the man was hit in the face and body by almost every single ball, the force of which caused him to immediately fly into the bleachers, his weight causing them and their metal supports to break into a large hole until he was right at the wall. Only then did the balls all begin bouncing back on the court. Coby was completely nervous now, infact really he was scared, while the other boys in his class all snickered and laughed to themselves;

    "Man that is some freakin' crash!", one of the boys commented with;

    "Coach probably should've been doin' some laps himself!", was what another one added in before they were all bursting out laughing. Infact, only two of the twenty or so boys even went to help O'Doogle out of the hole his weight and the force of the balls had created. Once the coach was out of the balls, he immediately gave Coby, who was just looking very innocent and apologetic to him, and said;

    "Coby David Nelson", in a cold tone of voice, "To the principal's office. NOW.", and of course, alot of 'ooooooh's and other similar sounds came from the other boys in Coby's class. Coby, however, just gulped, became extremely nervous, held his head down, and silently walked out of the gym and towards the principal's office. He remained silent through the entire walk, not talking to anyone in the halls at all. He just kept his head down except for when he looked at the school map to find out where the office was; on the third floor.  After taking a left turn at the end of the stairs, Coby finally made his way to the principal's office. Of course, it wasn't the original principal's office, that was on the first floor. The current one is the new principal's office, ever since two school years ago at least. Once Coby got there, retaining his nervousness, he saw the door was already open.  The secretary was still on the first floor despite the principal no longer being there, but that didn't mean Coby was not scared of this principal's office. After all, nobody wants to go the principal's office. As such, Coby felt he had to first take a deep breathe before knocking on the door of the principal's office. The door was already opened, so he was essentially only doing this to tell the principal that he was there. After the knocking, he did indeed here the woman administrator of the school respond, saying;


    "Um", Coby quietly said, still highly nervous due to his insecurities, "C-c-coah O'Doogle told me to come to your office...."

    "I see", the woman, keeping her chair turned away from the boy so he could not see her face or clothes or anything, but could only hear her somewhat menacing voice, "And why did he send you here?"

    "I-i-it was an accident!"

    "That does not answer my question."

    "W-w-well....", Coby then took one more deep breathe, before finally confessing, "I caused a lot of the sports balls to end up hitting him all over and stuff."

    "And what is this stuff?"

    "He.....he ended up crashing into the bleachers, too."

    "Very well", Coby then saw the woman's left arm, which had a cigarette in it's hand. The arm was clearly wearing some type of dark coloured sweater or shirt, but that was so far the only feature he saw of the woman, "And you are sure this was an accident!"

    "Yes!", Coby then exclaimed, clearly fearing what his punishment would be, "I'm sure."

    "Fine", the principal answered with, "I will give you a fair one week's worth of detention.", Coby sighed in response to that. He didn't think it was fair since it was an accident, but he did understand that she can't know that and has to punish him anyway. He knew it was best to just accept it and move on, especially when she finished with, "You may go back to your class now."

    "Yes ma'am.", and after saying that, Coby immediately went on his way. He was sad about having detention, but he knew not to let that get to him. When he was younger he could cry about it, but that just caused more trouble for him anyway. Coby just bowed his head, put his hands into his pockets, and walked back towards the gym class he had came from. However, quite literally just when he opened the door, the bell rang to show that it was finally time to head home from school at long last. This in turn did indeed meant, that Coby himself made sure to get to his school bus, sit down in his seat alone since neither Brandon or Ingrid road the same bus home with him, and finally let said bus take him back to his home.  On the bus, he was silent, and also seated alone in a single seat. He wasn't sad or anything, he was just quiet. He thought about his favourite music and video games until he finally arrived home, and he got a few balls of rolled up paper thrown at him for no known reason as he stepped off the bus. He knew what to do, he got up and walked into his house, opening the door and stepping inside. Once he stepped inside, he knew his parents were still not home because of one simple thing, his mom did not immediately run up and hug him tightly upon seeing him. Since that didn't happen, he knew she wasn't home yet, and neither was his dad. Instead, his older brother Anthony was. Anthony was Coby's second-oldest brother, he was, as one may expect, taller than Coby was. He as also very much more buffer, and even a bit tanner too. Anthony usually wore a dark coloured hoodie jacket with sleeves that were ripped to make it look sleeveless, and sometimes wore a white short-sleeve undershirt beneath it. The hoodie had a grunge styled red skull design on it. For pants, he usually wore ripped blue jeans. For shoes, they were usually your average, if not sometimes totally ruined, sneakers. His hair was short and somewhat spikey in a faux hawk style, and he had a few noticeable highlights, purple highlights to be exact. Anthony also had some facial hair on him too, it was a simple dark soul patch with noticeable stubble on the rest of his face. He also had a few piercings on both of his ears too, aswell as two on each of his nipples too.

    "Hey, shrimp!", Anthony greeted Coby with a joking tone of voice, "Ya had a good first day at school?"

    "Where's mom?"

    "She's out, so is dad and Derreck", Anthony bluntly answered with, "So that just leaves you and me home for right now."


    "Yep.", Anthony replied with, "Hope ya like spending time with ya big bro."

    "I think I'll just go up to my room, Tony....heheh.", and then Coby tried to make his way to his room, but he naturally got stopped when his older brother turned into his own Wyvern form and flew infront of him before turning back into human form, bluntly stopping his younger brother from finishing walking up the steps.

    "What's wrong with spendin' time with your big bro?", Anthony teased Coby with, "Ya scared I might wedgie you or something?"

    "N-n-no, I-"

    "Hey! Look over there!", and in response Coby fell for the trick and looked in the direction that Anthony pointed in.

    "I don't see any-", and then Anthony promptly gave Coby a wedgie, if you don't know what that means it basically means he grabbed the rear waistband of Coby's underwear and pulled it up, "AH!!", was Coby's response to that.

    "Haha!", Anthony laughed after he gave Coby the wedgie, "Made ya look!"


    "Hahaha", Anthony then began walking down the stairs as Coby was undoing the wedgie his brother gave him. Anthony also gave Coby a bit of a noogie aswell before he slid down the railing of the stares, "Just havin' a little fun with ya is all, ain't no harm in that! Anyway, oh yeah, mom told me to tell you to get over to Great Aunt Sandra's place when you got home."

    "And you had to wedgie me before you did that?"

    "Well, I wanted to wedgie you before I told you that", Anthony replied with, "Anyway, I'm goin' out with my peeps now so you can find your own way over there, so......yeah", and then Anthony promptly rushed out the door, leaving his little brother alone. Coby just let out a sigh, got his backpack ready again, and headed over to the home of his Great Aunt. Great Aunt Sandra's house was actually close to Philadelphia's Center City, so it was not that long of a subway ride for little Coby to make. Thanks to not standing out to much, he managed to make it over to where his Great Aunt lived no problem. Coby's Great Aunt Sandra both lived and worked in the same place; A beauty parlor in the Center City of Philadelphia. The place was your average beauty parlor and nail salon, and as soon as Coby stepped in he was greeted by an old woman's voice:

    "Did you not understand?! No refunds!"

    "Um, Great Aunt's me."

    "Oh!", and then Coby's Great Aunt stepped out and revealed herself. She was a rather old woman, but yet she didn't look that old. The woman wore modern clothes, most of them very white in colour, clearly had plastic surgery and/or botox done on her, and had light grey hair that was shoulder length, and she also wore plenty of jewelry too, most of it being golden. You could hardly tell she was actually in her 90's. "Coby! Oh yes, your mom told me about you coming over, come over here dear, right behind the curtain.", and then she led Coby to following her behind a curtain. The part of the beauty salon that no customer was ever allowed into. Of course, there was a door behind the curtain that needed a key to open, but after that, the two were inside the place where all of Sandra's magical items were kept. The place was actually surprisingly well organized, unlike your typical secret magical room. Everything was actually organized in certain spots, and there was even a designated spot for the magical animal guardian too.

    "Huh", Coby commented, "I always thought secret magical places were supposed to not be so...organized looking."

    "Well I like to keep up with the times", Great Aunt Sandra answered with, "Just because I'm old doesn't mean I can't be old fashioned!"

    "Heheh", Coby answered with, "You have a good point, heheh."

    "Anyway", Sandra then took a seat in a nice lounging chair as she continued on speaking, "I believe your mother told me you came here for a reason, right? Well, of course you came over here for a reason but I just wanna make sure what that reason is."

    "She didn't tell you?"

    "Of course she told me", she answered with, "I just want you to tell me the reason."

    "Well", Coby then rubbed his arm a bit as he answered with, "To learn how to control my Wyvern powers?"

    "Ah yes!", Great Aunt Sandra replied with, "That's exactly it, you got it right on a point! I guess Gay boys really do have a better memory than the straight ones. Anyway, yes, you were sent to me because your mom actually wants you to have a mentor for your powers. Now, remember, this thing hasn't been done in centuries, or was it millennia. I can't remember, and I'm almost 96 years old!"

    "Really? You don't look like it, heheh."

    "Well let's just say I'm so full of plastic they could probably make an army worth of barbie dolls out of me when I'm gone", Sandra then said in a joking manner, "Anyway, about you learning to control your powers."

    "Ha, and, um, yes.....heheh."

