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CASE # - 90210



DATES: 6/1/14 ~ 7/31/14



This date began once more, with Elaine Wilkos awakening from my slumber in her normal urgent state when one of the murders occurs, and I knew that, at around midnight, indeed, another one had just happened. And boy, was it truly grand. This murder was not of one of the suspects, but rather of another officer of mine. This murder, well, took place within the Prehistoric Set. It was the murder, of Deputy Tanner Anderson (no relation to Cody whatsoever), and it was a true bloodbath on the same leve lof Beverly's murder.

 Andrew "Andy" Tanner was not a  friend of many fellow officers, and nobody knew much about him aside from him originally being a American citizen from the state of Oregon. He was at least in his early 40's, and also had three daughters which all lived with him in one house alongside his brother-in-law, his brother-in-law's wife, his male best friend, and his brother-in-laws two twin boys. He also had at least seven cats which lived with him aswell. He also had an extraordinary level of intelligence, though also had very little care for lower ranked officers, would constantly boss them around and would treat any criminals he handed with an extreme level of sadism. However, it seems as though the criminal attacking this film lot finally gave him his final curtian call.

The Murder - A bloodbath. First, his eyes were both gouged out, and all of his teeth were smashed with 10 pound weights. Not only that, but the weights also appeared to had been used to deal in massive damage to his torso aswell as the rest of his head. After that, we deduced that the murderer then cut through his stomach and pulled out his stomach with both of his intestines attached to it, and the murderer actually used these organs to sodomize the officer with the stomach, while feeding him his intestines, which no doubt put his feces into his mouth aswell. Following that he was seemingly stabbed a total of 200 times across his arms and things, before stabbed through the entire length of his spine, shattering said spine and no doubt rendering him parlyzed if he were still alive. Finally, after that his head was shaved bald so that he could be scalped by a large axe. He also had his breasts removed by some type of knife aswell, which made the killer able to actually rip out his entire rib cage with the hearts and lungs and use the bones of the rib cage to impale him while chopping off his feet and hands to cram his lungs and hearts into the now opened limbs. Then, the remainder of the man's skin was removed, at which point his body, no doubt dead by this point, was set on fire and left to burn to a crisp, ending the officer's job once and for all. The likely motive for this killing is that he stumbled across our four murderers and was murdered to ensure their secrecy.

The Location - The prehistoric set, which is of course the setting of the attack against LeShawna and Harold.

Me and my crew decided against informing the contestants of this killing, for the simple reason of there were enough issues with the suspects already, and with this brutal murder of one of our own loyal officers for either simply stumbling upon the mastermind murderer or for some other reason (perhaps he was a traitorous accomplice for the murderer), we decided this own required more investigation with our own kind.

That, and once LeShawna and Harold's parents were informed of what had happened, it did not take very long for LeShawna's father to arrive on the scene. Harold's mother had apparently fainted upon the words that her son had been attacked, though LeShawna's Father wasted no time in grabbing not only a shotgun, but also two rather large men to join him in marching over to the film lot.

Why, most of the day had to actually be spent keeping the man and his two, for lack of better words, henchmen, from storming into the film lot itself and risk damaging evidence within the many crime scenes.  Eventually, we struck a deal with him, we let him speak with his daughter one time, and also made sure both her and Harold were kept in their confinement at a distance far away from the film lot, specifically, at the nearest Police Station itself. No doubt this would detour the murderer from striking them as they would be far from the film lot, which is clearly his or her primary hunting grounds.

With how long it took to come to this agreement, the day was not long enough at this point to actually have any investigation further. Though I did make sure to observe all of the remaining suspects before retiring to my rest:

Western Group - The Group does much the same as they normally do. Dave and Cody sleep close to eachother, however, but for the most part the group is all asleep in a circle formation.

Girls' Trailer -
The group also remains asleep in their individual beds.

Solitary Confinement (LeShawna) -
She is sulking while sitting in a corner of her room.

Solitary Confinement (Harold) -
Harold is sitting in the middle of the room working on a rubix cube.

New Sci-Fi Group -
Scarlett and Staci are both sitting in separate corners, awake, though Scarlett is writing in her notepad while Staci is just humming to herself.

Once all the groups were checked up on and confirmed to still be alive, I retired to my rest for the day, once more to give the killer a false sense of security and to give him or her a chance to make their next move.


This date was quite a shocker to me and everyone, for right in the early hours of the morning there were sounds of a struggle coming from the main outside area. It was complete with grunts, sounds of beatings, metal clanging, and finally gunshots aswell as screams. Me, Elaine Wilkos, and what was left of the stationed officers in this place immediately rushed to the scene of the crime, where we saw what the struggle was. What was it? Well, of course, it was yet another murder. Though this time, the murderers seemed to have done this out of self defense. It was the murder  of Tiny Smith and Walter Young. The remaining suspects tried to see what was going on, but I made sure my officers kept them all from doing so.

Background of Victims - Young and Smith were both workers at the casino run by LeShawna's father, and both of them were of African-Canadian descent, though Young also had Chinese heritage alongside African. Smith had very little surviving family members, while Young had plenty of surviving family members and even a wife and eight children of his own.  Both were large men, with extraordinarily built bodies, infact, we assumed at first they were on steroids upon first sight, though later autopsies confirmed they were not. The two also carried AK-47s in their hands, showing they were likely sent to this flim lot by LeShawna's Father, likely to free his daughter or kill the murderer themselves. However, it appears they were both overpowered.

The Murder - In what appears to be an actual act of Self Defense, it is likely Young and Smith caught the murderers while they were on their way to commit a separate murder of one of the remaining suspects, and obviously, the two likely opened fire. Thus, it is likely that they may have killed or severely wounded at least one or two of the accomplices, or even the mastermind (though that is unlikely).  However, it is likely the ones they didn't injure got them from behind by stabbing them in the back with a knife or another sharp object, and then continued stabbing them while they were distracted by this. Given that as all of the officers were awoken by the shots, the killers did not have any time to mutilate his body. We confirmed this story by the fact we could see trails of blood coming from a good distance away from their bodies, which imply one of the accomplices was indeed injured or even killed in this battle.

Location - Just outside the entrance gates of the Film Lot.

    Following this murder, I decided it was best that the suspects not know about these victims just yet. I did not want them to begin panicking and risk jeopardizing the case. However, to avoid future incidents involving LeShawna and Harold aswell as their family members, I decided it was for the best that those two be let home to their families. Needless to say their family members were more than happy once they were returned home.

    Though, the Girls Trailer group and Staci seemed more nervous and unhappy with LeShawna leaving than the others did. Trent and Cody also seemed a bit sad about their band-mate Harold leaving aswell, though appeared to be happy for him aswell. Scarlett was overall indifferent to the entire situation, as was Dawn. I also noticed a few rats scurrying along the floor once I returned to my resting tent. I ignored them, however, as they were of no concern to me.

    I decided to rest once more for the day, simply put.


    When I awoke from my slumber this day I knew immediately what the best course of action to take was. What was it? To observe all of the remaining suspects, of course. Now that two more had been sent home, I had a feeling this would make the murderer and his or her accomplices more anxious and likely make them strike again early. I will admit, I'm a bit surprised they have so far failed to murder any suspects recently. This only furthers my feeling that they will strike again soon, however. Regardless, for right now, I am content with observing the suspects who are not sent home yet and are still alive:


Dave - He was not doing much, he was simply sitting next to Cody, the two having a chat with eachother.

Cody - As with Dave, he was simply sitting with him and chatting with him. I could not hear precisely what they were talking of, though, it appears the audio on the cameras is beginning to go out, though visuals remain intact.

Dawn - She was reading from some type of cards in the middle of the set's road area.

Mike - He was sleeping with Trent next to him. Why, Mike was even leaning his head onto Trent's shoulder while he slept.

Trent - Like I said with Mike, Mike was sleeping with his head leaning onto Trent's shoulder. Trent did not seem to mind this at all, and rested one hand behind his back while keeping the other by his side.

Duncan - Duncan seemed to be off to himself, carving into one of the cardboard prop buildings, without caring much of the others at all. I kept an eye on him longer than the others because of this, but as he didn't change after an entire hour, I moved on.

Geoff - Geoff was sleeping aswell, leaning on one of the buildings to do so. I did not pay much mind to him after watching him for 30 whole minutes.


Scarlett -She was off in her own corner, writing in her journal it seemed.

Staci - She was talking about various lies once more, Scarlett seemed to have Staci completely blocked out and was entirely ignoring her.


Gwen - She was alseep in her bunk bed.

Courtney - She was sitting up, writing in some type of journal.

Bridgette - She was sitting up in her bed and looking around aimlessly at the room, it seems.


Cameron -He was also writing in a journal, sitting in his own personal corner.

Jo - She was jogging around the set, likely to get exercise for the day.


    Following that, I retired for the day after checking with the hospital and confirming that Brick was still alive, though retaining critical condition status. I still had no sign of Izzy, Eva and Sierra either. There was no confirmation of their status as dead or alive, so I still count them as only MIA rather than deceased or still alive. Elaine Wilkos discussed to me the fact it's unlikely they are still alive if they are still on the film lot. I assured to her, of course, that they should only be counted deceased if actual proof of that status is given. No proof of their fate in either direction has been shown to anyone at the film lot yet.

    After that, I retired. I knew I was giving the murderer a window to attack, but that, was just what I planned on doing.


    On this day of the investigation, there were once more no events regarding the suspects, surprisingly. No murders were had, and all of the suspects remained in their areas. I had two officers deliver meals and portable bathrooms to their sets, deciding it was best we keep them in the sets as much as possible. The contestants seemed alright with this, though a few of them complained about this feeling like prison now. Duncan seemed to become irritated at the slightest mention of prison. Following that, I returned to my spot of watching all of the suspects via cameras, when something unique happened:

    A delivery to the film lot. A delivery, of a set of strange mascot-like suits. I immediately questioned the delivery men, and I learned a startling secret. That Chris was infact, plotting to make another Total Drama season, and that these suits were delivered to be used in one of the season's challenges. I was explained that these suits were developed by a struggling-to-survive pizzeria company that the headquarters of was not located by the people. The suits were known as "Springlock" suits,  because they were fit for both humans and animatronics to wear.

    The suits, according to the delivery man who I questioned the order to, were intended to be worn as part of a challenge, due to their deadly nature. The spring locks are cranked out of place by a, well, crank. The crank was supplied with the suits. However, the locks are sensitive to sudden movements and breathing, and if breathed on like that, they will lock back into place, brutally killing any person who is wearing them. The suits were likely intended for the Final 12 of the season, for there were 12 of them. Or possibly for interns to wear.

    Apparently, only 2 official ones were made by and for the company, though Chris payed to have 12 made by them just for Total Drama. All of them were anthropomorphic characters, and their appearance was:

1. "Freddy" - Freddy is a suit with  the appearance of a (humanoid) brown bear. He also wears a black top hat and bow tie. His ears are articulated and are thus able to move back and forth. His irises are  of a light blue color.

2. "Bonnie" - Bonnie is a lavender-colored (humanoid) rabbit suit, with maroon eyes. He has articulated ears that can bend forward, and wears a red bow tie which is partially obstructed by his chin. Onstage, he carries an orange guitar. Unlike the other characters, he has rounded teeth as opposed to the other having seemingly square teeth, and does not have eyebrows. Excluding his head, the majority of Bonnie's body appears identical to Freddy's, apart from the latter's color. This version of Bonnie, seems to have no teeth on his upper jaw.

3. "Chica" - Chica is a bright yellow (humanoid) chicken suit with a spherical shaped head, orange beak, magenta eyes, and black eyebrows. She wears a white bib that reads "LET'S EAT!!!" in yellow bubble letters, outlined in purple. The bib is flecked with tri-colored triangles in patterns of three, and what appear to be tiny stylized pizza slices. This suit also comes with acessories, namely a chocolate cupcake with pink frosting ontop that also has eyes and a candle. This cupcake also comes with a plate. Naturally, the cupcake is indeed fake and not actually edible.

4. "Foxy" - Foxy is a red humanoid fox-themed suit that has the character have an eye patch over one eye, a hook for one hand, and not to mention brown pants to fit in with the pirate theme. Though there is no shirt. Foxy has the sharpest of all the first four suit's teeth, and it gives him quite the dangerous look, too. His front torso is a much later shade of red than the rest of his body.

5. "Golden Freddy" - This suit is easy to describe. It is simply a golden coloured version of the Freddy suit, with the top hat being black. Nothing else is noticeably different about it, however.

6. "Golden Bonnie" - Similar to Golden Freddy, for the most part this is just a golden coloured version of Bonnie, however, the head is shaped more differently, more rounded and slightly more unique from Freddy's. The final difference is that this suit appears to have more of a grin on his face, which even I admit was quite eery as I looked at it, though I knew this was just a suit.

7. "Balloon Boy" - The most painful to be in, this suit was of a human character, with a round ball-like body and head, short brown hair, a red and blue hat with a propeller on it, and a shirt with two black buttons that matches the hat, aswell as darker blue pants and brown shoes. The nose of the suit is orange and triangular, and the character has two large blushes on his cheeks. The user of this suit would have to get into a very uncomfortable fetal-like position to actually use this thing. This suit came with an accessory, a simple wooden sign that read "Balloons!", and also a simple fake plastic balloon accessory aswell.

8. "The Puppet" - This was actually not a "Spring Trap" suit, and was actually just a simple cloth costume suit instead. For the most part, this was a full black suit with white lines on the arms and legs, aswell as for buttons on the torso. Then there was a mask for it that was a white face with two red blushes on the cheeks, two red lines on the top and bottom of both lips, and two purple triangle lines underneath the eyes, which had no eyelashes at all. Due to this being a simple cloth-made costume with no springs, this was actually the only safe suit to actually wear. This suit came with an accessory. A simple music box that played "My Grandfather's Clock" when wound up.

