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November 24, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
 Well, once more another episode of Total Drama Action had ended. This time, it was the fourth episode, during which Duncan and Trent had quite a messy fight, and in the end of the episode they had yet another argument that ended in Trent being pushed onto the bed by Duncan, aftwerwards however Trent pushed Duncan off and angrily stormed off. Of course, Duncan followed which Trent was completely unaware of. This Extra begins right Trent angrily walked into the confessional trailer, to make his own confessional despite the episode being over with.

 "Damn Duncan!", Trent exclaimed, "He's so fucking full of himself! Like, seriously! He's like so caught up and thinks he can win all the time, just because his team won so far does not mean I have to submit to his fucking will! We never EVER made any agreement like that at all!"

 "Oh don't act like you wouldn't enjoy it.", Duncan suddenly said, walking into the trailer right after Trent. Of course, Trent quickly took note of this and gave Duncan an angry look on his face, "and by the way, the Camera's off right now. Ran out of Batteries."

 "What are you doing here?!"

 "I followed you in here."


 "Because A you're my Boyfriend and B we're kinda in a little fight right now!"

 "Because you are so full of yourself!"

 "Trent you are taking this way too seriously", Duncan replied to his lover, "You're the one who's acting crazy!"

 "Me? You're the one who thinks you own me cuz you won so far!"

 "You know, I didn't HAVE to let you top me the first time!"

 "What's that supposed to mean? I thought you liked Bottoming that Night!"

 "If I knew you were gonna be this much of a Bitch I would've fucked YOU that night."

 "Oh really?", Trent said right back, "Well I wouldn't have let you!"

 "And then you would feel guilty and want it anyway.", Duncan replied while rolling his eyes, "I know you, Trent."

 "And I know you, Duncan!", Trent replied, "Deliquent!"

 "Guitar Boy!", Duncan angrily said in response, and following that both of them looked away from eachother while also crossing their arms. With that began a moment of complete scilence from both boys. As they both looked away from eachother angrily, both of them opened one way which was used to look back at the other. Soon enough, both Trent and Duncan bit their lips and the urge became unable to be resisted, of course this meant only one thing. That one thing, is that Duncan and Trent both pounced right on eachother. Their arms went around eachother's bodies and their lips locked as their tongues both went in. Moaning soon filled the room, and Trent's legs rubbed up against Duncan's body.

 "Jerk.", Trent mumbled briefly during the kiss.

 "Bitch.", Duncan replied in his own brief break from it. After that, Duncan's superior strength to Trent made both of them fall to the floor, and what followed was more moans as both boys stripped off their clothes. Duncan and Trent's own clothes were quickly thrown off, including their underwear as well. Now Naked, Duncan forcibly put his mouth right on Trent's moaning body and also shoved two of his fingers up Trent's hole without mercy.

 "DUNCAN!", Trent cried out, "Not so hard!"

 "You don't get Mercy anymore, Bitch.", Duncan replied as he made out with Trent's nipples and shoved his fingers further into Trent. Trent whimpered, but Duncan still showed no Mercy. Though obviously this wasn't rape as soon enough Trent's nine inches grew to be completely hard, as did Duncan's ten. "Get Ready Trent, I'm on Top now!"

 "D-D-Duncan!", Trent moaned, but right then and there, Duncan sat up and grabbed Trent's legs. Trent blushed completely as Duncan's shaft then plowed right into him, and he moaned out loudly. With a smirk that almost seemed angry, Duncan forcibly began thrusting in and out of Trent repeatedly, very hard and very fast, All Trent could do is clench the floor and take it, though he wouldn't be able to deny that as much as it hurt, it was also enjoyable having his boyfriend do this to him.

 "You like this, don't you Bitch?", Duncan hissed as he thrusted in and out of Trent, "After all this Bickering and Shit you've been doing, you're lucky I'm still dating your Ass!", Duncan then began doing it even harder and making Trent cry out in lust and pain, "Yeah you like being my Bottom Bitch, don't you? DON'T YOU?"

 "Y-y-yes!", Trent whimpered out as Duncan thrusted more and more.

 "I know you do.", Duncan replied, still keeping Trent in position and thrusting as hard as possible, of course his face showed anger, as did the velocity of the Thrusts. Trent's rump could barely stand much of this, and it felt like soon it would be extremely sore.

 "D-DUNCAN!", Trent screamed as all of this went on. As it went on more and more, Duncan's hands groped Trent's legs tightly, Duncan himself felt the climax coming but yet he simply went harder and harder on Trent instead of stopping. Soon both males began sweating from the feeling of their sex, and Duncan's fast and hard thrusts. "S-slow down!"

 "Fuck no!", Duncan replied, thrusting even more harder into Trent, "After all this shit, you don't get me slowing down at all, Bitch!", Duncan then made sure to make Trent scream loud, and soon enough Trent himself began leaking, and Duncan pre-leaked as well. Soon enough, Duncan was going to burst. Both Boys could feel it, especially Trent. "Oh yeah, what a fucking Ass!", Duncan commented as he thrusted more and more. Trent's arms then went up to be around Duncan's neck, gripping onto his body tightly. Duncan liked that feeling, and it made him thrust even harder. Trent then moaned wildly, practically singing as his head flew back. "Here it comes, Trent!"

 "Ohh, Duncan!"

 "Ohhh FUCK!", Duncan screamed that last part, which was right on his final thrust. With that Thrust he released white seed and fluid into Trent's formerly virgin hole, and it even leaked out as well. Trent and Duncan both moaned with a sigh, and once Duncan pulled out, they toppled back onto the floor breathing heavily. This time Trent was ontop of Duncan, and both were still naked as well. Tired from the ordeal, Trent slowly crawled his head up to Duncan's, and the two locked lips one last time before they fell asleep just as they were.
A Shorter Extra featuring M-Rated Sex between Duncan and Trent.

Takes place inbetween MY TDA's 4th and 5th episodes.

To see all my tda's extras:[link]
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