    "Well we can't learn how to use those things in here", Sandra then said, "Come, follow me, I know the perfect place to learn your powers at", and it was then she got up to leave that the Animal Guardian finally revealed itself. It was a bird, more specifically, a rooster. A rooster with the classic black and orange coloured feathers, big matching tail feathers, and the classic red crown ontop. But of course, the thing that set this rooster apart from the others was that he could talk:

    "Hey!", he called out to the two as they were getting ready to leave, "Where do you think you're going? Don't you know that all animal guardians have to be present for training of rookies whenever it happens?!"

    "Oh all right", Sandra said to the animal, "You can come too.", and the rooster, who was named Ramon, then jumped onto Coby's shoulder so that he would follow him and Sandra out to where Coby's powers training was going to take place. Great Aunt Sandra then stepped on a certain part of the floor, and opened a trapdoor that conducted into a basement, being accessed by stairs. "This way, boy", Sandra commanded and Coby and Ramon went down into the magic basement following after her, and once there, the wyvern-boy found himself surprised of what he saw: the space that he was now felt bigger on the inside, showing a white room with purple, with assorted weapons and flags showing wyvern crests.

    "What....what is this place?", was all Coby could make himself ask.

    "This will be your wyvern gym", Sandra replied with, "There is enough space hereto train yourself to harness and enhance your wyvern abilities; this of course will not be about duty, this will be about your survival and to grow as a fighter!"

    "Huh....I thought most magical people like me trained outside...."

    "There's two reasons I can't do that", Sandra replied with, "One is because your mother would kill me, two is because frankly, it's easier to keep the magical world safer and secret if you train yourself in here rather than out there."


    "Why what?"

    "Why do we have to keep all hidden?"; Then Ramon intervened, flying down to the floor and looking at Coby:

    "Listen up, kid: Humanity is not and never will be prepared for what the magical word will offer; they are pretty much against anything strange or different and they'll will hunt us and take our resources away and-"

    "Calm down Ramon, there's not any need to exaggerate" Sandra then clamed the rooster down, "We have other things to focus on now anyway."

    "Like what, exactly?" Coby asked, hoping to know what exactly will train for.

    "Let's put it this way", Ramon then explained with, "There's both the danger of you accidentially getting yourself exposed or killed because you can't control your powers, and there's also the fact that not all magical creatures are friendly. With most of the top thirteen threats taken care of for the most part, let's just say that their replacements are arguably even meaner and eviler."

    " only choice is to train and harness and train that power so I can't get killed?"

    "Exactly", Sandra added in response, "And you did well to come to train with me, I can teach you so you can control that power, just promise that you will keep this secret from anyone and everyone who is not magical...what do you say?"

    "I say", and then Coby paused a bit to let some level of tension build up before finally saying, "Of course!"

    "You made a wise decision, young boy" and Sandra then shook hands with Coby, signaling the beginning of her mentoring him and also the beginning of a long journey filled with various adventures and misadventures,"You start tomorrow, now let's go, your mother must be worried about you already", and the two went back upwards and the two went back to Coby's house, with Ramon following them right at Sandra's side. Of course, right when they opened the door, a member of the family was there to great them. It was Coby's other older brother Derreck, a boy who looked similar to Anthony, only he had more slicked back hair, a thick mustache, and also wore a police uniform just like his, Coby's and Anthony's father.

    "Great Aunt Sandra, Coby!", Derreck greeted the two with, "What brings you two over here so late? It's a quarter to eleven.", he then immediately turned to Coby, "You know Mom wants you in this house for good at nine!"

    "" Coby tried to speak, but Sandra covered for him;

    "I asked him to help me with the beauty salon, I tried to call you but we had a really busy day at work."

    "Oh", Derreck replied with, "Well you'd better get inside now. Mom and Dad are still at work though, they took overtime again. For the fourth time this week."

    "Well, I better get going, I need to get my beauty rest, goodbye" and Great Aunt Sandra went to her way back to her house, with Ramon following closely after her.

    "Bye", and Coby entered the house as Derreck also said goodbye to Sandra and closed the door. The action went back into Coby's room, later on once he was in his pajamas of a purple shirt with a single line on it's chest and black pajama pants he was now on his sleeping clothes, not getting sleep as he was thinking what was going to happen next. This of course meant, he received a vision once he first tried to get sleep. A very, frightening vision. A vision that involved the city being completely rioned and horribly damaged possibly beyond repair. Not only that, but also on fire for miles. Not only that, but the river was also no longer water, but instead lava. It didn't take very long for a massive, building sized Wyvern that had completely dark scales and a slightly less dark under belly appeared from the lava river. His wings folded, but once they were unfolded it was revealed he had three heads all on long necks, and he let out a roar just before Coby woke up with a: "AAAAAAAH!"; Coby was panting heavily after watching the vision, puzzled of what he just saw; but he wasn't the only one who saw it. The other person who saw it, was not too far away either.
     "Another wyvern was born", an ominous voice sounded.

    "Huh?", Coby had heard the voice, but he saw nobody was in the room with him, as such he was terrified, "Who said that?!", but he got no answer. No answer at all. But of course, he then heard a knocking on his door, he jumped of fear, only to then hear his mother's voice:

    "Coby? Coby?!", Chelsea said to her son, "Is everything all right in there? I heard you scream, is something wrong? Do I need to go in there?!"

    "No, I'm okay mom, I just had a bad dream."

    "Oh, well, alright then", Chelsea answered with, "You sure you don't want me to just come in?"

    "No, nonono, I'm okay mom, trust me...I'm okay."

    "Well, alright", Chelsea replied back with, "Let me know if things start getting not so okay, alright?"; Coby nodded a little as Chelsea said, "Goodnight, sweetie" and SHE THEN closed the door of her son's room and Coby went back to sleep, but in his mind's thought was that was just the sign of big things coming and that he must be ready for everything, at least, he thought that's what the vision meant.
CN:WoP S1E1 - That's The Wyvern Way 1/2
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This is the first episode of Coby's original series, that's right, My OC Coby has his own series.  Unlike My TD reimagining, this series is supposed to be more kid friendly so I will seldom use any curse words or mature Brickleberry-level humour ever. Practically none, actually. This series also gives him a superpower like Jake Long, Danny Phantom, and Randy Cunningham. As such, in a way, he is the unofficial fourth member of their group of teens with superpowers.

He'd also be the only one who's canonically gay, this making Boy/Boy pairings with him not OOC at all :D. Infact, pairing Coby with girls would be OOC XD.

Speaking of which, this series is also All-OC. No canon TD characters. Characters from My Stoked fan-fictions will also appear, only as long as they were/are OCs. Only MY OCs will appear in this series.

Also, yes this series takes place in the same universe as American Dragon: Jake Long. However, American Dragon also takes place in the same universe as Lilo & Stitch, Kim Possible, The Proud Family, and Recess (all due to Lilo & Stitch having all those damn crossovers) so......yeah. Like it freakin' matters. Let's just pretend this show would be a Disney show.

Also, Ingrid is a character I bought from :iconellissummer: via an OC Auction.

Oh yeah and Coby's Wyvern appearance changes in the next episode XD.

My TDROTI Ep.8 - It is up
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    "Last time, on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!", Chris McLean, still bald and missing one of his teeth, said as he recapped the previous episode while standing on the island's dock, "Due to my now fixed injuries that I had at the start of the last episode, I had to be temporarily replaced by my Ex-Wife Cassandra. Needless to say, she quickly made sure she secured herself as the worst host in the history of reality television. She put Elderly, Children, and BLIND people at risk! But in the end, she got what she deserved, and so did some giant mutant hornet thing too! Ha! Anyway, during their walk through the mine, many of them stumbled upon some of the most extreme tortures the show has ever seen and probably will ever see because even I consider them sadistic.  In the end, Mike and Dawn technically won the challenge, yes, but when Dawn HUMILIATED me infront of everyone and live television, she also ended up quitting the season and stormed off. Because of this, I knew it was best to make NOBODY the winner of the episode, so.......yeah. That's pretty much what happened alright.", and then Chris was shown physically again, now he was finishing up this recap, "So who will actually win this time? Will ANYONE actually win this time? Who will LOSE and BE ELIMINATED this time? Or will that person be like Dawn and become a quitter? FIND OUT, TONIGHT, ON, TOTAL, DRAMA, REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!", and with this words, the episode faded out to the intro, and then after that, a commercial break;


*This one is yet another Sonic PSA*

Sonic - "Kids, it's time you learned about Corporal Punishment! It's much different than Capital Punishment! That's right, they are NOT the same thing! Capital Punishment is when a very sick and evil man or woman gets put to death for horrible crimes they have committed against other people! Corporal Punishment is when a very naughty child or teen, or young adult, gets paddled or spanked for their mischief. It's also called spanking. That's really all you need to know. Note that as long as the one getting spanked actually did the deed, it is not inherently wrong for them to be spanked. Really, it depends on the parents I guess, they are the ones usually doing this. Not all children will be spanked for what they did though, again, depending on the parents. I hope you all enjoyed this short little PSA! Bye Kids!"


    Following that, things went directly to the actual episode at hand. This time however, none of them were in the camp at all. Instead, they were on rafts in the middle of the lake. That's right, every single one of the remaining contestants (Shawn, Jasmine, Mike, Samey, Scott, Topher, Ella and Sugar) were resting on two rafts in the middle of the Island's lake. Obviously, they were separated by teams. The Maggots had one raft to themselves, the Rats had the other. It wasn't very long though, until all of them began groaning and gradually waking up from their sleep. Of all of them, Scott was the first one to speak;

    "What the?!", he first said, "Where are we?! Why are we not on the island?!", and then everyone started to panic;

    "Oh no!", Ella said, "Where's Elsa?!"