9. "Toy Freddy" - Toy Freddy was a reboot of the main Freddy character, He is a brown animatronic bear with lighter brown coloring on his belly, face and inner ears. He has black whisker spots, black eyebrows, short eyelashes, blue eyes and a black nose. As with the other toy suits, Toy Freddy has rosy red, blushed cheeks. Toy Freddy's face is a bit flatter, wider, and more block-shaped than the original Freddy Fazbear's facial design, with his mouth and teeth being much more human-like. He also seems to be the widest of the toy suits, as his body has become much bulkier compared to that of the original Freddy's. His ears are also much smaller and more rounded. He bears a black bow tie with two black buttons beneath it, a small, black, removable top hat with a red stripe, and a silver and black microphone in his right hand.

10. "Toy Bonnie" - A drastically different version of the original Bonnie character. He is colored a bright shiny blue, with his belly and the insides of his ears colored a pale, powder blue. He has green eyes, purple eyelids, long eyelashes, and rosy red, blushed cheeks. He also has a white circular tail. Toy Bonnie also sports a red bow tie, whisker spots, and buck teeth. Toy Bonnie's accessories include an electric guitar, which is red and white with a black neck.

11. "Toy Chica" - The Reboot of the Chica character, apparently. Toy Chica takes the appearance of a stereotypical feminine character. She is a yellow chicken with an orange beak, blue eyes, purple eyelids, long eyelashes, and orange feet. She has a few stray "feathers" that stick out from the top of her head. She has blushed cheeks, like the other toy suits, though hers are pink rather than red. Unlike her counterpart, Toy Chica has a noticeably curvy body, rather than simply round and ovular, as is the original Chica's. Just like the original Chica, Toy Chica has a bib. However, her bib reads "LET'S PARTY!", rather than "LET'S EAT!!!". She wears a pink garment on her lower body, aswell, and comes with the same accessories that the other Chica comes with.

12.  "Mangle" - Apparently, Mangle is not the company's actual name for this character, that is actually "Toy Foxy", though the staff of the company call the character "Mangle" due to it's role at the actual establishment, being torn apart and put back together by the youngest child who go there. Unlike the original Foxy, Mangle's nose has been reduced in size. The eyepatch and hook that contributed to the original Foxy's pirate theme have both been removed. Like Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, and Toy Freddy, Mangle bears a resemblance to a ventriloquist dummy. Mangle has rosy red cheeks, which are hard to notice from the teaser image, as well as lipstick haphazardly dotted on its elongated snout, giving it a feminine appearance. It also has long eyelashes. . A pink bow tie is also attached to its body, and it's eyes are noticeably more realistically designed than the others. Mangle also has pink nail-polish on its feet. This suit is of the character if it was not torn apart, and as such, I could see that Mangle had a body similar in shape to Toy Chica, though white with colour, and with a pink heart on her chest, and of course a fox tail like Foxy's, though once more with a white colour and with a pink tip end of it.

    After I had observed all of these deliveries and learned the danger of the suits, I knew immediately it was best to keep them in my observation center rather than at the film lot, for I already knew what the murderer could and likely would potentially do with these suits. Once they are all safe in that location, I decided enough had happened for the day when I learned that nothing new was going on with the suspects at all, and retired once more to my slumber.


Much to my surprise, this day also was not eventful at all. There was no new victim from either inside or outside of the film lot, and all of the remaining suspects, save the three that are still currently MIA,  are all accounted for in their sets. It was then though that Elaine Wilkos gave me an idea, to split up the western group more, since they were so massive compared to the other groups at the current time. She also attempted to get me to place the suits somewhere other than the observation tent, claiming that it could lead to a direct attack from the murder on me, but I dismissed that idea quickly and assured her that placing the suits there was for the best.

However, I did decide that her idea of separating the western set group was also for the best, aswell. I decided that:

1. Duncan & Geoff would move back into the Prison Group with Cameron & Jo.

2. Dawn would join Gwen, Courtney & Bridgette in the Girls' Trailer.

    After once more changing the line-up of our remaining suspects, since aside from some sadness that the groups were changing no events were really happening, I once more called it a day for the time being.


Once more, today was much more not surprising at all in terms of events, though was more eventful than yesterday was. There was no still no further murders at all, though there was a break in the search for Izzy, Eva and Sierra who were all still MIA as of this day. What was the break in the case? It was that Sierra's shoes were found at the entrance gate of the film lot, and dusting the crime scene in the prehistoric set revealed three different sets of footprints and fingerprints to be a good distance from the crime scene but still in the set.

    While none of their bodies or any of their blood was found, meaning they still can not be considered deceased just yet, this was much more progress in the search for them than was done than previously.

    Aside from this discovery, though, nothing majorly eventful happened during this day at all.


This day was a big jump in terms of events from the last few days, for Elaine Wilkos alerted me to yet another murder. This murder was located just outside the door to the Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) set, where Staci Autumnblue's body was located. Indeed, Staci was the latest victim of the murderers, and I must say, her murder was quite vicious indeed:

    The Murder - Staci's end was seemingly done with complete hatred and/or animosity towards her, likely out of annoyance for all of her lying that she has been doing ever since she was practically born, it seems. The timeline me and my team put together was that first her eyes were gouged out by the murderer, and then her left hand was cut off very sloppily while her right hand was forced into a bowl of acid until only the bones of it were left. All the while, acid was being forced down her throat to horribly burn both it and her mouth, rendering her unable to scream or even talk at all, even if she was alive. Following that, her throat was slit open and the murder forcibly pulled out all of the arteries and the esophagus, including the girl's tongue, that layed inside of it. After that, they opened up her stomach, removed every single one of her teeth to place each one inside of the stomach. After that, they beat her face in with some type of blunt weapon until it hardly resembled a human face at all, and left her body to be discovered by what was left of the police presence later on.

    The Location -
The location of the murder was just outside of the New Sci-Fi group, and from what we can tell it was done during the hours in which every suspect was asleep, and when the fact of the police presence at the film lot being horribly weakened was most evident.

    Likely Suspects -
Due to the fact most, if not all, of the remaining suspects were clearly annoyed

    While the murder was being analyzed and investigated, I immediately went right over to observing all of the remaining suspects as I usually do:



Cody - Cody was sitting next to Dave on the steps, seemingly doing not much of anything but sitting and pointing at things, seemingly playing Eye-Spy with Dave. Cody seemed to be more enthused about this than Dave.

Dave -Like with Cody, Dave was simply sitting next to the other boy and seemingly playing a game of eye-spy with him, though Cody was clearly more excited about it than Dave was, though both were smiling.

Mike - Mike and Trent were both sitting not too far away from Trent, and sitting on the ground while Trent played his music on some of the stairs on one of the prop buildings. Mike seemed to be enjoying the music Trent was playing.

Trent - As I had said with Mike, Trent sat on some of the steps and played his guitar with Mike being the sole audience. Trent seemed to enjoy playing his music, like how Mike enjoyed listening to it.


Gwen - She was merely sleeping in her bed, so I did not pay much mind to her.

Courtney -Once more, she was sitting up in her bed while also writing in some journal or diary.

Dawn - She was sitting in the middle of the trailer floor while seemingly meditating.

Bridgette - She was playing hacky-sack in a corner of the trailer, minding her own business it seemed.


Scarlett - She was seemingly not concerned about the murder that happened in her group or about being the last one left in her group, but she was sitting in a corner of her set while writing in a journal or diary of her own.


Cameron -Cameron was sitting in a corner seemingly sleeping, so I payed not much mind to him.

Jo -As usual, she was doing various exercises around her group when not acting as if she were a prison gaurd. She didn't seem too suspicious so I didn't pay much mind to her.

Duncan - He seemed to keep his distance from the rest of the group, and seemed more disturbed in the prison group than he was in the other groups. It appears he has a great animosity towards even the mere mention of actual prison, now that I think about it all.

Geoff - He was resting in a corner, similar to Cameron.


Following that, I once more retired for the night, though not to rest, rather, I had look into Staci's background to see if I could come to any more leads about the identity of the murderer. However, before I did so, I followed Elaine Wilkos' advice of moving Scarlett into the Girls' Trailer aswell, as she was now the only one left in the New Sci-Fi group, which would not be safe for her what-so-ever at the moment.


As is typical of days immediately following a murder, I spent most of this particular day studying the background of the most recent victim while I let Elaine Wilkos handle all of the observing for the time being. According to Ms. Wilkos, there was nothing out of the ordinary, and much the same things were happening today was was happening yesterday. As such, I focused mostly on research. What I found regarding Staci, was actually quite interesting indeed:

Staci's Background - Staci's true family was actually of a simple middle class suburban family, with nothing special to truly denote them as much more besides a simple average surburban family. Her mother works as an accoutant, and her father works at an offshore oil rig. Almost the entire family lived in the Nova Scotia province of Canada, in, once more, a simble suburban town that apparently was not very far from the U.S. border at all. Staci's compulsive lying apparently did not help any of her fellow peers like her very much, and her family would often entertain these lies as if they were mere fantasy stories, which likely did not help her lying problem very much at all. There is not much to really learn about this family though, as once more, they are mostly an average surburban middle-class family. Besides her parents, surviving relatives include both paternal and maternal grandparents, 2 younger sisters, and 2 maternal aunts, 1 paternal aunt, 4 paternal uncles, and 5 paternal uncles. She also has a total of 18 cousins.

    Upon learning Staci's completely true backstory, and informing her family of her passing, I decided to officially retire for the day after once more learning nothing suspicious or truly interesting happened according to Elaine Wilkos during her observations. I was hoping that the following day would actually end up being at least more eventful than today had been.


To my surprise, this day was actually not much more eventful than the previous day, as the remaining suspects were still doing their usual mundane tasks that they seemingly always do around here. However, as I was looking over the cameras of where the suspects were not, I noticed some peculiar things. Some of my findings were as follows:

1.  Signs of three individual muddy footprints in the back area of the film lot. I could not make up the specifics about the prints, perhaps they were the traitor officers, or even the MIA suspects Izzy, Sierra and Eva. I could not tell.

2. The Spring Lock Foxy suit had been placed in the confessional. I had it quickly moved back into the Observation tent as soon as I noticed it, however. None of the other suits had been moved out of place.

3. A bucket of red paint had been found toppled over and spilled at the entrance of the film lot.

4. A paintbrush covered in used red paint was found near the crafts & services area, with a trail of paint drips leading to it from where the bucket was found.

5. Finally, there was something  else dealing with this paint. A phrase had been painted on the walls of the main front gate, using the red paint. The phrase was a mere two words, two very mysterious words. It was a simple phrase, just, "IT'S ME".

    After those discoveries, I spent almost the entire rest of the day trying to come to a conclusion on what "IT'S ME" meant. I thought about it being the murderer telling me it was them behind the entire situation, which I decided was most likely out of all the possible reasons. However, I knew there were other possibilities, but those were endless. That phrase was so small it could mean almost anything.

    Eventually, tiredness got the better of me, and I knew that I would have to think more about this phrase and what it could mean in the morning.


When I was awakened by Elaine Wilkos to the knowledge that we now had lost 30 officers, I was immediately stunned. However, she quickly explained to me that they were simply off try to learn what was behind 3 separate murders that happened outside of the film lot, all of them being Total Drama ex-contestants. That is right, we had 3 external Total Drama murders. Who were the victims this time? Well, it seems the murderers had gotten to Max, Owen, and finally a girl named Kelsey.  10 officers each were at the scenes of these horrific crimes.

    The Murder of Max -The murder of the contestant known as Max (Short purple hair, black eyes, a mostly grey stereotypical villain-like outfit, and is overall a short and overweight boy), was quite gruesome but also somewhat suspicious, for one, there actually was no body. At all. Instead, only pale white fingers and various internal organs were found scattered around his bedroom, which was absolutely covered in blood and ruined guts, as if the boy had been, for lack of better words, completely destroyed. There was practically nothing left of him it seems, but this also left suspicion to his death. I decided not to remove Max from the list of possible suspects, just for until we get the DNA analysis done.

    The Murder of Owen -
Like Max's murder, Owen's left surprisingly little of his body at the murder scene, for it happened in his very bathroom. What seems to have happened is that the murderer put some new experimental technology in his plumbing pipes, some fan-like technology that was so powerful it actually sucked him inside of the toilet, causing him to not only break the toilet, but also quite possibly every single bone in his body as he was sucked towards a large fan placed just at the entrance to the septic tank, and once he hit that fan, a giant gush of blood, organs, guts and other bodily fluids flung into the septic tank and even back up the pipes to cover the bathroom completely. His corpse itself was just a giant blob of torn up skin, organs and bones that were turned practically to mush inside of the septic tank, much of it laying inside the other vile things within the tank, while the rest was still hanging on the broken fan.

    The Murder of Kelsey -
A girl with brunette hair, glasses, dark eyes, pale skin, some level of freckles, blue jean pants, a cyan shirt with a pink animal on it, she was a fan of Trent, a true fanatic, infact. Her murder, left her almost unable to be identified if it were not for her parents and DNA analysis. Her murder seemed to copy an infamous murder committed by Jack the Ripper. She was lying naked on her back upon her bed, with her right arm slightly out of place, which we later learned was because was ripped out of it's socket. The whole of the surface of the girl's abdomen and thighs was removed and the abdominal cavity emptied of all of it's insides. The breasts were completely sliced off, the arms mutilated by several jagged wounds and the face hacked beyond recognition of the features. The tissues of the neck were severed all round down to the bone. The ears were completely missing, and were found in two corners of the room in which she was found in. Every single one of her stuffed animals and toys from childhood were decapitated and covered in blood. The most eery bit of it all, was that, written in the girl's very own blood, was the chilling phrase on the back of her bedroom door. A simple "IT'S ME". Which, once I went there and saw it all for myself before returning back to the Film lot, even sent a few chills down my very spine aswell, as I tried to comprehend what it meant in this situation.

    Location of Max -
The Location of Max's murder was his very own bedroom.

    Location of Owen -
The location of Owen's murder was the main bathroom in his very own home.

    Location of Kelsey -
Like with Max, Kelsey's murder was committed within the girl's very own bedroom.

    Likely Suspects -
I have almost no clear-cut suspect for these murders aside from the three traitor officers and/or whoever the fourth accomplice to the "mastermind" is. I also am still trying to learn what is meant by the phrase "IT'S ME". All three seemed to have complete and total animosity towards the victim, but that is one of my only few hints towards the murderer here.

