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 It was a warm summer day at the docks near the beach, and it was Mariah that was relaxing right on the dock. Visibly, there was very little going on at all, she was simply looking right at the sun, happily enjoying her alone time. Well, at least she thought she was alone. Inside the bushes, was someone whom she was soon going to be interacting with. Watching Mariah like a predator. Green eyes of fury watched their prey, mercilessly waiting for the moment to strike. Though it could be at any given time, the eyes decided it was best to simply wait for the moment they would have the best striking distance. Who did these eyes belong to? Well, in truth it was noneother than that of the Red-headed Physcho hose beast Izzy from Total Drama. What was Izzy doing to Mariah? Well, that should be obvious. Spying. Why was she spying on her? Because she was about to make her strike. A Few moments later, the attack was pulled and she dashed straight from the bushes and onto Mariah. Mariah did turn around in response, but this was too late. Despite her attempt to stop Izzy, both Girls soon fell into the water together, getting them both wet as they fell into the water on the other end of the dock, but soon enough both of them surfaced. Naturally, conversing began very soon right after the two resurfaced.

 "Izzy!", Mariah exclaimed to the red-head that was with her, "What was that for?"

 "It seemed like so much fun, Mariah!", Izzy said in response, "I mean seriously, you're not hurt or anything are you?"

 "Well no, but-"

 "Good!", Izzy said happily and quite optimistically too, "Now I say we get outta here! I mean, what were you doing here just staring at the sun anyway?"

 "You know, I don't know."

 "Then let's do something more fun!", Izzy replied, "Come with me!", she then took Mariah by the arm back onto the dock, although there was no real objection to it, Mariah still had questions as to what Izzy's then unknown intentions were.

 "Izzy! Where are we going?", Mariah questioned to the girl dragging her seemingly aimlessly through the woods now, "Why are we going through the woods?"

 "Just keep by me, Mariah!", Izzy replied happily, "It's not gonna take much longer now!"

 "Okay, but where are we going?"

 "You'll see when we get there!"

 "When are we gonna get there?"

 "Gosh you really are impatient aren't you?", Izzy said with cocked eyebrows, "Just Hold on!", with that line, Izzy then continued to lead Mariah aimlessly through the massive amount of Forestry, Trees, Bushes, and other plants and organisms that create the place called the woods that was behind the dock they were running from. Though of course, Mariah in the end should have easily expected this from someone such as Izzy. Doing random and unexpected things such as this were common for the Red-headed girl. So in reality, Mariah was not at all shocked and at this point just waiting curiously to see what exactly Izzy was up to. As Izzy had promised, of course, the wait to the destination did not take very long at all, as it felt as it was mere seconds that they were right behind a cabin. Whether or not they were at the infamous Summer Camp, or just at a random cabin in the middle of the woods. Either way, now both of them were sitting right behind the back wall of the cabin. What they were going to be doing, of course, was Izzy's idea of fun with Mariah. "See? We're here!"

 "Izzy, what are we doing back here?"

 "Simple Mariah, we're gonna be having fun!"

 "What kind of fun?"

 "You know those Movies?"

 "What Movies?", Mariah was now even more curious than before, in regards to what Movies Izzy was specifically talking about.

 "Oh you know what movies!", Izzy replied.

 "No I don't!", Mariah replied, "What are you talking about, Izzy?"

 "Well, you know those movies with the couples?", Izzy brought up, "Very simple, let's do what they do!"

 "What are you talking about?", Mariah asked in response to Izzy's topic.

 "What, you don't know?"

 "No, not really."



 "Really Really?"

 "Really Really!"

 "Really Really Really REALLY?"

 "Izzy, just tell me what you're talking about!"

 "Okay, if you really want me to.", Izzy replied, and then she pounced onto Mariah once more, this time knocking her down to the grassy ground instead. Both of Izzy's hands held Mariah down by the wrists, and Izzy smiled like a Predator at the other girl. Mariah, was taken by surprise.


 "This is what I was talking about!", Izzy replied while keeping her grin. Before Mariah could respond herself, Izzy's head moved downward and her lips touched Mariah's, and though Mariah lightly struggled, as soon as their lips locked the struggling stopped. A Light moan came out, and soon enough the kiss was accepted. Their arms went to hug eachother, and both ended up rolling down a light hill behind the cabin, ending up stopping right in bushes. Once that happened, their night continued on with quite alot of fun with eachother.
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