    "What?", Sugar responded to her with, "Girl, this ain't about you or your favourite movies, this about the fact WE'RE STUCK ON A RAFT IN TEH MIDDLE OF DA OCEAN!"

    "No no!", Ella said in response, "Elsa is my pet Doraht! The one thing I've really been able to snuggle and cuddle up with!", she then gasped, "I must have left her back at the Mess Hall! Oh no!"

    "Oh please! We got more important things to worry about!"

    "Like what?", Scott asked her;

    "Like ME!"

    "No!", Topher answered with, "Like me! My hair is going to get so frizzy if stays out here by the water and at the mercy of the sun! SOMEONE HELP ME!", in response Sugar just slapped him. "Hey!", Sugar then raised her hand again, and Topher backed away in fear. Focus then briefly shifted over to the Mutant Maggots, where Jasmine just sighed of relief;

    "Well at least we're not in a cave again"

    "And we're actually much more safe from Zombie attack now!", Shawn said to all of them, "The only problem is it's very difficult to live off of being on a raft. With scarcity of drinkable water and no real food and all, ya know."

    "Yes!", Jasmine replied, "That too!"


Shawn - "She might finally be accepting the truth about Zombies! Yes!"


"Okay, sooooo...", Mike began with, "Aside from caves or zombies, what exactly, um, do any of you guys like, remember how we got here in the first place?"

    "I don't have any idea", Samey replied, "I kind of blacked out after breakfast."

    "Yeah", Jasmine also added in, "Same here too, actually."

    "Infact", Shawn pondered, "The last thing I remember from before blacking out was that I got up, walked into the mess hall, and Chef was serving something, well, different."


*This flashback takes place in the Mess Hall, all of the contestants remaining in this episode are shown getting their food, and right after Samey gets hers, Shawn walks up and Chef speaks:*

Chef - "Here's some Chicken Butterlini!" *he has somewhat of an evil look to his face* "Enjoy the nap."

Shawn - "Huh?"

Chef - *whistles as if he's innocent*

Shawn - *Shrugs and walks away with meal in his tray*


"Something tells me the food is what made us fall alseep", Jasmine then bluntly stated;

    "Ya know, I was just about to suggest that myself, actually", Shawn also added in to that. Meanwhile, Mike was looking around the raft to see if he could see where the island was, when he stumbled upon something that intrigued him greatly. It was a simple brown fedora hat, just mysteriously left there on the raft, despite the fact nobody left in the game wore a fedora hat at all. Regardless, mike was interested in it, and said;

    "Hey, cool, a hat!", and he picked it up, "Reminds me of those cool early detective films and stuff!", and he then put the hat on. However, the hat made him make a deep gasp and he turned into yet another alternate personality. This one was still male like the main Mike was, but also spoke in an australian accent. The first line of dialouge he spoke was:

    "Crikey! Looks like we're all drifted out to see! No worries though, nothin' Manitoba Smith can't solve, especially when two adorable Shelia's are at stake here.", everyone was confused;

    "Um, Mike?", Jasmine questioned, "Why are you speaking in a horribly fake Aussie accent?"

    "Mike?", Manitoba Smith replied, "I thought I said my name is Manitoba Smith, but I know, ya must've been blown away by my aussie charm, eh ya little shelia?", Shawn got a bit jealous/defensive and;

    "Okay....dude, really-", but Jasmine interrupted him with;

    "Mike, I don't know what possessed you to come up with this character of yours, but really, cut it out."

    "Yeah", Samey said, "This isn't the time for your comedy acts. But the gesture's nice."

    "Well thanks, blondie!", Manitoba replied, ruffling Samey's hair a bit, "I do my best!"

    "Okay, seriously!", Jasmine exclaimed, "Stop with the fake accent already!"

    "What fake accent, shelia?", Manitoba said to her, "I don't see anythin' that's fake here! Unless of course", he then smirked and looked right at Jasmine's chest. It took only a few seconds until Jasmine realized what he was talking about and with a grunt she shoved Manitoba right into the lake, knocking the hat off of him in the process. As such, he gasped and turned back into normal Mike once he hit the water. "Huh? Wha-what happened?"

    "I don't know", Jasmine, now angry and offended, and folding her arms, said to him, "You tell me."



Mike - "I really wish I could tell them all I have MPD but......I don't want them to judge always said that I was a freak that nobody liked." *sighs sadly* "And I know if they knew I had MPD, they'd probably agree with her."


Samey - "I'm really starting to question Mike's, well, um, character acting."


    Following that, Mike climbed back onto the raft, though an angry Jasmine was looking away from him with folded arms the entire time, leaving Mike curious as to why she was mad at him, but he decided not to ask her about it. Either way, before he could so, Samey asked him a question, still pretending to be Amy as she still had the berry on her face to fake Amy's beauty mark;

    "That was.......odd of you to say Mike?"


    "Well, kinda mean."

    "Oh", Mike replied, "You're talking to me about being mean, Amy?"

    "Well, I, I was just saying!", Samey quickly saved herself, and then thought of what Amy would say, and then, "To be honest, since I'm Amy and not Samey, that actually kind of turned me on."

    "Well....too bad because I don't like being mean!"

    "Oh.....", Samey once more thought of what Amy would say, and, "Well fine then!"


    "Yes indeed!"

    "Uh-huh."; Following that, Samey was just about to confess to Mike that she wasn't actually Amy, when the sound of three jet skis approached the remaining players. Of course, these skis belonged to Chris, Veronica and Chef. Chris was still bald, and still had a missing tooth. As such, due to this lack of having his good looks, he was not as mean with everyone as he normally is, as if he was indeed, humbled by what Dawn did and said to him previously:

    "Well, campers!", Chris said to them, "I see you've all woken up nicely!"

    "What kind of an entrance is that?!", Veronica argued with him;

    "What do ya mean?"

    "You didn't tease them or anything like you normally do", Veronica clarified;

    "Hey, you can't always expect my usual brand of sadism", Chris answered smugly with, "I like to mix it up sometimes."


    "How is that bullshit?"

    "You just don't want them to use your ruined looks against you!"

    "Do not!"

    "Do to!"

    "Do not!"

    "Do to!"

    "I can break this tie", Topher then opened in with, "He totally does!", and then he continued to laugh a bit in response, only serving to make Chris furtherly mad at them all, until he finally said;

    "HEY! I may not have the power to fire Veronica or even torture her at all anymore, but I can still torture and disqualify all of you so QUIET!", and then he continued on, "Now look, my job is a true rat race. All these rats are trying to tear me down from my job and bring me down, and I'm not about to let myself get gobbled up by all those other rats so you are stuck with me until the end of this season and any other future seasons you're in, got it?", everyone of the contestants then nodded, "Good! Now, anyone ready to here the challenge for today?"

    "Not really", Samey bluntly said;

    "TOO BAD", Chris said, but then Veronica said;

    "You know, the old Chris would have just said the challenge to begin with."

    "Yeah", Topher said, "He would have! Come on Chris, you may look like a bald and redneck version of yourself but you still got it deep inside! Come on."

    "Not helping, Topher."

    "I don't think he was necessarily trying to help you Chris", Veronica then mocked, "Of course, neither am I really, but I'm more up front with it because, well, I hate you."

    "And I hate you too."

    "Awwwww", Chef replied, finding this adorable and sentimental, "Just like the Good Ol' Days!"

    "Ugh", Chris then groaned, "Fine! Since Veronica wants to move ahead with the challenge so badly, let's to that! Simply put, your challenge is once more going to be put into two parts", he then explained, "This first part is very simple, you simply have to get your raft to the shore of the island", he then pointed to the direction of the island, "Which is that way."

    "That's it?", Shawn asked;

    "Yes. That's it."

    "You know", Topher added in, "The Old Chris would have added more to that challenge. Not as much as Cassandra, but still more."

    "Yes", Veronica also taunted him with, "He would."

    "ENOUGH ABOUT THE OLD ME!", Chris shouted in anger, "THERE IS NO OLD OR NEW ME, I'VE ALWAYS BEEN NORMAL ME! SHUT UP ALREADY!", and after everyone quieted down, Chris continued, "The point is, the challenging part is that, well, the lake has it's own share of mutant creatures in it too. Aside from that, yes, it is the easiest challenge in Total Drama history. Or at least the simplest. Though it will be harder in part two. Infact, the first team to reach the shore will get an advantage in part two, actually. So......yeah."

    "Really though", Topher said, "That's it?"

    "MOVING ON, GET STARTED WITH THE CHALLENGE!", and Chris, Chef and Veronica then drove off, leaving the contestants to themselves. Of course, this also meant that the challenge had officially begun. As one might have expected, Jasmine wasted no time at all in becoming her team's leader for this challenge, and instantly but on a commanding tone of voice when she turned back to them;

    "Alright!", she opened up with, "We've got to move quick, Maggots! Shawn, Mike, you two get down in the water and start rowing in the rear, Sam-I mean Amy, you and I will take the sides to give extra speed, everybody got that?!"