    Following my return to the film lot and making sure none of the spring lock suits were out of place, I retired to my rest once more. I needed some rest in hopes I could perhaps come to a conclusion about the meaning of that foreboding phrase.


This morning once more began with Elaine Wilkos informing me of, yet another murder. That is correct, another murder, much to my surprise. Unlike the others though, this murder was indeed of one of the remaining suspects that we had, most likely done due to the fact that we now had only 18 and/or less officers left, Elaine Wilkos said that was about the approximate number, though she admitted she was not very in-the-know on that. The point is, the police presence here was practically fatally wounded at this point, and that fact had even I on edge. I made sure all of my weapons were with me at all times just incase I was attacked.

    However, I was more focused on the latest murder. The murder, of Gwen.

    The Murder - The murder of Gwen was in the back area of the film lot, a area hardly used by anyone, practically, and compared to the previous ones, were disgustingly simple. There were indeed signs of a fight with Gwen before she met her end. Gwen had some minor scrapes and bruises, as well as cuts that were lightly bleeding before she had officially died,  and she also had two black eyes, showing that she had either been ruthlessly beaten before being murdered, or had put up a fight in a failed attempt to fight off her attackers. Finally, she was then put up onto a flagpole, with the rope tied on her choker, and she was promptly hung from it.

    Location - As I had stated, this murder was the southern most part of the film lot, far from where anyone present goes to, in a part that was not even seen during Total Drama Action at all.

    Likely Suspects - The only hint to the suspect of this murder, was the phrase, painted on the wall behind the flag pole, once more in red, which as usual, only said in ominous words, "IT'S ME".

    Once this murder scene was being attended to, I checked on the other remaining suspects, and saw they were all still alive, and aside from the Girls' cabin being visibly worried (likely of Gwen), they were all still doing very mundane tasks. As such, I felt comfortable with retiring to my rest once the murder of Gwen was processed and there was nothing much else to do in the investigation of it specifically.


On this day, the investigation came to a very abrupt and startling point. Because, Elaine Wilkos was missing from the Film Lot. Hell, every single subordinate officer was also missing from the Film Lot. Even the suits were missing from the observation tent, and my analysis team was also completely missing. All of it, all gone without a trace. I immediately rushed to check on the remaining suspects as fast I could, and came across an even more unsettling sight: Every single one of the suspects were missing aswell. Though, what I also saw, made me come to a conclusion on one of my more recent discoveries in this case:

    SCI-FI SET - The Red "IT'S ME" was written right on the floor, in plain view of the camera.

The "IT'S ME" was written on all of the walls that were visible to the camera.

The "IT'S ME" was written in the send, somewhat out of the view of the camera, but still clearly visible and could easily be read.

was written on the floor, in plain view of the camera.

was written on the ceiling that was visible to the camera, and also on the floor. It was also written on the aquarium aswell.

was written on the confessional camera itself, though due to this it appeared backwards when looked at from the camera itself, thus to me it looked like "EM S'TI".

was written on the very couch that the main hosts of the Aftermath would sit upon.

    It was then that I came to a conclusion regarding the phrase "IT'S ME". I realized, it was the actual mastermind of this entire murder plot. Taunting me. Saying it was them that was causing and orchestrating all of this into the way it was happening. Perhaps not directly participating in all of the murders, but most likely being the puppet master behind the fact that they were all happening at the very least.

    I slammed my fist down on my observation desk as I finally began to put the pieces together. As I did that, I also knew what I had to do. I had to take as many officers as I could, and find where the Mastermind was located before it was too late.
Total Drama: Horror on the Film Lot - Chapter 7
All Chapters - Total Drama Horror on the Film Lot

In this Chapter:
  1. The murder of a police officer named Andrew Tanner occurs. It was followed by a short observation sequence.
  2. The murder of two men who work for LeShawna's dad occurs. This causes LeShawna & Harold to be let home.
  3. Frollo once more spends a day just observing everyone that is still alive.
  4. Spring Lock suits for all of the FNAF characters are delivered to the Film Lot.
  5. Frollo switches the groups around once more.
  6. Some signs of Izzy, Eva and Sierra are found.
  7. Staci is horribly murdered. Another bit of observations.
  8. Frollo researches Staci's actual and truthful background.
  9. No murder happens, but some signs of the MIA trio, a suit being out of place, and the message "IT'S ME" are found instead
  10. Max, Owen and Kelsey are all horribly murdered in their own homes off of the film lot. Weakening Frollo's  present police force even further. "IT'S ME" was at the scene of Kelsey's murder.
  11. Gwen is murdered in the back area of the Film Lot. "IT'S ME" was once more sighted.
  12. All of the suspects, officers, analyzers and even Elaine Wilkos & the Spring Lock suits, are all missing, without a single trace as to where they've gone. Only Frollo is left at the Film Lot. "IT'S ME" has been written in all of the most major areas of the film lot.

Characters So Far:

  1. Alejandro   - 1st Murder Victim
  2. B   - 2nd Murder Victim
  3. Zoey   - 3rd Murder Victim
  4. Noah   - 4th Murder Victim (* - Possibly, Izzy believes he is still living, corpse is MIA)
  5. Beardo   - 5th Murder Victim
  6. Chris McLean    - 6th Murder Victim (* - Not one of the actual suspects)
  7. Sky   - 7th Murder Victim
  8. Anne Maria   - 8th/9th Murder victim
  9. Sam   - 8th/9th Murder Victim
  10. Momma DJ - 10th Murder Victim (* - Not one of the actual suspects)
  11. Hernando Sanchez - Alejandro look-alike who was believed to be him in Chapter 5. Was an accomplice, is deceased due to cops shooting him.
  12. Philip Mosley - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  13. Herman King - 11th-32ndMurder Victim
  14. Janet Martin - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  15. Judy Conaway - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  16. Vincent Pickett - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  17. Mario Yancey - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  18. Christy Harrell - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  19. Shirley Puckett - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  20. Larry Snook - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  21. Maria Sealey - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  22. Cynthia Simon - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  23. John Lynch - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  24. Shannon Johnson - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  25. Amber Bradford - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  26. Muareen Payne - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  27. Charles Matheson - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  28. Edward Tillotson - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  29. Aaron Sample - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  30. David Hernandez - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  31. Kenneth Perez - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  32. Micheal Thompson - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  33. Armando Bennett - 11th-32nd Murder Victim
  34. Andrew Tanner   - 33rd Murder Victim
  35. Tiny Smith - 34th/35th Murder Victim
  36. Walter Young - 34th/35th Murder Victim
  37. Staci - 36th Murder Victim 
  38. Max - 37th Murder Victim
  39. Owen - 38th Murder Victim
  40. Kelsey - 39th Murder Victim
  41. Gwen  - 40th Murder Victim
  42. Cody - MIA
  43. Dave - MIA
  44. Dawn - MIA
  45. Mike - MIA
  46. Trent - MIA
  47. Scarlett - MIA
  48. Jo - MIA
  49. Duncan - MIA
  50. Cameron - MIA
  51. Geoff - MIA
  52. Sierra - MIA
  53. Izzy - MIA
  54. Eva - MIA
  55. Courtney - MIA
  56. Bridgette - MIA
  57. Claude Frollo - Alive
  58. Mariann Gerdes - MIA (Presumed Alive, Assumed Accomplice)
  59. Eric Lark - MIA (Presumed Alive, Assumed Accomplice)
  60. Esther Wheeler - MIA (Presumed Alive, Assumed Accomplice)
  61. Unknown Fourth Accomplice - Status & Identity Unknown
  62. Elaine Wilkos - MIA
  63. Harold - Sent Home
  64. LeShawna - Sent Home

Inspirations for this story:

:icondeweyman:'s "Wawanakwa Massacre" series - Which can be Read Here

:iconmarcusqwj:'s "Total Drama: Mystery" series - The first part of which is here

My TD New Al by EternalInsanity787
My TD New Al
This is how Alejandro will look in My Total Drama's future episodes and his seasons. I decided to turn him away from being a Villain-Stu, removing his long hair (which I never found attractive to be honest), and toning down his muscles. Alejandro is now physically weaker than he used to be since he was cloned out of Alejandra by Dr. Pennywise, and he is also no longer an "Arch-Villain" either. Infact, he has no memory of his horrible evil acts at all, nor of any of his manipulation skills or hypnosis, nor even of his family.

He has no idea who he is. At all. He has no memory of his past actions what-so-ever, and of course this means he will likely be spending most of his time trying to remember them.

Basically, I'm bringing him back as an Anti-Hero rather than a Villain. In My TDWT he was eventually outshined by Veronica/Ludmilla as a villain anyway, when she exposed him and eliminated his last remaining allies at the Final 7, rendering him pretty much a floater character at that point. I actually regret having Noah eliminated in the Final 5 in that season just because I think I should have had Alejandro go instead. But oh well. I did get to have an epic scene in which Cody defeats Alejandro in the tiebreaker and Alejandro is revealed to have a curse that turned him from a girl into a boy all this time.

I love My TDWT far more than canon, haha. Al got what he properly deserved in my series, in my opinion.

Though this Alejandro is pretty much a different character, but also not. He is basically Alejandra's clone, for the record. He was scientifically cloned out of her using I guess one of her chromosomes.  The science behind HOW he was made will probably never be explained right. I revealed this Al in My TDROTI Ep.4, though it was only a few seconds of dialouge. I wanted it to be a big scene but I was worried about size limits.

This Alejandro will appear in My TDROTI's Episode 14, which will be the special leading into All-Stars.

In My TD, Alejandro's only placing is 3rd place, from My TDWT.
Total Drama Australian Outback: The Cast Part 1 by EternalInsanity787
Total Drama Australian Outback: The Cast Part 1
Okay ,so this kind of a half-revealing of the cast for one of the next seasons of My TD fanfiction series, "Total Drama Australian Outback"! This will be the first season with more than 1 OC competing in it, and also the first season to have crossover characters (as in, characters from other shows) competing in it (because not all my OCs would make sense for a competition, for instance, Logan is Veronica/Ludmilla's younger brother and she is one of the hosts, and Arnold is the son of the Network President). I also made 4 new OCs too!

Now, I am planning on having this season take place sometime after My TDAS. Whether or not it will be before or after My TDPI has yet to be decided though. Don't worry though, canon characters will make cameos during TD:AO at times, and of course Chef will be there. I can't promise Chris will be there though.

So anywho, here's the character summaries:

Viper - The "Snake". Viper is this season's goth girl, though unlike Gwen she is far more like a typical "life is depressing" and "life sucks" and "woe is me" kind of goth girl. Not really much of a competitor at all. She is labeled "Snake" because of her snake tattoo that is on one of her arms, apparently. Though that can't be certain. Oddly, she is only participating because one her relatives, one who actually filled out the bio, got sick with a contagious disease which the hosts didn't want to catch. As such, Viper volunteered to compete in her place because she wanted to "be reminded of how the world and life both suck horrible for everyone".

Deon "Billy East" Jackson - The "Cowboy Wannabe". Deon Jackson is known as "Billy East" because he likes to act like he is a cowboy, and lives in the East. It shouldn't take a genius to know why he goes by "Billy" and loves the Wild West. He's always loved the wild west, since he was a little baby, practically. He loves saying cowboy/wild west related puns and phrases that for some make little to no sense, and he almost always dresses like a cowboy at all times. He's also, yes, a black boy. He has African-American genes in his DNA. He straightened his hair because it goes better with the cowpoke thing. Oh, and he's also a major flirter, too.

Winter - The "Treasure of a Girl". Winter is the kind of girl who is treated as exceptionally beautiful by almost everybody in her hometown. Though don't let that make you think she is a horrible selfish mean girl. She's actually very kind and polite, though sometimes she makes the people infatuated to her make terrible decisions without intending to get them hurt at all. Kinda like a siren, really. She sometimes doesn't even notice what is happening most of the time, and since most of the boys (and sometimes girls, but mostly boys) only fall for her based on her looks, not many have really gotten to know her very well. She hopes she can show her personality more on the show.

Laura - The "Innocent Girl". Laura is a simple small-town girl, who has hardly ever done anything wrong. Ever. I'm not kidding. She doesn't even know what it's like to break a single rule at all.  Not once in her life has she ever broken a single rule, and she is actually scared of doing such a thing, treating the thought like it'd be her committing an actual straight-up sin. She speaks with a very soft voice most of the time, and sometimes people take her as overly polite because she does indeed do curtsies when meeting new people, asks permission to use the bathroom even though she is a teenager, amonst other overly goodie-goodie things. She also has a tremendous love for animals of all kinds, too. She is also an OC who I purchased from someone else.

Coby -
The "Shy and Insecure One". Duncan's paternal cousin from Pennsylvania, specifically the city of Philadelphia. Coby literally only has two major friends at home, a girl named Ingrid and a boy named Brandon. Aside from them, he doesn't have much else. He is extremely shy and insecure, though underneath his shyness he is a very good friend to have. He can be funny, friendly, and kind, though most of the time to people, he is completely silent to people most of the time, even though he really doesn't want to be. He just gets too nervous or can't think of what to say. Oh, and it also doesn't help that he is openly gay, and apparently there is a side of him he doesn't want to talk about. It's also known he has a very short temper, too.  His audition was sent in by Duncan and one of Coby's two older brothers as a joke on the boy. Coby apparently was not happy about it.

Sylvester -
The "Most Evil of All". This guy, is pure evil. Not kidding. Sylvester, you'd first thing he's a evil version of Noah. He is a boy who is not very physically active (seriously, when he takes his jacket off he's very skinnier than he appears to be, and focuses more on scheming people into doing things for him, or treating everyone around him like pawns in a game of chess (which by the way he excels at completely) to be used. Infact, he even admits on his bio that he sees other human beings as inferior to him and sees them only as pawns to be used in schemes rather than fellow people! He also admitted that one day he actually burned his mother's puppy alive just do it! Because this season needed a villain, the puppy killing Sylvester was picked!  Think of him as an evil version of Noah mixed with the sadism of Chris himself. His one weakness though, is that he does admit he has a bad feeling towards snakes. He refuses to call it a "phobia" though.

Amanda -
She is Viper's relative who apparently got a contagious sickness before she could compete on the show. Though to be fair, nobody really investigated this claim, so she could have been lying. Aside from apparently sharing the tattoo of a snake on her arm like her relative Viper, she doesn't appear to be much different from girls like Heather, her bio made her out to be a rich and wealthy but also manipulative and ruthless Queen Bee, though she claimed she'd be willing to do things that would actually make Heather offended or even cry just to win the game. But who knows, maybe she's not what she seems after all. She is not competing, though.

Nedrick -
The "Basement Dweller". Nedrick is, well, a basement dweller. A real one, too. Overweight, he'd rather stay in the basement, which doubles as his bedroom, instead of go outside. Infact, he usually hisses and is very irritable when outside. Online, he's not the nicest person either, and that is to say that he basically isn't nice in general since the internet pretty much is his life. He spends most of his time being an internet troll, and a very, very cruel one at that. He has little mind for other people's feelings, basically. Even when doing his usual internet gaming. Needless to say, Ned is not a very pleasant, well kept, or healthy person to be around or acquainted with.

Emelia -
The "Wallflower". Like Coby, Emelia is a very shy loner of a person, being a "Wallflower" and all. She is very interesting for those who actually take the time to get past her shy and timid usual self. To most people, she is a shy and timid person. However, in reality she is actually a girl who's very much into athleticism and isn't afraid to get dirty once in a while at all. However, she only shows that side of her when she is home or with people she has known for a long time.

Ryker -
The "Hot-Tempered Musician". Ryker, despite his non-hispanic name, is indeed, an hispanic boy. To be specific, he is a boy straight from Mexico. His parents recently moved away from Mexico and into America, specifically the state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia too. So yes, he goes to the same school as Coby though they don't really speak to eachother much. Mainly due to Coby's shyness, but also because of a language barrier, since Ryker is not fully fluent in Englush yet and speaks mostly spanish. He's also an athlete of the school, too. The shortest one, infact, in terms of body height. He also has a very keen talent with music, specifically the guitar, and alongside sports it is one of his passions. And also, don't mention anything about his height, because he has a VERY short fuse. Insulting his height or constantly asking him what he means is the main trigger for his temper, but really, plenty of things can set him off.

Penelope -
The "Farm Girl". Like her label states, Penelope, also known as "Penny" is from a farm, and is also an America, though from the Mid-west rather than Pennsylvania. She is a humble girl, speaking in your usual mid-west accent. She is very much like Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz, though. She seems to usually do the smaller-level work on the farm rather than the main work, and has a very innocent look in her, though unlike Laura she isn't OVERLY innocent all of the time. She actually has gotten in trouble every very small once in a while. But yeah.

Christian -
The "Skater Tom Sawyer". Like you might expect, Christian is a skater boy, and a major Sonic the Hedgehog fan too, but he's also, well, a Tom Sawyer type, a true master at shirking off responsibility, often by tricking other people into doing his responsibilities for him instead while he does whatever he wants, most often that's hanging out at the skate park back home with his friends. Besides that though, he is a pretty cool person to know, unlike another schemer in this season, he isn't really sadistic or evil, just a responsibility shirker.  He also commonly speakers in skater lingo, and when not tricking people into doing his chores, is an overall laid back kinda guy.

This also serves of Part 1 of a lineup of all of my current OCs. I totally should make something like that. A giant lineup of every single one of my OCs, some with updated appearances. Some of my OCs haven't been in a really long time. Emelia and Winter here are both revamped designs, too.
    "Last time, on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!", Chris McLean, now cleaned up and having his wig properly on, said to begin the episodic recap of the previous episode, "The return of the magically unfair Micheal Jackson Token occurred! Samey and Mike went for the actual challenge while Scott and Jasmine battled eachother for the coin! Heheh. Needless to say, most people failed. Jasmine fought both Fang and a Bunny rabbit, only to lose the coin to Scott! On the other hand, Mike and Samey found a restaurant that was owned by mutant lizards who promptly tried to burn them alive for not being racist towards hispanic people! Though after Mike and Samey became a couple, Mike revealed his disorder to Samey and Svetlana handled beating the lizards up. Shame. Was hoping the ratings would be boosted even more but okay. At the end of the day though, Scott won the coin and got to choose once more who he eliminated. He picked Samey to be eliminated at that point. That's right, Samey! Like he should. I mean, an insecure bitch who has no confidence in herself and gets a boyfriend at the merge should be eliminated at the merge if you ask me but NOOOOOO! Mike had to be EVIL and actually sacrifice himself for her! What a TERRIBLE move because it cost Mike the game! Ugh. If I were there I would have said no, but because Ludmilla got SOOO emotional over her boyfriend's murder, she let it happen! ICK!", and then once he was shown by the camera, he did puking gestures, "UGH! DISGUSTING! So, what DISGUSTING and HORRIBLE thing will our contestants do next? I have no idea yet! But I will within a few hours! So stay tuned, on TOTAL, DRAMA REV-"

    "Hold up", and then Ludmilla/Veronica, now dressed as she normally is for this season, walked up, "How do you know that Billy's death was a murder or not?"

    "TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!", and Chris just bluntly avoided the question so that the recap then added and things immediately went over to a commercial break following the intro sequence:


*This commercial is another advertisement for a product*

Announcer - "Kids, have you ever wanted to make your parents shut up immediately as soon as they started talking? Well now you CAN do that! With the "Shut Up Mom/Dad Gun!"! that's right, you buy this and aim at your parent, then fire it at them to magically make their mouths unable to open up at all! It TOTALLY works and won't change until you fire at them again! It doesn't kill them, just shuts them up until you choose they should be able to speak again! And don't think it only works on parents, either! Oh no! It also works on Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nephews, Nieces and even Grandchildren! Works on the whole family too! Even Older Siblings! It works on everyone! Even YOU! Call Now!"

*Announcer then talks fast warning about not using the device for too long at one time, risks of death by suffocation, and the other standard call info about warranties and whatnot*


    Following that, the actual episode finally began. This episode began with a shot of the one remaining cabin, where Jasmine and Samey were both sitting on the porch of. Both of them were sighing of sadness. For the same reason, too. Missing their boyfriends. Samey of course missed Mike, while Jasmine naturally missed Shawn. Both of them had a long moment of silence, before both of them let out sad sighs:

    "I miss Shawn", Jasmine then stated;

    "and I miss Mike", Samey also added in response.

    "And it's all Scott's fault that they're gone!", Jasmine then angrily exclaimed, "All HIS fault!"

    "I know!", Samey replied, "It is! But....what are we going to do about it?"

    "I don't know", Jasmine answered, "But we can't just sit around and NOT do something about it!"

    "But what CAN we do?", Samey then said, "I mean, I'm just a person who regained her confidence only to be almost eliminated in that same episode and in the end ended up losing her boyfriend instead. I'm done here."

    "What?!", Jasmine replied, surprised, "NO! Just because you regained your confidence does NOT mean you need to be eliminated in that same episode! If anything, it's a reason you need to be in the game at all!"

    "You really think so? Because It's clear I'm Scott's main target now. He chose ME to be eliminated! Obviously he's going to be after me now!"

    "All the more reason for you to keep fighting against him and take him down!", Jasmine stated, "I mean, Mike didn't forefeit the game just cuz he wanted to have sex with you or anything. He did it because he loved you and really thought you deserved to go farther than that! If he just wanted you for your body, he would have just sat there and accepted your loss! But he didn't! He actually forfeited his place in the game just so you could go on without him! You can't just let that sacrifice make you be eliminated in the next episode after!"

    "But still. I'm not doing anything anymore. It feels like my story here is done and I should be gone by now."

    "No, it's not! And just because it feels like you don't have anything to do anymore, does not mean you should just leave! There's still plenty left for you to do!"

    "Like what?"

    "Well, getting payback on Scott is one thing that comes to mind."

    "But how do we do that?"

    "What do you mean how?!"

    "He's a scheming male who's won invincibility every episode of the merge so far and his schemes have all been so successful all the time! There's no way we can defeat him! Plus, he's the villain! The bad guy! Chris always gives them extra protection all of the time!"

    "But he didn't protect Alejandro in the merge of Season Three last time I recall."

    "Only because Veronica a.k.a Ludmilla was the actual bigger threat!", Samey then clarified for Jasmine, "Let's face it. I'm a goner right now. My arc and time of being on Total Drama, is finished."

    "No, don't say that!"; Following that, things went right over to Scott who was sitting in his bed, inside a large miniature mansion-like place with paintings of Chris all over, asleep. Though he was not having a peaceful sleep at all. Infact, he was tossing and turning in his bed, having some sort of nightmare. This was confirmed, of course, by the words he said while had this nightmare:

    "No!", he said, "Go away! Go away! Don't bother me! GO AWAY YOU LAND SHARK!", and then he woke up with a, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", and was sitting up in his bed completely frightened and panting, where realized he was just having a nightmare, " was just a nightmare........", he then sighed of relief, "Oh thank goodness! It seemed so real!"


Scott - "Lately, Fang has even been in my DREAMS lately! Well, more like Nightmares! I'm beginning to wonder just WHAT that thing is because that land shark isn't normal even for a MUTANT!"


Fang - *Just looks at the camera with his usual big toothy grin and does nothing else*


    Following that, things went right on over to, once more, the staff of the show. Specifically, Ludmilla who was also known as Veronica. She was busy in Chris' private quarters on the island, a very well put together place even better looking than the award house that Scott got. Ludmilla was on Chris' computer desk and doing research on what had happened to her boyfriend, when Chef walked in and said:

    "Yo, Veronica!", he said to her, "We're 'bout to start the challenge!"

    "You and Chris just do it yourselves", she bluntly said to him in response, "I have more important things to do."

    "Like what?"

    "Trying to find out how Chris is sure Billy's death is a murder, for one."

    "Aw come on now, Chris is a jerk but he wouldn't be THAT mean as to THAT, girl!"

    "Oh really?", Ludmilla/Veronica answered with a raised eyebrow, "You really think that."

    "Well, yeah! Yeah I do!"

    "Well then. If you're right, fine. But if you aren't, then my search through Chris' private files of the footage cut from the aired episodes will NOT be in vain after all."

    "Huh? You got in that folder?!"


    "But it's password protected! How'd ya get the password?!"

    "It's easy. Chris' password is literally just his name."



    "So....any progress on your investigation yet at all?"

    "Not really", she admitted, "I'm looking through all of the footage that was cut from this season. It's not a very fast process at all."

    "I see.", Chef then thought of something, "Why don't you only look at the footage from the episode that Billy came in at?"

    "You know, that's a good idea.", and it was right then and there that Ludmilla/Veronica did just that, and Chef walked in closer to get a closer look. It wasn't very long after clicking on one specific video clip though, that made both Ludmilla/Veronica and Chef gasp in shock and possibly even horror. However, the camera didn't linger on them for very long before it went right over to Chris McLean himself.

    What was Chris McLean doing? Answer, the usual.

    By usual, of course, that means sitting on a director's chair while ordering the interns to serve him hand and foot. One intern was massaging his feet, while two others were fanning him, and another one was massaging his now bald scalp while the other one was washing out his wig. Chris just smiled and sighed in pure relief and relaxation, and then pulled out a small mirror to look at himself. He laughed a bit and finally spoke:

    "Man I could just kiss myself right now.....but then I'd fall in love!", he laughed some more and then threw the mirror at one of the interns, it broke into pieces and made the intern go unconscious, "Say, does any of you have the contracts for that top secret episode we have planned for after this season?"

    "No sir", the black intern said in response;

    "Bummer", Chris commented, "Because I was really hoping you would."

    "Wh-why is that, sir?"

    "Because that means you need to go into the still-in-progress I.U.T again."

    "But sir, what if I never come back?!"

    "That's the problem with you guys! You all THINK I care if stuff like that happens! You are INTERNS, you see. INTERNS. If YOU die, nobody cares!", all of the other interns glared angrily at him, "Just like how it SHOULD have been with Billy Joe Cobra! Now, get in the I.U.T. or I will fire you and that little son you have will be left to starve because his dad has no money at all."

    "Y-Yes sir", and the intern bowed his head and obeyed Chris' orders. Chris laughed and sipped from his drink that was handed to him;

    "HA! This is the life!", he continued to say, "This sure is, the life! All of you skid marks on the butt of society named interns waiting on me hand and foot while I await for the scheduled time to torture the Final Three of this competition some more! Hahaha! I don't know if it can get any better than this!"


    "SILENCE!", Chris said, silencing the girl intern from speaking while he himself thought up an idea, and then snapped his fingers with a smile once he did so, "I know! I got it! I'll make the CHALLENGE make it be even better! We're one episode away from the finale, so the challenge most definitely HAS to be fantastic, after all! It needs to completely and totally honor the glorious, handsome and sexy person I am!", he then stood up and rudely took his wig to put back on, "It WILL show the world how much I am better than EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET! Haha! That's it! It will show them ALL just why I am the one and ONLY rightful host of Total Drama! ME! Chris McLean! Hahahahaha! TO THE CHALLENGE!", and then he marched to where the challenge was taking place, at which point all of the interns groaned in misery.


Girl Intern - "Chris actually isn't the first OR third choice for host. First choice was Blaineley, she refused. Second choice was Ludmilla, she refused. Third choice was Cassandra, who also refused. Fourth choice was a guy named Hans Rotwood, but he was deemed too insane by the producers to host the show. Fifth choice was a guy named Glen Ponzi but a televison show clip from a few years ago made the producers turn him down. Sixth choice was the goddess of chaos Eris, but she said the show was not chaotic enough and turned us down. Seventh choice was a woman named Terra but her car mysteriously broke down in the middle of the highway during Black Friday and Chris came in and asked for the job and got it only on his first audition. So yeah. He was the EIGHTH choice."


Following that, Chris had all of the remaining contestants, as in Jasmine, Scott and Samey, gathered right at the entrance to the words so that he could talk about the challenge that they all would have to do as one of the final challenges of the entire season. As one would expect, Jasmine, Samey and Scott were at the least neutral and at the most unhappy to have a challenge for the day, but nonetheless they had no choice but to do it due to the contracts they signed to be on this show.