    "Ma'am Yes Ma'am!", the rest of her team replied, and they all promptly went to their stations and began rowing immediately. Following that, things went over to the Toxic Rats, who still had yet to start rowing at all despite the fact the Mutant Maggots already had a lead on them because they started rowing sooner. Of course, this was because the team was busy arguing the entire time. For example:

    "I say Chris Jr. should row!", was Scott's argument;

    "What?!", Topher replied, actually somewhat disgusted to be called that, "How dare you call me that! Chris is like totally lame and ugly now without his hair and middle tooth!", Topher responded, "I think I'd much rather be a Veronica 2.0 nowadays, to be honest. Unless Chris can get his luster back."

    "Fine", an annoyed Scott replied, "Veronica Jr."

    "That's a much more dignified name nowadays", Topher replied proudly, "But really though, I think anyone else BUT me should go. As Veronica's younger male version, I totally should keep my hair from being ruined by the, well, you know."

    "If you're Veronica's younger self now", Sugar pointed out with a giggle, "How come you ain't wearin' any pink?", and then right when the screen cut back to Topher he was suddenly wearing a pink version of his normal shirt with bright pink pants and matching pink sneakers. Every one on the raft except him was confused how he was able to change clothes at all, "How the-?"

    "It's better you not ask", Topher replied, "I won't tell you anyway."

    "Oh...........kay", was Sugar's only response.

    "Yeah I would have had my hair dyed too, but that took too much time", Topher replied, "Besides, I think I'm keeping this colour anyway, for now. ANYWAY, so, who's rowing cuz again, not gonna be me!"

    "What makes you so sure about that?"


    "Well, why me?"

    "Because what if that shark comes and tries to eat me?!", Scott panicked, clearly getting scared, "I don't wanna be shark food, just like how Chris doesn't wanna be Rat food!"

    "Please friends!", Ella then said, walking up to them, "Let's not fight over this! I think we can easily find a much more peaceful solution to this!"

    "Oh really?", Sugar asked, "Like what?"

    "Well, perhaps we draw straws?"

    "I don't have any straws", Scott answered her with;

    "Me neither", Topher added in;

    "Well", Ella then thought about the situation, "Eeenie Meanie Minie Moe?"

    "Too oldschool", Topher replied, "I wanna try something more modern."

    "Pfft", Scott folded his arms and mocked, "Snob."

    "Well then....", Ella then really thought hard, "How"

    "I got an idea!"

    "Oh really Sugar! That's wonderful! What is it?"

    "THIS!", and she promptly shoved Ella right into the water, "YOU push us!"

    "My dress!", Ella then whined, shocked at what Sugar had just done;

    "Hey!", a laughing Sugar said, "No Pain, no game!"

    "Well", Ella then pretended to stop caring, "Fine, you do have a point!"

    "AND YOU GET IN THERE TOO!", and Sugar then rudely shoved a terrified Scott into the water too;


    "HEY!", Sugar replied, "I don't see no Shark!"

    "But why not HIM?"

    "Cuz he has a good reason!", Sugar replied, "Us Pageant folk know how hard it is to take care of hair, and how much of a pain it is to fix it back up a second time!"

    "Exactly!", Topher said in response, "Finally, someone who understands it!"

    "So, START ROWIN'!", Sugar then yelled at Ella and Scott with, "We're already behind the other time!", and in response, though reluctantly, Ella and Scott began rowing their rafts.


Sugar - *smiling a very big grin* "BEST. MOMENT. OF. MY. LIFE!" *giggles a bit* "EVER!"


 Following that, a helicopter was shown arriving on the Island's shore. It wasn't seen by the contestants, but the helicopter was Green and had a Green circle on the front of it (the cockpit) with a spike-toothed grin and it's windows were tinted black to give the illusion of black eyes. Also, not to mention they had green dots in the center as if pupils. On the side of the helicoptermwritten in white, was the word 'COGREEN20'. This helicopter landed on the shore of the island normally, and once it did, it's side doors opened up and several people in executive type suits stepped out of them, followed by a very elderly white woman, at least in her 80's and at most in her 90's, but she could be even older than that, with grey hair done in a bun style, a dark and black early 1900's dress, and matching dark shoes. She also had a belt in her hands, for unknown reason. She had a very angry look on her face as the executive people spoke to her;

    "Ma'am......why do you need the belt?"

    "Oh you'll see", she coldly replied to him, "This was my husband's belt. It's never failed me in all the past Thirty-Five or so years and I know it won't fail me now."

    "Very well ma'am", the man replied, "What shall we do now?"

    "Well you can go have a look around the island", she said to them, "I'll wait here."

    "Are you sure about that, Ma'am?"

    "Yes", she answered, "I am sure. I would not have said anything if I wasn't sure."

    "Very well Ma'am", and with a slid bow to her, the men were all on their way. Meanwhile, the woman, with the belt on her lap, just sat on the landed helicopter as if she was waiting for someone to arrive. She then turned to the camera and said the following words:

    "Just so you know, it's time for another commercial break.", and with those words, things went directly to yet another commercial break:


*This footage of Sonic walking with a paddle in his hands, he walks up to several people bent over a couch and restrained at their wrists and ankles. One of them is a man with short crew-cut brown hair, a green shirt with a white tie, and blue jean pants. The second is a blonde haired woman, with short hair, a dark pink shirt and a purple skirt. The other person was an anthro fish-like being, wearing a police uniform. All three of them have duct tape over their mouths*

Sonic - "Kids, remember my talk to you about corporal punishment? Well, it's time you see it in action! All three of these people here have committed horrible acts upon people! These two!" *he points the paddle at them* "Have punished their kid for absurd things! Man, I was appalled when I visited their town in Colorado and saw it! I do PSAs for children like these and they undo everything I teach! Disgusting!" *he spits at them* "And this guy", he turns it to the police fish guy, "Is the Police Chief of the now destroyed Bikini Bottom! He was involved in a town-wide conspiracy to ruin one innocent guy's life repeatedly and arrest and innocent teacher for stuff her student did! Man when he revealed that to me when he washed up on shore I laughed his face! Now, thanks to me being a part of the CoGreen20 organization, I get to publicly paddle these horrible people on international television for their horrible crimes!" *he then prepares to begin the paddling*

*All three of them get 150 smacks on their bottoms in a grueling and ridiculously long sequence that I don't have the time to type out*


*Following that, things went back to the actual episode at hand, with the two teams rowing through the extremely large lake waters. The Maggots were much farther than the Rats were, as the Rats spent so much time arguing rather than rowing like the Maggots did. Jasmine was in full force as the leader of the Maggots at this time, and she was making sure they were all pitching in and helping with rowing the raft;

    "That's it team!", she said to them all, "Row! Row! We can't let the other team get ahead of us at all! Can't even give them a chance!",  and of course her team listened to her orders, but of course, Samey felt the need to have a chat with her while they did so:

    "Say, Jasmine", Samey asked, "Is it alright for us to talk while we row?"

    "I don't see why not", Jasmine answered with, "What do you want to talk about?"

    "Well", Samey then spoke low enough so that the others couldn't hear them talk, "Do you think the time has come for me to, well, reveal the truth now?"

    "I don't know", Jasmine replied in the same tone, "Chris might disqualify you if you do."

    "Yeah, but, I'm tired of lying to Mike."

    "I understand", Jasmine said to her, "In the end it's your decision, I mean, well, are you sure?"

    "Not really."

    "Well, what's keeping you from telling the truth?"

    "Well, not only Chris, but also, well, how Mike will react."

    "What makes you wanna tell the truth?"

    "Well, how Mike will react, and how easier it would be to talk to him."

    "Both have good points", Jasmine continued saying to her, "In the end though, I can't make you choose."

    "Well, which one would you personally go with?"

    "To be honest......I don't know."

    "Well", Jasmine replied, "I would like to see you have plenty of time, but Mike could be eliminated at any moment in the future so, you might want to decide quick. Sooner or later, he is going to find out the truth."

    "That is another good point", Samey answered, "I'll tell him when we're on the shore!"

    "Yeah, that sounds good!", and as they both smiled and continued to row towards the shore. Of course, while the girls were finishing their talk, this meant the two guys on the team, Mike and Shawn, were having their own talk while they were pushing the raft forward in the water. They were also talking soft enough so that the girls could not hear them, and Mike was the one who started the talk, with:

    "So, Shawn! How goes it?"

    "It goes good, my man", Shawn replied, "Not a single zombie attack yet! Goin' good so far, good so far."

    "Yeah, yeah", Mike answered with, "So......what do ya think of, well, Amy?"

    "She's a total bitch, dude."

    "Yeah I know", Mike answered with, "But I have this, well, feeling about her. That she's not exactly what she seems."

    "Ya mean how you thought Jasmine's boobs were fake?"

    "What? No, I don't think they're fake!", Mike replied, "Manitoba Smith does!"

    "But Manitoba Smith is, well, you pretending to be him."



Mike - "Oh, it's either I take the blame for insinuating Jasmine's boobs were fake, or I confess that I have MPD.........why do I have to choose?!"


"Okay, Shawn", Mike said with a sigh, "There's something I gotta confess to you."

    "You're gay?"

    "What? No!", Mike replied with a raised eyebrow, "Not that there's anything with that but, I have feelings for a girl here."

    "Oh". Shawn replied, "Well, if you were gay I would have been alright with that, man."

    "I'm not gay."

    "I wasn't saying you were!"

    "I know....I know."

    "So", Shawn then changed the topic, "What is it that you actually wanted to reveal to me?"

    "Well, funny thing actually", Mike then made a nervous laugh, "You see, I have-", but their conversation was interrupted, however, by a large and loud:

    "RAAAAAAAAAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!", and that roar came from, literally, a giant Mutated Squid/Octopus, specifically an Octopus.  It was many times the size of the raft and the contestants both, more than capable of eating them all in one big bite, basically. It also dropped a crushed Pineapple and a crushed half-circle shaped rock down from one of it's tentacles, and once they fell on the raft, the remains of a crushed pink starfish and a crushed yellow sponge could be seen popping out from the crushed pineapple. Needless to say, the unified reaction from the Maggots to this thing was:

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", the octopus in response, just roared that same roar yet again and began swiping it's tentacles at the Mutant Maggots. Jasmine and Samey immediately just jumped off of the raft, and Mike and Shawn went underneath it to hide instead. This however, didn't work to their advantage seeing as how the Giant Octopus was infact, a sea creature, after all. Following that, things went right back to the Maggots being attacked by the Giant Octopus. While the beast continued roaring, it wasn't long before all of the screaming Maggots were grabbed by it's large tentacles and picked up into the air by the large monster. Of course, all of them continued to scream, and when the Octopus picked all of them up, it also broke right through their raft. Only then did focus briefly go over to the Helicopter where Chris, Chef and Veronica were sitting and watching. Chris was wearing an Octopus hat over his bald head and turned to the camera to say:

    "Oh yeah!", he yelled this down to the contestants, "Forgot to mention that Lake Wawanakwa is home to various species of Octopus and Squid! Yeah. There also used to be a tiny island with just a palm tree in the middle of the place too. Apparently it was confused with being part of the Pacific Ocean alot of the time. Yeah. Just thought I'd add some fun little trivia for ya!"

    "Would you PLEASE just shut up already!", Veronica bluntly said to him;

    "What? I'm the host! I'm Chris McLean! I'm the reason everyone watches this show!"

    "No you're not", Veronica answered with, "Your the one BLOCKING what everyone WANTS to watch on this show."

    "Hmph", Chris folded his arms and looked away from Veronica, "FINE, bitch.", and then focus went right back to the Giant Octopus and the Mutant Maggots, though nothing new was really happening with them. As such, focus went over to the Toxic Rats instead. Scott and Ella continued pushing the raft further from the rear by swimming, while Sugar and Topher remained standing on the top of the raft. Topher was just sitting and looking at his reflection in the water, while Sugar was filing her nails. Scott was silently pushing the raft, while Ella was humming to herself while doing so. Infact, none of them even seemed to notice the Giant Octopus at all. However, there was another monster in the lake that they did infact notice. That monster, of course, was none other than Fang. Fang of course, had a grin on his face as he appeared right behind Scott. After a few seconds of staying behind Scott, Fang tapped Scott on the shoulder, making him turn around with a:

    "Huh? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", Scott immediately jumped into the air, and got onto the roof just in time to avoid being bitten by Fang, who then started circling the raft, naturally not even thinking about biting Ella at all, simply circling around the raft. Scott, was busy panicking on the raft the entire time, running in circles around Topher and Sugar while screaming, "AHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH! THE SHARK'S GOT US SURROUNDED! HE'S GOT US SURROUNDED! WE'RE FREAKIN' DOOMED! WE'RE ALL GONNA GET EATEN! CHRIS HAS LEFT US TO DI-"

    "SHUT UP!", those words came from Sugar, who just bluntly slapped Scott across the face, sending him to the ground too. "AIN'T NOBODY GONNA GET EATEN BY NO SHARK!"


    "But WHAT?!"

    "BEHIND YOU!", and of course Scott pointed to behind Sugar, where Fang had jumped onto the raft and was right behind Sugar. This revelation, of course, got Topher to also get scared and just look on in horror. Sugar just replied with a;

    "Behind me?", and she turned and saw Fang grinning and showing off his teeth right infront of her. Sugar wasn't scared though, infact, after looking Fang up and down, she said, "GET OFF MAH RAFT, YA BLOCKIN' THE SUN!", and then she punched Fang right in the belly. This sent  Fang flying right into the eye of the Giant Octopus. Fang fell back into the lake water, while the Octopus now had a black eye. The Octopus' response was a very angry;

    "RAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRR!", aswell as dropping Shawn, Jasmine, Mike and Samey down back onto the raft, and then it followed up with another, "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRR!" before slamming it's tentacles down onto the raft, sending the screaming Jasmine, Shawn, Mike and Samey flying into the air coincidentally towards the island.

    "Way to go Sugar!", Topher then complained, "You indirectly made the enemy head TOWARDS the goal."

    "Now now!", Ella then said as she also got onto the raft, "I'm sure Sugar didn't MEAN to do that! Neither did the Octopus! It was simply fate. Besides, it wouldn't be a challenge if it wasn't hard!"

    "Why ain't you pushin' the raft, MISSY?!", Sugar then angrily exlaimed in response;

    "I....I just-"


    "I just-"

    "Oh wait, I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU JUST WHATEVAH!", Sugar rudely interrupted, "YOU NEED TO BE PUSHIN THE RAFT!", and Sugar promptly shoved Ella back into the water, "GET TO YOUR WORK FOR THE TEAM! Unless, a' course, YOU'RE the one tryin' to sabotage the team like this!"

    "What?!", Ella said with a gasp, "Goodness, no!"

    "Yeah!", Scott added in, trying to keep the blame off of him and on Ella, "She might have been the REAL one who sabotaged us back in the Ice challenge, rather than Lightning!"

    "And I guess the only way to find out, is to see if she actually can get us to the shore or not!"

    "I would NEVER do something so evil!"

    "Then all the more reason to prove it!", Scott smugly answered with, "Right?"

    "Oh...okay.", and Ella continued pushing the raft, this time pushing the entire rest of her team rather than being helped by Scott. Focus meanwhile, then shifted over to the Island's shore, with the COGREEN20 Helicopter still landed and the Old Woman still waiting with belt in-hand right beside it. It didn't take very long for the Mutant Maggots, screaming, to all land on the shore. Of course, as soon as they did, Chris, Veronica and Chef arrived.

    "Congratulations, Mutant Mag-"

    "CHRISTIAN WILLARD MARTIN MCLEAN!", the Old Woman then bellowed at the top of her lungs, "YOU GET DOWN HERE ON THIS SHORE THIS INSTANT!"

    "Willard?", was Chef and Veronica's response to that, Chris on the other hand was in shock and didn't move the helicopter or anything;

    "DID YOU NOT HEAR ME, YOUNG MAN?", the Old Woman then shouted once more, "GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!", and Chris, with a gulp, lowered the helicopter down. Jasmine, Shawn, Samey, Mike, Veronica and Chef were all confused while Chris had a very worried look to his face as he had to approach the Old Woman;

    "Uh, Chris, who is this old lady?", Chef asked;

    "M-m-m-m-my Mother.", was all Chris could say before the woman suddenly grabbed him by the ear;


    "But Mom!", Chris whined, "What about the ratings?!"


    "I'm, I'm sorry mommy!", Chris then whined to her again;

    "Sorry's NOT good enough for this, Christian", she continued, "I remember from during the Vietnam War, your father gave me his favorite belt while I was still pregnant with you and your sister. He told me it would symbolize how he will be with me in spirit especially when dealing with my two children if anything were to happen to him during the war, which of course, did happen. It's amazing though, how you were the only one who ever needed it."

    "No, not here mom! Not that and not here!"

    "Come Christian", she then grabbed his ear, and began dragging him into the Helicopter, "You have a lesson to learn about respect, AGAIN!"

    "ow-ow-ow-ow-ow!", he continued to complain, "No! NO MOM PLEASE! COME ON!", and then the two were inside the helicopter. After a moment of silence, the following sounds could be heard from inside the helicopter after the doors were shut;


    and not to mention:

    "OOOOOWWWWWW!", "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!", "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!", "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!", "OOOOOOOWWWWWOOOOOOOH!", "AAAUUUUUUUGH!" and similar noises being heard during those smacks. Outside, many of the contestants actually did laugh a bit, all of them smiled though, being full well able to imagine what Chris was getting inside that helicopter. Chef and Veronica also smiled, for much the same reason. Once all the smacks had stopped, it was but a few moments until the helicopter door opened and Chris along with his mother walked out, his mother still having the belt in her hands. Chris was holding onto and rubbing his sore bottom and hissing from the pain that had been thrusted onto him.

    "So", Veronica, still smiling from knowing what punishment Chris just got seconds ago, "With all due respect, um, who exactly are you, besides Chris McLean's mother, Ms. McLean?"

    "Well if you must know", the woman replied, "My name is Grimhilde McLean, and I'm the founder and executive director of the CoGreen20 organization.", she then explained, "We are an enviornmental agency not only dedicated to the enviornment, but also to administering public corporal punishment to all those who damage it. We have recently had the United Nations sign an international law that permits us to do so in all of the world's countries no matter what their laws about corporal punishments are."

    "Oh", Veronica replied with, "I see. Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. McLean. "

    "Oh I'm not leaving yet!", Grimhilde then quickly added in, "I am going to be staying until the end of this episode to make SURE my young man doesn't do anything satanic for the rest of the day!"


    "HUSH", and it was then that attention was brought on to the bushes behind them all, where the other men of the COGREEN20 organization stepped out of. All of them were basic men in black suits that had green ties. They also all wore masks with the same face as their helicopter for some unknown reason. Two of them were black (of African descent), one was Indian (As in from India), three were Native American/Canadian Indian, and the five others were all white/Caucasian. Their hair colours couldn't be seen because they also had fedora hats on alongside their masks.