    "So!", Chris opened with, "Are all of you losers ready for the daily humiliation?"

    "Not really", Scott answered, "But we really kind of have to be."

    "Glad you finally realized that!"

    "Hmph", Scott rolled his eyes.

    "Anyway", Chris then went on to say, "Todays challenge is something TRULY special! What is it you may ask? Well, it's going to be......a walk through the woods!", and of course nobody had any response to that at all, "What? No response? Come on people, I need ratings here!"

    "We're in the Final Three.", Jasmine replied;


    "And most trailers feature clips from the earlier episodes."

    "No reason to just stop with the trailer inducing scenes, people! No reason at all! We need the ratings!", Chris answered with, "Because I need to get payed! Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the challenge! A walk through the woods!"

    "That's it?", Jasmine questioned, "Isn't that a bit TOO easy?"

    "You're right Jasmine!", Chris answered, making Jasmine feel terrible, "JUST a walk in the woods IS too easy! Which is why that is NOT literally ALL you are going to be doing!"

    "It's not?", Samey asked."

    "Of course it's not", Scott bluntly answered, "What did you expect?"

    "Heheh, yeah!", Chris replied, "You tell that lesser Amy how it is, Scott!", Chris then laughed while Jasmine and Samey both angrily glared at him, "You see, you will not only be journeying through the woods, you will searching for a specific flower that me and Chef, who should be here but for whatever reason isn't, just discovered yesterday that lives on the island!", Chris then laughed once more, "Now, this flower looks like this!", he then showed them a picture of a flower that was decently large and located in a swamp-like environment, and seems to be in a much larger plant aswell, "And you three will have to find it located in the more swampy parts of the Island's now mutated forestry!", in response, they had this to say:

    "That's all?", all in unison too;

    "Ha!", Chris laughed, "As if! You WISH it was all! Because, I will have all of you now bring THESE along with you!", and then suddenly the interns brought on three infants, and tied them all up to the contestants backs. "That's right! Now, this was Cassandra's idea for this challenge episode. I decided it was good enough to be used for this challenge so yeah, you will have babies strapped to you while you do this challenge!", and of course, all of the Final Three gasped at this reveal;


Jasmine - "Chris and Cassandra are the worst beings to ever be born into this universe?! Can't they just die and go to hell already?!"


Samey - "This CAN'T be legal!"


Scott - "I may be a little messed up but I'm not THAT messed up!"


Following that, things went right up to Chris once more, as he got coffee from an intern and bluntly sipped it before continuing to speak:

    "Now, the rest of the challenge, such as the ways to win and such, are simple! First one to cross the finish line at the other end of the woods, wins! Now, to TRULY win you must have both your baby AND the flower! Does everyone understand that?", and of course all of the Final Three nodded in response despite their reluctance to do the challenge at all, "Good! But even if you didn't, I frankly would not care."

    "You're making us use BABIES in this challenge!", Jasmine then exclaimed;

    "I know!", Chris said with a sadistic laugh, "I came up with the idea!"

    "But you said CASSANDRA did!"

    "I DON'T CARE! ONLY WHAT I SAY GOES, ALRIGHT?!", and then all of the final three remained, "Silent. Alright, so now I think we are all ready to begin the challenge! You guys all ready?", Jasmine, Samey and Scott just groaned in response, "Good!", and Chris then took out a blowhorn and blew it. This made the babies all cry while Scott, Samey and Jasmine raced off into the woods while angrily glaring at Chris.


Jasmine - "Chris is the WORST person on the face of the entire planet! And that is a FACT!"


And it was with that, that the challenge officially and finally began. Indeed, it began. Jasmine, Samey and Scott all were in the woods together with babies strapped to their backs. However, they were not actually all together in one single place. Scott was off in one part of the forest doing his own thing with himself, while Jasmine and Samey stuck close together in a semi-alliance against Scott. Of course, both of them were not very happy at all at the situation they both were in:

    "This is by far the worst challenge we have ever had to do. Period."

    "What makes you say that?", Samey said, "It's just a walk through the woods."

    "With babies strapped to us."

    "Yes, but still. It's the one challenge that has like, the least amount of things to it. Of all people, YOU should not be upset with this one."

    "I know", Jasmine said, "And it's not the challenge I'm upset with. It's Scott."

    "Yeah", Samey sighed, "I wish he would just eliminate me for reals and get it over with."

    "NO.", Jasmine then immediately answered it, "He is NOT going to do that to you! EVER! Not while I'M around!"

    "What makes you so sure about that?"

    "Because like I told you, just because your 'story' is over, does not mean that YOU are over! It's time people stopped thinking that once and for all!"

    "But, I don't know what I have to do around here anymore. There's nothing left for me to really do at all."

    "That's not true! You just need to discover it! You could totally avenge Mike by getting rid of Scott!"; Samey looked up at Jasmine before continuing on with:

     “What’s the use though? I’m not strong… I’m not even smart.";
Jasmine looked back at Samey, annoyed and upset by her statement:

     “Excuse me?! What the hell did you say?”

    “... I said I’m not-”

    “Oh, I know what you said, and it’s NOT TRUE. You ARE strong, and you ARE smart. If you weren’t, you would’ve been eliminated earlier. You outsmarted your sister, you made it through thick and thin, and most of all… you made it here. To the semifinals. If that doesn’t say strong, then I don’t know what does.”
; Samey’s frown faded away and a smile formed;

    “You really think so?”

     “I don’t think so. I KNOW so,” Jasmine said as she hugged Samey.

    “Thanks Jasmine. You’re awesome."

    “Don’t mention it. Just stay by me, and we’ll be in the finale in no time!”

    “Woohoo! A friendship finale!”

    "That sounds like a plan!"


Chris - "A friendship WHAT?!" *He fakes barfing* "Man, the THOUGHT of that disgusts me! No way in HELL is THEIR plan gonna be happening while I'M the host of this show!"


    Following that, the scene went to focus on Scott who was walking through another part of the woods with his baby strapped to his back. Unlike Samey and Jasmine, he didn't have anyone else with him. Or, so he thought. He was completely unaware of the eyes carefully watching him from the bushes as he just bluntly and uncaringly walked through the woods. Soon enough, the hands that belonged to these eyes snagged the baby from him and gently placed it on a nearby tree stump while Scott kept on walking. They patted the baby on the head and then the hands were revealed to belong to the mutant land-shark Fang.

    What was Fang doing?

    Literally tip-toeing behind Scott, and each time Scott looked behind him, Fang hid behind a tree.

    "Huh?", was Scott's first reaction when he slightly heard the sounds of Fang following him, but turned and saw nothing. He shrugged and kept going after that, but so did Fang in turn.
Fang kept following him as he walked through the forest, and after a hundred feet or so there was the sound of a crunching branch and that made Scott turn to see Fang:

    “AAAAAAAAHHH! FANG!!”, yelled Scott as he bolted away, Fang hot on his tail, the usual chase the two do now being on. The entire time, Fang kept his usual smile on while Scott was completely terrified. The baby that Scott paired with, just sat there on the tree stump while Scott dealt with the issue of Fang chasing him. The baby even smiled and did it's usual goo-goo and ga-ga and giggling while Scott was running and screaming in terror from Fang.




    Following that, things immediately went back to Jasmine and Samey, who were still walking side-by-side to eachother through the woods, happily trying to think of ways to bring down Scott, removing his chances of winning the competition. Their planning and talking, of course, went like this:

    "Do you really think that's a good idea, Jasmine?", Samey asked Jasmine, "I mean, you really think that will work?"

    "Of course I do!", Jasmine answered with, "Why wouldn't I? It's a simple plan!"

    "I don't seems hard."

    "What's so hard about it? It's a simple plan!", Jasmine then went on to explain the plan her and Samey talked about; "All we have to do is work together to make sure he loses the challenge no matter what, and then we take eachother to the finale rather than him, which will be the ultimate slap in the face after that horrible unfairness he tried to pull with you!"

    "Yeah", Samey commented, "When you put it like that, it does sound pretty easy and simple to do....."

    "Exactly!", Jasmine put a fist into her other hand, "Which means it should be no problem at all for the two of us to do!"

    "Yeah, I guess it won't be."

    "Then let's go!"

    "But wait", Samey then stopped Jasmine, which annoyed Jasmine just a bit;

    "What is it?"

    "Well, we didn't think up any specifics yet at all."

    "Oh", Jasmine realized that Samey was right about that, "Right.......yeah we need to do that first. Any ideas?", and in response Samey shook her head, Jasmine sighed in response, "Well, back to the drawing board now."

    "Oh, I'm sorry."

    "You have nothing to be sorry about, it's all alright, girl. Trust me.", Jasmine continued on to say, "All we gotta do is think of some more specific ideas on how to get back at Scott, that's all!", and then, as they thought about their plan of action against Scott, focused actually changed back to Scott one last time. What was he doing? Well, for one, Fang had managed to chase him into climbing up high into a tree. Needless to say, Fang kept jumping up to try and get Scott, but it was all to no avail at all. As such, Scott was screaming in fear from the tree branch he was holding onto:

    "Ah! No! AHHH! STOP IT!", Scott pleaded, "Why can't you go eat something else?!", but of course Fang did not stop jumping at Scott, which only made Scott continue to shriek in fear, "Ahhhhh! Go away! Please! I have a challenge to win!", and yet another jump, "Ahhhh!", and of course with that, focus shifted once more to another set of people on the island, though this time it was not Jasmine and Samey. Rather, it was actually Chris himself.

    What was Chris doing this time?

    Something simple really. He was lounging on his deck chair on the dock of shame seemingly relaxing on the chair with sunglasses over his eyes and a smile on his face.

    "Man", Chris said with a happy sigh, "This sure is the life.", he then looked around and continued speaking, "No contestants around to bother me. Ludmilla hopefully being fired soon. Chef still only my second-in-command, and no cops! I'm free to torture whoever I want! How could it possibly get any better than this?", and of course nobody answered him, and he then got mad at that fact, "HEY! INTERNS, COME HERE AND ANSWER MY QUESTION!"
, No one responded this time, the heinous and unbelievably selfish attitude of Chris’s had gone too far. Not to mention they wanted to get back at him a little for all he had done to them. Chris glared with surprising malice, even for him, and shouted, “ANSWER OR YOU’LL GET SOMETHING BEYOND BEING FIRED!!!”; That level of intimidation got the interns to gather. One female intern asked;

    “What is the question?”

    Can it get any better than me being large and in charge?” Chris asked, lounging casually.

    “YES!”, All the interns responded with a huff and walked off. Chris was caught off-guard by their bluntness and looked very furious.

    “You are just a bunch of disposable CUNTS! I OWN YOU! I OWN EVERYONE!” He ranted in a fury.

    “You don’t own me.”, A mysterious yet familiar voice from just off-camera responded.

    “Ah yes… you. The time is almost here for you to make your grand entrance.” Chris spoke calmly but malevolently, almost like a supervillain glad to be receiving new information. It was unknown who the person was as the camera didn’t reveal them so it literally could be anyone. From the sounds of it, it was someone who was familiar with Total Drama and had been invited or snuck onto the island in someway.

    “Good, it’s time to take back what’s RIGHTFULLY mine!”, The voice declared. The camera then shifted back to the two ladies competing, Jasmine and Sammy. They were walking with their babies when one certain step by Sammy caused smoke to erupt and then the ground fell beneath her. A sinkhole.

    “Whoaaa!”, Sammy gasped as she started to feel herself fall. Jasmine saw this and quickly grabbed ahold of her and helped her back to the ground.

    “Th-thanks Jas.”, Sammy said gratefully.

    “No problem lass. Let’s just hope we are nearly there to that flower. It feels like-” Jasmine was speaking but quickly got interrupted by a familiar cry.


    “... Sounds like a certain fella I don’t really care for.” Jasmine grunted as she clenched her fists. It indeed was Scott, no doubt crying for help for Fang. Of course, neither Sammy nor Jasmine liked him and had already vowed to eliminate him but even they knew Scott’s troubles with Fang. Not to mention being bitten or devoured by a shark was far too cruel a fate so their heads were wracked with a difficult decision. Go to help him or continue to find the flower?

    “Let’s ask the baby. Baby, should we go help a really mean meanie who isn’t NEARLY as bad as Amy but got rid of my boyfriend?”, Sammy asked the baby she was carrying with a gentle voice. The baby seemed to nod with Sammy and replied with a sounding ‘Goo goo’.

    “Sigh… very well. I mean we can let the boy get his due but we can’t let the baby he’s with get hurt.” Jasmine agreed, pointing out probably the only reason she was agreeing with this decision. The two girls ran over and in a few moments, found Scott still holding on for dear life at the top of the tree and a persistent Fang. Scott saw the two, not hard with Jasmine’s height, and cried out to them,

    “Jasmine! Samey! C’mon, help a guy out! I did not outwit, outlast, and outplay to become SHARK FOOD!”

    “It’s not SAMEY it’s SAMMY! Amy just toyed with the birth certificates and no one in my family knows that Amy convinced everyone to call me ‘Samey’!”, Sammy yelled, already offended. Jasmine looked no more happy at his words.

    "And you eliminated all our friends, BOTH of our loves, and were just an arrogant leopard this whole time. You are going to get what you deserve before this game ends mate and it won’t be pretty!” She announced. Scott looked at the two rather annoyed but then noticed Sammy and suddenly got a nasty idea…


Scott - “That’s IT,” Scott announced happily, hitting his fist into his hand, “I know how I can break the two gal pals. I just got to convince Samey Jasmine’s the bigger threat. She’s taller, just as smart as me, definitely stronger, she can’t beat me but would be more challenging to face. If I can convince Sammy that she should eliminate the biggest threat, there’s a two-thirds chance of me making it to the final two.”


    “Please get me down here! I’m sorry I did that! It was all gameplay, nothing personal whatsoever. There’s no way you were going to take me into the top two with Mike still here Sammy! I had to do what was best for me. Besides, it’s not like you were going to become sharkbait, I AM if you don’t help me deal with the animporph!”, Scott pleaded as convincingly as he could. Sammy looked at him and then looked down in thought.


Samey - “He has a point. First and foremost this IS a game. I came here on my OWN to play and break away from Amy but she had to follow me in anyway and not give me any peace of mind.”, Samey scoffed, folding her arms. “I definitely don’t trust Scott as a player, but as a person he definitely doesn’t deserve to be eaten… hoping this doesn’t come to bite me back in the butt.”


    “Ok, we’ll get you down from here! You and your baby too! Jasmine what should we do?” Sammy asked Jasmine with a nervous expression.

    “... In a scenario like this, redirecting the bloke should get him off Scott’s back and allow him to get down. But are you sure you want to do this?” Jasmine asked Sammy with a very serious tone. Warning bells were going off in her head but the sympathetic side of her was agreeing with this.

    “Yes! Should I do it or should you?” Sammy asked again.

    “... I think I ought to do it. Shawn taught me a thing or two about slipping a fast one on someone so I can definitely lead Fang away. Besides, you promised me we’ll be top two, I trust you on that Sammy. Go on ahead, I’ll catch up with you later.” Jasmine announced as she picked up a nearby rock and hurled it at Fang. The rock hit Fang square on the back and he turned and growled at Jasmine.

    “Go Sammy!” Jasmine ordered Sammy to go off to Scott which she very much did and then Jasmine began to taunt the infamous fish.

    “Hey trout for brains! Come and have a go if you think you’re fast enough!” Jasmine proceeded to run the direction she and Sammy had came from and a challenged Fang pursued her.  Mutant sharks have a reputation to hold and they weren’t going to let a reality show contestant break them down. With this, Scott came down from the tree at last and looked worn out from having to hold on for so long. He looked to Sammy with a vulnerable expression while Sammy looked relieved.

    “Oh Scott I’m… well I guess not REALLY glad but gla-", But before Sammy could even get out her words of consideration and kindness, Scott took her by the hand and they ran together as Scott began to speak.

    “Look Sammy, if you want to win for Mike, you HAVE to take out Jasmine while you can!”, He told her with a competitive spirit in his eye.


Sammy - “Well I guess expecting a ‘thank you’ from his was a tad bit too optimistic but suggesting that I should eliminate Jasmine after all she’s done for me, AFTER we helped him down? … What a jerk.” Sammy complained with a cross expression.


    “Are you kidding? The last thing Mike would want me to do was to backstab my friend!” ,Sammy exclaimed while she ran alongside him.

    “You backstabbed your sister.”, Scott pointed out in a somewhat mocking way, as he knew it was somewhat true.

    “NO I DIDN’T! … Or did I…? Look, she was being a MENACE and needed to learn her lesson. I had to do what I did.” Sammy responded after realizing that she had somewhat deceived everyone and Amy in the way she got rid of her menacing twin.

    "Whatever you say cheerleader. Look, Jasmine is the bigger threat. She’s strong, smart, taller, and could easily wipe the floor with us in the finale. If you take me, it’ll be even grounds and imagine you taking out the grand villain of the season. Wouldn’t that make Amy shut up and Mike proud?” Scott stated, trying to sell his idea and move to Sammy.


Scott - Scott was laughing boldly in the Confessional. “As IF someone who was supposed to have gone home TWICE already can beat ME! I just need Jasmine gone and then this finale will be a cinch!"


    “... If I was Amy I would’ve accepted this with no hesitation but I’m not Amy, I’m Sammy. I am NOT going to do that to Jasmine. I mean I know she has a guy, Shawn, who’s also rooting for her to win. You have nobody who wants you to win EXCEPT Amy.” After some time to think, Sammy gave an honest and very intelligent answer. Scott didn’t say anything but give a very ticked off look at the nice twin.

    “Your funeral. Watch as Australia runs you over like a monster truck and then you’ll be wishing you stood by me.” Scott taunted with frustration. Sammy slapped Scott for such a stereotype of Jasmine much to his shock.

    "Y-you…” Scott gasped. He wasn’t scared of Sammy at all but the slap was unexpected.

    “What are you? Cassandra?!”, Sammy shouted with anger and offense. Even Amy had no patience for racist remarks like Cassandra’s and the one that Scott had made.

    “Whoa, you’re right. That was a bit out of line. Forgot about Chris’s horrid Ex. But, seriously, Jasmine IS the bigger threat and has been a strong competitor from start to now. If you want a better chance to win, you’ll choose me.” Scott apologized with shocking sincerity to begin with. Even Sammy looked a bit touched but she did raise her eyebrow and state,

    “Let’s just go find the flower then if you want to work with me so much. Ok Scott?”



Scott - “Ok… a bossy lady is pretty hot in my book. Something really strong about a woman who can give orders like my Papi. Of course she has Mike but for future references on my side.” Scott spoke vainly, much akin to Duncan from previous seasons before winking at the camera.


Samey - “Obviously Scott is trying desperately to get me to join him by raising good points. But let’s be honest, ALL villains resort to bringing up whatever fact they can to save themselves when they’ve been caught in a bind. It feels good to have so much power over someone for once…” Sammy spoke with a gleeful grin before gasping. “Wait… uh-oh… that’s probably the kind of power trip Amy’s been on all these years. Better not board that bandwagon!"


    Meanwhile, Fang runs in the forest but Jasmine is nowhere to be seen. He looks around and tries to use his sense of smell but can’t smell the familiar scent of the tallest female competitor this season. He runs off in a huff, deciding to pursue Scott again. Suddenly, from a nearby tree, two eyes open and blink a few times before an entire shape moves from the tree. It is no doubt Jasmine as judging from the words that come out of her,

    “Not a very smart fishy is he? Now to find that bloom!” She has camouflaged herself with paint to match the tree she was hiding against. Managing to disguise her scent and her appearance from the feisty Fang. She then runs off towards Sammy and Scott.


Jasmine - “Easy as hopping across the plains on one foot.” Jasmine remarks, looking at herself painted in camouflage. “Shawn, I owe you a million dollar split for all your advice. Just got to send Scott home, defeat Sammy, and my dream will come true!”


    Back to Sammy and Scott, they have reached what appears to be a bog. The bog is green and steaming, as though acidic with stepping stones along the bog. In the middle of the bog appears to be a big green plant with fangs on it in a way that looks ominous and suspicious. In the mouth of that plant is a stem that holds a beautiful pink flower. Sammy and Scott both look unnerved upon first stumbling upon this bog.

    “Yeah… hope you got a good sense of balance from all those cartwheels Sammy because one false move and you’ll become the DEAD twin.” Scott pointed out, the hesitation reflecting in his tone.

    “And that plant! Why the heck is it so big?” Sammy asked, genuinely concerned. Scott didn’t look impressed.

    “Okay look, Sammy. We’ve been on an island with Dawn’s freaky little pets, DAWN herself, a toxic mine, mutant animals, FANG, CHRIS, CASSANDRA, and Tinky Winky! I think it should be obvious by now WHY that plant is as big as a shack.” Scott spoke in a cynical, stupefied way towards Sammy and Sammy understood why.

    “Because… we are on… a radioactive island…?” Sammy muttered weakly, a bit embarrassed with each word. Scott just simply nodded to confirm her question and to make her feel even guiltier. Trying to redeem what dignity she lost, she noticed something important.

    “Hey look! The flower’s right there! The one we need to find to win a guaranteed spot in the top two!” She pointed at the flower. This caught Scott’s eye and he set to work mentally devising some way to get it as Sammy looked excited but also anxious about how she was to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Chris was watching all this in pretty much the same pose, place, and attitude he wore the last time.

    “Ah Larry, this island’s greatest achievement and my cuddliest, loveliest plant friend. I would-”

    “Chris? Your lunch is ready.”, A male intern came over an interrupted Chris’s clearly much-practiced speech on the mutant plant that had been spotted by Sammy and Scott. This plant was indeed the Larry in question but Chris was irritated for being interrupted like this.

    “What is it anyway? It better be something… wha-?!” Chris, hardly shy at all, was brought to silence at the sight of his lunch. It was a bowl of soup but it was very clearly alphabet soup. The noodles, shaped like letters, had been arranged in a way to spell out a message:

    “I know what you did.”

    Chris looked at it in silence and to the intern’s pleasure, gulped. But then he narrowed his eyes with a mix of malice and concern.

    “Who prepared this soup?” Chris asked as he suddenly felt compelled to hurl the soup at whoever made it.

    “Specially requested by Ludmilla sir.” The intern demanded. The name was definitely the sort of name that would invite him to hurl the soup… but…

    “... W-well… I see… I want something different. Something not made by that low-class bimbo.” Chris muttered half-heartedly and started to break out in a cold sweat. She couldn’t know could she? There was no way for her to find out right? "I PLAYED IT PERFECTLY!", the man thought. Chris suddenly felt very unsafe and was about to go towards a more public area when Chef appeared.

    “I knew you sold your soul to the devil, he himself appeared on the show, but you make that devil look like a little kitten after this season Chris.” Chef spoke with a stoic, severe tone that oozed DISGUST at Chris. Chris, now clearly terrified but trying to maintain a sense of power as he was still the Total Drama host, replied,

    “SHUT THE FUCK UP! Who’s the host of this show? ME! Who brought that contestant back so the finale won’t be some stupid lovefest? ME! Who can out-wage all your asses? ME! Not you or Ludmilla or even that stupid Billy COMBINED! Do your job and let me live it up like I should!” Chris spoke with complete sinfulness. As though all the seven deadly sins were personified in him. Lust and greed for fame, wrath which had clearly been unmasked, pride in his unrivaled ego, gluttony in his pursuit of fame and fortune, and sloth for his absolute lack of pity and care for anyone other than himself. Chef recognized this and knew things were going to blow up very soon. So Chef just shook his head and left.


Chef - “I’m startin’ to feel a bit scared for everyone who’s been involved this season. Chris is PSYCHO!” Chef commented with great sincerity.


    Back to the challenge, Sammy and Scott were looking at the flower trying to figure out what they should do to obtain it. Scott looked at the stepping stones and noted that one of the stepping stones looked bigger than it should. He got a devious idea fit for the mastermind he had been this season.

    “Sammy, you know, since you DID save me from Fang, I’ll let you go first to retrieve the flower. Just step along these stepping stones and it should be a cinch.” Scott said in a voice that was meant to sound friendly and innocent. Sammy of course was skeptical but decided it would be in her best interests to take advantage of Scott’s supposed kindness.

    “Okay Scott.” Sammy then used her cheerleading expertise to gracefully and quickly cross the stepping stones until one particular stepping stone started to move and actually rise.

    “Whoa… uh-oh.” Sammy gasped as she noticed that her stepping stone was proven to be the shell of a giant mutant turtle. The baby she had with her was crying in fear and Sammy tried to calm both the baby down and the turtle down.

    “Easy, easy turtle… um what would Dawn say at a time like this? Your aura is a very agitated shade of green? So please relax…” Sammy asked, trying to channel her inner Moonchild as it was the only way she knew how to talk to animals. The turtle simply roared and then shook off Sammy who was flung into the air with her baby.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Oof!” Sammy landed in the branches of a nearby tree, and her baby was unharmed due to how she landed in the branches. But she was definitely a bit hurt after that. Scott of course, was gleeful that he managed to get Sammy out of the way.

    “Worked just like I planned! Now it’s time to nab that flower!” He announced but then noticed the giant mutant turtle was now very much active and was blocking the way. He wasn’t humble enough to admit he didn’t see this coming but he was resourceful enough to devise a tactic to use right at that moment.

    “That was Samey’s fault, go after her! I knew you weren’t a stepping stone!”, Scott sold Sammy out. Sammy gave a frustrated growl and quickly got up onto the branch and watched as the turtle approached the tree she was on. Free to partake in this challenge however he wanted, Scott quickly navigated the stepping stones and was now on Larry, perfectly in place to nab the flower.

    “This is for you, Papi!” He cried out to the camera giving a sly smile and a thumbs up. But as soon as he grabbed the flower, Larry closed in and trapped him inside his mouth. “AUUUUUGHHHH!!! I said it once and I’ll say it again! I didn’t come this far to be breakfast! Release me!” Scott proceeded to strike the walls of Larry’s mouth in anyway he could, intent on causing as much disruption as possible. Sammy was in no better position as the turtle was climbing up her tree definitely eager to take a bite out of her. It seemed grim for the two remaining ‘S’s of Total Drama Revenge of the Island. But it was at that moment that Fang emerged from the forest, having finally picked up on Scott’s scent. Sammy saw Fang and got an idea of her own. Not quite an innocent one but it was fairly intelligent.

    “Fang! Scott’s about to become plant food if you don’t do something about it!”, She shouted at to him, pointing at the plant. Naturally this pushed Fang too far and he lunged at the plant and bit into it resulting in a chorus of screams from what sounded like Larry and also a shocked and terrified Scott. Larry proceeded to spit out Scott as it cried out and opened its mouth wide open and Scott was sent flying and as a result landed in the same branch as Sammy. Although… in his hand was the flower that he hadn’t let go off for one moment while in Larry. Sammy saw this at once and grabbed it while Scott was still dazed.

    “H-hey…” Scott muttered weakly trying to get a sense of what just happened.

    “Sorry Scott. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, NOT going to happen.” Sammy taunted as she executed a beautiful leap from the branch and landed on the other side of the bog with the perfection of an Olympic-level gymnast. The baby who was with her appeared to be quite happy too. Scott narrowed his eyes and snapped his fingers in disappointment.


Scott - “My game today has been off! No thanks to these stupid menaces getting in the way! I have to get that flower back from Sammy because now I’m convinced she won’t accept my deal.” Scott grimaced after saying all this.


Samey - “Hopefully when I return from Total Drama, the cheer squad will consider me giving me a higher spot on the pyramid after all this. I know that leap was above and beyond any other leap our cheer squad could do.” Sammy rambled on happily and excited.


    At that moment Jasmine arrived and saw the commotion as well as the fact that Sammy now had the flower. She looked a bit concerned.


Jasmine - “I didn’t think helping Scott would set me back so far… I mean I know Sammy would take me to the top two for sure… probably. I guess I’m just antsy like an ant hill because I’m so close and yet it could turn out to be so far.” Jasmine expressed her worries and concerns.