    "Ms McLean!", one of them, a black man with the name tag saying Denzel Randall Tanner reported, "We have a Code Red on this island."

    "It's that serious?!", Grimhilde then said as she took her cellphone out, "I guess I'll have to-", and then suddenly a loud;

    *SCRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH* was heard from up above, and everyone turned to see a horrific site. It was the mutated Queen Hornet from the previous episode, having somehow broken out of her tomb in the caves, survived, and also furtherly mutated into an even more frightening creature. Not only was she now the size of a five story building, but she also had a much more elongated neck and a similar styled head aswell. She had two extra mandibles extending at her mouth area, and her antenae were more armored aswell. As such her main body segments were: The head, the neck, the front thorax, the back thorax, and the stinger thorax. Yes, there was a bit of thorax before her stinger. Her wings were also bigger, but still like a normal hornets. For legs, she kept six, but the middle two were dwarfed by her other two, and all six had very long, sharp, scythe like attachments on the ends. The final piece of her new look, of course, were the multiple red eyes on the front of her head, now much more than two, it was hard to tell how many. She had at least eight or possibly even ten.  She still retained the black and yellow colouring, however. Everyone, even Grimhilde, panicked when the Hornet Queen appeared, and immediately swooped down towards them. Grimhilde and the CoGreen20 people tried to escape in their helicopter, but just as they began flying off, the Hornet Queen flew right into it and made it swirl higher into the air. Everyone gasp.

    "Mom!", Chris cried out just moments before the Hornet Queen then flew into the Helicopter again, this time bring down one of it's front legs and impaling the Helicopter completely, the Helicopter immediately exploded in a fiery infernal, definitely spelling the end of the line for Grimhilde and her CoGreen20 posse, if not the CoGreen20 organization as a whole. "MOM! NO!", Chris cried out, but amazingly, it was just then, as the Hornet Queen flew off to parts unknown, that the Toxic Rats arrived at the scene at long last.

    "We made it!", Sugar cried out happily;

    "Yeah!", Topher replied, "What was with that explosion."

    "You wanna know?", Chris then said in a dramatic and sad sounding tone, facing away from the team, "You wanna KNOW what just happened?"

    "Yeah.........I asked, didn't I?"

    "MY MOM JUST DIED!", and then suddenly when he turned around he was actually happy, "THAT WRINKLY OLD ANCIENT BITCH JUST DIED!", everyone just gasped in response to that;

    "You're HAPPY about this?", Samey replied;

    "HELL YEAH!", Chris replied, everyone continuing to look at him with shocked expressions stuck in a permanent gasp, "DAMN RIGHT I AM! Anyway, now, your challenge today has had ALOT of time done on it already so we've REALLY gotta move on! So, here's the deal for part two!", he then brought up a television screen with the snap of a finger, "You see, one of our old contestants was, well, since my mom can't belt me for what I say anymore with that old sack of bitch being dead, we forcibly went over to his mansion and used his contracts to force him into a treasure chest against his will and buried him alive in the chest for you to find, it's CODY!", and then on the screen, Cody was revealed to indeed be, trapped in a treasure chest underground. He was much different than he once was though.

    Nowadays, Cody actually had a single piercing on his left ear, and had tribal tattoos: two above his nipples, one by his belly button, and one on his left arm. He also had a star tattoo on his bottom. But his body stype also changed. He was still skinny, but he was noticeably more athletic-looking than he was before. He even had a little bit of abs, too. His hair style was also different. It was more spikey than it was before, and completely different, it was spiked to go upwards, and to some people seemed slanted, hard to fully describe. It was thick ontop, but gradually became thinner as it went down. His outfit was also different; he now wore a white sleeveless undershirt with a v-neck under a burgundy coloured collared shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and the shirt always open most of the time. He also had black skinny jeans on alongside burgundy coloured shoes. His voice was also completely different now too, simply put, he sounded almost exactly like Canadian Dragon: Jim Short's voice actor, Vante Vasco. It was a smoother and sexier sounding voice compared to his original one.

    "Yo!", Cody called out from the box, a walkee-talkie clearly next time, "This ain't cool, Chris! I'm the richest dude in the world now AND my own singer, when I get outta here I'm gonna make you pay, ya heard me?!"

    "Oooh!", Chris mocked, "I'm SOOOOO scared of CODY!",  Chris then laughed, "Yeah I don't care if you beat Veronica and Alejandro or not, ya still Cody man, whether you like it or not."

    "Oh you dissing my name now? Man, you askin' for it! You just don't get it do you?"

    "Look", Chris then turned off the sound of the thing, "The point is, both of you two teams have to go in there, find Cody, take these shovels", he then had Chef throw all of them shovels, "And dig him back up. We don't have as much time as we would earlier to GO GO GO GO!", and Chris pointed them towards the forest, meaning that was the direction they all ran to. The television screen went back into the ground. Little did they know, but the mutant squirrel from previous episodes was then following them. Chris meanwhile, got a call on his cellphone, coming from Cody:

    "YO! CHRIS!", an angry Cody replied, "Did you just hang up on me?!"

    "Uh, yeah I did."

    "Listen, I really AM the Codester now!", Cody bluntly told Chris, "I am actually more famous than me. So unless I'm in a birthday gift box for one of my fangirls, I'm pretty sure my fans ain't gonna like me forced into a tight space!"

    "Well that's what you get for trying to be more famous than me, NERD!", and Chris promptly laughed maniacally before hanging up and throwing his cellphone into the lake. Veronica's only response was;

    "Why couldn't I have said that?", before things immediately cut over to the contestants. All of the contestants, of course, were no longer at the beach and were actually in some type of swamp like area, all of them digging and calling out Cody's name, while the Mutant Squirrel ran past the majority of them, until it found Ella. The squirrel climbed onto Ella's shoulder and began squeaking, gaining her attention while all of the others around here were tending to themselves;

    "Oh hello there little mutant squirrel!", Ella politely greeted to it, "How are you doing on this fine evening?", the squirrel in response made various squeak noises that took up about two minutes worth of dialouge, "I see! And you know where I should start digging?", and in response, the squirrel nodded, and then seemingly offered to lead Ella to the location, "Why thank you, little squirrel! I greatly appreciate your help!", the squirrel just made intelligable squeaks in response. While Ella followed the squirrels directions somehow, the other contestants continued digging, only to find objects that were useless. Scott dug up a golden toilet, Jasmine dug up a nest of eggs, only for the giant mutant allgiator with tentacles for front legs to appear and make her nervously run off before the mother gator gave chase, Topher dug up a mirror, Sugar dug up the remains of the COGREEN20 helicopter, Shawn dug up several pure black burned bodies, Samey dug up a pair of boxers from season one and threw them away in disgust, Mike dug up an old 1950's radio, and then finally Ella had actually been led by the squirrel to outside the swamp's area, where she started digging herself until she actually bumped into something that was actually useful, a treasure chest, and she happily gasped, "Oh my! You were right! The treasure chest! You led me right to it after all!", the squirrel, standing next to her by the hole, nodded in a happy response. And soon enough, Ella had the chest opened, and gasped at what she saw. Obviously, Cody was inside the treasure chest, but also, so was none other than, Ella's pet Doraht, "Elsa!", and it didn't take but a few seconds for Elsa to 'mew' and then jump back into Ella's arms happily, "Oh you're still alive!"

    "Yeah", Cody said as he stood up from the treasure chest too, "That little cat thing was put in the chest with me, don't worry though, I was nice to it, since it didn't seem to wanna hurt me at all or anythin'."

    "Well thank you for being so kind to Elsa!", Ella answered Cody with, "I must admit, I admire your kindness to animals aswell as your songs from season three."

    "Heh", Cody responded with proudly, "You should check out my new songs ever since I went solo from the Drama Direction. They're callin' me the new Dustin Beebler, infact! And that's a name I'm actually proud of!"

    "Yes, I've heard."

    "But anyway", Cody then looked at Elsa being in Ella's arms, "Gotta say, been a while since I was here. And seein' you with that, well, cat looking thing, really reminds me of my time with my own put from this island. Never saw him again after season one."

    "Oh my", Ella replied with, "Well, I hope you and your friend can reunite someday!"

    "Yeah", Cody said with a sigh, "He was a little squirrel I helped nurse back to health when I found him injured. He actually helped me out quite a bit in return. I always wondered what happened to him", and the entire time he didn't even notice the Mutant Squirrel was climbing onto his shoulders, rather than trying to hurt him though, it seemed to actually be very happy to see him for some reason.

    "Did you say....squirrel?"

    "Yeah!", Cody replied, "Didn't you hear me?", and it was then that the Mutant Squirrel happily squeaked and tapped on Cody's ear a bit to get his attention. With a "Huh?", Cody turned to see the mutated creature on his shoulder. At first he was taken back by the creature, until he looked at the creature more closely and said, "C-Conker? Is, is that you?", the squirrel squeaked in response and Cody held it infront of him in his hands, "Where ya been, bud? I've been lookin' all over for you ever since I left the island! Oh man has the Codester missed ya!", and then he and Conker shared a hug. Ella found this so touching, but Cody and Conker's moment continued, "Did that jerk-ass Chris do this to ya, bro?", he said to the squirrel, "Cuz if so I swear he's gonna be deader than he already is for lockin' me in that chest!", the squirrel just squeaked and made a gesture like he doesn't care that he's mutated, just that he's reunited with Cody at long last.  And then, speak of the devil, it was then that Veronica, Chris and Chef along with the other remaining contestants arrived at the scene.