    Fang saw Jasmine and furious at being given the slip by her, got off of an equally furious Larry and lunged at her. Jasmine looked surprised and screamed. But then Larry grabbed Fang in mid-air, and hurled him at the mutant turtle, knocking the both of them unconscious. Scott gave a sigh of relief and got off the tree branch as he still very much was in this.

    “Good work Sammy! Now all you need to do is-” But suddenly things got even more abnormal for the show when Larry suddenly rose and showed its true form as a monstrous plant that could maneuver and roared at Sammy. It definitely wanted its vengeance for her having taken possession of its flower. The roar was enough to make Sammy’s baby cry.

    “This is SO uncanny!!!”, Sammy screamed as she began to run away from the bog and from a rampaging Larry. Seizing the confusion, Scott shoved Jasmine to the ground and began to go after her.

    “No way am I losing to ANY twin today!” He shouted. Jasmine narrowed her eyes, straightened her hat, and shouted:

    “And no way am I losing to such a poor sport like you!” She then took on after him and Sammy. Sammy, was running for her life from a rampaging Larry. Larry tried to use its vines to ensnare the cheerleader and retrieve the flower from her. Sammy’s cheerleading expertise was giving her fierce agility though and she was able to both outrun and nimbly dodge Larry.

    “How much-’ Cartwheel. “Longer-” A spirited leap. “Is the finish line from here?” A barrel roll. Sammy was getting tired and even more terrified than she was before. But then she saw paradise. “The finish line! Yes! Top two here I-” But as Sammy cheered, she had slowed down her pace and become predictable with her movements. Larry used this to finally catch Sammy with its vines and hoisted her to in front of its face. Larry unleashed a mighty roar in front of Sammy’s face who now looked positively terrified. Naturally such intensity, loudness, and such a bold appearance was not suitable for any baby to experience and so Sammy’s baby began to cry. This didn’t go unnoticed by Sammy and she stood her ground. “You should be ashamed of yourself Shop Terror! You made my baby cry and do you know what it has been through. It has been through Chris’s sick and twisted ways and so have I!” Sammy scolded Larry who didn’t really have an expression to read and continued to do so. “I have been through a lot myself! You see, my twin sister Amy has made my life a complete mess. She abused me, she used me, she brought me down to make herself look better for years! She called me ‘Samey’, and for a while everyone thought that was my name when it was really ‘SAMMY’. So I came to this show to get away from her and maybe start my own thing. If all went well I could even win and maybe start a new life for myself. But Amy just HAD to follow me and make my life miserable like she always did!” At this point Sammy was crying very stressed out tears. Larry sensed her pain and actually appeared to have a frown of pity and concern. “She nearly got rid of me when it was clear she deserved to go but my friends, Dawn, Jasmine, Mike, they stood up for me and I finally stood up for myself and got rid of her. But I had to pretend to be her which is like an insult and a justification of what she did to me. When it was finally out and about, I was able to actually make the next step and find Mike. A sweet and sexy guy who may have multiple personalities but also has dreams and goals. Then Scott, that ginger who tried to take your flower first, got rid of him so now I’m in this game for myself, for Mike, for Jasmine, for Dawn, and for this baby that’s on my BACK! So please… don’t eat me or anything. I beg of you.” Sammy pleaded with her hands folded in prayer. The baby had stopped crying at this point resulting in a deep and solemn silence. “Eh?” But then movement from Larry occurred and Sammy suddenly found that her feet were touching the ground. She still had the flower in her hand, the baby was still with her, and not much sound had been made at all. Sammy looked curiously around and then noticed… she was across the finish line.

    "AND SAMEY WINS THE CHALLENGE!", Chris then announced just as Sammy noticed she won. Jasmine and Scott just then walked onto the scene themselves, as Chris walked up to Sammy with a smile on his face and hands put together, "Which means both Jasmine and Scott lose!"

    "Good for you, Sammy!", Jasmine happily congratulated her friend, happy, "At least SCOTT didn't win."

    "Yeah yeah yeah", Scott said, "We get it. We get it. We lost over her."

    "Now", Chris then put his hands over Samey's mouth just before she could celebrate, "Before we celebrate, I need to be handed all of your babies so they can be safely taken off of the island and returned to the orphanage that they came from.", all of the final three immediately did that right away, handing the infants to nearby interns which then walked off, "Very good! Now, Samey has just gotten herself into the Final Tow, but, Jasmine and Scott still remain! Thus, you guys will be voting for who you think should leave!"

    "What?", Jasmine questioned, "But, doesn't the finalist usually just pick who goes with them at this point?"

    "Yeah, well, I have something else planned for the finale", Chris said with a slight scheming smirk to his face, "And it requires that you all cast a vote on who should go, minus Samey, of course. And by go, I do mean the one who's eliminated."

    "Wow", Scott sighed, speaking sarcastically, "I wonder who all of them are going to pick.", Jasmine just looked on at Scott with a very big smile on her face, clearly more than ready to avenge Shawn, and Samey had the same look to her face too, more than ready to avenge Mike.


Samey - "I vote Scott!", and then Samey squealed, "EEEEEEEEE! I made it to the Final Two! I am SOOOO happy! Take THAT, Amy! I hope you finally see that I CAN succeed on my OWN!"


Jasmine - "For Shawn, I vote Scott off!"


Scott - "The only person for me to vote off, is Jasmine."


Finally, it was time at that moment, for the night-time elimination ceremony. In order from left to right, Samey, Jasmine and Scott sat on the stumps with Chris standing infront of them. There was no sign of either Chef or Ludmilla anywhere nearby at all. Chris had a smile on his face, and held only one marshmallow on his plate, which quickly caught onto:

    "Hey!", Scott pointed out, "There's only one normal marshmallow!"

    "And", Jasmine then said, "There's no Chef with the toxic one!"

    "I know" Chris said with a smirk on hi face now, "That's the point, because only SAMEY is safe!", Chris then tossed Sammy the only normal marshmallow. She was too confused to catch it, so it hit her face and then bounced onto her lap as she looked on.

    "What?", Sammy questioned, "What do you mean?"

    "I mean", Chris explained, "BOTH Jasmine AND Scott are eliminated!"

    "WHAT?!", Jasmine and Scott both stood up in shock and anger, glaring at Chris both;

    "That's right!", Chris stated, "I knew Scott would be doomed at this point, and I REFUSE to have a Jasmine and SAMEY finale, so I decided to spruce things up a bit, and bring back a certain, Blast from the Past.", and then, the figure who owned the voice from earlier approached everyone, and all three of them gasped in shock, though Sammy almost backed away in fear, practically. Because, it was:

    "Hello, Sis", the cold-hearted voice, of Amy. She still looked exactly the same as when she was cheated off, and looked at Sammy with an extremely callous and icey-cold glare with a wicked grin on her face, and spoke with a tone that matched that look too. "I see you made final two. Guess that makes two of us."

    "S-S-SHE'S in the FINALS?!", Jasmine exclaimed, "WHY?!"

    "Because I actually kinda like the girl", Chris then bluntly admitted, "And because I feel like it. So as such, because I, Chris McLean, decree it, Amy and Sammy are the final two of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island! Whether all of you like it or not!"

    "That's right", Amy said, keeping her evil grin, "So you two", she gestured to Jasmine and Scott, "Can just get into the catapult that you belong in while I, heheh, catch up with my sister."

    "This not fair at all!", Jasmine argued back;

    "Yeah!", Scott also added in, "She's been gone for long!"

    "And", Jasmine said, "Didn't you say in the first episode that the finalist had to avoid being eliminated?"

    "Yeah", Chris replied, "I just said that because it was in the script. There is no official rule stating that returnees or debutees can't actually make it to the finals. So, as Amy so elegantly said, INTO THE CATAPULT!", Jasmine and Scott, both angrily glaring at the grinning Amy, did as Chris said and stepped into the Hurl of Shame. Once in there, Sammy and Amy just stood at a distance and watched as Chris walked over to the catapult in-order to prepare to pull the lever and send the two eliminated into the distance. Sammy looked on with sympathy for the two, while Amy was just smiling in delight at getting unfairly into the finals. "So", Chris said to them as they sat in the catapult, "Any last words, you two losers?"

    "Yeah", Scott responded with, "This is bullshit."

    "I have some final words for Sammy", Jasmine said as she turned her head to face Sammy directly, "Sammy, don't let Amy ruin all your confidence! I know you can beat her in that finale if you don't let her words get to you anymore! You can beat her! You just have to-", and then Amy just walked up to the lever and pushed Chris aside to pull the lever herself, sending Jasmine and Scott flying into the distance, meaning Jasmine's voice saying "TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyy" was all that was heard as she and the ginger boy flew far into the distance. Amy smiled while Jasmine spoke those words, but frowned once she saw what Amy did to them.

    After that point, Chris and Amy smiled, while Sammy continued frowning, and Chris turned his attention to the cameras in-order to finally initiate the sign-off for the episode:

    "So, WHAT a Day, am I right? Strange Soup, a TRUE winner returning to the competition, Larry finally returning to my life, Interns being oddly defiant now, and not to mention plenty more of me and my goodness aswell as the villain of the season being defeated! What more could happen? Find out next time, on the FINALE, of TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!", and with those words, the episode faded out to the credits, meaning that it was indeed, over.

My TDROTI Ep.12 - The Enchanted Franken-Forest
Previous - Eat, Puke and be Wary

All -  Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Next -
"The Ultimate Showdown" (COMING SOON!)

  • Challenge - Race with babies strapped to one's back into the forest, capture Larry's flower, then reach the finish line.
  • Winner - Sammy
  • Loser - Jasmine & Scott
  • Eliminated - Jasmine & Scott
  • Team of Eliminated - Mutant Maggots (Merged)
  • Reason - Samey won the challenge, then Chris decided to return Amy to the competition and instantly eliminate Jasmine and Scott just because he wanted to do so, all to make the finale be Amy vs. Sammy.
  • Cameos - N/A
Notes/Trivia - Originally I was going to have the finalists be Scott vs Jasmine, and then Sammy/Samey vs Scott, but I eventually got this idea to make it be Amy vs Sammy instead. Another idea of mine was to have it be a threeway finale where literally Scott, Sammy and Amy would all share the spot of finalist together in the finale, though I settled on this one for the Amy vs Sammy conflict to get the spotlight in the finale without being interrupted.  Another brief idea was making Sammy go commando, but no. She is not a Zoey, so that idea was scrapped pretty quickly.

Since I can not have a poll at this moment, please, PLEASE comment with who you want to win OR note me who you want to win in the finale! Whoever recieves the most supporters will be the winner of the season! It must be Amy or Sammy/Samey. I will accept both Samey and Sammy as being the same vote so no you don't have to spell it a certain way.

Thanks to
:iconretro-guy: and :iconlolitafreak88: for helping me with co-writing this episode when I needed it. I appreciate it greatly <3. Without you guys this episode would probably have taken many more weeks or even months to complete knowing me and my laziness sometimes XD

My TDROTI Journal IV

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 25, 2015, 5:55 PM

Well we FINALLY have the confrimation of My TDROTI's cast. A mix of both TDROTI and TDPI cast, plus one OC because plot demands it,  we have 14 people. 14 people. 13 of them are likeable, 1 one of them is the most deplorable things ever spawned in the TD fandom, even more hateable than Chris.

Now, let's go over the cast.  I will update this journal as the elimination goes on. Our cast at the at the moment is:

1.Cassandra - "The Racist Bigot"
2.Dawn - "The Moonchild"
3.Sugar - "The Pageant Queen"
4.Ella  - "The Fairytale princess"
5.Jasmine - "The Outback Survivalist"
6.Amy - "The Bad Twin"
7.Samey - "The Good Twin"
8.Topher - "The Chris Wannabe"
9.Cameron - "The Bubble Boy"
10.Lightning - "The Athletic Overachiever"
11.Shawn - "
The Zombie Conspiracy Nut"
12.Leonard - "
The LARPer"
13.Mike - "The Oddball" (I am not going to use MPD as a label).
14.Scott - "The Devious One"


Episode 1 - "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!": Cassandra

  • Reason - She was Racist, Homophobic, Chris' Ex-Wife who cheated on him and was proud of it,  possibly caused Chris to become the way he is now,  and also has offensive views on the countries of Canada, Australia and America. She also did hardly anything to truly help her team at all besides say more offensive things that I won't even repeat. Oh, and she also revealed in the confessional that she's conservative too.  Wonder how they will feel about her being a cheater......heheh. 
  • Placing - 14th
  • Team - Toxic Rats
  • Notes - In my series, she is so far, the contestant with the least amount of participation in the game, with only 1 episode as a competitor so far.
  • Trivia - She is the only competitor in this season without an audition tape shown in the TDWT Special, mainly due to the fact she joined the competition due to Chris getting her so angry that she ended up winning her own show's challenge and thus qualifying for the new season.  She is also one of the few competitors without an audition tape at all, the others being Alejandro & Blaineley. 

Episode 2 - "Truth or Laser Shark": Leonard

  • Reason - Virtually the same as in canon TDPI. His "Wizard Skills" led him to refuse to really try in the last part of the challenge, causing the entire team to fail because of it. Leonard was promptly voted off, as even though Lightning is, well, Lightning, he did at least try in the challenge. Then again, judging by Leonard's hurl of shame clip it is possible the radiation of the island was preventing his magic from working. That is the only logical explanation to explain that extra clip.
  • Placing - 13th
  • Team - Toxic Rats
  • Notes - He has the same placing and episode count as he, so far, does in canon. While I like Leonard a lot, I will admit, he could potentially get annoying if he stayed on much longer than 2 episodes. There is also still All-Stars for him to be in, if I feel like putting him in there.
  • Trivia - He is the first competitor to have a Hurl of Shame extra clip at the end. Cassandra didn't have one because the episode had size limit issues and also because of, well, not thinking of doing them before. The fact a black guy leaves right after the racist does is completely coincidental by the way, I really am doing this by story. I can promise you that I am not going to eliminate all of the black people one-by-one after Cassandra. 