    "Oh great", Veronica said in unhappy tone of voice, "Someone actually let him out."

    "Yeah I'm happy to see you too, bitch", Cody promptly replied in a similar spiteful tone, still holding Conker in his arms. Cody was then escorted away from the scene, with Conker, by two interns as Chris continued on, but Cody looked back, saw Chris, and laughed, "HA! O-M-F-G! Dang Dude, what the heck happened to ya HAIR?!"


    "Woah-woah-woah, WOAH!", Cody promptly shoved him off of him, "NO TOUCHY. I don't want you roughin' me up before my next gig, I don't need no bruises on my tats or anything when I go up on stage. I'll escort myself to the phone so I can my yacht to pick me up, capeech? Remember, I can pay ya FAR more than HE can.", he interns just nodded and made evil smirks at Chris, who was shocked at their defiance of his orders as they basically let Cody call the shorts on his escort off the island.

    "They'll pay for that", was all Chris muttered before turning back to the remaining contestants, "ANYWHO. Now, you guys would think that this means the Toxic Rats win, right?"

    "Um yeah", Mike replied, "Their team member did find Cody."

    "And Elsa!", Ella happily replied, with her Doraht happily purring while nuzzling up to her.

    "Well, you're RIGHT!", Chris then said, with a laugh, "Almost got ya there, didn't I? Haha! The Toxic Rats have won almost completely thanks to Ella!", and then Topher clapped while Scott pretended to cheer, while Sugar just scowled and growled in anger;


Sugar - "Oh I am NOT gonna let ELLA be the saviour of the team. EVER. HELL TO THE NO!"


"Hold up!", Sugar then exclaimed, breaking everything up, "Technically, Ella brought JOY to someone. She brought joy to Cody, and he was a contestant at one time! And I heard you told Dawn that having joy on this show between contestants is wrong or somethin', right?"

    "Wow, good point, Sugar!", Chris replied with, "And you're right, that against the rules while I'm host of this show! Ella, YOU ARE INSTANTLY DISQUALIFIED!", and then almost everyone gasped, Sugar however, cheered a loud;


    "What?!", was Ella's response;


    "But-", Ella was interrupted by Sugar;

    "You heard the man with the dead old hag for a momma!", Sugar then said, "BEAT IT!", Sugar replied;

    "What was that, Sugar?", Chris replied;


    "You called my dead old hag of a mother, a dead old hag!"

    "But you just did to!"

    "You see", Chris rpelied, "I'm ALLOWED to insult the dead old bitch like that because I'm her son. You are NOT, because she is my mother and I'm your host. So, do you know what this means?"

    "Wait what?! That don't make no sense! I actually insulted her LESS than you did!"

    "Yeah but I'm her son and I'm allowed to hate and insult the dead burnt up old hag face!", Chris bluntly answered with, "You have to respect and like her because you are all tortured by me on a daily basis! As such, YOU AND ELLA ARE BOTH ELIMINATED INSTANTLY AND DISQUALIFIED, AND AS SUCH, THE TOXIC RATS ARE OFFICIALLY MADE THE LOSERS!"

    "WHAT?!", all of the Toxic Rats replied, Sugar fainted at the words that she had lost the competition.

    "We have to lose THREE people now?!", Topher replied, in shock;

    "NO!", Chris replied, "You're losing Ella and Sugar because I said so."

    "Oh", Topher was suddenly not shocked at all, "Well, that's sad. Would've been a good twist. Veronica probably would've done that to us." Veronica just had a smug smirk on her face as she looked over to an angry and growling Chris, who just gritted his teeth and said;

    "Let's get to the elimination ceremony already!", and that's just what the episode did.


Scott - "Today was AMAZING! I didn't have to lift a single finger in my plan today! Plus, lookie what I found while digging!" *Snickers evily as he holds up the Chris McLean immunity idol.*


    Following that, things moved right on to the elimination ceremony of the episode, where Scott and Topher were gathered to see Sugar and Ella hurled by the Hurl of Shame. First up was the still completely fainted Sugar, who was actually already in the Hurl of Shame catapult. She was still completely fainted, and it took Chef plus three of the main interns to not only lift her, but also to pull the lever. Chef called out to the interns as he and them all prepared to pull the lever,

    "THREE.......TWO..........ONE!", and they all pulled the lever at once and sent Sugar flying off into the distance. Because she was fainted, she didn't say or scream a single line of dialouge at all.

    "Well that takes care of that!", Chris replied with a smile as he then turned to Ella, who was also holding Elsa in her arms "Now Ella, even though you comitted one of the worst crimes on this show imaginable, giving another contestant joy and a sign of hope,  since you are awake unlike Sugar, I will let you have a few final words before you go. Just don't steal time away from my sign off."

    "Well", Ella puts Elsa into the catapult before herself, and then says, "Since I won't have to worry about any rules anymore. Now I can sing whenever I want!", and then she lifted her arms into the air as a musical cue started playing and the other team members were suddenly there with no logical explanation at all.


*Musical cue starts playing and cute animals, both mutant and non-mutant, such as birds, deer, bunnies and squirrels, start appearing, Chris gets confused*

Chris - "Huh? Wha-what the? I didn't okay a musical a bit!" *Veronica can be seen standing with the camera crew, having pressed a button on one of the floating cameras to star the musical, she smirks and gives Chris the middle finger*

Ella - "My time on the show is finished and done! But that's not to say I didn't have fun!" *Chris gets annoyed* "I'll do my best not to cry, but now I have to say goodbye!" *dances around while the birds fly around her and land on her finger, the deer nudges Chris a bit,*

Chris - "No! Knock it off!"

Ella - "I came on Total Drama, and survived it just fine! With only minor damage to the base of my spine!" *Deer keeps nudging Chris, Birds still flying around Ella* "I gave it my best try! But now I have to say Goodbye. I'll miss you all from Tall to Small" *For tall she went over to Jasmine, for small she gave Samey a friendly hug* "And even this little gnoooome!" *suddenly an actual living gnome pops out of the ground and waves goodbye to her* "And even though I didn't meet my true prince, at least my heart did not wince, and now i'm headed home!" *Chris gestures for Chef to go after her, Chef runs for Ella* "I broke the rules and now I'm paying the price!" *the birds lift her into the air before Chef catches her, Chef slides off the dock and into the lake* "And soon will be launched from this hurling device!" *they lower her into the catapult, Elsa jumps onto her lap, and is hold in her arms* "I'll do my best not to die!" *Chef surfaces and looks to Ella* "Cuz now I have to say Goodbyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee!" *Is hurled by Chris and continues that note while her and Elsa are hurled into the distance*


    "Well, that's enough of that!", Chris then said to the camera, "So, do I have enough time for my sign off?"

    "Wait!", Samey then remembered something was going to do earlier, which was reveal her true identity, "I have something to say first!"

    "SAVE IT FOR NEXT EPISODE!", Chris just bluntly interrupted her, "That's right, see what Amy has to say, next time, on Total Drama-", and due to time limits, the episode abruptly cut to black in mid sentence and immediately went to the credits.


*Rather than a hurl of shame clip, this extra scene takes place on the island, and more specifically around the wreckage of the COGREEN20 helicopter. Mr. Tanner's burnt skeleton can be seen with his name tag miraculously saved from it all, but he was in the cockpit. However, this clip confirmed not everyone was dead, for in the center of the wreckage, a single elderly woman's hand & arm emerged, a little scratched up but still intact, and that hand was holding one powerful belt. Lightning flashed in the background just before the scene faded away*

My TDROTI Ep.8 - The Treasure Isle of Dr. McLean
Previous - A Mine is a Terrible Thing to See

All - Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Next -
Grand Chef Auto (Coming Soon)

Plenty of references to :iconcogreen20:'s "Total Drama Do-Over" are abound in this one. For instance, the Helicopter and the Masks, plus the organization are all obvious, and Chris has his mom come over in this episode. However, in his story, his mother is named Alice, in this story, it's Grimhilde. Alice was pretty nice to Chris, Grimhilde on the other hand.......well, she gave Chris what he's been needing for a LOOOOOOOONG time XD.

Just imagine what he'll get when she sees what he said about her after the explosion happened..............:D

But yeah, I'm sure what Chris got in this episode will make up for who got eliminated in the end. Honestly, even I'm questioning who is  a worse person, Chris or Cassandra. It's hard to tell. They are both equally terrible human beings. Even Veronica was offended that Chris was happy when he thought his mom was dead. Apparently he only called her everyday to check if she was dead yet or still alive.

Oh and yes, the people Sonic was gonna paddle, are Butter's Mom & Dad from South Park and the Chief of Police of Bikini Bottom.


Challenge - Get to shore from the lake, search the island for treasure chest with Cody in it.

Cameos -
  • Cody
  • Squidward Tentacles (possibly, as the Mutant Octopus, definitely After-Movie Squidward)

Winners - Mutant Maggots (unfairly)
Losers - Toxic Rats (unfairly)

Eliminated - Ella & Sugar

Reason - Ella was disqualified when Sugar pointed out she technically brought Cody, a former contestant, joy by reuniting him with his friend and pet Conker the Now-Mutated Squirrel. Sugar was disqualified when she insulted Chris' (thought-to-be) dead mother, despite the fact Chris insults her in even worse ways than she did. Both were disqualified by Chris.