Episode 3 - "Ice Ice Baby": Lightning

  • Reason - Well, Scott destroyed the team's shack like fort and while everyone was unaware who did it, he framed Lightning of doing it in-order to get said Athletic Overachiever promptly voted off.  Amazingly, this is like the third time in a row Ella's been in the bottom two I think. Huh. But yeah, the point is, Lightning was eliminated, had his hair turn white, and then took the hurl of shame.
  • Placing - 12th
  • Team - Toxic Rats
  • Notes - I was going to have his hurl of shame clip be him landing on the pillow, being happy he is still alive, and then pointing out how the first two people who were voted off after Cassandra were black people, and then he and Leonard would look at the camera in silence at the end of the clip.
  • Trivia - I got nothin'. 

Episode 4 -  "Finders Creepers": N/A

  • Reason - Nobody left because Pennywise and Sierra come on the scene, Sierra half-robot now, and tied the main staff members up and Sierra was hunting down most of the campers. In the end though, Cameron got Sierra back to her human self, but also obsessing over him instead of Cody. This gave Jasmine enough time to finally take care of Pennywise. In the end, Pennywise and Sierra were the ones promptly sent into the Hudson Bay by the Hurl of Shame.
  • Placing - N/A
  • Team - N/A
  • Notes - I was gonna have Alejandro and Alejandra being separated from eachother be a bigger scene of it's own, but again, size limits. 
  • Trivia - Had I never seen canon TDWT's Episode 25, I probably would not have brought Sierra back to life. 

Episode 5 - "Backstabbers Ahoy?!" : Amy

  • Reason - In reality, Samey was the one voted off, however, Amy pretended to be Samey to break Mike's heart and trick him into thinking Samey was manipulating him into loving her. As such, Samey tricked Amy into eating the manchineel fruit, causing her throat and mouth to swell up and leaving her unable to speak, temporarily. Samey used this to pretend to be Amy, and get Amy eliminated as everyone thought she was Samey. Well, Jasmine and Dawn knew the truth, but they also disliked Amy alot so.....yeah.
  • Placing - 11th
  • Team - Mutant Maggots
  • Notes - This episode came in late because I was tired yesterday, BEYOND tired, and had to sleep.
  • Trivia - I got nothin'.

Episode 6 - "Runaway Model": Cameron

  • Reason - Cameron was not doing much for his team, was unable to think of a strategy during the challenge, and his team saw him as deadweight so they either voted him or Dawn. In the end, Dawn got less votes against her than Cameron did, meaning Cameron was the one voted off.
  • Placing - 10th
  • Team - Mutant Maggots
  • Notes - Uploaded before Saturday because of the Hiatus this story has been on
  • Trivia - I got nothin'.

Episode 7 - "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to See": Dawn

  • Reason -When Chris tossed her pet Dorahts into toxic waste after all they did was free him from being tied up and actually heal his injured legs, it angered Dawn so much that she angrily snapped and stood up to him, including insulting him, throwing his wig into toxic waste and leaving him bald, and then kicking one of his teeth out and throwing it into toxic waste aswell. Obviously, Dawn had quit the show rather than be voted off.
  • Placing - 9th
  • Team - Mutant Maggots
  • Notes - Miraculously completed on a Wednesday, on Schedule. Though on this episode will have been uploaded behind schedule, on a Thursday.
  • Trivia - I got nothin'.

Episode 8 - "The Treasure Isle of Dr. McLean": Ella & Sugar

  • Reason (Ella) - At the end of the episode, Sugar pointed out that she technically brought joy to a former contestant, specifically Cody. Seeing this as a crime against Total Drama (bringing joy to a contestant), Chris disqualified her on the spot.
  • Reason (Sugar) - When Sugar then insulted Chris' presumed to be dead mother, he also disqualified her aswell. However, Chris had been insulting his mother in even meaner ways before Sugar said a single thing about her.
  • Placing - 8th/7th
  • Team - Toxic Rats & Toxic Rats
  • Notes - The first double elimination of the season.
  • Trivia - I was originally intending for Dawn to get this far, but I thought it would be odd for her to not quit after Chris chucked her Dorahts into toxic waste in Ep.7.

Episode 9 - "Grand Chef Auto": Shawn

  • Reason - Scott technically won the challenge, and chose to eliminate Shawn as his reward was being able to pick who to eliminate. He eliminated Shawn after his girlfriend, Jasmine, threw a log/branch at him and knocked him out at the end of the challenge. If Jasmine hadn't done that, then Scott would have picked Samey to go home instead.
  • Placing - 6th
  • Team - Mutant Maggots (Merged)
  • Notes - The first post-merge elimination of the season!
  • Trivia - I was originally going to have Shawn and Dawn eliminated in a double elimination together at this point or around this point in the season. I changed my mind in the end, as you can see.

Episode 10 - "Up, Up and Away": Topher

  • Reason - Chris ignored the votes just to get rid of Topher because he felt like it and because Scott was immune from being eliminated for the episode. It was unknown if Topher really was voted against at all.
  • Placing - 5th
  • Team - Toxic Rats (Merged)
  • Notes - N/A
  • Trivia - N/A

Episode 11 - "Eat, Puke and be Wary": Mike

  • Reason - Scott won the challenge unfairly by getting the Micheal Jackson token, and eliminated Samey to remove the being that triggers Mike's MPD at some points. Mike was not about to let his girlfriend be eliminated though, and sacrificed himself like a good boyfriend and took her spot as the one eliminated. Thus, forfeiting the game for her.
  • Placing - 4th
  • Team - Mutant Maggots (Merged)
  • Notes - N/A
  • Trivia - Always planned to leave at this point and in this same way.

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It Goes Both Ways by Foedus-Stamps Hentai Is Just As Bad by IJustDontGetIt Cody Stamp ~Requested by TheCodyFan~ by ViluVector Cody Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer Duncan Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer Heather Fan Stamp by nonetheIess Trent Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer Scott Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer My Justin fan stamp. by Rock-Raider Mike Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer Noah Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer Chef Hatchet Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer Tyler Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer Dakota Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer Anti-Zoke stamp by Zelyssu TDI: Courtney stamp by Inner-D Eva Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer Teen Titans Stamp by Sir-Drago Beast Boy stamp by sketchingserendipity TT Robin Stamp by Catt-Nightingale Lindsay Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer Jo Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer Palletshipping Stamp by Linked-Memories Gary stamp by SA948-Stamps Ash BW stamp by SA948-Stamps Tenacious D Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Weird Al fan-Stamp by Troublemaker101 Disney fan stamp by Bea-Gonzalez ADJL: Season One Love - Jake by Evilevergreen ADJL: Season Two Love - Jake by Evilevergreen Fandom Crossover Stamp by Feniiku : Family Guy Fan Stamp by BeatFreak1970 Gay Christian Stamp by The-Clockwork-Crow :thumb67194989: STAMP: Yaoi FAN, Not Fangirl by Esjitu I'm Libertarian Because Stamp by pixelworlds Vote Libertarian by jball430 :thumb211726235:
Linkin Park Stamp by Sora05 Evanescence Stamp by Erameline Metallica Stamp by ZeKRoBzS AFI by juliemelissa Metal Sonic Stamp by NoNamepje Tails Stamp by RecklessKaiser Knuckles Stamp by NoNamepje Sonic Stamp by Miha85 eggman stamp by PFV0-Stamp Shadow Stamp by Miha85 Rouge stamp by SonyaLS .:Mad Amy:. stamp animation by OxAmy SA2 stamp by SonyaLS Sonic Adventure stamp by SonyaLS Sonic 3 stamp by SonyaLS Sonic the Hedgehog 2 by StampPKU Sonic 3 and Knuckles - Stamp by Xelo-TH Sonic Heroes Stamp by Omegey Sonic CD Stamp by Kevfin
:thumb253219248: Nostalgia Critic stamp by Tartly-Sweet Stamp: Straight is not automatically the best. by 8manderz8 Football stamp by aftersunsets Football by TheStampKing Canada Stamp by l8 USA Stamp by LyinRyan Chinese Food Love stamp by Optimism-Is-Weakness Pepsi Stamp by pillze69 We Miss You Steve by manticor Stamp - Judge Claude Frollo by MissBezz YouTube by angelkittin Pachirisu by TheStampKing Rayquaza Stamp by gangsterg Luxray Stamp by Lauzi Eevee Stamp by Heart-Stamp Jigglypuff Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Pichu Stamp by PFV0-Stamp :thumb127687395: 402 - Kricketune by Marlenesstamps beedrill stamp by PFV0-Stamp Mantis stamp by Animal-Stamp Animals Matter to Me Stamp by votrereine Bunny stamp by Kaze-yo Cat Love Stamp by cloudrat Stamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirl Conker's Bad Fur Day Stamp by StampPKU I LOVE Crawfish by Kamanari Sasquatch stamp by OmbroParanojo Birds Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Respect for Birds Stamp by VampsStock DINOSAURS stamp by homosocks Jurassic Park stamp by Blue-Fox ninja squirrel stamp by war-armor Dreamcast Stamp by rustyrayz I love Komodo Dragons by WishmasterAlchemist Reptiles. by Monster-Boar I love Cougars by WishmasterAlchemist I love Kangaroos by WishmasterAlchemist Stamp-DBZ by Hatter2theHare Thylacine Stamp by WildSpiritWolf Marsupial Stamp by Special-Sari Beavers. by Monster-Boar Fish Stamp for reveriexx by kuro-stamps ZIM Fan Stamp by kuro-stamps Jaws stamp by samuelskanvis .Stamp. The Land Before Time by KillMePleaseGod Sega Stamp by JazzaX :Sonic Team by TheStampKing NiGHTS stamp by SonyaLS Soul Calibur Stamp by Tenn1502 The Sims 3 Stamp by snwgames Godzilla Victory Dance Stamp by MiniGorbi Stamp11: I support Mothra by Neotokyo9 Wikizilla - Biollante Fan Stamp by The493Darkrai Monsters Stamp 12 : Ghidorah by dA--bogeyman Wikizilla - Rodan Fan Stamp by The493Darkrai Wikizilla - Destoroyah Fan Stamp by The493Darkrai Wikizilla - MechaGodzilla 1 Fan Stamp by The493Darkrai Sega Genesis - Stamp 6 by jim77grave Saturn Stamp by Morgan-the-Rabbit Anti Bullying Stamp by Morgan-the-Rabbit Bullying by Aedem Red Velvet Cake Stamp by Two-By-Six Muffin Stamp by MissBezz :Muffins Stamp by ClefairyKid I support advertising mascots by Maxtaro Screen cap paint overs suck by Maxtaro I love Italian food Stamp by Chibikaede STAMP: I love pizza by neurotripsy STAMP: Happy burger by neurotripsy RIP for the 80,000,000th time. by Maxtaro Poor Walt -STAMP- by horsewolf Stop Whining, Start Parenting by MaruLovesStamps OMG GAE MARAJ IZ ROOENNEEN MARREJ by Geth-VI STAMP: Backstabbers by neurotripsy Even if you are my friend.... by RebiValeska Maturity Stamp by bigfunkychiken Futurama Stamp by bigfunkychiken Purple by bigfunkychiken My Friend is Straight by stuck-in-suburbia My Younger Self Stamp by invader-zim-14 FAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHaku I'm Male Stamp by stampystampy :Boy Love, Not Yaoi: Stamp by BlaineXAurek Freedom of Religion by stampystampy Intelligence by stampystampy Science by stampystampy :thumb60923752: Stamp- uke by AmelieRosen
DunTrent Stamp by GabbyStamps NoCo Stamp by GabbyStamps AleTyler Stamp by chickenmcnuggie DuncanXCody Stamp by EternalInsanity787 JoxBrick Stamp by Zelyssu Aleheather Stamp by voodoo777 Stamp - Xiaolin Showdown by Suxinn Raimundo Fan Stamp by Allendra3 I Support Dojo by kittykat01 blaze stamp by PFV0-Stamp Team Chaotix stamp by SA948-Stamps Mephiles Stamp by Miha85 Chase Young Stamp by kittykat01 Grey Delisle stamp by theneopetmaster Grim Smile stamp by MammaCarnage .Danny Phantom Stamp. by White-Wolfen Anti Coderra Stamp by 098890098 "Sorry,I Don't like DxC" Stamp by vriskasexual Anti-Gwuncan Stamp by ConverseTXG Duncan's not a Whore by DisneyWiz Jack Spicer support stamp by Ninfidel Danny Fenton Stamp by cinyu SECRET SATURDAYS STAMP by HybridYuki Zak Saturday-Crazyness -stamp- by Ivenetta-Zweifel Bevin stamp by Bevin1011 My Anti-Sierra Stamp. by Rock-Raider I hate my own fandom-Stamp by LinZeldorf Stamp: Gay marriage world wide by Riza-Izumi Stamp: Pairing Orientations by Jammerlee Canon by deadrabbit13 Less Het Stamp by TheForbiddenSecrets Anti-Straight Pride Stamp by Spikytastic Slave to Canon Stamp by SanctusRequiem Slash and non-slash by SA948-Stamps I Don't Auto-Support Canon by Worldincoffee Yaoi Stamp by deadrabbit13 Language Please by deadrabbit13 Kankers Sisters stamp by SugaryDonutz Ed Edd N Eddy Stamp by Lentertament Double D stamp by CosmoAlien Ed stamp by ParamourxLights Stamp: I Love Eddy by AMX-269 Disney Simba, Timon + Pumba Stamp by TwilightProwler The Lion King - Scar Stamp by Colonel-Chicken Great Prince of Forest - Stamp by Colonel-Chicken Hades Stamp by acid-drinker Disney Ursula Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Stamp - TLM 003 by hanakt

Halo Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps Gmod Stamp by Pasadena-Opossum Primal Carnage Stamp by Gun345 i love superheroes stamp by Roux-m Neopets Stamp by RandomTons Phantasy Star Universe Stamp by ririnyan

What Sonic Character Are You?
What Sonic Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Which Sonic Character Would Be Your Best Man?
Which Sonic Character Would Be Your Best Man?
Hosted By Anime
What Johto Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Johto Legendary Pokemon Are You?
Hosted By Anime
(Ironic how it says I love the sea, yet I can't swim IRL, but is true...haha)
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
Hosted By Anime
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