And yes, similar to Alejandro's voice actor change, this episode has Cody have one too. However, his voice actor would change to be Dante Basco. Best known as the voice of Prince Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Jake Long (American Dragon: Jake Long). Yes, from this point onward in this series, Eternal's TD-verse Cody has Dante Basco's voice rather than Peter Oldring's.

Do-Over-verse Cody and canon Cody probably retains Peter Oldring's voice.


My TDROTI Ep.8 - It is up 

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Journal Entry: Wed Nov 12, 2014, 10:14 PM

Well we FINALLY have the confrimation of My TDROTI's cast. A mix of both TDROTI and TDPI cast, plus one OC because plot demands it,  we have 14 people. 14 people. 13 of them are likeable, 1 one of them is the most deplorable things ever spawned in the TD fandom, even more hateable than Chris.

Now, let's go over the cast.  I will update this journal as the elimination goes on. Our cast at the at the moment is:

1.Cassandra - "The Racist Bigot"
2.Dawn - "The Moonchild"
3.Sugar - "The Pageant Queen"
4.Ella  - "The Fairytale princess"
5.Jasmine - "The Outback Survivalist"
6.Amy - "The Bad Twin"
7.Samey - "The Good Twin"
8.Topher - "The Chris Wannabe"
9.Cameron - "The Bubble Boy"
10.Lightning - "The Athletic Overachiever"
11.Shawn - "
The Zombie Conspiracy Nut"
12.Leonard - "
The LARPer"
13.Mike - "The Oddball" (I am not going to use MPD as a label).
14.Scott - "The Devious One"


Episode 1 - "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!": Cassandra

  • Reason - She was Racist, Homophobic, Chris' Ex-Wife who cheated on him and was proud of it,  possibly caused Chris to become the way he is now,  and also has offensive views on the countries of Canada, Australia and America. She also did hardly anything to truly help her team at all besides say more offensive things that I won't even repeat. Oh, and she also revealed in the confessional that she's conservative too.  Wonder how they will feel about her being a cheater......heheh. 
  • Placing - 14th
  • Team - Toxic Rats
  • Notes - In my series, she is so far, the contestant with the least amount of participation in the game, with only 1 episode as a competitor so far.
  • Trivia - She is the only competitor in this season without an audition tape shown in the TDWT Special, mainly due to the fact she joined the competition due to Chris getting her so angry that she ended up winning her own show's challenge and thus qualifying for the new season.  She is also one of the few competitors without an audition tape at all, the others being Alejandro & Blaineley. 

Episode 2 - "Truth or Laser Shark": Leonard

  • Reason - Virtually the same as in canon TDPI. His "Wizard Skills" led him to refuse to really try in the last part of the challenge, causing the entire team to fail because of it. Leonard was promptly voted off, as even though Lightning is, well, Lightning, he did at least try in the challenge. Then again, judging by Leonard's hurl of shame clip it is possible the radiation of the island was preventing his magic from working. That is the only logical explanation to explain that extra clip.
  • Placing - 13th
  • Team - Toxic Rats
  • Notes - He has the same placing and episode count as he, so far, does in canon. While I like Leonard a lot, I will admit, he could potentially get annoying if he stayed on much longer than 2 episodes. There is also still All-Stars for him to be in, if I feel like putting him in there.
  • Trivia - He is the first competitor to have a Hurl of Shame extra clip at the end. Cassandra didn't have one because the episode had size limit issues and also because of, well, not thinking of doing them before. The fact a black guy leaves right after the racist does is completely coincidental by the way, I really am doing this by story. I can promise you that I am not going to eliminate all of the black people one-by-one after Cassandra. 

Episode 3 - "Ice Ice Baby": Lightning

  • Reason - Well, Scott destroyed the team's shack like fort and while everyone was unaware who did it, he framed Lightning of doing it in-order to get said Athletic Overachiever promptly voted off.  Amazingly, this is like the third time in a row Ella's been in the bottom two I think. Huh. But yeah, the point is, Lightning was eliminated, had his hair turn white, and then took the hurl of shame.
  • Placing - 12th
  • Team - Toxic Rats
  • Notes - I was going to have his hurl of shame clip be him landing on the pillow, being happy he is still alive, and then pointing out how the first two people who were voted off after Cassandra were black people, and then he and Leonard would look at the camera in silence at the end of the clip.
  • Trivia - I got nothin'. 

Episode 4 -  "Finders Creepers": N/A

  • Reason - Nobody left because Pennywise and Sierra come on the scene, Sierra half-robot now, and tied the main staff members up and Sierra was hunting down most of the campers. In the end though, Cameron got Sierra back to her human self, but also obsessing over him instead of Cody. This gave Jasmine enough time to finally take care of Pennywise. In the end, Pennywise and Sierra were the ones promptly sent into the Hudson Bay by the Hurl of Shame.
  • Placing - N/A
  • Team - N/A
  • Notes - I was gonna have Alejandro and Alejandra being separated from eachother be a bigger scene of it's own, but again, size limits. 
  • Trivia - Had I never seen canon TDWT's Episode 25, I probably would not have brought Sierra back to life. 

Episode 5 - "Backstabbers Ahoy?!" : Amy

  • Reason - In reality, Samey was the one voted off, however, Amy pretended to be Samey to break Mike's heart and trick him into thinking Samey was manipulating him into loving her. As such, Samey tricked Amy into eating the manchineel fruit, causing her throat and mouth to swell up and leaving her unable to speak, temporarily. Samey used this to pretend to be Amy, and get Amy eliminated as everyone thought she was Samey. Well, Jasmine and Dawn knew the truth, but they also disliked Amy alot so.....yeah.
  • Placing - 11th
  • Team - Mutant Maggots
  • Notes - This episode came in late because I was tired yesterday, BEYOND tired, and had to sleep.
  • Trivia - I got nothin'.

Episode 6 - "Runaway Model": Cameron

  • Reason - Cameron was not doing much for his team, was unable to think of a strategy during the challenge, and his team saw him as deadweight so they either voted him or Dawn. In the end, Dawn got less votes against her than Cameron did, meaning Cameron was the one voted off.
  • Placing - 10th
  • Team - Mutant Maggots
  • Notes - Uploaded before Saturday because of the Hiatus this story has been on
  • Trivia - I got nothin'.

Episode 7 - "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to See": Dawn

  • Reason -When Chris tossed her pet Dorahts into toxic waste after all they did was free him from being tied up and actually heal his injured legs, it angered Dawn so much that she angrily snapped and stood up to him, including insulting him, throwing his wig into toxic waste and leaving him bald, and then kicking one of his teeth out and throwing it into toxic waste aswell. Obviously, Dawn had quit the show rather than be voted off.
  • Placing - 9th
  • Team - Mutant Maggots
  • Notes - Miraculously completed on a Wednesday, on Schedule. Though on this episode will have been uploaded behind schedule, on a Thursday.
  • Trivia - I got nothin'.

Episode 8 - "The Treasure Isle of Dr. McLean": Ella & Sugar

  • Reason (Ella) - At the end of the episode, Sugar pointed out that she technically brought joy to a former contestant, specifically Cody. Seeing this as a crime against Total Drama (bringing joy to a contestant), Chris disqualified her on the spot.
  • Reason (Sugar) - When Sugar then insulted Chris' presumed to be dead mother, he also disqualified her aswell. However, Chris had been insulting his mother in even meaner ways before Sugar said a single thing about her.
  • Placing - 8th/7th
  • Team - Toxic Rats & Toxic Rats
  • Notes - The first double elimination of the season.
  • Trivia - I was originally intending for Dawn to get this far, but I thought it would be odd for her to not quit after Chris chucked her Dorahts into toxic waste in Ep.7.

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Only if your close to me though.
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If you want me to write a story for you. Only One-Shots I will do (which don't necessarily have to be Smut, they can be random comedy or drama stories too btw) and note that if you request anything NSFW it will have to be shown to you privately rather than posted publically.

Also be VERY patient with these. Stories take time to come up with.

Right now I am offering Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros, Total Drama, NiGHTS into Dreams and OC stories only.
Two or more characters with background
DunCo at the including Alex! by EternalInsanity787
Point Commission - Juliefan21 by EternalInsanity787
Just like what it says in the title. Two people or more, with a background.
OC Reference
Stoked OC - Ridley (Reference 01) by EternalInsanity787
Coby (2013 Rotation) by EternalInsanity787
Brandon Reference by EternalInsanity787
A simply Reference sheet. I do do rotations, but really just for my OCs when I can't find anyone else to do them xD.
Two or More Characters without Background
Trent and Coby - Hugging by EternalInsanity787
Point Commission: Hallie and Jose by EternalInsanity787
AT with FraiseParfait by EternalInsanity787
Just two or more people without a background.
OC Revamp
Carlota - OC Remade by EternalInsanity787
OC: Veronica Redone by EternalInsanity787
If you want me to draw your OC with a slightly new design and in my style. Basically just redrawing your OC in a basic standing position as a refrence.
OC Head
Is just a head of your OC.


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What Sonic Character Are You?
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Which Sonic Character Would Be Your Best Man?
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What Johto Legendary Pokemon Are You?
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(Ironic how it says I love the sea, yet I can't swim IRL, but is true...haha)
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
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